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Klaus Teppes

The Caduceus shows us that venom can heal just as well as hurt

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a character in “Embracing The Bond”, as played by TenThousandLies


Klaus Teppes


Face Claim:

Ian Somerhalder


Klaus Evans Teppes




Boa Constrictor


Twenty-two years old




American born of Romanian descent


Perpetually single


Author, two books published in a series working on the third. In addition he has also written three smaller books on travelling around the country.

Natural Ability:

His natural ability is actually to manufacture venoms within his body, ranging from the rattlesnake's to the toxin of a spitting cobra. He is even able to manifest certain venoms not found in snakes.


Height & Weight:

6'3", 200 Lbs.

Hair & Eye Color:

Black, Glacier Blue


6'3", always smiling. Lean and spindly. When shirtless his well toned body appears. His warm and friendly face draw attention from his harsh eyes. Always clean shaven, his hair is neatly cropped on top of his head. Strongly defined old world bone structure. Piercing blue eyes contrast powerfully with his dark brown hair. Also his voice is as sweet as honey, leading him to be very commanding of attention. He has a dark skin tone, owing both to his Romanian lineage and his life having grown up in California. In addition starting just above his left knee and moving upwards he has a tattoo of a snake coiled around him. There is about two inches between each coil, and it moves upwards to coil around his pelvis and abdomen. The coils end just beneath his chest, and the snake moves diagonally across his shoulder blades with the head crossing over his right shoulder. It is not filled in, and the outline of it is colored violet.


Typically wears a suit. Jacket and pants typically match with black featuring white pinstripes. His under shirts vary between shades of purple, blue, and green, his favorite being a plain violet button up. Just as commonly he can be found wearing no undershirt, exposing his chest beneath his suit jacket. He is never seen wearing socks or shoes, and while the bottom of his feet are quite dirty outdoors, he cleans them several times a day. In addition his feet are heavily caloused, thus his feet are quite difficult to injure.

Animal Form:

As a snake he takes the form of an incredibly large Boa Constrictor. His body is primarily black with his spots being a violet shade. While not a venomous snake by nature, he is prone to baring his formidable fangs at enemies. His length is such that he would be able to wrap a grown man in rings of his body about five or six times, and still have length to spare. His incredible musculature is displayed via his unparalleled girth.



While incredibly friendly and talkative, by no means is Klaus nice. His voice makes him rather inviting to others, as does his smile which is worn near perpetually. However look into his eyes and you will see his true nature, cold, unyielding and treacherous. There is only one person he is unwilling to betray, and as of the beginning of this tale this person has yet to be found. Highly flirtatious, his charm ensnares either gender with ease, even making straight men question their orientation. While not necessarily cruel, he is merciless, going to nearly any ends necessary to protect his special person. He is not known to be particularily amorous, while making others swoon over him, his affection is often a difficult thing to obtain. He is also capable of rapidly switching speeds, in an instant the friendly playful man will disappear. In his stead will be a ferocious adversary, standing strong and admant against all opposition, all the while maintaining his deadly cool. In addition Klaus is incredibly intelligent, using his surroundings to great advantage at almost all times, he is formidable at setting up traps.
Never one to shy away from a challenge, Klaus is highly competitive. When bested he is a graceful loser, sticking to his own personal code of honor stringently. And while winning he is an even better sport, never being much of a braggart, instead encouraging his adversaries, in hopes of a better challenge in the future. Known for his ability to talk fast, he sometimes will slip criticisms into statements without changing his tone, leading them to be completely over looked. Never a wall flower, Klaus demands attention, and while not selfish enough to always need to be the focus, he also refuses to be ignored. His smooth fast talking ways typically lead people in along with his kind looking facial expressions make it so that when his true nature is revealed people are typically caught quite off guard. Very slow to anger intrinsically, the only way to truly enraged him is to endanger his special person. All in all Klaus is highly similar to the snake that may possibly be his true form. He is attractive and hypnotic, prone to playing games, and while not cruel he is indeed a trap master, cornering anyone who opposes him. Equipped with very little compassion, Klaus will flip at the drop of a dime and become a vicious predator, often times causing an opponent to metaphorically strangle themselves to stop him from getting to them.


Boys︱Candy︱Games︱Fruit︱Books︱Beaches︱Forests︱Sunrise︱Competition︱Techno Music︱Cigarettes︱Disney Movies︱Art︱Shopping︱Teasing︱Fighting


Cooked Vegetables︱Stupidity︱Being Told What To Do︱Consistency︱Country Music︱Rules︱Weakness︱Cruelty Towards Animals︱His Own Emotions︱Shoes


Having been born and raised in Southern California, Klaus has always been fond of spending time on the beach. His keen intelligence and biting wit made him a bit difficult to get along with, and while being somewhat popular, he never formed any particularily close bonds with anyone. This extended to his family, the youngest of ten, he was never too involved with family politics, and generally unconcerned with his family as a whole. Not all of his family possessed the gifts of a Familiar, and his father never formally instructed any of them in the use of their powers. Instead Klaus and his two sisters who also had the gift were left to discover and explore it on their own.
By the time he was sixteen, he was the only child left in the house. It was then that he decided to leave home, taking odd jobs and travelling along the California coast. His parents allowed him to leave with their blessings, and let him keep his car, a well maintained 1996 Oldsmobile '98. A little over a year later Klaus published his first Novel, the beginning of a series about a group of teenagers who become superheroes when bitten by mystical animals.
At eighteen he received his G.E.D. but still travelled, collecting his royalties. When his second book was published at age nineteen he was able to live quite lavishly off of the money he was making. It was also at this time that the sales of the first book began to pick up, the series becoming quite popular in certain circles. At age twenty he drove across country to Florida. It was around this time he started to feel a pull towards the north. Taking his time over the past two years, Klaus made it to Maine, whereupon he became interested in a town possessing an intense magical Aura. Continuing to write his third novel, he arrived in Marbrooke about a month ago, and has spent much time at the chillier Atlantic beach, and exploring the heavily wooded outskirts of town. While living here he has managed to obtain a posh two bedroom luxury condo across from one of the shopping malls, and plans to enroll in one of the colleges, planning to pursue an English teaching degree, and possibly become a professor himself. With his series moving further into popular culture, his lifestyle has become increasingly more relaxed.

So begins...

Klaus Teppes's Story

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#, as written by Dead
Morrigan Blackwood

Morrigan was standing behind the counter of Inspiration, the medium sized music store that was just filled with all sorts of different music sold in most commonly CD's, some records, some tapes, and a small DVD shelf that really wasn't the main high light of the store. She had her earphones in, obviously acceptable for the small owned business she had been surprisingly hired by. Taylor Momson's voice from The Pretty Reckless sang roughly into her ears as she swung her hips back and forth to the bass and the drums, singing along softly as she began organizing some CD's they had recently bought from some people since they did accept ones that were low on or were running out of. She sighed slightly as she put the last CD into the box and then put it under the counter, her head swinging a bit now to the beat while her long, black hair swung around her stomach. It wasn't a bad day at all.

She glanced outside, staring at the cloudy sky and watched as thunder roared around the windows and rain spilled down onto the pavement of the small parking lot outside for a few minutes at a time, before fading to a sprinkle and then picked back up again. A few people had wandered in this afternoon; usually they weren't that busy in the middle of the day on weekdays, so she really didn't have much to worry about at the moment. She was equally as relieved when she heard her phone stop the song and start beeping, signaling her ten minute break as she smiled and put her headphones into her pocket and grabbed her pack of menthols.

She continued to dance a little as she made her way outside by the side of the store, checking back and forth the empty parking lot before lighting a cigarette up. She loved days like this, when she didn't have to worry about getting a rush of people or her boss walking in on her. No, she was trusted enough to run this store by her self most days of the week. Sometimes, the boss's daughter would be in to help her which was great because they always found a way to sneak a joint at the back of the building and that just put Morrigan in a mood that was ... just great. She grinned at the thought, taking a long drag on her cigarette.

She blinked when she saw a napkin fly right in front of her combat boots,landing in a wet mess as the wind decided it became too heavy to pick up again. With another drag from her cigarette, she narrowed her eyes that suddenly turned a bright red and the napkin began to levitate in the air. With ease, her eyes moved over to the green dumpster not that far from the building, where the napkin landed plop in the bottom of it's semi empty base and she smiled to herself. She had nearly perfected her ability, and it made her smile with eager determination at her progress. Her powers had been quite intense lately, her dreams extremely vivid and the power of her magic giving her more confidence then it had in a long time. That made her smile.

She glanced down at her phone. She usually didn't take ten minutes to finish a cigarette break, and she didn't have to clock out or anything since it was known she was pretty good about her breaks. and it had only been five. She was getting a bit bored. Although she loved this job, working with music and having a pretty chill day most of the time, she was getting anxious to get some dinner soon since it was rolling around five and the store closed at seven. She sighed, leaning against the brick of the store and taking a drag that marked the halfway line on her cigarette.
"I'm thinking... subway." She said to herself, nodding as her stomach growled.

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Rayne headed back into the store after lunch hearing a voice. "Hello, anybody work here??? I'm in need of some assistance.", the witch mentally groaned. He walked up to the front counter groaning. His greenish gray eyes looked a the man. Not the person, I would be caught dead with…. he thought as he stared. "What do you need?" he asked with a blank face.

He found himself looking up the man, in a checking out type of way. But he is beautiful… the ravenette thought. Hstood there, there was a magical tone to the man, an aura if you might say. His dark green-gray eyes turned full gray as he felt a spark run through him. The man was magnificent, he was like sculpture. Rayne felt his warm cheeks feeling heat rise form them he realized he was blushing like a school girl and her prom date.

"I mean, what type of assistance do you need? We have a psychic if you need spiritual guidance." he stated with an accidental cold tone.

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Liliana's head buzzed with the possibilities of what was in the book. She wanted to read it, of course she did - but she had already stepped out of the door. Sighing in the rain and thunder, Liliana pulled the hood forwards once again. She walked down the path that lead from her grandmother's house, just below the castle and tourist attraction that her family owned. It was grand and majestic - something that Liliana loved. It was hiding so many secrets, Liliana knew that, and she wished that she could be the one to discover them, even if that was childish beyond belief. She was 17 now, and knew she had to grow out of her childish imagination - especially since her powers were getting more and more out of control now.

Liliana smiled as she remembered her secret, and as she walked, she watched as flowers sprung up from the ground, flowering into beautiful blue, red, and purple flowers. She smiled to herself, before checking nobody was watching, before heading off rapidly to town.

She was heading for Subway, of course, and stepped onto the busy streets of Marbrooke from a quaint forest path. She loved the woods, it was one place where she could her most easily controlled power, her naturokinesis, go wild. The trees were almost like her sanctuary. It was the one place she felt safe... And free.

Liliana almost walked into the orange haired girl that ran past. She got out of the way in a hurry, almost dropping her purse and phone. Sighing, she looked back before carrying on towards the Subway.

Liliana also passed the bookstore Fiction, and watched as two men inside began talking to one another. She wondered about going in to listen to their conversation, and asking about the Grimoire her grandmother had shown her - was it real? Or a cheap copy of some mythological book? Liliana had been kept in the dark about herself for so long, and now her grandmother was just handing her 'the family Grimoire'. She hoped her grandmother had finally decided to talk to her. She shook her head and continued on towards the Subway, before spotting it some way ahead. She hurried on and got out of the rain, before pushing her hood back and letting her black hair tumble past her shoulders.

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"Your an author?" he asked recognizing his name and a blush once again appeared on his face. "You're the Klaus Teppes!!!???" he exclaimed with a smile. "I wrote my favorite book series." he said with a cold expression. He stared at the man, and felt a spark ignite within him, he lit all the candles in the room.

"Uh….stupid….automatic motion sensor candles." he murmured with a nervous smile. He walked around to behind the table of around three papers. "If you want to do a book signing fill that out." he said, he smirked as most of this was basic and personal information like sexual orientation, and phone numbers. He slightly tensed at the snake tattoo. "Is that a snake?" he questioned.

(OOC: I'm going to edit a snake tattoo onto his back the head would be viewable on the neck.)