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Tiffany Lier

"I didn't ask for your opinion."

0 · 515 views · located in Moselle Valley, Germany

a character in “Eltz Academy”, originally authored by Miss_Dreamer, as played by RolePlayGateway




Tiffany Lier

Tiff or Lee. Prefers Tiff


Ethnicity and Hometown
25% Hispanic, 25% European, 50% African American
She lived in the United States


Pheromone Manipulation: The user has complete control over the pheromones, a secreted or excreted chemical factor that triggers a social response in members of the same species, of oneself and others, including releasing pheromones that induce attraction between subjects (or within a subject for oneself), to exuding pheromones strong enough to induce sleep, change emotions and draw crowds.

In simpler terms. She can change the way a person feels about themselves or about another person. It isn't emotion it is the way some perceives something else. If she was strong enough, she can make people fall asleep(making them feel tired), adjust emotion(happy, sad, angry, etc..) or compel people to gather in one spot.

-Only works on males because she is female
-Has to touch the person
-And she can only do drastic changes. Making them feel really good or making them feel depressed
-Manipulating dreams takes longer and wears her out.
-She can manipulate her own however she feels. The limitations are only when done to others.

Head Girl in Mutige House


The first thing that people notice about Tiffany Lier is her hair. It goes through drastic changes depending on how she feels that day. The most common one is when it's in the mini free flow afro. It has the body of an afro, but can be manipulate like it was straight. Her hair has a lot to do with her mixed ethnicity. Just like her skin color. Which is the second thing that people noticed. It is a light caramel color that can't be explained. She should be a lot lighter, but the Spanish genes kicked in.

Her chocolate brown eye come form her mom, but the size of her eyes come from her eyes come from her dad. They are pretty big, but it fits well on her face. Her lips and nose are average size that compliment the size of her eyes. Her body is petite, but she is strong. There is not much in the front or the back, but she still walks around confident in her body. Her outfits also make up for what she is lacking.

For what you can't see, Tiffany is a stunning 5'3" and weighs around 102lbs. Despite her height, she isn't a girl people tend to mess with. Her powers may not work on everyone, but she can still hurt a person. Her typical outfit varies on mood, but she is usually wearing the uniform during school. Overall, Tiffany may not be the prettiest girl in the school, but she will walk around like she is.

Special Marks
No Birthmarks
Piercings up the ear Like this
Belly Piercing Like this

Can't keep a job because of her excessive lying.

Chocolate|Coffee|Boys|Being Head Girl|Messing with people|Lying|Her Name|Her Abilities|The Sun|Shopping|Painting Nails|Playing with hair|Talking|Laughing

Anything Bitter|Tea|Cocky People|Cheaters|Stealing|Being Alone|Idiots/Arrogance/Ignorance|Alcohol|Drugs|Strawberries|Bad Hair Days|Overprotective People

Fears Being Alone
Fears Losing Ability
Fears Parents finding her

Ran away from her parents and they have been looking for her, for years.


Tiffany is an evil bitch, but it wasn't all her fault. She was molded that way, but that is besides the point.. Ever since she has figured out the difference between good and bad she has decided that being bad was the way to go. Her manipulative nature and lying tone always gets her what she wants. Hard work was never something that she needed or plans to do. She doesn't consider the feelings of others unless they are her close friends. Other than that, she could careless about what other people think about her.

Despite her bitchy nature toward most people, her friends know how compassionate she can be. Sometimes Tiffany does put others first, but it is hardly unlikely. Also when Tiff sets her mind to something or makes a promise, it gets done. Although lying and manipulating may be the way she does it, it gets done. Promises are sacred to her and she doesn't plan on breaking them, no matter who the promise is too. People have taken advantage of this and she has down some terrible things. Sometimes she can't believe she is head girl.

If it wasn't obvious, Tiffany Lier is a compulsive liar. There is no way to tell if she is telling the truth or messing around. There have been times when she convinced herself something was true when it clearly wasn't. It doesn't help when her abilities tend to manipulate her when they feel. But no matter. There are good qualities that Tiffany possesses as well, its just no one has lasted long enough to discover them.

She is funny and fun to be around. Nothing she does is boring, unless she is alone. Pranking someone or confusing someone is always on her list of fun things to do. Shopping is something she likes doing. It may not seem like it, but she is a girly girl who knows her accessories. She dresses up in different ways and doesn't have one style. Tiffany also know when it is time to be serious. She may be joking and laughing all the time, but she can pull herself together. But most people know her as Miss Awkward. Not because she is awkward. It is because she makes other people feel that way. She will run up to someone, introduce herself and start babbling asking and answering questions about the person they just met. It makes her happy, but not other people. But it's not as if Tiffany cares.


Tiffany was born a bastard child and given her father's last name. On a drunken night her parents got together at a mutual friends' party and had sex. It was something that she never wanted to know so details will not be provided. She grew up in a broken home. She lived in poverty and her mother would get drunk and bring home various men. Often her father would walk in and claim to still be in charge of the house hold. Then there would be a giant fight before he would get angry and leave.

Despite the house she lived in, she was the bell of the ball at school. Ms. Popular and loved or hated by everyone. She always makes herself known. Even if they don't know her personally, her name travels around. As she grew up she just got more popular and more of a bitch. The way her mom would talk to her, she would talk to other people. They way her mother would talk to guys is the way she would talk to them. She had been a virgin up until her first year in high school and that is when she realized when she had abilities.

She was invited to a party, as usual, and the guy she liked convinced her to go upstairs with her. He said nice things calling her beautiful, made her feel nice and all that other stuff. Don't under estimate Tiffany. She is believes that she is the hottest thing on earth and she couldn't believe this guy was saying this like she didn't know. What set it off was that she wanted to do this. He wasn't forcing her or anything. As they it was going on he was going through a range of emotions and feelings toward her. He started out loving and caring, but then he would shift to rough and angry. Then he went to depressed and insisted on stopping. It wasn't until she took her hands off of him that everything seemed to go back to normal.

From then on she has tried to channel what she could do. When she did it to her dad he got really angry with her. He threatened her life and chased her about the house. That night she got a letter from the academy and she ran away. Ever since then she has heard her mother has been looking for her, but she doesn't want to be found. And she fears that when she is, they will force her to go back home.

Theresa Lier~Mother/45
Thomas Lier~Father/46

No Pets

Theme Song
Bad - Wale ft Rhianna
Anything Else

So begins...

Tiffany Lier's Story

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What to do? What to do? Tiffany thought as she was getting ready for her day. She adjusted the uniform before messing with her hair. When she reached the state of perfection she gathered her things and left her room. So many people were already walking about and heading to breakfast or going to wake up others. It was her job to greet freshman, but she didn't want to. Of anything she wanted to mess with their heads, but that would have to wait until later. She didn't see Andrei anywhere and it made her shake her head. As head boy he should have been up as well. But they were both late.

Skipping down the hall she was still trying to find someone to talk to or hang out with. Of course everyone she was thinking of was either currently busy or she didn't like them enough to greet them. She could always just head to the cafeteria and see what the day brings her. What is Astrid doing? she thought. Sometimes Tiffany didn't see why she hung out with Annabelle, but she didn't question it. It was something she would just never understand.

Finally she made it to the cafeteria and many people were walking in and out of it. Standing in the long line she looked around for someone to talk to. On instant her eyes locked on the maroon beenie. Lucy... she thought. She hated her and there she was with yet another male. Tiffany could swear on her life that she was sleeping with them. But they weren't really talking. Just sitting there. Eating. She just shook her head and moved up in the line. Grabbing a cup of coffee and a bagel, she walked over to the table closet to the window.

This is how she planned her tricks. Of course Astrid is usually with her when she does, but she will just have to inform her on it later.

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Astrid watched with a blank stare as Kian paid for the check and they made their way out of the restaurant.

"Uh, Ki, I had a really good time, but I think we should head back." Astrid had never felt like this before; she was very uncomfortable and it made her want to melt into the ground.

It wasn't Kian, in fact, his arm around her made her stomach do somersaults. She led him back to the car, all she wanted to do was get into class so that she could get to Headmaster Ryan before independent study; he was the only one she could trust with the information. But he was probably busy, and she believed not thinking about it would help.

She drove quickly and mostly in silence. It was the only thing her ego would let her do. Once they were parked, Astrid bit her lip. "I'll see you later, Ki," She smiled, planting a quick kiss on his cheek, and hopped out her car. She whipped out her cell phone and found the one person that could get her mind off of things: Andrei.

To: Andy Stepanov
From: Star

Hey Andy, it's Star. You busy tonight? I still have some vodka left from last time.

Astrid turned on her heel and walked inside the school. It took her a few seconds to actually walk past Headmaster's office and into the cafeteria to find Tiffany. She found her in the tricking corner, where she was almost always at. "What are you planning, Tiff?" Astrid asked as she walked up next to the girl, hands crossed in front of her chest with a smirk.

Tiff was the girl Astrid went to when she wanted to get into a little trouble, and lately, since Annabelle and Robert had been spending a lot more time together, Astrid had been doing the same with Tiff and Kian.

Astrid joined her on the windowsill. "Tiff, if you had the choice between someone you really like and someone you have sex with, who would you choose?" Usually this was something she would do with Annabelle, considering she was more sensitive and knowing of romance; however, Annabelle was with Robert at the moment and she couldn't exactly own up to her feelings for Kian just yet. For the moment, she wanted to have fun and forget about her problems. That required the help of Tiff and Andrei.

She snapped off a quick text and in a few minutes, a scraggly, skinny kid gave her a skinny vanilla latte. "So, what's the plan, mi amiga?"

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Tiffany let out a sigh as she stared at her notebook. No ideas were coming to her. It was so hard to find a decent prank that won't get her in trouble or killed. This is why she needed Astrid. She was good at coming up with things like that. She could pull a prank on Lucy, Her reaction in the end was always hilarious. But people liked her too much. They would be all over Tiffany. It was a huge mess that she didn't want to deal with at this current time. Annabelle was also fun to prank, but Astrid had a strict no-no on that one as well. Which didn't leave very many choices. When Astrid shows up she could as her.

"What are you planning, Tiff?" Speak of the devil Tiffany thought. She looked up at her friend. There was a devious smirk on her chest that made her very happy. It meant that Astrid was ready to plan a prank. "Nothing! I can't think of anyone decent to prank," Tiffany said shutting the notebook. They have practically pranked everyone and done every prank known to man. Coming up with a new one was going to be hard. Astrid took a spot near the windowsill just as Tiffany has done.

Then a thought came to her head. Freshman. It was always easy to prank the freshman. And they could do small simple things that won't cause too much damage. "Tiff, if you had the choice between someone you really like and someone you have sex with, who would you choose?" Tiffany raised and eyebrow up at Astrid. Where the hell did that question come from? she thought to herself. They didn't really have conversations like this, but Tiffany did have an answer. "Someone I like. The sex would be ten times better." she replied opening the trick not book back up. Now she had an idea of who she wanted to prank.

Some kid came over and gave Astrid a drink and it made her laugh. Astrid practically had the entire school wrapped around her tiny little finger. Except for Tiffany. They always had this mini battle of popularity. Neither of them will follow each other around like little lap dogs. But when they are together, they are force that shouldn't be reckoned with. "So, what's the plan, mi amiga?" her friend asked of her. "We prank all the new freshman. They won't see it coming and it is a great welcoming gift" she said with a smile. "I just don't know what the prank should be."


Jeremiah's attention was still on the other girls. Lucy wasn't jealous, she just wanted to get out of the cafeteria. Of course not being rude, she was going to let Jeremiah talk to the girls as long as he wants. It was a trait that Lucy wish she didn't have. If she was a rude bitch like most everyone already thinks she is, then Jeremiah and her would have already left the cafeteria. A sigh escaped her lips and she looked down at the ground as they spoke. Just then a guy crashed into one of the girls. It was Quinn. Head of her house. They didn't talk much, but it isn't like they would want to talk to each other. They could barely talk to other people. But now there was one girl left that needed to be gone. Just then her phone vibrated. It was from Kyle. Which is strange since Lucy was just thinking about him.

He was inviting her to dinner with him and his brother, Robert. And where Robert goes, Annabelle follows. So it was a dinner of four. Two people, Lucy cared about and one that Lucy won't even give a second thought too. Nothing could possibly go wrong. Except for everything. She sighed and send a reply back. She wasn't going to reject them. They were the closet thing to a 'family' that she could get. She was going to go to this dinner.

Dinner sounds good

The message sent and she pocketed the phone. Her entire day was booked up. Breakfast with Jeremiah. Lunch with Kian. Dinner with Kyle and Robert. Today she was miss popular. Wonder what Tiffany would have to day about that. she thought. She turned her head to look at Tiffany and saw that she was talking to Astrid. Her only friend. They were always plotting something. Many time Tiffany has tried pranking her, but it has ended badly for her. And now Lucy knows what their pranks look like. Turning her head back to Jeremiah she saw that he wasn't moving from his spot. And this other girl was going to continue talking to him. Just then she made eye contact with her other friend. Kian. Finally someone was coming to save her.

She stepped away from Jeremiah and started walking toward him. He was moving toward her as well and they eventually met in the middle. The automaton facade that she put up for the girls had gone away. Her bright green eyes had a bit of happiness and relief filled in it. Her thoughts were coming back in a random fashion and she didn't know how to handle her thoughts moving that fast. But she didn't let that show. She gave her friend a small smile. "Hey" she said simply. "We weren't supposed to meet until lunch," she joked.

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The Russian had taken and scored over thirty shots before he noticed someone watching him. When he was on the field it was as if nothing else existed except him, the ball and the goal.

When Vas' eyes finally left the ball to see who was watching him he was in the middle of a shot and his accuracy suffered harshly. The ball after leaving his foot took a high arc and went wide of the goal. "Shit" he murmured under his breath as he jogged off the field and toward the bleacher where the ball had landed. As he approached the seat the man who had been watching him made his way over.

"Thats quite the leg you got their kid." Man said as he extended his hand.
"Thank you sir" Said Vas as he shook the man's hand firmly with a confused look on his face.
"Well look I don't want to take you way from your practice or anything but we're starting a youth soccer team in town, and I was wondering if you would stop by and show the kids a thing or two. They could learn a lot from someone as talented as you."
The man seemed sincere and slightly desperate
"I..I'd love too" A look of embarrassment on Vas' face was soon over taken by wide grin at the thought of being able to help kids pursue their passion for soccer.
"Great! thank you so much, We start practice today after the kids get out of school and we have it 3 times a week, hope to see you there!" The man walked away dialing a number into his cell phone to make a call as Vas finished collecting the ball which by now had rolled deep underneath the bleacher.

"Well at least i don't have to worry about finding something to do after class" He thought to himself still smiling.

The Russian had worked up quite the thirst during his work out and began to feel slightly dehydrated. So he made his way back inside in search of water and in the hopes of spreading his newly found good mood.

Soon after reentering the school Vas saw what he could only describe as an awkward situation. He noticed a girl was pinned against a wall by boy slightly shorten than himself and although they were close in face they didn't appear to be having a relationship moment, but then again Vas wasn't in the best position to judge so he simply decided to walk past the two with soccer ball in hand and continue on his way.

Once again Vassi found himself in the cafeteria only this time the sea of people was less dense and more people were seated with only and handful standing up. He immediately noticed someone he had seen from earlier, A girl in a red beanie with blonde hair, She seemed much more alive now then she had earlier in the day and he swore to himself that even saw her smile a little as she exited the cafeteria with a boy who was similar in height to himself. As she passed him they exchanged a smile and continued in their different directions.

He continued on his way to the vending machine with his track pants making a "swishing" noise with every step. when he finally reached the machine he stopped in front of it and starred at it with a puzzled look on his face. "Umm how do I get water out of this thing without breaking it" he pondered. It had been three years for him since he had used one of these and he wasn't quite sure what to do. As he looked around he noticed 5 people relatively near him, on one side it was the guy and the girl with the dog he walked past earlier this morning. They seemed to be enjoying each others company so he decide it was best not to bother them. On the other side of him were three girls one sitting by herself reading a book and the other two sitting by a window. Vas decided it would be these two he would ask for help not knowing any better.

"Excuse me could either of you ladies show me how to operate that machine over there" His Russian accent accidentally slipped through as he pointed to the vending machine with an embarrassed smile on his face his.

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The freshman; Astrid smirked.

Freshman were the kids who got her lattes, punching bags turned punchers, and Astrid was all for a little lesson in humility. It was a trait not many Dreist students had. She was already brewing up a scheme that Tiff would be more than happy to put into motion. "Well, orientation is before lunch, and I think they may be a bit hungry, but they'd have to earn it, of course. Now how they will pay the price is up to you, Tiff." Astrid planned, sipping on her favorite latte. Some of the Driest freshman had qualities she liked to see, but she would have to test them all to give them a seal of approval.

As soon as she went to continue, her phone buzzed. It was from Andre, calling her kryptonite. He was right, she hadn't found a single boy that could resist her charms.

To: Dre
From: Star

Call me Kryptonite. See you tonight, 'Dre (;

As her manicured fingers taped away, a Russian-accented boy asked Tiffany and herself for help on the vending machine. Tiff would have been all for flaunting her body as she bent to catch the boy's choice, but Astrid wouldn't give herself the pleasure. "Of course, though I have to ask why you could get it yourself." Astrid sneered, but only in a playful way. She returned with the boy to the machine and tapped away to get him the water he desired. As he went to get it, she scanned him.

This boy wasn't unattractive, though there was the quirkiness of a Ruhig student. "Astrid," she said as she extended her hand. She would have this boy wrapped around her finger before Tiffany could blink. They were always in a mini-competition for popularity, but for her, it was getting people to like her, not getting people to know her. Astrid's biggest pet peeve was having someone dislike or hate her. Once the boy revealed his name to be Vassi, she clicked her nails against her cheek. "I suppose you're new here, considering I've never seen you before. He certainly had a fit body that would bode well during combat class. She fluffed her hair and tried to focus her attention on the boy when she already had a lot on her mind. There was the event from earlier, and the choice between Andre and Kian, which was beginning to figure itself out, so it was hard to focus, especially with a lingering pain in the back of her head.

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"Of course, though I have to ask why you could get it yourself." one of the girls said mockingly, Vas rubbed the back of his neck and chosen to treat the question as rhetorical because he knew the answer would sounds ridiculous. The girl returned with the him to the machine and tapped away to get him the water he desired. "Thunk" the sound of the water bottle exiting the machine brought an even bigger smile to his face. Putting the soccer ball down on the ground Vas quickly opened the bottle taking a quick sip before the girl spoke again.

"Astrid," she said as she extended her hand.
"Vassi, nice to meet you"he responded shaking her hand gently and like a gentleman for such was the way he had been taught.

Vas glanced over the girl taking in her image and noticing all the apparent effort she put into her appearance. He took a mental note of everything, from the makeup and glossed lips on her well proportioned face to the manicured nails on her fingers and took another sip of his water.

"I suppose you're new here, considering I've never seen you before."
Yea, you could say that, you are the second person I've met all day." "Well really third If you count that girl but i still didn't get her name. his thoughts began to focus on Eleanor and noticing this he quickly shifted his focus back to the present.
"Thank you for this by the way, it was really nice of you to help me, I guess I kinda owe you a favor now." he said with a slight laugh as they walked back over to the table from which they came. Vas wasn't one for taking kindness lightly since he hadn't received much of it in his life, and he did his best to repay his debts.

On their way back to to the table Vas saw what appeared to be a micro expression of pain pierce through the girls near perfect facade.
"Is anything bothering you?" he asked instinctually without fully realizing the invasion of privacy he was committing.

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Tiffany love Astrid with to the full extent of whatever she believes about love, but when it came to popularity, they became instant rivals that it was almost funny. A new guy walked back asking them for assistance and it was like Astrid completely forgot that Tiffany was sitting next to her. Plotting the evil things they were going to do to freshman. Tiffany smirked to herself and stood up with the two others.

"Vassi, nice to meet you"

"I'm Tiffany," she attempts to pitch in, but it seems that Astrid has the boy's full attention, so she waits for an opportunity to go in and steal him away. Not that she wanted him. Although he was very cute. A complexion the resembled her own. Pearly whites and tall. All the things Tiffany finds attractive. "I suppose you're new here, considering I've never seen you before." Sounds like flirting, but Tiffany knew Astrid. Astrid just wants her popularity to be known and to do that, she gets people to like her. Yea, you could say that, you are the second person I've met all day." 'Guess that makes me third..' she thinks to herself. But he wasn't paying attention to her. "Thank you for this by the way, it was really nice of you to help me, I guess I kinda owe you a favor now."

Tiffany had to refrain from rolling her eyes. She sat back down at the table pretending as if she never saw the two. She would ge t her chance to speak to him and win the spotlight, but not while Astrid was present. She was way too fast and Tiffany liked to work slow. So she sits there and waits.


Lucy didn't speak for the entire twenty minutes that Kian was talking about the book. She petted the cat that was occupying her lap. This was a regular thing. Kian has a conversation with himself while she keeps the cat company. It was a nice deal. They could be alone without feeling lonely. Lucy liked it and it seemed that Kian did too since he was always initiated that times they would hang out. Eventually he stopped talking, ending his explanation. She processed everything that he was saying and then nodded to signal that she understood everything she said. Which she did.

For a moment they sat in silence as Lucy tried to come up with a response. Talking to Kian wasn't easy. He always had stories to tell and interesting things to say, but when it was Lucy's turn she didn't even come close. Which is another reason why she just listens. Interacting with other people wasn't always her thing. She enjoyed the background. It was comfortable. Easier to cope with. She was able to hide her demons in there. Where no one would try and look for them. 'What was I just thinking about....dang it..' she reprimands to herself. Her runaway thoughts always get the best of her in the worse situation.

She sipped her coffee. Lucy was more of a tea gal, but she enjoyed to occasional cup that she happens to only drink around Kian. "What other interesting things have you done recently?" I offer. Maybe that will spark up another lecture. Or result in her having to give out details of her life. She doesn't do that. Or at least doesn't plan too. Her cellphone goes off and she checks it quickly. It's from Kyle. She starts a message.
To: Kyle
From: Lucy
Sure. And Robert will grow up eventually

The message was sent and I started to compose another. To Robert.
To: Robert
Eat Breakfast.

The message was short. Simple. And gets to the point. No need for a hello. Robert knew me better than that. Finally done with the cellular device, Lucy puts it in her pocket and directs her attention back to Kian.

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With a look of confusion labeled on his face Vas watched as Astrid whispered something into her friends ear and motioned him to follow her. He paused contemplating the choice and decided he had nothing better to do until classes started so he followed here, but not before politely introducing himself to the girl who hadn't had the opportunity to say much. "Im gonna go but my name is Vassi" He paused to receive the girls name with his hand extended "Its nice to have met you Tiffany." he said while gently shaking her hand in the same fashion as he did with the Astrid before.

Vas now picked up his soccer ball and allowed Astrid to lead the way outside into the quad. Her eyes narrowed on him bringing a sense of unease with her glare before opening her mouth to speak. "Something about you is off, darling, but I can't quite decide what. Why don't you tell me?" The question was so broad and would've been impossible to answer with a single response, "Well thats a tough one, I spent 3 years on a desolate and dying planet in an alternate dimension, everyone I love is dead or is ashamed of my existence..." his thoughts continued searching for the most complete and simple answer but as he thought about himself and what others would considered odd about him he noticed a disturbing change in Astrid demeanor. Her eyes became a blank white and Vas felt an energy resonating from her due to his sensitive to atomic particles.

"Umm Astrid is everything alright?" was what he wanted to ask but his mind was flooded by her previous question and it felt as if he couldn't sustain a separate thought until he answered her out loud.
"I spent the last earth year in an alternate dimension on a desolate and hellish planet called Homdale. Homdale revolves around its star 3 times faster than earth revolves around the sun. There the air is thicker the gravity is more intense and alpha predators have wiped out all other inhabitants except plant species. My brother and I were forced to survive being hunted and attacked by these creatures we took to calling Vulcari do to their terrifying resemblance to to the Russian demons of legend, and after three years of this hell my brother and I escaped. He was lost in a dimensional rift, I alone survived and wound up here..."
As Vas spoke it was as if his words forced him to relive his hellish experience. Once he finished he couldn't believe all that had just come out of his mouth and his eyes lowered into a hateful stare as he placed his hands on her shoulders "What did you just do to me!" he said demanding an answer from the essence possessing Astrid.

Vassi wasn't one to normally get anger or even show the slightest hint of anger but with the experience of the Homdale now fresh on his mind he reacted instinctually.