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Elizabeth Valdine

"What's wrong? Cat got your tongue? "

0 · 151 views · located in Marbrooke, Maine.

a character in “Embracing The Bond”, originally authored by SilverInk, as played by RolePlayGateway


Elizabeth Valdine

Theme Song: Simple Pleasure-Jake Bugg / Do what U want- Lady Gaga


Gender: Female

Age: 24

Appearance: Standing at 5,3 with a limber figure, Elizabeth doesn’t stand out much in a crowd in terms of her height or body type. Yet her facial appearance and on the occasion her fashion choices do. Her hair is a darker brown color with faded streaks of pink in the tips. The length of it reaches about to the middle of her hair, styled straight for most occasions. Her skin is a pale milky color signaling she doesn’t get much sunlight into her system. The major reason for this is that she prefers to sleep during the day regardless of if she working that night or not. Some may call this self-indulgent, yet is one of her favorite pastimes taking a cat-nap so to speak. Her eyes are what draw the most unwanted attention as they are a pale golden color with flecks of silver in them. The pupils themselves seem to be a bit narrower than normal humans almost like a cat’s eyes would. The pupil’s change in appearance only occurs when she is stressed or consciously making the choice to reveal her magical talent.

Her fashion choices are relatively normal as far colors and fabrics go ranging from elegant blouses to the standard pair of sturdy blue jeans. Her taste in accessories however is another story, as her motto is the gaudier it is, the better it is. It’s not unsurprising to hear her necklaces tapping against one another before you actually see the wearer. Her fingers consistently have two to three large rings on them, although anyone thinking of robbing her would be sorely disappointed in the cheap knock-offs of decent rings. Her favorite accessories to wear would have to be her extensive collection of earrings. She has multiple piercings in her ears from two in her lobe, to one in her tip of her ears. The lobe earrings range from elegantly crafted chandler-type earrings to her favored bell styled ones. Her favorites right now are the ones for to the tips of her ears in the shape of small golden bells that seem to jingle with every turn she makes.


Personality: Elizabeth has basically two main modes of her personality, her public facade and her much more private one. Her public facade is loud, bubbly and some would say a bit too invasive. This type of persona though makes her perfect for her occupation as she easily finds herself being given generous tips for her services. However, she has ran into trouble is past with her being too curious with her questions of the lives of her customers.

Her private persona is a much more reserved person preferring quieter activites such as reading or enjoying nature. She can become quite defensive in this state of mind and not exactly friendly if she feels trapped enough. The select few that see this state are ones she slowly develops friendships with until she feels comfortable enough to have balance between her two modes. One constant on both moods is that she can be very short-tempered and isn’t afraid to get physical if people are pushing her too far. Her private nature is one that some may call selfish, and in truth she truly is able to think only for her own good rather than for the good of others as a whole.

Sexuality: Straight

Occupation: Bar waitress

Abilities: Her magical talents is a passive one in terms of what she can actually do. She is able to pick-up the strongest emotion a person is feeling at the time just by looking at the person enabling her to choose how exactly she wants the situation to proceed. The best usage of this power is when she can physically touch someone and feel the ‘flow’ of their emotions in a better light. The only negative affect this has on her is that the emotions can easily pass into her own system in a rush making it possible for her to become a emotional time-bomb for a short time.

Her main ability is that of a familiar in shape of a black cat. The cat itself seems to be a bit rougher around the edges with torn ears as if it was in a scrap with a tougher alley cat. Her eyes are still a luminous golden color as it is on her human body.


History: Born in the massive city of New York, her childhood was one filled with rough and tumble adventures of exploring old buildings long since shut-down by the city to the sewers beneath her feet just looking for that adventure waiting to happen. It wasn't until her fourteenth birthday did her curiosity truly kick in once she discovered her status as a Familiar. The lack of control her well-meaning parents had over her was evident when she would slip out of the apartment in the shape of her animal form testing her abilities as a lovable stray that is until she saw something she wanted such as a ring. That little piece of metal would be in her paws within seconds as she agilely made her way out the nearest window as a bewildered human came to contemplate he/she had just witnessed a literal cat burglar walk out with a prized possession. This streak of crime was one she hid decently from her parents until they finally asked where their daughter managed to obtained so much jewelry. This lead to an eventual falling out between her parents, that is still trying to mend to this day.

After graduating high school, Elizabeth felt her restless side begin to stir once again as she eventually grew bored with the dirty alleyways of New York. Saying goodbye to her parents with nothing but a large backpack on her shoulders along with her wits, she started traveling the United States going where ever her feet, and on the occasion paws lead her. It was during time she met the occasional Witch or Familiar only exchanging a few words before moving on. There was never any type of 'magical moment' she felt upon meeting a Witch..nothing signaling who she was supposed to bond with. Her arrival to Marbrooke was one she considered a necessity as the last of her savings was coming to a halt. It was just a twist of fate that she began feeling a strange pull to someone unknown in the town. Determined to find the source of this pull, she decided to choose a career path in which she would meet new people everyday..waitressing. Her latest work opportunity is that of a bar favored by locals. Despite the decent tips and living wage she on the occasion dips a toe back into her old 'cat burglar' ways for the thrill of it.

So begins...

Elizabeth Valdine's Story

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#, as written by Dead
Morrigan Blackwood

Morrigan was standing behind the counter of Inspiration, the medium sized music store that was just filled with all sorts of different music sold in most commonly CD's, some records, some tapes, and a small DVD shelf that really wasn't the main high light of the store. She had her earphones in, obviously acceptable for the small owned business she had been surprisingly hired by. Taylor Momson's voice from The Pretty Reckless sang roughly into her ears as she swung her hips back and forth to the bass and the drums, singing along softly as she began organizing some CD's they had recently bought from some people since they did accept ones that were low on or were running out of. She sighed slightly as she put the last CD into the box and then put it under the counter, her head swinging a bit now to the beat while her long, black hair swung around her stomach. It wasn't a bad day at all.

She glanced outside, staring at the cloudy sky and watched as thunder roared around the windows and rain spilled down onto the pavement of the small parking lot outside for a few minutes at a time, before fading to a sprinkle and then picked back up again. A few people had wandered in this afternoon; usually they weren't that busy in the middle of the day on weekdays, so she really didn't have much to worry about at the moment. She was equally as relieved when she heard her phone stop the song and start beeping, signaling her ten minute break as she smiled and put her headphones into her pocket and grabbed her pack of menthols.

She continued to dance a little as she made her way outside by the side of the store, checking back and forth the empty parking lot before lighting a cigarette up. She loved days like this, when she didn't have to worry about getting a rush of people or her boss walking in on her. No, she was trusted enough to run this store by her self most days of the week. Sometimes, the boss's daughter would be in to help her which was great because they always found a way to sneak a joint at the back of the building and that just put Morrigan in a mood that was ... just great. She grinned at the thought, taking a long drag on her cigarette.

She blinked when she saw a napkin fly right in front of her combat boots,landing in a wet mess as the wind decided it became too heavy to pick up again. With another drag from her cigarette, she narrowed her eyes that suddenly turned a bright red and the napkin began to levitate in the air. With ease, her eyes moved over to the green dumpster not that far from the building, where the napkin landed plop in the bottom of it's semi empty base and she smiled to herself. She had nearly perfected her ability, and it made her smile with eager determination at her progress. Her powers had been quite intense lately, her dreams extremely vivid and the power of her magic giving her more confidence then it had in a long time. That made her smile.

She glanced down at her phone. She usually didn't take ten minutes to finish a cigarette break, and she didn't have to clock out or anything since it was known she was pretty good about her breaks. and it had only been five. She was getting a bit bored. Although she loved this job, working with music and having a pretty chill day most of the time, she was getting anxious to get some dinner soon since it was rolling around five and the store closed at seven. She sighed, leaning against the brick of the store and taking a drag that marked the halfway line on her cigarette.
"I'm thinking... subway." She said to herself, nodding as her stomach growled.

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Elizabeth Valdine

The afternoon sun was high in the sky distributing its rays throughout the busy town of Marbrooke, many of its residents seeking a suitable location for lunch. Although not everyone was eager to greet the warming day as sunlight filtered through tattered curtains of a one bedroom apartment shooing away the natural darkness of the room. A noise came from the occupied bed a cross between a hiss and swear as the rumpled covers were tucked even tighter around the occupant clearly trying to avoid the greetings of the day. The war for sleep was shortly won as a shrill, obnoxious beeping made its presence known in the faintly lit room as a pale hand groped along the floor in search of the noisemaker. A few minutes of searching were rewarded as Elizabeth Valdine's hand clenched around a slim silver cell phone before slowly sitting up and flipping it open. Bleary golden eyes slowly fluttered open as Elizabeth searched through missed text messages and phone calls, a few snappish ones from her mother saying good morning which was received around eight that morning. Her messages grew more argrivated as her only daughter never replied back with one question in every single accusation "Are you sleeping your life away still?" . Elizabeth merely snorted before replying back with a short 'No' as she stretched out the tension in her back. Her day was just beginning at the adequate hour of the late afternoon.

After a quick shower, Elizabeth slipped on an outfit of sturdy blue jeans and a black tank top, while on her feet a pair of dirty black sneakers. Taking a decent amount of time on choosing her desired jewelery for the day, she settled on her favored pair of silver bell earrings and a sterling silver necklace reaching just to her chest. Her hair was tad too wavy for her liking as she ran a brush through the fuzzy mess, her fingers trailing on the bright pink portion. Satisfied with her hair's behavior she slipped on her remaining accessories of gaudy rings varying in shades of silver. A low rumble came from her stomach as she padded into the kitchen, immediately seizing the handle of her refrigerator before letting out a whine of disappointment as it was nearly vacant. Tracing her upper lip with her tongue as she debated the pros and cons of giving into her food craving. Poking her head out the window of her apartment, she felt a content smile slip onto her face as the sun caressed her skin.

Stepping out onto the busy concrete street, her steps surprisingly light as her feet slapped against the hot pavement. The joys of being a familiar part-time was a few adaptions that crossed over into her human form. Although there were drawbacks as she found herself having the most inopportune cravings for feline treasures such as freshly caught fish..not cheap days old product from some far off location. Thankfully the town of Melbrooke had a decent number of freshly caught fish every morning..or at least what remained of the morning catch as Elizabeth peered curiously at the various species of fish remaining in the present stalls of the fish market. The screaming of gulls made her grit her teeth as she attempted to make a quality selection much to chagrin of the burly looking man attempting to sell to the indecisive young woman. A sigh escaped her lips as her golden eyes flickered over each fish before shrugging hopelessly as the burly fishermen swore in exasperation, his irritation creeped along Elizabeth's skin as she purred "Forgive me, I having a trouble choosing from such fine stock..".