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Eltz Academy » Places

Places in Eltz Academy

This is a list of locations that can be found in Eltz Academy.

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Moselle Valley, Germany

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A Collaboration Post

"Shit. We have to go, it's time for class." Astrid told Vas, extending a warm hand and a pretty smile. He glared with suspicion at the girl who now appeared to be her normal self again and gently moved her hand away from him while taking a step back creating a considerable distance between the two. "Lead the way then." he said nodding in the direction of the hallways. Vas kept his distance away from her as she slowly lead the way to class taking what seemed to be the long scenic route.

When the professor said it was a free day, Ellie knew exactly what that meant. She would have to help the newer members of her house while Jimmy turned into a kitten on her desk and watched the moving picture that she used her power on. It wasn't long until her best friend turned to a kitten and fell asleep on her desk. She rolled her eyes before petting his back.

Eleanor grapped her notebook out of her bag and looked through the pictures for one that would keep him calm and relaxed. Once she found one of a large willow tree with a wind chime on it, blowing in the wind as the sun was setting in the background. She waved her hand of the picture to bring it to life before smiling back at Jimmy and petting his head softly one more time before a group of people came towards her and started asking her to help them. At first she told them that she busy and had something else to do but, she soon found herself roped into explaining the lesson to them while looking down at Jimmy and stuttering a few times.

"Eleanor, are you okay?" The younger girls asked if she was okay before looking at her in worry.
"I'm fine, I just need a minute." The girls nodded before turning around towards each other as Ellie took a deep breath before turning back to her desk,trying to hide her embarrassment. She was just happy that Jimmy wasn't awake to see her have one of her 'stutterfest'.

She started tapping her foot and her fingers in a pattern, trying to calm her anxiety. She looked up towards the clock which was right above the door right when Astrid and the boy she had seen earlier in the day.
She sighed sharply. "Of course." Knowing that Astrid probably already had him wrapped around her pretty little finger. Not that she was surprised, she was everything a guy wanted. She quickly turned her gaze down towards her book while trying to stop her cheeks from turning red with even more embarrassment. She was trying to calm herself down, but everything her therapist told her to try wasn't helping.

So, she quickly stood up and walked out of the room. She needed to get some air.

To Vas' dismay he and Astrid arrived late and had missed the lesson so again the Russian glared at the girl this time without her noticing his narrowed eyes on the back of her head. "You owe me some answers." was the thought rambling through his mind but as he glared at her he noticed a familiar face exiting the class room. It was the girl who had bumped into him in line.

Immediately forgetting his current disdain for Astrid he hastily attempted to catch up to the girl before she got to far with the intent to strike up conversation, but still realizing he was in his practice clothes Vas stopped a few feet short of the girl to see if he passed the smell test. "Hmm not too bad" His scent was that of a slight man smell, because the cold outdoor air kept him from sweating too much during his exercise. "Better safe than sorry" was his final thought before looking to find that the girl who was now no where to be seen.

"Just my luck, now which way did she go?" Vas was now at an intersection in the hallways, he looked to his left and saw nothing but the day light sun shining through windows of the halls. Next was the right and down the hall a little ways was the girl who was still walking and carrying her books. "Excuse me, Ms." he called hoping his voice would carry down the hall as he lightly jogged to catch up to her.

Upon reaching her he couldn't help but let out a smile of relief before saying "You walk quite fast, are you in Hurry? He paused for a second to see if her answer was yes before continuing "Im sorry i don't mean to bother you it's just I never got your name earlier before you rushed off, Im Vassi Its a pleasure to meet you."