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Alwin Xiomar

"If you're going to snog, at least do it BEFORE lights out"

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a character in “Eltz Academy”, as played by Elyon


These are the Head Boys and Head Girls. For posts concerning only us, this is the place!




Alwin Xiomar

Ally and, rarely, Winnie


Ethnicity and Hometown
Caucasian; Sacramento, California


Psionic Inundation
"The user can project harmful psionic volleys, which may result in brain damage, memory loss, unconsciousness, vegetative state or even death. The victim is not physically harmed, but damages the internal mentality of a target."

Must be careful near those who can reflect the attack right back.

Kalt House


Ally is fairly pale, unusual for a girl from one of the sunniest places on Earth. She's average height, but a bit on the skinny side in weight. Her natural blonde curls are often straightened to keep it our of her face. When left to its own devices, it's wild and nearly unmanageable. Alwin is not one to dress up and tends to be clueless on applying makeup or finding a good dress. Her normal attire is jeans and a t shirt with a pair of toms. She has a simple style that gravitates toward darker colors.

Special Marks
While she hasn't braved a needle for a tattoo yet, she does have each earlobe pierced twice and her left cartilage pierced. When she isn't at school, she has a stud that she wears in her nose.

Ally works in the hardware store as a clerk and helps teach the mental control classes for first and second years.


Coffee (Frozen or Hot) | Being Wrapped in a Warm Blanket | Horror Movies | Video Games | Reading | Writing | Exploring Buildings | Studying | Thinking | Painting | Building Things

Being Cold | Being Outside | Shopping for Clothes | Being Bored | Spiders | Dogs | Getting in Trouble | Being in Crowds for Too Long | Failure | Going Home

Ally is terrified by dogs
Hurting Others Unintentionally
Losing Control

Alwin was attacked by a dog when she was younger and has since been terrified of them.


Ally is a standard member of the Kalt House. She isn't one to have many girl friends or friends in general. She believes in having one or two really close relationships. Alwin is usually seen by those that don't know her as a strict, intelligent head girl that doesn't know how to have fun, but to those that she is close to, she is a kind, fun-loving and loyal girl. Above all else, Ally values her intelligence and schooling. New students from other houses tend to be frightened of her when she catches them breaking rules.

It is fairly difficult to get Alwin angry as she has had a lot of practice keeping a level head to control her powers.



The Xiomar Clan is as old as magic itself. While the Matriarch was very powerful, the newer generations became complacent with their celebrated name and are satisfied with mediocre ability. Alwin was the first daughter of her generation, thereby earning her the family name. Each generation has honored Alwin the First's memory by naming a daughter after her in hopes that the girl will become half as powerful as their namesake. The name and estate are carried by the female line.

Her family is known for it's lasting influence, but there have since been more powerful beings. This was both a blessing and a curse. Her family never expected anything of her, blinded by their own inability, but the rest of the community expects greatness from her. Most young people would be put off by the weight that the gaze of so many people puts on them, but Ally sees it as a challenge to succeed where they expect her to fail.

Growing up, Ally spent most of her time with her father leading to her love of building things and expertise with hardware. However, she never failed to join her mother for painting in the study. Despite standing to inherit the entire grounds of the Xiomar estate, she believes in working to support herself, a lesson learned from her father. Much to her mother's dismay, she grew accustomed to pants and shorts in place of dresses and skirts. She isn't necessarily a tomboy, but she's found that shorts are much more comfortable.

Despite her happy life, Alwin had problems like any other kids. Unlike other kids, Ally had abilities that were a danger to others. Anytime she had a temper tantrum while she was little, people around her were hurt. They fell unconscious, or couldn't remember who they were. It took quite a while for anyone to realize that Alwin was the cause of the "accidents." Unfortunately, the discovery didn't come until Ally's nanny lost her life to an unseen force. It was as if her brain was removed from her body, but nothing could be detected. It then became apparent to Alwin that she was the cause of these travesties and sought information.

Since, she's learned more about her abilities thanks to the school.


Klaus Xiomar|Father|Lives in California
Dora Xiomar|Mother|Lives in California

A old tabby cat named Billy

Theme Song
Sloppy Seconds - Watsky

Anything Else
I'm Lactose Intolerant.

So begins...

Alwin Xiomar's Story

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Kian's eyes fluttered open, his alarm clock's beeping sounding terrible loud in his early morning haze. He groaned loudly, his arm smacking onto his night table in spastic movements as he attempted to silence it's noise. He wasn't adjusted to the time difference from home, at all. Well, that, and he was more than a little hung over right now. Finally, his hand connected with the alarm, the noise cutting off.

His eyes shut slowly as he faded back into sleep, but the combination of his headache setting in and the cat nuzzling his side brought him back into reality. Kian sat up quickly, moaning and clutching his head as he did so, and looked at the alarm clock. He needed to get going if he was going to be on time to hang out with Astrid. Automatically, he stroked the kitten at his side, picking it up to his chest with one hand and he grabbed a bottle of water from under his bed. Max purred lightly, obviously happy to get attention, and Kian opened his water bottle, tipping it over and draining it. Hopefully, this would help sooner or later. Also, Kian opened his bedside table's drawer, pulling out advil. He popped two in his mouth, swallowing, before standing up. Max leaped from his hands onto the bed, curling up in the warm place where Kian had just been.

He walked into the bathroom, going pee and then brushing his teeth. Checking the clock, he realized he had enough time to shower, and did so, quickly. Afterwards, he felt better. His head wasn't as fuzzy and wasn't pounding anymore. Kian changed into his uniform, the gold and purple being too bright for him at this hour. Despite the fact that he could probably get away with cheating dress code, he followed it. He wanted to be a good example of a student, since he was head boy.

His hair, still damp from his shower, was beginning to curl. He ran his fingers through it, to get it running the right way, the putted a dot of gel in it, hoping it would tame it. Grabbing his backpack, he poured Max a bowl of food. He also pocketed a pack of cigarettes. He was about to leave, before he made a last minute decision. Going back to his bed, he stroked max softly, pulling out a bottle from behind his bed and taking a few swigs, the taste burning slightly, but in a good way. Then he left, walking down the hallway, different emotions popping into his head as his usual smile fit onto his face. He nodded at those he passed, most of them generally feeling happy, but pretty tired, and a few angry for something or another. He met Annabelle at Astrid's door, knocking and waiting for the girl to come out.

Wow, she sure was pretty. He saw her once over, and he blushed lightly, turning to walk as she did. He didn't ask anything very interesting, and as he was about to ask about her night, when they were approached by the headmaster. Kian nodded at him, a large smile fitting his face. "Hello Headmaster Ryan. How are you?"


Quinn tapped his foot impatiently. He was dressed in a crew neck black sweater and navy sweats. He also wore new sneakers on his feet, but none of this was important right now. After the private jet ride from New York to this airport, he was in pain. Just hours before the plane ride, his dad had gotten very, very angry. And now, with slashes all over his back, he was sore. He'd probably been hit with the belt 17 or 18 times, and part way through, he'd passed out from the pain. That's why he now wore a dark sweater; so when the blood began to flow if he bent down or stretched or something, it wouldn't be noticeable.

So he stood here now, waiting by the doors of the airport, next to the limo his dad had hired. He was carpooling with some girl... what was her name again? Alden? Something like that. They'd flown separately, since they live on different sides of the country. The girl came into his eyes, well at least a girl he assumed to be here. She was pretty, a little tall and blonde and pale. Yeah, definitely pretty. He nodded toward her, signaling for her to come over.

"I'm Quinn," he said, putting his hand out to shake her's, then opening the car door and letting her get in, before going in himself. They had an hour long car ride ahead of them, and he was going to let her decide if they were going to talk, or be seperate, in which case he would listen to music.

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#, as written by Elyon

Alwin practically kissed the ground as she finally descended from the plane. Normally, she wasn't afraid to fly, but her father had just gotten his pilot's licence and decided to test out his new death-defying craft in true Xiomar fashion, with his daughter in the passenger seat. Ally was surprised how well he did throughout the trip, but that was quickly cast out the window as he decided to show off at the end. His attempt at a maneuver of his own concoction ended with a lopsided, quickly descending plane and a screaming Alwin.

Now that she was on solid land, she felt her strength was returning and she could finally keep a hold of her bags, and her lunch. She looked up after readjusting her top to find her father trying to tame his wild hair with the biggest grin on his face. With a smile and a quick hug, she said her goodbyes, "Thanks for flying me dad, but I think next time I'll just catch a commercial flight."

He answered with a hardly chuckle and a tight squeeze around her shoulders, "You be good. Set a good example for those kids, or they'll end up like me!"

After a few more moments of conversation, Ally finally managed to find herself freed from her dad, but late to meeting her carpool. She rushed along the gates, hoping to catch up quickly. Unfortunately, she didn't know who she was meeting personally. Despite being in the same house, they had run in different circles thus far, though she had heard some physical descriptions from other girls in her year, all of them favorable. Once she'd arrived at the meeting place, she scanned the street and caught sight of a boy that certainly personified the depictions.

He seemed to have noticed her as well and bid her to approach. She returned his handshake with as much grace as she could muster and nodded a thanks for his actions. Suddenly, meeting her fellow head made everything seem real. Being a head girl was an honor for Alwin, and while she didn't doubt her abilities as a leader and example, she did worry about being able to seem approachable to those that need her. With a slight lilt to her voice, she responded, "Hello Quinn. I'm Alwin. It's nice to meet you." Hoping he hadn't caught her momentary lapse in confidence, she settled into the back of car.

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Getting into the car hurt. It stung his back. But sitting down was worse. He took his seat on the side opposite of the door in the limo, so he was turned enough to talk to the girl. Sitting down stung, but it wasn't until he sat back that he felt some of his wounds splitting back open. And there was the blood. He cringed for a second, taking a breath to try to get through the pain and turning to the girl. He quickly slid out his phone, shooting a short text to Annabelle. Hey. I'm on my way there. Hang out later? And quickly put it back in his pants.

She looked like her father. Well, at least pictures Quinn had seen. He wasn't sure how his father and her father knew each other, but there was a picture above their fireplace of the two of them together, at some lake house by the look of it.

Come to think of it, this whole thing was pretty weird. He didn't know he would be carpooling with this girl till he landed, and turned his phone back on. His dad had texted him saying there was a girl who would be hitching a ride, a girl in his house, and though he didn't know this at the time, after hearing her name he realized she was his co. Other than that, there wasn't much he knew about her. She was pretty, tall and blonde, but so were many of the girls at Eltz.

Taking another breath to try and ease the pain, Quinn smacked the wall separating the driver and them to signal him to drive. He felt the car start to move, turning back to Alwin. "Are you excited to be head girl?" He asked, his eyes looking her over, not in an intrusive way, but an interested way. He began to wonder thing's about her, as the car went on. Maybe, she'd answer with a long answer and they could talk for the rest of the ride, making it go by fast.

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After a mostly uneventful car ride, Quinn was happy to be at school. He nodded to the driver, knowing his father had already payed, and exited the car. He was happy to be back at school, despite how he had made it sound earlier. Each bump in the road has sent a searing pain through his head, and though he originally wanted to talk with the girl in the car, he had quickly put his headphones in and put on loud music, hoping to sleep. In his lack had been the sack they had chosen to transfer Cah in. This way, no one knew he was holding a snake, and Cah wouldn't freak out from all of the movement.

Checking his phone after it vibrated in his pocket, he grinned lightly at the text from Annabelle. He wasn't going to admit it, but he was really happy he'd be seeing her soon. Since the plane ride, Quinn had been a bit shaky, but in reality, it was since his last interaction with his father, two days ago. The driver removed his bags from the trunk, handing Quinn his backpack and putting his wheeled duffle on the ground, before leaving.

After attempting to put his bag on his back, but not even being able to put the straps on without pain, he put it on top of his wheeled bag, and entered the school. The front hall was full of freshman. He smiled to many, recognizing some as new Kalt freshmen, introducing himself, but mostly making his way straight to his room, and dropping his stuff off. He put Cah in his cage, turning on the heating pad, and made his way to the cafeteria, hungry.

He walked, his eyes on his phone. And that's why he didn't see when he walked into a chair, with a girl sitting. He hit it at a full walking speed, and instantly felt a rush of pain flow through his body. Quinn tried to mutter a sorry to the girl in the chair, his breath cutting off halfway through the word as he inhaled sharply, his eyes cringing. He could feel each cut on his back, each place the belt had hit him sting on it's own. The back of his black sweater was slightly damp in a few places from them opening on the ride here. Forcing his eyes open, Quinn said a quick "Sorry," before walking off quickly. He went to the closest wall, resting against it, breathing. Shit, his back hurt.

His eyes shot back to the chair he'd bumped into, looking over the girl in the chair. He didn't recognize her, so she was probably a freshman. Her hair was dark, and her eyes were a bright blue, traced in what Quinn had learned to be eyeliner, from his sister. He'd hope she wouldn't remember his embarrassing interaction.