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Augustus Lawrence

"It's all about perception."

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a character in “Eltz Academy”, as played by Geekly




Augustus Lawrence

Gus, August, Auggie


Ethnicity and Hometown
Wales, England


Augustus' power is Mental Projection, or the power to project his thoughts into reality. He can alter reality, or at least make it seem that way, putting people in a new environment, changing the very laws of physics just by changing their perception. His powers allow him to control the perception of people under his influence, making them able to see, feel, even touch whatever he's imagined up. August can make someone feel at though hours have gone by when it's only been a few seconds and visa versa, a feather feel like it weighs two hundred pounds, ice feel hot and fire cool. At times, he can blend realities, making the person see one world while simultaneously operating another.

Naturally, the larger the image he's projecting, the more draining it is. The same goes for how many people are actually involved. Augustus has found that his limit is around a small crowd of twenty people for a small projection. Then there are ways not to be sucked up into his projections, having an anchor is normally helpful. An anchor in this situation would be a person or thing that keeps a person connected to the real reality. While he can make his projections feel real, doesn't mean they are. Augustus can make it feel as though a person's arm is broken, but in reality the person is perfectly healthy. His projections don't stand if he's not there holding them up. In other words, he has to be actively present for the projections to be effective, not distracted, not dozing off or even sleepy. His power requires that he be stable, if he lets his emotions take rein, it could end up a nightmare. His positive emotions seem to make the projection more vivid but if he loses control, they can take a wild turn. His negative emotions turn the projection dark and scary, the image of a puppy turning into a demon dog hungry for flesh. That and when his emotions overflow, his imagination tends to do the same, and he starts to leak projections.

When he attended Eltz, he was in the Mutige House.


Augustus likes to be described as handsome, it's a boost to his ego that he always appreciates. When he attended Eltz Academy, his hair was almost always cropped down in a short, choppy style that he'd cut himself, never wanting to bother with styling long hair. Now he does quite like his longer, softer, brown hair, though seldom bothering to style it, most of the time just pushing his locks back with his hands. He doesn't like his hair falling into his eyes, seeing them as his best feature, that and he doesn't need the distraction of hair in his face while trying to project. August's eyes are a deep blue-green, jumping between the colors in different lighting. His eyes are what normally convey his true feelings, whether he is trying to hide his laughter or his feeling of murder, his eyes are what usually give him away. On occasion, he wears his glasses, only when absolutely necessary, seeing as the thought of needing glasses to see makes him feel old. It isn't uncommon for him to have some stubble, rarely feeling the need to be clean shaven. His lips are often upturned into a smile, or at the very least a smirk. He stands at around 6'0", his build fitting his height well, not quite bulky, but more a lean build, having gone through a nice grown spurt since his Eltz days. Augustus is known to wear more formal clothing, especially when teaching. He finds it helps him feel more polished when he wears a fitted suit, or even just a dress shirt and pants. His demeanor is normally all smiles and laughter so as to make everyone feel welcome to approach him, no matter the situation. There are times when he becomes absorbed in his thoughts, not bothering to put on his usual smile, just staring at nothing.

Special Marks
August doesn't care for tattoos or piercings or anything of the like, not having any particular markings on him.

He works as a teacher at Eltz Academy, his class focuses on gaining mental control over the users power.


-His own imagination
-The Ocean
-Classic Movies
-Formal wear
-Teaching at Eltz
-Learning of other people's powers

-When people see right through him/ his projections
-Action Movies
-His power
-Getting emotional
-Learning about people/ new things
-People immune to his projections

-Loosing control of his own thoughts
-Becoming insane
-Being unable to help his students

Augustus' whole family has feared and essentially disowned him once they found out about his power. He has no family to go back to now.

Augustus is always very conscience about his image, especially while teaching. He knows that students will just mess with a teacher if they don't respect him, because he was one of those students. He used his power to mess with teachers and sometimes even other students. There were times when he used it to get out of class, though he was always eventually caught. Fortunately, he's grown out of his rebellious state of misusing his power. August tries to come off as a content person, always smiling and being friendly so he can seem approachable. Augustus has always been unusually mentally strong since he was a child. He's had to be considering it takes a strong mind to control what thoughts are projected. He isn't one to openly share his emotions if only for the explicit reason of keeping everything under absolute control. Augustus has always appreciated those who are fascinated by his power, and he finds that children are the most fascinated. Admittedly, he has a rather large ego that started growing once he discovered his power and found that people actually liked it. He was saddened by those people who were afraid of his power but also found it motivational to strive to control his power. Because of his ego, Augustus hates to be reminded that he is older than those he surrounds himself with by being a teacher. His mind always kept him young, or more so childish, mainly because of the strong imagination that drives his power. Augustus dislikes learning about new things, finding the less he knows about anything or anyone, the less he can use to project people's fears.


Augustus has always been an imaginative person, ever since he was a little boy. The Lawrence family were of high class, the parents always traveling and working and attending parties. Augustus and his siblings were practically raised by a nanny, Katrina Carter. August played by himself most the time, the other kids in his class ignoring him and his siblings never really wanting to bother playing with him. His power first started with very vivid dreams, where he would paint the very sky and travel to places he'd only seen in pictures. When he woke up he was in the same place he had dreamt of and the picture he painted was still in the sky. But soon it would disappear. While he was playing alone, he'd imagine sunny days in the cold climate of England, and fantastical worlds he'd make up, at first only believing it was his own imagination, but his classmates saw it too. August became rather popular with his class, soon drawing more attention to his power. It was all harmless at first, flowers, animals, scenery. His power was slowly building, and he was learning new tricks to keep his fans entertained. He had already learned how to make his projections interact with the people he used it on by the age of thirteen. He'd just learned how to bend the laws of physics to his will when his siblings had found out. Before, he had only shared his power with his classmates, and no matter who they told it was written off as an over active imagination.

His siblings had heard the rumors about Augustus, also choosing to believe that it was just children's wild imaginations. His siblings were practically adults when he was thirteen, making fun of him as if they were his peers, his older brother even going as far as pushing him to the ground, telling the boy to conjure up something magical just for him. August reluctantly obliged, putting together one of his usual scenes. The room was transformed to a segment of the Amazon forest, a few usually harmless animals roaming about. But he was feeling fearful and angry, his projection turning bad quickly. A boa constrictor had begun crawling up his brother, squeezing him tightly. A tall tree fell on his sister's legs, crushing them, the two siblings were screaming out of pure terror, for what seemed like hours. The neighbors came over and called the police, able to hear the screams from their home. The nanny rushed in to the room, stumbling into the Amazon, yelling mainly out of shock. Augustus was startled out of the projection when Katrina took him by the shoulders, shaking him and yelling at him to tell her what happened.

August was shocked, by the time his parents arrived to the now crime scene, he was watching his siblings stare off blankly, only ever glancing over to their little brother. His siblings had kept quiet when the police started asking them questions, but Katrina had raved on and on, insisting on what she saw. She'd been put into an insane asylum. Later his parents began asking what had happened, demanding answers. Augustus' sister began spilling everything, naturally his parent's thought she'd gone mad, but his brother backed her up, insisting that August told them the truth. When he began advancing on Augustus, the boy put his hands up as defense, only hearing a scream before looking up. The lights in the room seemed to vanish and they were in a trench, underwater, dark, but enough light to see the terrifying creatures that lurked, surrounding the family that began to fall under the weight of the water. Augustus didn't know what to do, unable to control the power, so he ran. He wandered around a nearby empty lot, angry beasts following him around until he took the time to calm himself down. When he got home his parents wouldn't look at him and his siblings stayed as far away from him as possible. After a few weeks of being ignored by his family, he recived a letter in the mail, inviting him to Eltz Academy. His parents took one look at the letter and agreed to send him off.

Augustus was grateful to be at the Academy, able to be around those who could help him. He was able to learn control at the school, at first being very conservative in when he used his power. But he found that holding in his power was hard on his mind. His imagination was toxic to him when he held it in, driving him close to insane. When he was out of his mind it was near impossible to control his power. August had learned that it was better for him to periodically let off some of his power in projections, leading him to use his power in school almost everyday. Once he graduated from Eltz, he took a year to travel to a few places. He went home once, his parents slamming the door in his face, warning him to never come near them again or they'd file a restraining order. He had the same result when trying to visit his siblings. August came back to teach at Eltz, finding it was his only home.

Phillip Lawrence||Father||56
Marie Lawrence||Mother||51
Elliot Lawrence||Brother||32
Louise Lawrence||Sister||29
Katrina Carter||Nanny||68

Augustus is allergic to cats and isn't really fond of animals at all.

Theme Song
Fear by Blue October

Anything Else
Augustus isn't a very lenient teacher when it comes to people who goof off, the punishment usually being a lengthy essay. He often incorporates his projections into the lesson plans, finding that challenging environments make for better mental testing grounds. Because of this his final exams are known for being rather strenuous on the mind, making it absolutely necessary for his students to know what they are doing.

((My favorite flavor of ice cream is strawberry))

So begins...

Augustus Lawrence's Story

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#, as written by Geekly

August didn't care much for grading, and he dreaded the thought of reading. Which is why he never understood what possessed him to start dealing out essays as punishments.

This week his students seemed to be rather rebellious, some had been talking during his class, others having fallen asleep. A few students from the Mutige house even attempted to pull a prank on him, placing a few thumbtacks on his seat. Supposedly to leak out a few projections out of the teacher. All that had lead to Augustus being up to his eyeballs in papers. He always asked for students to write about their powers, so at the very least he could gain something out of it, but even that interesting topic was hard for him to read about. He could swear that most these kids get into trouble just because they knew he hated actually having to read these essays.

It only took reading another essay before Augustus gave up, sitting back in his chair and stretching out, throwing his glasses onto the messy pile of papers on his desk. He just stared up at the ceiling, zoning out as he often did when alone.

He went to his own little place, somewhere in the ocean. The water felt cool and small waves made him sway from side to side, he could see the coral reef and the colorful fish that inhabited it. As he imagined it, he slowly began to see it before him, the room being transformed to the underwater landscape. If he looked up, he could no longer see the ceiling of the room, rather the top of the water, reflecting light onto the reef. August always enjoyed the ocean, finding the concept of this vast space rather relaxing.

A phone call was all it took for the projection to crash, snapping back to reality. The call was to inform him that he'd be working with a Jimmy Lawson for an hour after class. Not that Augustus minded much, he really did enjoy what he did, and it wasn't like he had much of a social life, he was only ever around students. If need be he'd help students into the night, only wanting they're success in his class. Jimmy was one of the students who struggled with the whole mental control, but just like the other students, August was sure that with some practice, he could get it down someday.

Once he hung up, Augustus was right back into his place in the ocean, the room disappearing behind his projection, enjoying the scene while he was still alone.

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It came and went, the pain.

There were moments where he felt he could go on, and then he would be attacked again. There were layers almost visible of tears on his face. His mind kept replaying the fateful day where he became an only child in his personal Hell. He needed the medicine Headmaster Ryan had given him for the attacks. He always wondered if they were actually helping or if it was a placebo to trick his mind into getting better. Regardless, his mind searched for them. "El, I have to get to my room." He called to her. She was so faithful to him, he could think of anyone that had been at his side for so long. If only she knew how much he cared.

With her help, he returned his sunglasses to his bloodshot eyes and slowly made it out of the room. The brightness attacked him and he had to slam himself against the wall to stable himself before he was brought to his knees. He knew she was worried, and she had a right to be; he'd never had a full-blown attack in front of her, and decided he never would again.

With all the strength he could muster, and a slow twenty minutes, they were inside his dorm room. It was mostly tidy, bookshelves of different proportions on every wall. A movie shelf hung in front of the screen he kept in his bedroom. On the counter, in front of a picture of his two sibings, was the pill bottle. He held it with shaking hands and took a simple pill from it's body. The effects were almost simultaneous; his headache subsided, the brightness dimmed, and he could finally relax from the constant pain of tension. He took Eleanor in a hug, "thank you for helping me, I know it was probably strange and pretty scary." Jimmy murmured with his head nustled on top of hers.

When they parted, he checked his watch. It was ten minutes to Professor Lawrence's class and it took fifteen to get there from his part of the dorms. "Shit," he breathed, taking Eleanor's hand and breaking into a sprint. Hopefully, with the speed they could share, they would get to his class in time. Jimmy didn't want another detention for being late.

Luckily, they both made to the classroom to witness the projection Professor Lawrence was using. It was a beautiful scenery, and Jimmy gasped in awe. But all too soon, the scene melted, and Jimmy felt that familiar tug of someone's power on his mind. Terror coursed through his veins and down his spine; the professor's mind had latched onto Jimmy's own and was starting to project his memories. Before the cell could fully reemerge and thoroughly scare the living shit out of Jimmy, he filled his mind with the hills of Ireland, his laughing family, and the lake he called home. The dank smell left as soon as it entered, and he breathed a sigh of relief. Hopefully, Eleanor was too focused on something else to have noticed the first projection.