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Luna Holzmann

"Once you truly get to know me, will you run away like all of the others ...?" {Minor WIP}

0 · 1,126 views · located in Moselle Valley, Germany

a character in “Eltz Academy”, as played by Kura Ravengade


*NOTE: Luna is green; Vendette is maroon.


Luna Serenity Holzmann
Vendette Verity Holzmann

Little Red, Dopple, Testarossa {a slick, red Ferrari sports car}, Rosebud, Ariel, Candy; "They're just nicknames. At least they aren't insulting ... Like the word Ginger ..."
Cougar, Flame, Robin, Siren, Blaze, Inferno; "Call me a Ginger and you are as good as dead."


Ethnicity and Hometown
Caucasian; Sydney, Australia


Dual Mind, although not exactly a power in itself, is the ability to have two separate, sentient minds, which both have separate abilities. There is the dominant, Luna, and the mind that developed separately after birth, Vendette.
Literary Manipulation
"The user has the ability to manipulate all forms of physical literary objects that are printed, written or drawn (books, comics, magazines etc.), including their physical forms/materials and anything written, printed, illustrated, or drawn in them. In extreme cases the user may have access even to the media that doesn't truly exist, but is only mentioned in other media or imagined to exist."

In simpler terms, it is the ability to animate, rewrite, or bring to reality any written or drawn work. The user is able to:
~ Trap people within books
~ Travel through and between books (meaning they can travel between books written by the same authors, or travel through, say, an Atlas to other continents. In the case of a history book, they may be able to travel back to the time that it was published or written in.)
~ Read in any language (although not speak it, or understand it unless reading it)
~ Remember anything that they have read in their lifetime
~ Summon books
~ Reinforce books so that they may be used as shields
~ Cast spells from spellbooks/books of witchcraft
Although most of the above listed may not apply to the user, or may only be accessible once the user has complete control over their ability, or is immensely strong.

Darkness Manipulation
"User can create, shape and manipulate darkness and shadows. By itself, darkness is mostly used to cloud everything into total darkness, but by accessing a dimension of dark energy it can be channeled to a variety of effects, both as an absence of light and a solid substance: one can also control and manipulate the beings that exist there, create and dispel shields and areas of total darkness, create a variety of constructs and weapons, and teleport one's self through massive distances via shadows."

In simpler terms, the user of this ability is able to:
~ Solidify shadows to create impenetrable, or near-impenetrable walls/shields
~ Create objects from the darkness, such as weapons, and solidify them, that will later disappear on command
~ Transport themselves/others through the darkness to other locations
~ Control one's shadow as though it is alive
~ Can control the beings of the darkness (owls, bats, etc.)
~ Shroud themselves/others in darkness
~ Can see in the night
~ Can use the shadows to hover several inches above ground

In Regards of Dual Mind
x Both are unable to access the powers of the other
x Luna does not remember anything from the time when Vendette rules their body.
x She cannot control when Vendette takes over their body.
x When she experiences an intense emotion, such as anger or sorrow, Vendette will come out as a defense, coping mechanism.
x She often battles for their body with Vendette, without anyone truly knowing about the inner war.
x Will often be overtaken while she is sleeping.
x Often speaks aloud to Vendette without realizing.
x Is the only one that can see her reflection change when Vendette chooses to show herself in mirrors, pools, or any reflective surfaces.

x Vendette is only able to control their body when Luna is unconscious/asleep, very weak, if she asks for help, or if their body is in danger {although Luna is not aware of this}.
x Vendette sometimes battles for use when controlling their body.
x She can only control it for a limited amount of time {Six hours maximum}, and then must rest for the same amount of time that she controlled it for.

Literary Manipulation
x Cannot trap people/objects inside of books
x Cannot travel back in time through history books
x Cannot travel to any part of the world
x Cannot cast spells from spell-books
x Cannot animate from words, but only illustrations. When attempting to animate from words, the result is often deformed.
x Cannot read in all languages.
x Is useless without a book
x Quality and Quantity are key - Is overpowered when in, say, a library, but under-powered when only one book is present; if a book is tattered, the end result of animation may be damaged.

Darkness Manipulation
x Very weak during daytime
x Very weak in the light
x Is unable to form impenetrable shields
x Cannot create shadows from nothing
x Cannot travel others through the shadows
x Cannot summon weapons made of shadows for very long
x Cannot completely solidify weapons of shadows
x Easily overpowered by light (but can also overpower light, depending on which manages to strike first)
x Has become corrupted due to too much exposure to darkness

Freshman in the House of Treu


Height: 5'5"
Weight: 118lbs
Build: Athletic
Hair Color/Length: Barn Red; Chest-Length
Eye Color: Hazel-Green
Skin Color: Peach
Freckles: None

Special Marks
x None

None; Her family supplies her funds, and she is also too young to have one.
She has managed to get a job at a local, hidden café establishment, in which the female waitresses refer to the male customers as 'Master', and the male waiters refer to the female customers as 'Mistress'.

Image Long

x Ballet
x Dance
x Sewing
x Renaissance Era Clothing
x Acting
x Dresses
x The Color Green
x Sweet Food
x Flowers
x Oceans
x Snowboarding
x Skiing
x Modeling

x Dance
x Sexual Contact
x Card Games
x Jokes
x Mischief
x Chess
x Victory
x Deceiving Others
x Nighttime
x Taking Control
x Leading
x Being 'in charge'
x Herself
x Modeling
x Getting Luna into Trouble

x The Dark
x Disrespect
x Loud Noises/Individuals
x Bright Colors
x Sour/Spicy Food
x Laziness/Sitting Still
x The Cold
x Anger
x Shallow/Self-Centered People
x Pain

x Being Deceived
x Losing
x Extreme Heat
x Bright Light
x Being too Active
x Dull Colors
x Little to no Attention on Her
x Sweet/Sugary Food

x Agliophobia ~ The Fear of Pain
x Agoraphobia ~ The Fear of Embarrassment
x Achluophobia ~ The Fear of Darkness.
x The Fear of Losing Control/Herself

x Fears Completely Disappearing/Losing to Luna
x Thanatophobia or Thantophobia ~ The Fear of Death/Dying
x Kakorrhaphiophobia ~ The Fear of Defeat

x Luna is deathly afraid of her powers.
x She is afraid of what will happen once she graduates from high school - where she will go, what life is like, etc.
x She is afraid of what may happen if she cannot control her powers.

x Vendette is secretly afraid of Luna, knowing that if Luna truly wanted to right now, she could be rid of her, and she would no longer exist in the living world.
x She has little self-worth, which is why she often pawns herself off to men {when she is in control of their body}.
x She is addicted to sexual contact.
x She fell in love with a boy through Luna's eyes, but has never had the chance to speak to him.


Image Long
Image Long


Her family is a large and close-knit one, and due to her being the only girl, she is extremely spoiled.
Timothy Atwater Holzmann ~ {Father} - 41
Evangeline Jessica Hartz Holzmann ~ {Mother} - 43
Thomas Nixon Holzmann ~ {Elder Brother} - 19
Vander Rainim Holzmann ~ {Elder Brother} - 17
Strom Starniz Holzmann ~ {Elder Brother} - 16
Luna Serenity Holzmann ~ {Herself} (Born with brown hair; later dyed it red) 15
Lyric Null Holzmann ~ {Triplet Brother} - 15
Vendette Celestial Holzmann ~ {Triplet Sister} (Born with Red hair) - Deceased at age 8
Johnathon Allifont Holzmann ~ {Younger Brother} - 14
Evan Lux Holzmann ~ {Younger Brother} - 10

A kitten that she adopted off of the street, which she later named Seraphine
A baby cougar that she adopted from a small subcontinent due to it being motherless, which she later named Chinx

Theme Song{s}
All Around Me | Flyleaf
On my Own | Les Miserable

Anything Else
x Luna is allergic to peanuts.
x She's maintained a solid 4.0GPA in school since Elementary School, and takes all of her after school activities very seriously (such as dance and ballet).

x Vendette is allergic to peanuts.
x She doesn't care about school.


So begins...

Luna Holzmann's Story

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My birthday is tomorrow ... That's almost ... Sad. Eighteen years on this dreadful planet and I have yet to accomplish anything in life.

The porcelain-colored hand paused mid-comb. The brush clung to the golden locks as it was slowly pulled away, the hair falling gently back into waves around her neck, her hand dropping to the vanity before her. For a moment, all that Scar could see was the icy-blue of her eyes, chilling to the look but warm if one gazed long enough into them.

Why her? Why had she been chosen to live a damnable life such as her own? No family to call her own, and the only families that she had ever known had either not wanted her, or shown her only pain and sorrow. Why had God-

Stop that!

Scarlett snapped out of her moment of mental thoughts of misery, reminding herself that wondering such things could only bring two results: Sorrow and depression. Both of which, mind you, were not pleasant to experience.

Pasting a smile on her face, she pressed her index fingers into her two dimples.

"Besides, today is a happy one! The freshmen will be arriving any moment, and I am perfectly prepared in my first year of being the Head Girl!"

For a split second, her smile wobbled, as doubts clouded her mind.

What if she wasn't good enough? What if she failed as the Head Girl, and on her first day no less? What if the freshmen didn't like her? What if-

"Oh, stop worrying, Scar! One, it will give you wrinkles that you won't be able to get rid of. And two, all those are are a bunch of 'what if's'. Anyone can wonder 'what if', but it's the successful people who wonder, 'why not?', remember?"

Her inner argument settled and her doubts quelled for at least the time being, she brushed out her gold and purple uniform. A soft yip from her bed brought her attention to the puppy sitting upon it. With a beaming smile, she tip-toe ran to him and plucked him up, spinning him around as she fell backwards onto the bed, kicking one foot into the air.

She made a thoughtful, pouty-face at the dog, who gave her an equally-pouty face in return.

"What do you think, Mr. Teddy-Weddy? Should I stop worrying so much?"

A fat drop of slobber right on her cheek was her answer as the puppy continued to pant from above, a happy grin on his face.

Letting out a laugh, she placed him back on the bed and used a towel sitting on her bedside dresser to wipe away the slobber.

"Yuck, Teddy! Are you trying to ruin my chances of impressing my new freshmen or what?" she teased, rising from the bed. She crossed the room to the large rabbit cage that sat in it, opening the door to it and removing a small fluff of grey, which much resembled that of Thumper from Bambi. She nuzzled noses with it as it made little squeaking sounds of chatter.

"Well, obviously Ms. Sylvie has quite a lot to say today! Don't you, Sylvia?" she joked. She kissed the bunny on it's head for a long moment before replacing it in it's cage, tossing in a few rabbit treats and some carrots as she did so. After ensuring that the door was closed and locked, she stuck her finger between the bars and waggled it slightly. "Now, you behave yourself, understand?"

The rabbit looked at her like she was crazy before returning to it's delicious carrots.

Scarlett turned and placed her hands on her hips, looking down at the small puppy as it rolled across the floor.

"You behave yourself too, Teddy. Understand?"

Her only response was the dog pausing, perking it's ears up at it's name, and then resuming it's rolling. At one point, he stopped and attempted to stand, but only succeeded in stumbling and toppling over his head in the process. Letting out a laugh, Scarlet checked his food and water bowls, tossed a few treats on the floor, and grabbed her backpack, slinging it over her shoulder in the same movement.

"I'll come by during lunch to check on you guys. Right now, I need to go and make sure that old arse weed is out of bed," she giggled, knowing that if Andrei heard that, he wouldn't understand what she had said, but would still understand that it was an insult - and a mighty one at that!

Locking her door behind her, she slipped the necklace that held her key back around her neck, freed her hair from the chain that held it, and started down the hall. She called gentle greetings to those who crossed her path, nodding her head and letting out a cheery 'Top of the mornin' to ya', laddie!' or 'Top of the mornin' to ya', lassie!'. Needless to say, she was nearly breathless by the time she neared Mutige House, having worn herself out of good mornings.

Slipping inside, she smiled at a couple of Sophomores lounging in the entrance to the House, who waved in reply. Scarlett easily made her way up the stairs to the floors that actually held the rooms, and after winding her way through the stairs and passing by several closed - and open - doors, she had seen enough of the male body to satisfy her for a life-time.

Stopping before Andrei's door, she lightly rapped on the wood just below the number bestowed upon it, avoiding the parts of the door that he had decorated himself, and stepped back to wait.

It was no surprise that after about a minute of standing there, there was no response.

Heaving a sigh, Scarlett reached between her breasts and removed a key from the same necklace that held hers. Not bothering to remove the entire chain from her neck, she instead leaned over, placed the key in the lock, and promptly threw open the door.

"Rise and shine, ye plonker!" she practically sang, moving over to the only window in the room and throwing open his curtains. Light instantly showered the messy establishment he called his living quarter's, but without allowing that to dampen her mood, she lithely navigated the travesty he called a room until she was beside his bed.

Leaning over him, she grabbed the edge of his comforter and yanked it clear off of his half-naked body, tossing the blanket to the ground.

"Time to get up, Andrei! If you don't, you'll be late for greeting the new students! And you know how the Headmaster will react if you're late for greeting the new students," she warned, winking down at him.

She paused, however, and took a moment to truly study his body. Of course she had seen it before, seeing as they had been friends for around four years now - trips to the beach often showed more body to people. Plus, she had been waking him up almost every school day since their freshman year. Yes, he had always been this lazy.

But still, the body that laid before her was definitely a delicious one, and for the time-being she allowed herself to get an eyeful.

He was definitely something that she wouldn't mind having on a silver platter as dessert.

Musing over this, she leaned down to poke his side, using her free hand to brush back a stray lock of her and tuck it behind her ear as she did so.

"Honestly, Andrei; why a grown man can't even get himself out of bed is beyond me. You can just be so lazy at times ..." She heaved a sigh.



What do you think, Vendette?

What do I think? It's dreary, old, and ugly. I don't like it. Let's go home.

You know that that's not an option, Ven.

Sure it is. Just have the driver turn the damn car around and go back to the airport. The ticket was one-way, but Mother and Father gave you more than enough money to pay for another ticket.

I'm not going back to that place. At least, not until I have my power under control ... And you.

Don't you see, Luna? You'll never have me 'under control'. I'll always be here. Watching you ... Waiting for the perfect opportunity to take control. You may be in charge right now, but very soon it will be my turn, sister dear.

Go away, Vendette. Leave me alone!

After that, only silence filled Luna's mind, leaving her to herself and her own thoughts. The driver was a middle-aged man with a cold expression hidden only slightly by sunglasses, which eliminated any chance of beginning a conversation with him. Instead, she turned and chose to gaze out of the window of the limousine, thinking back to the goodbyes from a day before.


"I'll miss you, Luna!"

The wailing little boy before her was none other then Evan, her seven-year-old brother, who clung to her side with tears dripping down his face. Her other brothers - five more in total - stood around her in a circle along with her parents, and while Evan and her mother both were crying, her father and the rest of her brothers stood awkwardly around the three, unsure of how to convey their emotions in that moment.

Her brother drew her in, practically clinging to her.

"Oh, my poor baby is going through so much ... I'm going to miss you so much, dear! Get better soon!"

As far as her family was concerned, she was going to a school for 'special' teenagers. To explain it in simpler terms, it was thought to be a school for 'disturbed' teenagers like herself, those with 'mental disorders'.

Her eldest brother, Thomas, moved over and wrapped his arm around her shoulders, giving her a light squeeze. "Have fun, 'sis. We'll miss you, but it's for your own good," he said softly, removing his arm.

Vander and Strom moved over, body slamming her between them, yet gently enough not to actually hurt her. She let out a laugh and rubbed her shoulders, punching them both in their upper arms.

"Come home soon, Luna."

"Yeah, it'll be quiet in this house without your big mouth yelling at us to pick up our stuff," Strom teased. She stuck her tongue out at him, before spinning and throwing her arm around Johnathon, who had been making a move to tackle her. She caught him in a vise-lock around the neck, laughing.

"Do you give? Do you give!"

"I give, I give!" he grunted. Luna released him and he took in a few deep breaths before laughing.

"At least we don't have to worry about anyone messing with her," he joked, causing Evan to giggle. Her brothers made their ways back to what they had previously been doing, and after another long hug from her mother, she too disappeared, undoubtedly to file paperwork.

Which left her alone with her father. For a moment, they both awkwardly looked around the room. Since the letter arrived and she had chosen to accept a week before, it had been different between them. No longer did they watch bad movies together while they ate unnaturally buttered popcorn; nor did they make ships in a bottle, or cook together. Instead, she had barely seen her father, who had been completely absorbed in his work. She had chosen to focus on her ballet and modeling, realizing that he wouldn't accept any offers from her in regards to them spending time together.

After several moments of uncomfortable silence, he moved forward and gently hugged her.

"Get better, Luna. I'll miss you ..."

After a second, her arms lifted and wrapped around him in return, tears threatening to spring to her eyes.

"I'll miss you too, daddy ..."


Stepping from the limousine, sunglasses guarding her eyes from the harsh suddenness of the sunlight, she hoisted her duffle-bag over her shoulder, grabbed her two suitcases, all of her books, sewing equipment, Fencing Equipment, Ballet and Dance equipment, and Playbooks having already been delivered to the Academy, and started up to the front of the Academy.

Once inside, it took her mere moments to find the place in which she would check-in for registration.

Approaching the desk, Luna released her suitcases standing up, and leaned over the counter to look down at the small woman before her.

"Excuse me, ma'am," she said softly, the word 'ma'am' sounding more closely to that of 'mum' as she spoke. The woman looked up and over her glasses, keeping her book open as she did so. Luna cleared her throat and shifted a bit nervously before continuing. "I'm here to register ..."

After a moment, the woman placed the book open, pages-down on her desk, before turning and rifling through a drawer of papers.

"Island of the Lost Girls, by Jennifer McMahon. 272 pages, published on April 22nd, 2008. Published by William Morrow Paperbacks in the United States of American, one edition. Main character is a middle-aged woman named Rhonda, and the author was born and raised in suburban Connecticut. She studied at Goddard College and graduated with a Bachelor's in 1991 before studying poetry for a year in the MFA in a Writing Program at Vermont College. After bouncing around the country, she ended up back in Vermont, living in a cabin with no electricity, running water, or phone. With her partner, Drea, she built her own house, and later gave birth to a daughter named Zella, in 2004. Over the years, she has been a house painter, farm worker, paste-up artist, Easter Bunny, pizza delivery person, homeless shelter staff member, and counselor for adults and kids with mental illness. She did, however, quit her last official job in 2000 to work on writing full time. Since then, they have been living in an old Victorian in Montpelier, Vermont."

When Luna blinked, the woman was staring at her over her glasses, holding the papers out to her expectantly. For a moment, she simply stared at her. Finally, she accepted and stepped back from the desk, turning to face the large entrance to the castle of an Academy.

She had been told that there were Head Students that would be there to meet the freshmen, but obviously said students weren't really taking their jobs too seriously, for there wasn't one in sight. Instead, the box that the woman had set on the counter of her desk which held her new uniforms - gold and purple in color - was the only hint at what 'House' she was. Unsure of what exactly to do, and missing her kitten and baby cougar terribly, she moved over to a nearby couch, dropping down onto it with her bags and box at her feet as she studied her schedule, rules, and other miscellaneous information that the woman had handed her. She crossed one leg daintily over the other, tossed her hair down her back, and sighed.

((OOC NOTE: In regards to the Scarlett/Andrei post, it was preplanned and is not considered to be God-modding))

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"But would I deny you chance to come into my room and gain an eyeful."

Out of nowhere her hand was grabbed and promptly yanked upon. She was tugged onto the bed beside him and easily pulled back and against his chest. He squeezed her, and as soon as his naked chest touched her back, her breath hitched. Her heart skipped a beat, causing her to inhale sharply and an instant warmth to fill her cheeks.

Why his mere touch made her feel like this was beyond her. The guy was a total tool - all he did was use girls for sex and popularity. Yes, he was a good friend to have. But he was a curse to develop feelings for.

When he finally released her and climbed from the bed, she was instantly on her feet, patting her cheeks in an attempt to rid them of the blush that had risen high in the bones there. Her back was to him, so when he spoke, she turned to survey his appearance.

"So you think the Headmaster wouldn't mind if I greeted the new students in a pair of shorts and and tank top? Not that you would complain. Come to think about I think only the headmaster might complain."

Sticking her tongue out at him, Scar rolled her eyes. "Presentable?" She slowly looked him up and down, and taking it to the extreme, she began to walk in a circle around him. Finally, she stopped in front of him and reached up.

"You need to learn to tie a tie correctly," she teased, undoing the tie and easily looping it around into a perfect one. Like she did every morning. Oh yes, she has tried for years to teach him how to tie one, but he seemed determined not to learn. Instead, she'd taken it upon herself long before to tie it for him every morning.

Patting the tie down against his chest, she sighed. "I have no idea what you'll do without me after this year, but I hope you'll find some way to survive," she joked, grabbing her bag from the floor and starting for the door. "Come on, we have students to greet and help. I'll come by after classes to help you clean your room. And I'm serious when I say help. I'm not doing it on my own. You will participate," she said threateningly, stepping into the hall.



"Excuse me, but are you Luna Holzmann?"

Luna looked up and in the direction of the female voice. There stood a young girl, who could be no older than herself, with large glasses and a mouse-like face. She used her index finger to push up her glasses, adjusting her hold on her books in the same motion. Squirming nervously, her eyes darted side-to-side, as though she were looking for some unknown predator just waiting to pounce.

After a moment, Luna rose and extended a hand to the girl.

"Yes, I am. And you are?"

The girl bit her lip, looking at the hand as though it were waiting for the perfect moment to bite her. Luna slowly retracted it, allowing it to drop to her side, and the girl relaxed a bit.

"I-I'm Jezabel. I was sent to take you to our room, since ... Since we share one," she stammered out. The girl obviously had a stuttering problem - either that, or she just had a very severe nervous disorder. Nonetheless, Luna offered her a reassuring smile.

"Thank you. I could really use the help. I've been a bit lost since I was given my things, mate," she said cheerily, returning to her bags and grabbing her suitcases. Jezabel moved over and hefted up the box with Luna's uniforms, adjusted her grip on it, and started briskly away, leaving Luna to hurry to keep up with the fast-paced girl.

When they reached their room, there were already two other girls in the entrance sitting room, lounging back on the couch and watching some movie on the TV. They barely spared a glance up at the two girls, and Jezabel seemed to move even more quickly to the room that would be Luna's. Walking a bit more slowly through the room, she nodded at the two girls as they finally looked up, and continued on to hers. Jezabel had already hung up her uniforms for her, and her other things had already been delivered and were all sitting on top of the bed.

"Your stuff got here yesterday."

Luna nodded, propping her suitcases beside her bed and slowly looking around the small room that would be her home for the next four years or so. It was smaller than her one back home - no surprise there, since she had a huge room in Australia - but it would do.

Jezabel shifted uncomfortably near the door, rubbing her arm absently. Luna offered her a smile.

"Thank you for the help, but I should be alright now."

"Are you sure? Because the Academy is really big and can get kind of confusing sometimes ..."

"Oh, that's fine. I won't get lost, trust me," she said reassuringly.

Once Jezabel had left, Luna changed into one of her new uniforms. She freed her hair from the shirt, adjusted the sleeves, and did a once-over in the mirror. Satisfied with her appearance, she shoved her key into the pocket of her skirt, slipped on her black shoes, and made her way from the room, history book tucked firmly under arm.

It didn't take her long to find the cafeteria, which seemed like the popular choice for the students at that time. It did take her a while to get through the line and buy her poppy-seed muffin, orange juice, and blueberry bagel, but once through, she paused.

Surveying the room, she frowned. Not knowing anyone made it difficult to find a place to sit at, seeing as there weren't many open places for just one. After some searching, however, she found a spot on a windowsill near the back of the cafeteria - the perfect place to read and eat. It let in the right amount of sunlight and gave the correct amount of space on the sill.

Winding her way through the slightly-crowded room, she hopped up and onto the sill. Turning her back to the wall, and drew up her knees, propped her book open on her legs, and munched on her muffin as she read.

Do you really think that you'll be able to fit in here?

Ignoring Vendette, Luna turned a page.

You know that you can't ignore me. I'll just continue to bother you until you respond in some way.

It isn't even worth trying, you know. They'll never accept you, because they'll never understand. They need to accept us in order for them to even consider being your friend, and we both know that they'll never accept me. I'm too 'unpredictable'. Too 'volatile'.

Don't you see, Luna? They'll never understand you. They'll never understand that it's me doing all of the things that I have planned.

Stop talking, Vendette ...

Why? Because you know that I'm right? You can't silence and stop the truth, Luna. You just need to accept your fate as a friendless loser.

I said, shut up ...

No. Because you know that I'm right and I just love to be right. You have no future with anyone else - because I'll always be here. Stopping you from being happy.

"I said, shut up!" she growled, snapping her book fiercely shut. A couple of students nearby looked in her direction, puzzled expressions on their faces. Clenching her jaw, she reopened her book, nestling further into the corner of the windowsill in an effort to ignore the whispers from that table that ensued.

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#, as written by Agent

"We could wander around and get lost or I could take a nice nap and leave you behind. But i'm not rude so...we can wander or eat some more. I up for anything at the moment."

Alice pushed her seat back a little and stretched her arms above her head with a bit of a groan as she loosened the slight stiffness in her back. "If you're tired don't let me keep you. I'm not hungry any more." A nap for herself wasn't a bad idea, but unless she found a couch or something it would require actually making her bed and that seemed more effort than it was worth right now. Besides, she ought to be social on her first day at least, she had all semester to hole up in her room sleeping.

"However," Alice continued "Wandering doesn't sound too bad if you are up for it. What shall it be? Explore the castle, head down to the village, or go back to the office and see what other students have arrived? Up to you, I'm easy."

She put her hands behind her head and looked around the hall, catching sight of a trio gathering near one of the windows; a girl/boy couple approaching another student. A pitying smile graced Alice's lips as she watched the girl extract her hand from her partner's.

"We could even wander over there and interrupt that awkward little interaction," she nodded towards the trio, "Introduce ourselves, relieve tension, and what-not." She shrugged.