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Dylan Calder

"Screw magic. Too many rules. I'll go without."

0 · 296 views · located in Marbrooke, Maine.

a character in “Embracing The Bond”, as played by Marchie



Dylan Calder



Dylan Calder is best described as scruffy. His hair is always long and unkempt, and he always has some resemblance of a beard. He stands at 6 feet and weighs about average for a guy of his stature. His eyes are a bluish gray color. He isn't overly attractive or unattractive, and he has never cared about his appearance. You'll usually find him wearing oversized clothes that need to be washed, if you don't see him in his fishing gear.

Dylan is a gruff man who doesn't have much appreciation for the finer things in life. He believes that the best thing to feel in life is tired after a hard day's work, and he sets out to achieve that goal every day. He doesn't care for anything fancy or complex, and that include people (uppities, as he likes to call them). His only real friends are his fellow fisherman, and the people at the local bar. He loves nature, specifically the ocean. In his own words, the ocean is mother nature's favorite kid, and man is just a loud toddler looking for attention. He's fine going hours or days without talking, so long as he's working. Dylan hates being told what to do, especially when it comes to his magic. After a life of being told of all the responsibilities that he would have, Dylan said screw it and quit magic. He wants nothing to do with the Calder family of witches, and prefers to work with his uncle Clifford, also a fisherman, who does not have any magic. He sees magic as overly complicated with way too many rules. To him, dark magic seems perfectly fine. He can't see the dividing line between good magic and evil magic when it comes to his own personal use, so he decided to avoid the complication altogether. He also hates the fact that he is supposed to have a familiar.

Dylan was always a rebel. He acted out in school and certainly never paid attention to what other witches told him to do. He squeaked by to graduation from high school with low C's and immediately joined his uncle as a fisherman. He was given the Calder family grimoire but he rejected that too, and when he was 18 Calder threw it overboard while out in the middle of the ocean. It was his powerful symbol of rebellion... and was also pretty much cheating. Dylan can control water and he actually guided the book down to a specific spot, a sunken ship. He could get it back anytime he wanted. But, like he learned in high school, as long as they buy it, cheating is just another way to get through life. And Dylan loved the looks on everyone's faces when he told them that the Calder Grimoire was sitting on the bottom of the ocean floor.

It would take a lot to get Dylan to use magic again. He thinks that magic should be for his own good, normal or "black" magic. Unless someone could change his mind, he's happy living his life as a fisherman.


Natural Born Ability:
Dylan was born with the power to control water. He can shape it, control it, freeze it and more.

Other powers:
When he was younger he toyed with the darker ability to manipulate chaos, or luck. He can make a chair break out from under a person, make a TV malfunction, cause the breaks to fail on a car...

Fishing, the ocean, folk music, the local bar, being alone, boxing

School, academics, politics, dry weather, magic

So begins...

Dylan Calder's Story

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#, as written by Dead
Morrigan Blackwood

Morrigan was standing behind the counter of Inspiration, the medium sized music store that was just filled with all sorts of different music sold in most commonly CD's, some records, some tapes, and a small DVD shelf that really wasn't the main high light of the store. She had her earphones in, obviously acceptable for the small owned business she had been surprisingly hired by. Taylor Momson's voice from The Pretty Reckless sang roughly into her ears as she swung her hips back and forth to the bass and the drums, singing along softly as she began organizing some CD's they had recently bought from some people since they did accept ones that were low on or were running out of. She sighed slightly as she put the last CD into the box and then put it under the counter, her head swinging a bit now to the beat while her long, black hair swung around her stomach. It wasn't a bad day at all.

She glanced outside, staring at the cloudy sky and watched as thunder roared around the windows and rain spilled down onto the pavement of the small parking lot outside for a few minutes at a time, before fading to a sprinkle and then picked back up again. A few people had wandered in this afternoon; usually they weren't that busy in the middle of the day on weekdays, so she really didn't have much to worry about at the moment. She was equally as relieved when she heard her phone stop the song and start beeping, signaling her ten minute break as she smiled and put her headphones into her pocket and grabbed her pack of menthols.

She continued to dance a little as she made her way outside by the side of the store, checking back and forth the empty parking lot before lighting a cigarette up. She loved days like this, when she didn't have to worry about getting a rush of people or her boss walking in on her. No, she was trusted enough to run this store by her self most days of the week. Sometimes, the boss's daughter would be in to help her which was great because they always found a way to sneak a joint at the back of the building and that just put Morrigan in a mood that was ... just great. She grinned at the thought, taking a long drag on her cigarette.

She blinked when she saw a napkin fly right in front of her combat boots,landing in a wet mess as the wind decided it became too heavy to pick up again. With another drag from her cigarette, she narrowed her eyes that suddenly turned a bright red and the napkin began to levitate in the air. With ease, her eyes moved over to the green dumpster not that far from the building, where the napkin landed plop in the bottom of it's semi empty base and she smiled to herself. She had nearly perfected her ability, and it made her smile with eager determination at her progress. Her powers had been quite intense lately, her dreams extremely vivid and the power of her magic giving her more confidence then it had in a long time. That made her smile.

She glanced down at her phone. She usually didn't take ten minutes to finish a cigarette break, and she didn't have to clock out or anything since it was known she was pretty good about her breaks. and it had only been five. She was getting a bit bored. Although she loved this job, working with music and having a pretty chill day most of the time, she was getting anxious to get some dinner soon since it was rolling around five and the store closed at seven. She sighed, leaning against the brick of the store and taking a drag that marked the halfway line on her cigarette.
"I'm thinking... subway." She said to herself, nodding as her stomach growled.