Shiki Toma

"I just wish these powers were easier to get a handle of like in those hero movies."

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a character in “Elysium!”, as played by Sonohra





Full Name: Shiki Toma

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Orientation: Gay

Role: The Caring Klutz



Shiki is crazy and fun. Nothing stops him. Nothing can. He is very energetic and still has that ability to slow down when the moment calls for it. He is very caring and will do anything for anyone, especially his friends. He is very open minded and unbiased in almost every situation. He will give his advice to those who ask for it. His life was far from perfect, but he doesn't show any sign of it. He has learned that you either love life, or you don't; and life is harder for those who don't. He is very clumsy when excited. He will trip, drop things, forget stuff. It's quite humorous.

- Very intelligent and book smart
- Optimistic
- Unbiased

- Super clumsy
- Food is so tempting
- Lack of coordination and accuracy

- Nothing but his past coming back to haunt him

He doesn't know it, but he has reality warping powers. He just knows that when he really wants something and focuses really hard on it, he can make it happen.

- Apologizing for everything
- Biting hid lip when in thought

- Eating
- Reading
-Puzzles of all kinds

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Shiki Toma's Story


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#, as written by Sonohra
Shiki was alone at the park. This park was small, and had nothing but a swing set and grass. No one usually came here, so this is why Shiki always came here. It was a place to think for him, and do homework. His siblings at home finished their work quickly and would not give Shiki time to do his own work. He had to finish it today especially. He was going to meet his friends later today, and he knew his mother would not let him leave with his homework not done. When he finally did finish his work, he looked at his phone to see it was 6:49 pm. Shiki stuffed his bag quickly and headed home.

"Hey mom! Dad!" I called out, throwing my bag on the floor and smiling as I saw them both in the kitchen. As if on queue, my younger twin brothers ran into the kitchen and knocked into me with giggles and laughter. My sister followed in their footsteps and pushed by me, shouting at the boys, "Give me my phone back!"
"She's texting her boyfriend!" One said, then the other, "Shiki! She's texting her boyfriend!"

I sighed, holding tightly on my phone, waiting for a message from any one of my friends for the signal to get going.