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Annabelle Watson

"Just keep trying and one day you'll succeed."

0 · 993 views · located in Moselle Valley, Germany

a character in “Eltz Academy”, originally authored by Caille, as played by RolePlayGateway


These are the Head Boys and Head Girls. For posts concerning only us, this is the place!




Basic Understanding (>‿◠)✌


Full Name:
Annabelle Cara Brie Watson

Anna, Anne, Anie, and Belle. She normally goes by Anna but she likes Annabelle too.

Seventeen years of age.


Female ♀

25% Polish, 25% Italian, 25% Swedish, and 25% German.

Florence, Italy.

She has a faint Italian accent.

She works at a little coffee shop and she simply adores it.

Charmante House. Head girl~

Aura Manipulation - The ability to manipulate the subtle, luminous radiation that surrounds a person or object.
She is able to use the aura's of other people to benefit herself and harness her powers to create many different outcomes. She's usually able to manipulate energy and use it how she sees fit. With aura manipulation she's able to enhance her natural abilities through using her powers although it takes strong focusing and strong emotions to be able to ignite the flame in their power. Within aura manipulation she has the power to use the energy to heal people and she has the power to use an aura mimicry where she can mimic the aura of others and feel the emotions and sense what they feel.
Her limitations include whether she is able to have control over her emotions or not. Another would be if her power was fueled by anger and hatred it could turn into a dangerous power.
She can only use one Aura at a time, and she's only able to use them for a certain amount of time, it depends how much energy of an aura she has around her.
If the aura is blocked sometimes she has no way to use any of the aura.

Through The Looking Glass


Standing at the height of 5'3" she's at a nice height, she's not too short but she's not very tall either and she rather likes it that way. Annabelle, has a slim build and she weight around a hundred and fifteen pounds and she's rather content with her size and she has confidence in who she is. Her sin does give off a bit of a tan look but she's a little but more pale, she's at a nice light tan colour that suits her just fine. Her eyes are a dark chocolate brown colour, that are soft and they hold a lot of emotion in them. They're normally the way you can tell her true emotions half the time. Her hair is a light golden brown colour and it's silky and soft, as it runs down to her hip bones. She has pride in her hair length and she'd never cut it real short. Her hair means too much to her. Annabelle is the type to like cute things so you will see that often times, she also wears makeups but only a bit of foundation and a bit of eyeliner here and there. The eye liner helps bring out her eyes and she adores it.

Favourite type of outfit <3
Casual Everyday dress styles~
Casual Everyday fall/winter styles

Special Marks:
She has a butterfly in the middle of her back that was tattooed there the body of the butterfly is on her spine and the wings flare out a bit. No one has really seen it but her and her parents. She has her ears pierced and that's about it as she doesn't really want any other part of her pierced.

Beneath The Skin (‐^▽^‐)


Hot chocolate ✓ Flowers ✓Smell of coffee ✓Vanilla ✓ Pink ✓fashion ✓books ✓shoes ✓bows ✓Sweaters ✓peanutbutter ✓butterflies ✓Pugs ✓animals ✓History ✓ Trees ✓Photography ✓Action movies ✓comic books ✓Culture ✓Pasta ✓Rain ✓Snow ✓reading ✓ Her boyfriend Robert✓
Sad endings ✗Sushi ✗Raw fish ✗Being alone ✗People who cry ✗Jerks ✗Dancing (she's really bad at it) ✗yogurt ✗Beef ✗Pork ✗Her birthday ✗Lavender scent ✗Sleeping in ✗Chai Tea ✗Sleepless nights ✗Chronic insomnia ✗Show offs ✗Bullies ✗Cheesy romance movies ✗
Photography ♥ Fashion ♥ Reading ♥ Watching movies ♥ Learning about cultures ♥ Skating ♥
Heights ☠ Thunderstorms ☠ Being alone ☠ Drowning ☠
-She's a vegetarian but she doesn't like telling people that so it's kept to herself often. Only her closest friends might know that she is.
-She has chronic insomnia and it makes it difficult for her to sleep at all, she hardly ever falls asleep and when she does it's for maybe four hours at most. Unless she gets a rare good nights sleep. She is uncomfortable sharing it with people.
-Anna would love to open up an animal shelter but she's too intimidated to admit her goal.
-Anna is a huge geek when it comes to comic books, action figures, super heroes, and super nerdy board games. She were to tell anyone it would be social suicide for her. So she keeps it to herself.

( Adorable|| Considerate || Loyal || Bubbly || Optimistic )

Looking at her from a distance and not really getting to know her, you'd see her as the peppy, and optimistic girl who would be willing to talk to anyone. Anna, is a very social person and she tends to be good at striking up conversation and keeping one up. She's very friendly and kind and she loves to hang out with people, and it's very rare that she hates someone, now that doesn't go to say she likes everyone, that's nearly impossible, she just stays on good terms with people, because she feels it's important and she's not one to want to stress out completely and worry about people being mad or trying to stir drama with her. it's not her scene and she hates to be apart of drama and normally turns a blind eye to it. Often times you will see the young girl giggling and laughing up a storm, it's easy for her to laugh about things, as she likes to be laid back and relaxed, and that may be a problem sometimes as she may not be able to be serious all the time, even though she tries to be she can be a bit oblivious in those situations but shes not a total idiot, nor really one at all, she's just not used to all the street smart stuff considering she grew up on a farm.

Anna, is honestly one of the most sympathetic people, but that may have to do a bit with her power and being able to mimic auras. She can't take emotion away but she can feel how other people feel, and most times she doesn't wish it on anyone. Anna is a very considerate and understanding girl, and in a way she can tend to be taken advantage of in these situations as she isn't totally headstrong and she can be a bit of a doormat. Especially to manipulative people, she can fall prey to very easily. She is extremely loyal and people may be able to say that she trusts way to easily, but once she's next to you and right by your side there is no turning back and she will be behind you every step of the way and every waking hour. Even if she does find it hard to raise her voice a bit if she has faith and trust in you she'll try her best, she's very determined in that way.

Lastly, is what most people couldn't see or judge from her right away. Yes she can be horribly naive and oblivious to a lot of things, but she's actually a huge geek, and most people wouldn't get that from her right away. Anna loves to read comic books, and she loves to watch action films. Often she can watch and read these things over and over again until she knows them by heart. She has a huge comic book collection in a box under bed a she keeps them stored away, she doesn't like anyone else seeing them because she can get a bit shy and intimidated by people i they try to see what her passion is. She also has a passion to deal with animals, she loves them to pieces and she could never watch them be in pain. She'll love animals until the day she dies, and she is rather quite adorable and cute.

The Stars To Destiny ♥(ˆ⌣ˆԅ)


Family Tree:
Mother || Sophie Bolshack-Watson -54
Father || Leonardo Watson - 53

Older brother || Calleum Watson -29
Sister in-law || Mari Blanch-Watson - 28
Niece || Felicity Watson - 9
Nephew || Vincent Watson - 7
Nephew || Brice Watson - 5
Niece || Carla Watson - 3
Nephew || Eric Watson -1

Older Sister || Claudia Watson-Newman - 27
Brother in-law || Daniel Newman - 28
Nephew || Fredrick Newman - 7 (twin to Mason)
Nephew || Mason Newman -7 (twin to Fred)
Nephew || Jones Newman - 4
Niece || Elanor Newman - 2

Older brother || Lucas Watson -25
Sister in-law || Reagan Killigan-Watson - 23
Nephew || James Watson - 3
Niece || Jane Watson - 1 and a half
Reagan is expecting a third child soon.

Older brother || Benjamin Watson - 25 (twin to Lucas)
Sister in-law || Kai Juan-Watson - 24
Niece || Aspen Watson - 3
Kai is also expecting a child soon.

Twin brother || Austin Watson - 17 (he's older by 13 minutes)

Aunt Lynn and Uncle Travis
Cousins - Lucy(32), Brianna(30), Earl(27), Barney(23), and Liam(19).

Aunt Wendy and Uncle David
Cousins - Heath(30), Seth((28), Carl(25), Kelsey(22), Mae(21), June(19), August(17), and Tanner(15).

Annabelle has a huge family and they all lived on one big piece of land and they are very successful in their family businesses.
Pets: Her family owns two German Shepard's, two ducks, four chickens, two goats, five cows, one sheep. They have their own little barn of animals and they also have a couple horses as well. They're quite a wealthy family.
History: Once long ago before old as time there was a family known as the Watson's. There were three sons of this very proud father, David, Travis, and Leonardo. The oldest being Travis, then David and then Leonardo. All three boys were in competition to win over their fathers love and highest respects and they often caused a dispute in their family, until one day, they decided it'd be a good idea to stop their fighting and instead work together, and they could thrive as a unit and work as one instead of failing when working as individuals. Thus creating the family ranch that sold animal products that were fresh. Milk, eggs, wool, and sometimes they gave horse back riding lessons. As the three songs soon began to get their own wives their goods expand into more. Their wives would bake some things up with fresh supply of food to make these things. They made bread, cakes, cookies, and they had a self progressing bakery. They knew that this would only continue to grow the more their family did and so they men worked hard to get their wives pregnant and produce children for them. They wanted to live the old ways. Soon they'd build their homes that were meant to hold big families. They built three houses, a barn, a small little shop to sell their finished products and a shed to keep all their supplies.

The Watson family worked long and hard, and soon they would be getting their children into the work so they'd appreciate it and always want to continue to help out with everything. The oldest children would normally start by helping their mothers but soon moved on to big kids work as they were getting new siblings who would need to start in the bakery. The older kids got duties like looking after the chickens and ducks and making sure they were healthy. Many of the children that grew up together often had a cousin around the same age as them. Since the children were home schooled for a big part of their life they always just had each other and made great friends among each other. In the end of Annabelle's generation of kids there ended up being, nineteen children.

It wasn't until the youngest half of Anna's generation until she came into the family. When she was born it was a rainy March day. It was the 9th day of March and at first her mother only thought she was having one kid which had been her brother Austin but then her parents got a surprise known as Annabelle. Annabelle was a great surprise though, considering that the Watson family had some kind of male dominance and they only had one other daughter beforehand known as Claudia, they were overjoyed to have a baby girl. Although, Claudia didn't like it much, considering that Claudia had always been the baby girl and her parents always paid attention to her but the fact that she was old now and Annabelle was the new girl in the family her spot light was taken away so often the two girls would get in a bit of feuds until Claudia became way more interested in guys not to care.

As she grew up she learned many skills that she'd need. She learned how to cook, bake, take care of animals, harvest crops and everything. Her parents were fairly old fashioned too, and they believed in prepping her to be a perfect wife for someone one day and they mostly trained her to be how she is today. Kind, optimistic, supportive, and caring. She was also told to do as she was told. Annabelle never saw it as cruel from her parents as she grew up this way, and often times her aunts and uncles believed in arranged marriage and thus a lot of her cousins were married off to someone of their parents choice. Annabelle was glad her parents decided to give her and her siblings a choice, if they wanted their parents to find a match for them or they wanted to. Annabelle of course felt like having the adventure and going with the flow of things.

Annabelle first had realization on her power when she was the age of nine. She had been out in the forests behind her house and she had been playing to her imagination and to her hearts content when she had seen a baby bird. This baby bird's winged had been fractured and she felt bad. After awhile of trying to nurse it back to health she had been giving up hope a bit when she felt something surge through her body and soon the bird chirped in a peppy tune showing it was content and soon it flew off from her hands. She was very confused what had happened over the years but by the time she hit thirteen she had done a ton of research about it, and soon she heard about Eltz academy and enrolled there when she was fourteen years old as a freshman.

The Little Stuff ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ


Anything Else?: Favourite ice cream is vanilla and oreo.

So begins...

Annabelle Watson's Story

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Kian's eyes fluttered open, his alarm clock's beeping sounding terrible loud in his early morning haze. He groaned loudly, his arm smacking onto his night table in spastic movements as he attempted to silence it's noise. He wasn't adjusted to the time difference from home, at all. Well, that, and he was more than a little hung over right now. Finally, his hand connected with the alarm, the noise cutting off.

His eyes shut slowly as he faded back into sleep, but the combination of his headache setting in and the cat nuzzling his side brought him back into reality. Kian sat up quickly, moaning and clutching his head as he did so, and looked at the alarm clock. He needed to get going if he was going to be on time to hang out with Astrid. Automatically, he stroked the kitten at his side, picking it up to his chest with one hand and he grabbed a bottle of water from under his bed. Max purred lightly, obviously happy to get attention, and Kian opened his water bottle, tipping it over and draining it. Hopefully, this would help sooner or later. Also, Kian opened his bedside table's drawer, pulling out advil. He popped two in his mouth, swallowing, before standing up. Max leaped from his hands onto the bed, curling up in the warm place where Kian had just been.

He walked into the bathroom, going pee and then brushing his teeth. Checking the clock, he realized he had enough time to shower, and did so, quickly. Afterwards, he felt better. His head wasn't as fuzzy and wasn't pounding anymore. Kian changed into his uniform, the gold and purple being too bright for him at this hour. Despite the fact that he could probably get away with cheating dress code, he followed it. He wanted to be a good example of a student, since he was head boy.

His hair, still damp from his shower, was beginning to curl. He ran his fingers through it, to get it running the right way, the putted a dot of gel in it, hoping it would tame it. Grabbing his backpack, he poured Max a bowl of food. He also pocketed a pack of cigarettes. He was about to leave, before he made a last minute decision. Going back to his bed, he stroked max softly, pulling out a bottle from behind his bed and taking a few swigs, the taste burning slightly, but in a good way. Then he left, walking down the hallway, different emotions popping into his head as his usual smile fit onto his face. He nodded at those he passed, most of them generally feeling happy, but pretty tired, and a few angry for something or another. He met Annabelle at Astrid's door, knocking and waiting for the girl to come out.

Wow, she sure was pretty. He saw her once over, and he blushed lightly, turning to walk as she did. He didn't ask anything very interesting, and as he was about to ask about her night, when they were approached by the headmaster. Kian nodded at him, a large smile fitting his face. "Hello Headmaster Ryan. How are you?"


Quinn tapped his foot impatiently. He was dressed in a crew neck black sweater and navy sweats. He also wore new sneakers on his feet, but none of this was important right now. After the private jet ride from New York to this airport, he was in pain. Just hours before the plane ride, his dad had gotten very, very angry. And now, with slashes all over his back, he was sore. He'd probably been hit with the belt 17 or 18 times, and part way through, he'd passed out from the pain. That's why he now wore a dark sweater; so when the blood began to flow if he bent down or stretched or something, it wouldn't be noticeable.

So he stood here now, waiting by the doors of the airport, next to the limo his dad had hired. He was carpooling with some girl... what was her name again? Alden? Something like that. They'd flown separately, since they live on different sides of the country. The girl came into his eyes, well at least a girl he assumed to be here. She was pretty, a little tall and blonde and pale. Yeah, definitely pretty. He nodded toward her, signaling for her to come over.

"I'm Quinn," he said, putting his hand out to shake her's, then opening the car door and letting her get in, before going in himself. They had an hour long car ride ahead of them, and he was going to let her decide if they were going to talk, or be seperate, in which case he would listen to music.

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#, as written by Caille


Annabelle had a restless night like always. She lay awake in her bed for most of the night, on most nights like those she'd often be up and she'd be stretching her limbs, and doing some sort of pilates just to keep herself going and to hopefully tire herself out. Anna had a series of things she did during the nights to try and sleep. One of those was also reading and writing different things, and she practiced light forms of her power to try and drain some energy out of her but she was told before that, that it was quite dangerous to keep doing to herself. Finally four hours before she had to be woken up she had gotten into a pair of shorts and a baggy shirt, that had belonged to her boyfriend Robert. She always enjoyed wearing his clothes when she could and when she had the chance. She had't stolen this shirt from him, she just had one of them and she often loved his scent, and it'd flood into her nostrils helping her relax and be more calm. She grabbed her i-pod and then she pulled the covers back.

Annabelle slipped into her bed and then began to braid her hair loosely and tied it off at the end with an elastic. Laying back on her back, she pulled out her earbuds and she stuck one of them in her ear and she pressed play and a variety of soothing music that was light came filling in and she soon relaxed a lot to the state of her minimal rest. She closed her eyes and she rested there only thinking of pleasant things and her life back home in Florence, and all the smells and the people and the warmth, it was days like these where she missed home sometimes, but she had a great opportunity here and she couldn't waste it she had to go.

She had finally drifted off to sleep and she soon woke up at six fourteen am and she sighed softly. She didn't get nearly enough sleep but she'd live on with the day. She always did. She turned her i-pod off and she set it down on her night stand. Getting out of bed she soon began to make her way to the bathroom, and did her morning routine of, shower, brush teeth, dry off and pick out her clothes. You may think with the uniform and such she wouldn't have anything to choose from, but Annabelle was into fashion, she knew how to make things her own meanwhile staying within the dressing code rules. She picked out the black skirt with her black knee high socks to go with her nice black sparkles flats. As for the top she had her black vest that had some rhinestones added to it and she had light sparkles on it and not to mention the Charmante crest was on her vest as well. She also had her nice orange blouse top that was very pretty and had some style to it as well. As she got changed into these things she soon walked back to the bathroom.

Blow drying her hair and soon shortly straightening it, led to her putting her hair up in a half pony tail and using an orange bow beret to hold it together. She got her book bag and she slung it over her shoulder. Soon she began to do her make up with the concealer, foundation, and light eye shadow, and her winged eyeliner to top it off. She kept a simple and yet nice look to herself. She was told to meet Astrid and Kian outside of Astrid's door and that's where she was going. She would like to see Robert in the morning but she'd get to see him eventually anyways. She didn't see Astrid and Kian as much as she did Robert sometimes.

As she grabbed her keys she walked out of her room locking the door and she soon went walking around for a bit until she ended up finding Astrid's room and when she arrived it wasn't short after that Kian showed up. Soon they had Astrid and they were walking down the hall. They were off to orientation of course and upon getting there they saw Headmaster Ryan and a freshman girl with him. "Good morning Headmaster Ryan! and who might this young girl be? She's awfully cute." She said in her same old tone, and she kept things light and positive, just how any other day would go.

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Getting into the car hurt. It stung his back. But sitting down was worse. He took his seat on the side opposite of the door in the limo, so he was turned enough to talk to the girl. Sitting down stung, but it wasn't until he sat back that he felt some of his wounds splitting back open. And there was the blood. He cringed for a second, taking a breath to try to get through the pain and turning to the girl. He quickly slid out his phone, shooting a short text to Annabelle. Hey. I'm on my way there. Hang out later? And quickly put it back in his pants.

She looked like her father. Well, at least pictures Quinn had seen. He wasn't sure how his father and her father knew each other, but there was a picture above their fireplace of the two of them together, at some lake house by the look of it.

Come to think of it, this whole thing was pretty weird. He didn't know he would be carpooling with this girl till he landed, and turned his phone back on. His dad had texted him saying there was a girl who would be hitching a ride, a girl in his house, and though he didn't know this at the time, after hearing her name he realized she was his co. Other than that, there wasn't much he knew about her. She was pretty, tall and blonde, but so were many of the girls at Eltz.

Taking another breath to try and ease the pain, Quinn smacked the wall separating the driver and them to signal him to drive. He felt the car start to move, turning back to Alwin. "Are you excited to be head girl?" He asked, his eyes looking her over, not in an intrusive way, but an interested way. He began to wonder thing's about her, as the car went on. Maybe, she'd answer with a long answer and they could talk for the rest of the ride, making it go by fast.

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#, as written by Agent

More freshman student were arriving now and it appeared that there were also a number of senior student coming to greet the new enrolments. A few greeted the headmaster. After weighing the benefits of having her arms free with the risk of leaving her property out in the open Alice quickly dumped her belongings against a wall in the stairwell where others had left their own luggage until they could be taken to their rooms. She returned to Mr Ryan as he was approached by some of the aforementioned senior students.

The headmaster introduced one girl, professional-looking and dark-haired, as Astrid Horn, head girl of Dreist House.

"Hello Headmaster Ryan. How are you?" This was a tall guy with some serious cheek bones, intoduced as Kian McKinley, head boy of Treu House.

The final student, a girl with long light gold-brown hair, was named Annabelle Watson, head girl of Charmante house. "Good morning Headmaster Ryan! and who might this young girl be? She's awfully cute."

"Ta. Your pretty easy on the eyes yourself yourself," Alice smirked, as the headmaster stepped away briefly. She was a bit thrown off by the flurry of introductions; but this is what she got for arriving early. Alice blamed the fact that the cheapest decent flight had just so happened to have also been an early morning one. Having spent her whole life in Britain, except taking a ferry across the channel on vacation, it had been her first plane flight.
"Alice Ender," she added, in answer to Annabelle's question, as Mr Ryan returned with the student who had arrived just after Alice, a red-headed girl with a small dog at her heels.

"Hello..." Alice peered over the red-head's shoulder at the name printed across the top of the enrolment papers she now held. "...Riley Ruth?" Nice to meet ya, Riles."

It was weird thinking that all these new people had powers just like her. Well, not exactly like her, because apparently people like them had all sorts of different powers. Life at this school was bound to be interesting she thought with vague amusement

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Astrid let her eyes wander over her new freshman. She knew her students better than any head girl and Alice Ender was no exception to that.

Ender was a feisty one, she could tell. The spunky freshman girl eyed her right back, and that took some confidence; Astrid was always dressed to impress and intimidate. She would have to get to know Alice, some people came before duties.

"Well, Headmaster Ryan, Alice, I would love to stay and chat but my tummy wants to chat with my breakfast. The Driest tours start at 10 o' clock, sharp. Don't be late." With a flutter of her fingers, how she liked to wave, she, Kian, and Annabelle were off to breakfast.

The cafeteria was already packed with students. Astrid frowned with disdain.

"Anna B, is the coffee shop open?" Her voice wavered with discomfort. Astrid absolutely abhorred crowded, public areas and even places at Eltz were no exception. It always felt like someone was watching her, judging her, disliking her. Although she was cocky and competitive, she was competitive to have people like her. Having friends and making them happy meant that she was a good person, and that was always something she strived for; that seemed impossible with so many people around. She bit her lip and looked around. She was supposed to meet Tiff, but that wasn't an option.

Astrid didn't wait for an answer and headed toward the parking lot. Usually they biked, or rode in Robert's car, but she wasn't exactly sure what Robert was doing at this hour. Her father had sent her Mercedes-Benz SLS-Class Coupe. It was one of the many joys of being from a prominent, wealthy family.

She drove the trio out to the coffee shop, only to find it closed. Annabelle had warned her that it wouldn't be open. There was a little diner that had it's gaudy neon sign blinking "open". Astrid's lips curled in a smile.

"Bingo." Astrid clicked, turning into the parking lot.

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#, as written by Caille
(I apologize but this wil be a short post :/)

Annabelle listened to Astrid as she talked. She had taken not to the girl, who had been known as Alice and she meant to keep a mental note in her head. Eventually while it was all going on she felt her phone vibrate and she pulled it out and she looked at the text seeing that it was another good friend of hers known as Quinn. Her and him had been best friends since they were in the academy together and she rather enjoyed his company. She wished sometimes she could sneak away to visit with him, but Astrid was her best friend too. Sometimes Anna felt it was difficult to balance all her friends sometimes but she made sure she made time for each other them, especially Robert.

"Alrighty, I'll see you later, Quinny! :) With Astrid atm though~"

Annabelle sent to Quinn and she was happy, soon Astrid wanted to leave and she sighed, it was like her friend to want to leave, she suggested going to the coffee shop but Annabelle said it wasn't such a good idea considering that the shop might not be open and as they had gone out to Astrid's car and drove off Annabelle had been proven right. Luckily they had a back up plan and Anna followed Astrid's lead. "So how was everyone's sleep?" Anna asked both Kian and Astrid with a smile. There were only a couple people who knew about Annabelle's chronic insomnia. The teachers and the headmaster as it is their duty to know and it makes her school life easier, but they keep it secret. Then there was Quinn, Robert, and Astrid who knew, but Anna wasn't close enough with Kian to talk about it in front of him. Anna pulled out her phone again and began to send another text.

"Robby! You awake yet, darling? :) xox"

She sent the text to her boyfriend and she was hoping he'd be getting up soon. She was also very excited to getting to spend some more time with him later today. Anna had gone into day dream land for awhile but she knew shortly she'd be brought back to the world of reality, which was fine. Anna just needed something to do for the moment.[/size]

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Kian could feel the buzzing nerves in the room; literally. The edges of his eyesight were tinted with a dark violet, and he could feel his palms getting a little sweaty and adrenaline kicking in. He went from standing calmly, looking composed to slightly bouncing one leg. He smiled to the girl, and many other's passing, most having at least a small purple tint. His attention was drawn back when Astrid spoke, and instantly, his hands went back to normal and he started to feel more at ease. Her confidence slightly countered the nervousness and when she started to walk, he followed, bobbing his head politely to the head master and a passing freshman.

Once arriving, however, he could tell Astrid wouldn't want to stay. Crowded places were not her happy space. His eyes found Lucy, and he could tell even from the distance she was uncomfortable. He would make sure to make plans with her for later, to calm her down.

"Sounds like a plan," he said, in regard to the coffee shop. He was more quiet than usual, his headache still pretty bad, and as they walked to Astrid's car he pulled a water bottle out of his backpack. It was filled with a clear liquid, but it wasn't water. He took two sips from it, big ones, then returned it to it's place in his backpack. He knew neither of the girls approved of his bad habits; hell, he didn't either, so he made sure not to let them smell what it was. In the car, he opened up a text to Lucy. Hey kiddo. Take it easy- Lunch? and sent it, pocketing his phone.

He wasn't necessarily upset that the coffee shop was closed, but he was pleased when they found the diner open. He grinned at Astrid, giving her a nudge before exiting the car. "Uh, fine," Kian muttered, flashbacks of his last few memories from last night hitting his head, though he didn't remember actually going to bed, for that matter.

Arriving at the diner door, he held it open for the two girls, entering after. It was seat yourself, and he chose a booth on the right. In sat on one side, the two girls taking the other. He couldn't help but grin. This was quite the perfect morning, with these two. Well, at least it seemed like it, what with his mind becoming slightly lofty and bubbly from the light buzz.

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Astrid could smell it. Alcohol. She eyed Kian out of the corner of her eye, but wouldn't speak. She couldn't condemn him for her own sin.

Once they arrived, the three sat happily in a booth, Annabelle on one side, Astrid and Kian on the other. Normally, Astrid sat by herself, to talk to both of them face-to-face, but today she was especially tired and wanted someone to sleep on.

Just like in the movies, a girl in a poodle skirt and rollerskates pulled up to their table. She had bubblegum pink hair and neck tattooes. "Hey, I'm Carly, what can I get you guys?" She popped a bubble of gum as pink as her hair.

Astrid ordered a strawberry milkshake and a chicken tenders basket, then the others ordered. Once they were finished, she rolled away with the small list. Astrid sighed, letting her head rest against Kian's shoulder. "I hope Danny leads the tours today, I have such a horrible headache." She groaned.

They started to talk about meaningless things, mostly small talk, until the food arrived. They ate in mostly comfortable silence.

Annabelle started talking about something Astrid wasn't too interested, but pretended to be anyway, when something flickered in the corner of her eye. She set down the little fry and excused herself momentarily. She turned the corner towards the ladies' room, someone pushed her inside. The assaulter slammed her against the wall. "Never knew someone so dangerous could be pretty too." The man snarled, pinning her against the wall.

It was almost laughable that he was trying to intimidate her. She smirked but wouldn't let him see her afraid. No one would, no one could scare her. That's when he used his powers.

No one had ever used their powers on her. Just like that, there was an awful pain encompassing her body. His mouth covered her cries of agony. Just when the pain subsided, the man slammed his hand against her pounding head. "What do you want from me?" Astrid cried out, shrinking against the wall. He did it, she was officially scared of him. "Nothing, yet." He disappeared.

Astrid pulled out her book of Norse mythology and desperately searched for the god that healed. Fear Masking would have worked for that situation.

Finding Forseti, the god of justice, her power did the work and she returned to the table, albeit frazzled. She felt a little embarrassed at the fact that they were already finished. "Sorry, Anna B, Ki, I had a lot of spicy food last night." Her confidence returned, although still stunted, and remained quiet as she quickly finished her meal.

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#, as written by Caille

Annabelle, sat there, she was sitting alone today, sometimes she felt things more deeply than she wanted to but luckily she had her very positive demeanor to give her a smiley outlook all the time. Annabelle, had just really wished she could have stayed in bed a bit longer, despite her chronic insomnia, she wished she pretended to be ill and just had Robert take care of her instead. Annabelle, loved Astrid and all but sometimes Astrid was a bit much for how Annabelle liked to be. Sometimes the two of them had difficulty getting along, they were both so different, besides Astrid and Kian seemed to be just fine together and happy, Kian would have probably preferred for Anna to be back at school, she almost wishes it too. Annabelle ordered her food, a vanilla milkshake and a blueberry muffin. She wasn't too much in the mood for eating anyways. Soon an emotional wave hit Annabelle. She could feel her blood rush more, and she knew this was her aura mimicry hitting in. It was her most frequent used power, that would turn on and off by itself. Soon while Annabell had mentioned the whole sleeping bit, she could feel the emotions the other two felt, neither really cared so Annabelle just dropped her topic of conversation.

Soon she got a mixture of emotions running through her body, from the people in the diner. There was happy and bubbly ones, some excited, some in secrets, then there was a darker one lurking about and it set Annabelle on edge, but she decided to dismiss it and when the food came she tried to be more engulfed in that instead of anything else, she didn't like to dwell on things too much. She soon heard that Astrid was excusing herself, and she just went along with it, but Annabelle, wasn't sure what would happen, she didn't control whose emotions they mimicked to her anyways, but eventually she got a small wave of pain before her mimicry switched out and changed to the bored chef in the diner. He really hated his job and Annabelle felt bad for him, and soon it changed back to Astrid as she came back, and at that moment, despite the way Astrid was looking, Annabelle knew something was going on despite her little white lie, Anna was smarter than that, despite being naive to a lot of things, her aura mimicry never lied, and there was more Astrid wasn't sharing, as to what it was, Annabelle didn't know. Annabelle didn't like secrets to be kept from her, but if that was how it was to be then so be it.

Anna nodded to Astrid and for a bit she drank her milkshake a bit, and ate half her muffin. She left her muffin on the table and then she fished into her clutch and pulled out a bit of money and placed it on the table, "Here, this should pay for my food." Anna said giving the two a smile. "I don't feel too well so I should get some fresh air, maybe start walking back to the school and perhaps text Robert or Quinn for a ride if it is an absolute must, I just, it's too stuffy in here, I'm terribly sorry Astry and Kian. I hope you guys enjoy your morning though." She said with a cheery bright smile and then she took her milkshake and she got up out of the booth and she waved to them and walked out of the diner.

Stepping out into the fresh air she breathed in deeply. It was nice to be in the fresh open air, nature was beautiful and she hated to be cooped up inside, plus she needed to be away from all the insane amounts of people, they were making her power and emotions go out of whack, and the more that her power used up the more it wore her out, and even before she had just begun. She was already getting a piercing headache, and she was getting worn out and the day hardly started, this was the one power that ran free and she had no control over. Astrid was too shaken up to talk to, plus she hardly listened sometimes, not to say Anna didn't love her, just sometimes, Anna felt lonely despite being around her. She kept walking or quite a bit before she pulled her phone out, she was going to text Robert, she'd see Quinn later but right now all she wanted was to see Robert and just be wrapped up in his arms and have her headache go away.

"Robby, can you come and pick me up? I'll meet you at the coffee shop. :)"

She sent it and then she continued over to the coffee shop which wasn't too far away but walking distance it could be a bit far. Annabelle sat on the front steps, she knew nothing super bad could happen to her out here anyways, The owner who was her boss would be here in about fifteen minutes anyways and he'd open the shop, so worst case she could fend anyone off if she needed to.

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When he felt a sudden lick on his face, Robert realized Husky needs to stop licking people's faces while they sleep. Robert rubbed his eyes, until he finally got his conscious back, after sleeping in everyday for the past few days, he realized it's about time he continued to be productive with his work. The past few weeks, he and Anna had been working on the freshman orientation plan, which took them quite a while to finish. Which was why he needed the break.
The first thing he did was turn on his phone, when a soft ring indicated that he had a message after several rings, oh great....that was how many messages? never again does he believe in turning his phone off for several days is a good idea.

Flipping through, he sees two messages from Anna asking whether he could pick her up at the coffee shop. Realizing that he is late he quickly typed back

"Sure, will be there in a second, just woke up :D "

After pressing send, he quickly went through his closet only to find a Oxford shirt and a navy blue blazer that fits him before setting out to the coffee shop. He has to admit, school has started and he is surely going to miss his full time summer job as a barista in the coffee shop. Although he would still drop by the store sometimes, but it's time to move onto freshman orientation. Every year, you get at least 50 of them who have no idea what they are doing here, or still thinks this is Hogwarts. Surely, we are somewhat like Hogwarts but hey at least Eltz is cooler.

Walking down the corridor, it seemed as if everyone is out of the dorms and busy getting ready for school, since it's so quiet. However, his attention was broken by another sudden beep of a text message sent in by his brother, Kyle.

"Hey Robert, do you have time tonight for dinner? let's take sometime to catch up"

Let's honest, it's quite surprising, two brothers that grew up together depending on each other, and yet there is always a big gap between them, that they need a dinner to catch up with each other. Thinking back, his brother despite being only 1 year older, there is nothing that makes him more experienced in life than Robert is.. no sports, hardly any friends, just always a cold face and an internship at who knows where

However, thinking back it's already been almost 45 days since they've talked. So he replied

"Yes, I do I'll make sure to come, can I bring Anna?"

With the response returned
"Sure, I'll probably ask Lucy to come as well, we all need sometime to catch up with each other"

He tapped a message to Anna:
"Annie! I am on my way right now to pick you up, by the way are you free tonight? My brother is asking me to go to dinner and catch up....I desperately need emotional support because I have a feeling the connection there would really awkward....or worse, out of hand...please even Husky says you should :D "

Another thing he has to admit....previously there has been cases where umm.....a dinner had gone wrong and both parties went screaming at other. Which is why every time from that time on, Robert will bring Anna as his support.

After putting his phone back into his pocket, he continued down the hall, into the elevator and down to the parking lot.

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Kian smiled lightly to himself, though he fought the urge to take out the water bottle again. He didn't want to drink now, at least not in front of these two. His order was simple, a burger and a water, as he decided not to eat too much. There'd been times were he was out with these two and had eaten four or five meals, before becoming violently ill. That happened last year, at least. He smiled at Astrid as she leant on him, wrapping his arm around her shoulders to make her more comfortable. As she spoke, his fingers subconsciously began twirling her hair. When the food arrived he pulled his arm away, beginning to dig it, but trying to remember not too eat to messily. It grossed the girls out.

Eyes flickering to Annabell, Kian downed the last of his water. At this point, his buzz was beginning to wear off. When Astrid stood up, his eyes followed her until she entered the bathroom, and they then found their way back to Annabell, a soft smile fitting onto his face. He heard her talking about sleep, but his mind started to drift as his headache found his way back into his mind. And damn, it hurt, the throbbing as his eyes got a little foggy, the light too bright. He was brought back into focus when he saw a dark flash of red, coming from the bathroom. He stood up quickly, but stayed in place as second later Astrid came out. Her face looked fine, and the color had subsided to her usual light pink glow. He sat down, tucking his hands in his lap, slightly embarrassed.

Kian was really surprised when Annabelle decided to leave, but he nodded, shooting her a comforting smile. He glanced at her money. If it was his choice, he'd pay for them all, but she was out the door before he could do anything about it. His attention turned to Astrid, the sight of her face making him forget about the previous emotional wave he'd felt from her, a smile falling on his face.

He waited for her to finish before speaking, ordering a large hot chocolate to go, and then pulling out his wallet. He knew Astrid wouldn't fight him for the rest of the bill, as she knew how much money his family had and that he wouldn't let her pay no matter what. Kian put the money on the table, picking up the hot chocolate with one hand and putting the other on Astrid's side, giving her a light squeeze to stand up, then holding the door open for her as they exited. It wasn't particularly warm outside, and as they walked he put his arm around her shoulders, pulling her into him. He shrugged off his urge to pull out a cig, turning his attention to Astrid. Gosh, she was so pretty.

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#, as written by Caille

Anabelle had been sitting there holding her phone leaning against the building, at the moment she was terribly exhausted and she just wanted to sleep, but she was happy not a lot of people were around because then she wouldn't have to deal with all the emotions that they all felt and the auras radiating from them like a strong smell. It had given her a headache and she just wanted to go back her room, which was a suite that the heads of the house often shared, Annabelle would try to help with orientation if she could but the headmaster would understand if she couldn't, even though Annabelle was a talented student in the regard of using her power, there still came a line where she couldn't control it and ever since she could remember, she's never been able to control how she has an empathy link of sorts. It's not an exact empathy issue, as that is a whole different power but given she's in a good radius she can feel the auras that people give off which makes a wave of their emotion go over her, which makes her go between states a lot and hence it drains her energy and can cause massive headaches.

Soon she felt her phone vibrate and she opened her eyes and she saw the text from Robert and she smiled. He had been wondering if she was free tonight and if she wanted to go to dinner with him and his brother and Anna knew it'd mean a lot to Rob if she went, if she could just sleep before then, then she'd be alright and be good to go anyways. She'd go either way. She began to write out a message back to him.

"Sure! I'd love to go Robbie. :)" She sent and then she clutched onto her phone as her eyes closed again.

Annabelle had fallen asleep where she was but eventually as the time passed she felt the presence of someone near by and she shot up and woke up. She rubbed her eyes and then she saw Robert there, and she got into his car and then she kissed him softly as she came back and strapped her seat belt on, and then smiled at him. "Thank you for coming and getting me Robert." She said smiling and then she managed to get comfy in the passenger seat. "I think I'm going to just tell Headmaster Ryan that I'm horribly sorry for not helping with orientations and that I'm just going to try and get some sleep, I didn't really sleep last night." Anna said, she had told him of her chronic insomnia, and because they were in the academy with each other for so long he already knew about the effect her powers had on her sometimes. "How was your morning?" She asked smiling at him.

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Walking near her, Robert saw Annabelle sleeping, he didn't want to wake her but considering the school hour is approaching soon, he walked near her. She just shot up super cautiously, he laughed "get up, sleepyhead, you can go sleep on the car" and yes, of course he meant it considering the school was a while away from the coffee shop.

Watching her get cozy in the passenger seat, he laughed, she is just so adorable, it's hard to believe they been with each other since forever.

"How was your morning" she asked
"Well, you know the usual" laughing, of course...he didn't want her to find out about him sleeping in, and not eating breakfast, because he has a feeling someone is going to start lecturing him about breakfast being the most important meal of the day.
"What about you?" he asked, changing the topic.
After hearing the answer he said "thank you for coming to dinner again with my brother and I don't know where I'll be without you, I need to make you up a dinner sometime just the two of us"
Until he just remembered he is just sitting in the car, not driving...oops....running late need to get started
"You look really tired get some sleep, you'll need it, considering there is so many classes to come"


Looking at Eleanor's response, he realized he has to find time for it before the Freshmen decides to go crazy around the halls, well maybe not crazy, but hey that is what all freshmen do. Get a little crazy and use the fact that they are new as an excuse, trust me Kyle has actually done something like that. During his first year with Katherine...things got a bit out of hand, they did end up getting butterbeer on their bedsheets, but from then on they realized the serious consequences of their actions, so they never ended up doing anything of that sort there, and look where he is now.

Walking down the hall he replied to Eleanor:
"so when do you have time to meetup to discuss it? you know the first few days are always hectic. Give me a call if you can"

Again continuing down the hall he wanted to find somewhere to go, but it seems the school is still so quiet besides the loud noises made by the freshmen in a distance maybe that is why the headmaster's room is always so distant from the other buildings, it's keeps it quiet. If he ever works here, he'll want to teach....well he hasn't thought about that because right now he only has one goal, get into the order and work like one his respected "idols" Samuel Lively. He had been an alumni a couple of years back but Kyle has never really talked to him back then since he was pretty young, and didn't know much about the order.

Before he realized it, his phone begun beeping again
this time it was Lucy
"Dinner sounds good"
"Great! Thanks, I'll text you the details. don't know how the dinner will be without you, I have a feeling Robert might overreact again...he really needs to learn how to grow up, I have a feeling he hasn't eaten breakfast yet, could you text him and remind him for me, I have a feeling if I texted him he would get angry and decide not to listen to me" he text back

Robert sure has an attitude for not listening to his brother, it's true....