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Rayne Ravenwood

"I'm not very friendly."

0 · 767 views · located in Marbrooke, Maine.

a character in “Embracing The Bond”, as played by InakoUchiha



I'm going to turn you into a toad if you speak in that tone again.

Make a Move||Never Surrender||Your Savior


♔ Face Claim ♔:
Matt Cohen
"Who is he."

♔ Full Name ♔:
Raynei Cloud Ravenwood
"My parent's were very sick humored."

♔ Nicknames ♔:
Rayne, R, Cloud
"If you address me as anything other than that, don't expect to live long. "

♔ Age ♔:
"Recently 22. "

♔ D.O.B ♔:
August 18, 1992
"I'm a Leo"

♔ Gender ♔:
"Do I look like a female to you?"

♔ Nationality ♔:
1/4 German, 1/4 Russian, 1/2 American.
""I'm three enemies…I think."

♔ Sexuality ♔:
"I'm a gay witch….do you have a problem?"

♔ Species ♔:
Pureblood Witch
"Yes Yes, I'm pureblooded so amazing."

♔ Occupation ♔:
He works in a book store called Fiction
"It's like my life in there."

♔ Natural Born Ability ♔:
Fire Manipulation
"Believe it or not, I have set fire to the rain, it was made out of oil…."



♔ Height & Weight ♔:
5'9 and 200 lb.
"I like to think I'm short."

♔ Hair ♔:
Rayne has dark black hair that occasionally falls into his eyes.
"Think raven feather black."

♔ Eyes ♔:
Steel Gray, often stormy blue-grey
"My eyes are as sensitive to my emotions as I am to a knife."

♔ Physical Description♔:
Rayne has dark chocolate/black locks that will occasionally if allowed to grow fall into his face. He stands at 5'9 teetering on the edge of 6'0, and weighs around 200 lb. of muscle due to work outs. He has a fairly muscular body, and keeps it a pale stark white for odd reasons none to his own clue. His body figure in the past was described as feminine, but now it's a bit more masculine still retaining some of his feminine body structure. HIs jawline is immaculate and could even make the most well built statues jealous. He has dark whitish-grey scars along his wrists from depression as a child, and he also has a tattoo of a stitch going around his wrist.
"I like to think I'm a bit handsome."

♔ Clothing Preference ♔:
What one may notice, is that Rayne has a clothing preference to more dark/goth colors. He likes to wear arrays of dark black shirts that go to his knees and purple leggings as if he is in medieval times. He also never leaves his tiny three bedroom apartment without his hoodie and dark gray pentagram necklace.
"If you don't like fuck off."



♔ Personality ♔:
Silent||Kind||Easily Angered||Loyal||Deceptive
Rayne is a man of not to many words, unless he is using his magic, then he is speaking clearly where he wants his enemy or victim to hear him. Rayne has a strong sense of pride, which may lead to his downfall one day, but he does't like most one upping him. If you make friends with him, he will be as loyal as a lion. His loyalty isn't easily gained either, you must first prove yourself loyal then he will return it. He can be deceptive, when he want something but not always. He is also very ill-tempered. He can get at the littlest thing aimed at him.
"I'm me…."

♔ Education ♔:
He has been to Mixology, or is currently going to.
"I want to be a bartender"

♔ Family ♔:
Mother| Alea Ravenwood (Deceased)
Father| Unknown (Unknown)
Sister| Selena Ravenwood (Deceased)
Brother| Solius Ravenwood (Deceased)
"I hate the man who left my mother."

♔ Likes ♔:
*Tall Men
*Black Magic (Has interest in it)
*HIs Familiar
"I have a minor interest in the matter."

♔ Dislikes ♔:
*Most Women
*Fan girls
*Fake Witches or Supernatural
*Tarot Cards
"I don't hate them, I just dislike them with a burning passion."



♔ Backstory ♔:
Rayne, was born to Alea Ravenwood, and an unknown man who left immediately but was assumed a witch. Alea raised her children in the world of witchcraft, and RAyne loved it. Typically Rayne grew up as the one who loved witch craft, and anything spooky in general. They even owned a black cat named Lucky (ironically). Rayne went through out kindergarten to the eight grade being bullied because his mother was the town weirdo and sold supernatural charms and other things. This was when Rayne's natural born ability manifested, in the sixth grade he was being teased and told them enough. A nearby science teacher was doing a lab with burners and the fires all ignited and flew towards Rayne.

Scared, Rayne pointed upwards and the fire flew up. Then he felt in control he basically figured it out within seconds and created a fire form of himself igniting himself on fire. The bullies ran scared and Rayne let the fore die out, and returned to normalcy. At the time they lived in Salem,Massachusetts and witchcraft wasn't very loved. An angry mob swarmed Rayne's home in the eight grade, and Rayne freaked out and set the whole house ablaze. Killing those surrounding the house and inside. His family was declared dead and he left to live with his aunt in Marbrooke. He then developed his other powers.

♔ Reply Sample♔:
Rayne walked down the street, his gray eyes seemingly sad. It was his family's anniversary of death, something he hated….because he caused. MOst people say no you couldn't have caused something like that,but he did. He felt panicked and the candles expanded around the house. He felt like a bad person, he almost turned down a path of black magic but he didn't thankfully. So he turned towards the bookstore he worked at and smiled as he entered.

He headed to the counter when he saw the most beautiful man he had ever laid eyes on, he headed the direction of the 22 year old witch. He suddenly forgot, he took up position as a fortune teller in the shop just previously. "Excuse me, Are you Sir Sirius?" he asked with a smooth tone. Rayne nodded his every gray eyes still on the handsome man. HE walked him to the back room that had been set up as Rayne had asked. "So what do you want? A forutne reading? Palm reading? Mediumship?" he asked with a smile.

"Actually, I'm more interested in your family's death around seven years ago?" the man asked. Again? the witch mentally groaned. "Um yes, they told me one of you would be stopping by today. As I've told everyone before it was a freaky house fire that killed them and not me. I was in the house I even have the burn mark to prove it." he spoke silently showing the illusion made burn mark across his fore arm. The agent nodded and muttered something. "Sorry for wasting your time." like that the man walked out and Rayne sat there smiling.

♔ Powers ♔:
    [♔] Master Level- Pyrokinesis
    [♔] Master Level- Hallucikinesis
    [♔] Advanced Level- Healing
    [♔] Advanced Level- Ink Manipulation
    [♔] Beginner Level- Shadow Manpulation
    [♔] Beginner Level- Teleportation
    [♔]Expert Level- Precognition


So begins...

Rayne Ravenwood's Story

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#, as written by Dead
Morrigan Blackwood

Morrigan was standing behind the counter of Inspiration, the medium sized music store that was just filled with all sorts of different music sold in most commonly CD's, some records, some tapes, and a small DVD shelf that really wasn't the main high light of the store. She had her earphones in, obviously acceptable for the small owned business she had been surprisingly hired by. Taylor Momson's voice from The Pretty Reckless sang roughly into her ears as she swung her hips back and forth to the bass and the drums, singing along softly as she began organizing some CD's they had recently bought from some people since they did accept ones that were low on or were running out of. She sighed slightly as she put the last CD into the box and then put it under the counter, her head swinging a bit now to the beat while her long, black hair swung around her stomach. It wasn't a bad day at all.

She glanced outside, staring at the cloudy sky and watched as thunder roared around the windows and rain spilled down onto the pavement of the small parking lot outside for a few minutes at a time, before fading to a sprinkle and then picked back up again. A few people had wandered in this afternoon; usually they weren't that busy in the middle of the day on weekdays, so she really didn't have much to worry about at the moment. She was equally as relieved when she heard her phone stop the song and start beeping, signaling her ten minute break as she smiled and put her headphones into her pocket and grabbed her pack of menthols.

She continued to dance a little as she made her way outside by the side of the store, checking back and forth the empty parking lot before lighting a cigarette up. She loved days like this, when she didn't have to worry about getting a rush of people or her boss walking in on her. No, she was trusted enough to run this store by her self most days of the week. Sometimes, the boss's daughter would be in to help her which was great because they always found a way to sneak a joint at the back of the building and that just put Morrigan in a mood that was ... just great. She grinned at the thought, taking a long drag on her cigarette.

She blinked when she saw a napkin fly right in front of her combat boots,landing in a wet mess as the wind decided it became too heavy to pick up again. With another drag from her cigarette, she narrowed her eyes that suddenly turned a bright red and the napkin began to levitate in the air. With ease, her eyes moved over to the green dumpster not that far from the building, where the napkin landed plop in the bottom of it's semi empty base and she smiled to herself. She had nearly perfected her ability, and it made her smile with eager determination at her progress. Her powers had been quite intense lately, her dreams extremely vivid and the power of her magic giving her more confidence then it had in a long time. That made her smile.

She glanced down at her phone. She usually didn't take ten minutes to finish a cigarette break, and she didn't have to clock out or anything since it was known she was pretty good about her breaks. and it had only been five. She was getting a bit bored. Although she loved this job, working with music and having a pretty chill day most of the time, she was getting anxious to get some dinner soon since it was rolling around five and the store closed at seven. She sighed, leaning against the brick of the store and taking a drag that marked the halfway line on her cigarette.
"I'm thinking... subway." She said to herself, nodding as her stomach growled.

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Character Portrait: Rayne Ravenwood
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Klaus Teppes

"A snake in sheep's clothing"

Noise coming in the dark, something melodic and heavy in rhythm. Klaus' ears, unfocused only in the first moment, picked up the familiar beat. He quickly identified the song as Goldfinger's cover of "99 Red Balloons", a song he drearily identified as the ringtone he had assigned to his agent. She was certain to be calling him for the exact same reason she had the past two weeks. It wasn't a conversation he wanted to have at all, and certainly not this quickly after waking up, a process he really had yet to finish.

The eyes came next, illuminating the world beyond his eyelids, Ivan became aware of just how dark the world truly wasn't at the moment. Opening his eyes, Ivan saw daylight, however subdued by the cloudy skies it was, streaming through the Windows of his apartment. He observed the time, eleven-thirty a.m., on his little digital clock radio before rolling to his left. Put into this advantageous position, he reached out blindly with this right hand and ensnared his cigarettes and lighter. Flicking his bic and sitting upright in one fluid motion, the flame sputtered out dye to wind friction. Swinging his legs around, he put a cigarette into his mouth. This time the flame stayed, and he brought the light to kiss the end of his cigarette, taking a deep drag of mentholated toxin. Smoking along the way, he passed from his bedroom to kitchen and started a pot of coffee.

At the last drag, he stubbed out his cigarette in the ash tray, and now with a cup of hazelnut flavored coffee, he grabbed his phone from his bedroom. No sooner was it in his hand, than it started to ring once more, the same song, yet somehow more urgent sounding. Klaus poked at the screen in the little box that proclaimed, "answer", and once more on the little symbol which switched it to speaker phone. "You're go for Klaus".

His agent Fiona's voice screeched through his speaker like some sort of enraged cat, "Well good morning, since I've clearly woken you up yet again. You need to get some god damned work ethic boy, your next book does have a deadline! And not that I need to remind you, excepting of course the fact that I obviously do, but that deadline is only two months away!"

Ivan let out a sigh after she had finished the first wave of her verbal onslaught. He didn't need this, least ways this early in the morning. He replied, softly and slowly but with enough violence so anyone listening knew he wasn't pleased, "Fiona, I've explained this to you before, but for your sake I shall explain it once more. Writers do not work regular hours, it is one of the advantages of the profession. A writer need only meet his deadline, something which the writer is near perpetually aware of. I AM A WRITER! I will sleep, eat, bathe, and write when I damn well please... Now, I know that wasn't why you had actually called, so what's new darling?"

A pause as she absorbed his words. They were harsh, but in the least they were true. Only with Fiona could he get by, talking like that to his agent. She spoke in a tone Klaus knew to be only adopted when her playfulness ran out, and she needed him to actually be cooperative, "Yeah, yeah. But seriously, listen, you've been in Marbrooke for almost two months now. No book signings or anything of that sort, nobody even knows your living there. We need you to find a local bookstore, give them my number and we'll set up a signing. The sales of your first two books are up, but if you can get local, well let's just say we'll all get rich."

Klaus smiled at that. Already he had more money than he needed to live his comfortable lifestyle. But a little more never hurt, and if other people can benefit alongside of him, well things could be worse. "Okay, I'll scope some places out today. Much love bitch."

Klaus was out the door by twelve-fifteen. Despite the looks, it was a nice day, so Klaus wore no shirt under his suit coat. His tanned chest greeted the world as readily as the jovial grin plastered across his face. People would usually look at his handsome features, sometimes at his finely tailored suits, like that black one with white pinstripes he was wearing today. This was typically a good thing, as it distracted the people he was passing on the sidewalks from his feet. Constantly barefoot, whenever it was noticed, Klaus would give some horrible explanation about the Spartan boys not being allowed to wear shoes and so on. The truth was, Klaus just liked the feeling of the earth beneath his feet, loved the sensation of being connected to the earth. Even while travelling as a snake, Klaus far preferred to slither on the ground than to move about tree limbs as snakes often do.

In his travels he ended up towards an older, less incorporated part of town. A strong aura fell upon him as he walked through this area. Feeling this primarily through scent, he sniffed about subtly as he strode on. It smelled somewhat similar to the rest of town, the stench old magic left behind, including the scent of some rather powerful, perhaps even pureblooded, clans of witches. But here there was a newer scent, similar to one of the older clan scents. And to Klaus it smelled absolutely intoxicating, like honey and burbuon. Following this eventually led him to a bookstore. 'Fiction' was clearly a local store, and seemed to be exactly what Klaus had been sent out to find.

Entering and heading straight to the fiction section Klaus was delighted to find his works upon the shelves. His smile only widened at this point, deciding this to be the only place. Turning his head around and looking down various aisles, Klaus was unable to find any employees, or customers for that matter. In the deserted store he called out, "Hello, anybody work here??? I'm in need of some assistance."

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Liliana's head buzzed with the possibilities of what was in the book. She wanted to read it, of course she did - but she had already stepped out of the door. Sighing in the rain and thunder, Liliana pulled the hood forwards once again. She walked down the path that lead from her grandmother's house, just below the castle and tourist attraction that her family owned. It was grand and majestic - something that Liliana loved. It was hiding so many secrets, Liliana knew that, and she wished that she could be the one to discover them, even if that was childish beyond belief. She was 17 now, and knew she had to grow out of her childish imagination - especially since her powers were getting more and more out of control now.

Liliana smiled as she remembered her secret, and as she walked, she watched as flowers sprung up from the ground, flowering into beautiful blue, red, and purple flowers. She smiled to herself, before checking nobody was watching, before heading off rapidly to town.

She was heading for Subway, of course, and stepped onto the busy streets of Marbrooke from a quaint forest path. She loved the woods, it was one place where she could her most easily controlled power, her naturokinesis, go wild. The trees were almost like her sanctuary. It was the one place she felt safe... And free.

Liliana almost walked into the orange haired girl that ran past. She got out of the way in a hurry, almost dropping her purse and phone. Sighing, she looked back before carrying on towards the Subway.

Liliana also passed the bookstore Fiction, and watched as two men inside began talking to one another. She wondered about going in to listen to their conversation, and asking about the Grimoire her grandmother had shown her - was it real? Or a cheap copy of some mythological book? Liliana had been kept in the dark about herself for so long, and now her grandmother was just handing her 'the family Grimoire'. She hoped her grandmother had finally decided to talk to her. She shook her head and continued on towards the Subway, before spotting it some way ahead. She hurried on and got out of the rain, before pushing her hood back and letting her black hair tumble past her shoulders.

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Klaus Teppes

"A snake in sheep's clothing"

A young man entered the store just as Klaus had finished his question. The man was shorter than Klaus, no doubt about that, yet seemed to carry himself a bit taller. The only employee he had seen so far Klaus couldn’t help but wonder if the shop was always left unlocked when the man went to lunch. Regardless of the flagrant irresponsibility of the young man, there was something about him that drew Klaus’ attention. He was certainly handsome, no doubt about that, but there was something more. Something beneath the standoffish demeanor that made him more appealing to Klaus than he would ever dare to admit.

Although he had spoken to Klaus quite brusquely at first, there was an undeniable shift. When he had looked Klaus top to bottom, gotten the scope and really checked him out, there was a softer side that showed through. This came in the form of a blush, not something Klaus was anywhere near unaccustomed to receiving from the people he encountered in the world. And though it was only momentary, Klaus took note, deciding that if nothing else he had found a boy to have some fun with while he was in this town. As the blush faded the man made a comment, in a tone of voice that seemed unintentionally cold, “I mean, what type of assistance do you need? We have a psychic if you need spiritual guidance.”

Stifling a giggle Klaus responded, “No, no psychics necessary to guide this spirit.”

Klaus had never had a need for that kind of stuff, at least not before. Aware of only the basic facts about the life of a familiar, Klaus had come to Marbrooke searching for his witch. And while the town absolutely reeked of magic, Klaus had yet to find an Aura he felt a connection to. Until he realized that the Aura that had lingered in this place had gotten stronger when this young man had returned. Perhaps it was him with the magical energy that was so appealing to Klaus. But perhaps he was wrong, who knows, maybe he did need the psychic after all.

Regardless, Klaus had come here with a job to do, so he stood tall and straightened out his suit. As he did this the head of his snake tattoo was visible on the furthest end of his partially exposed chest. By the time he was properly adjusted the suit coat he wore had covered his ink once more. In his most appealing tone, and Klaus was as appealing a pure sugar when he wanted to be, he explained, ”My name is Klaus Teppes, I’m an author, and you’ve probably heard of me. Even if you haven’t it doesn’t really matter. I was sent by my agent to find a store here in Marbrooke to do a book signing at. My series is what one would call supernatural fiction, and seeing as Fiction is the name of your store, I figured I’d see if it would work here. So what do you say?”

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Desiree suddenly snapped out of her running mind frame when a girl almost made her do a flip. She simply nodded her head, earbuds in her ears. She continued around the block, then looped back some 10 minutes later, and decided to grab some lunch. "What's around here?" She scratched her chin, pulling out her Iphone, and looked up 'nearby restaurants'. The all too familiar Subway icon popped up. "Perfect." She sighed, and started walking over there.

Desiree arrived at the Subway, the door slowly closing behind her. There was that girl.. again. Desiree thought it might be odd she ran into a second time now, but simply smiled, and ordered a veggie sandwich. Despite being an inner carnivore, she preferred eating veggies anytime she was given the option really.

She sat in the table by the wall alone, feeling odd as the girl seemed unsure of where she was, or looked so anyway.