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Dimitri Mika Helikos

"I can hear it raining. This time, may I go outside?"

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a character in “EmerGEN. C.”, as played by Kveria


Dimitri Mika Helikos

Dimitri is five feet ten inches tall, and one hundred and thirty eight pounds. Strong and lean, she spends much of her recreational time swimming. With that added to the flexibility and strengthening exercises she has to do, she actually very muscular, though rather than bulking up she has cords of lean muscle with not much of the softness typical for her age. Sometimes, she's told to exercise less, because it's not the optimal health for her, but she swims not to reduce her weight but because she loves it. Naturally rather delicate, you wouldn't know of Dimitri's strength if you didn't see her naked. She walks gracefully, has small lips and a bladed nose that are set off by her dramatic eyebrows, which, as black as her hair, stand out against her relatively pale face. Though considering she doesn't spend much time outside, it's not white the way some are. Dimitri has small breasts, flat feet, and collarbones that birds could build nests on. Her hair is black, mid-back, and nigh untameable, and her eyes the color of dark chocolate. Between wearing a t-shirt and pants/skirt or a dress, Dimitri often goes for the dress but has asked for a white zippy to put over it because she doesn't like having bare arms. When she gets her normal dress wet, she chooses to wear the t-shirt and pants. All of her clothes are loose except the top of the dress, which would fall off, so she covers it with the zippy.

Barely 17

Dimitri is not a spitfire. Cool, and perhaps a bit shy, she does things her own way. Though she's not a combative person, neither is she totally compliant. When asked to do things, she listens and doesn't complain, but it's not as though she goes out of her way to follow directions. Even though she knows what time testing is, when she needs to be where, she still doesn't go until explicitly told to. Quiet rebellion, perhaps. Dimitri isn't the kind of person who goes out of her way to meet others. She's a great listener, and never says anything offensive, but you have to seek her out. She can function fine on her own. And she's not a follower. She's an equal member of the group, but just try to get her to lead. No, don't. Dimitri's a bit spacey, and often focused on things other than what she's meant to be paying attention to, so she's a terrible planner. Planning for Dimitri is just kind of following her most recent whim. She's easily distracted, but not blatant about it. Rather, Dimitri's in tune with her own world. Like she's always listening to a whale song no one else can hear. If she hears raindrops on the roof, it really doesn't matter what's going on, Dimitri will stand up, she will drift over to the nearest door, window, or whatever, and she will always ask, in a quiet, polite voice "May I go outside?" The question is generally not well received. Nonetheless, Dimitri is a sweet friend and a kind person who will love you for life. She likes dancing, math, and logic puzzles, though not riddles, because they kind of frustrate her and always keep her up at night. She's always watching everything, and has one of the best memories of anyone ever. Dimitri often talks or sings to herself, as she doesn't like silence, she finds it unsettling, but if someone hears her she becomes very flustered and uncomfortable.


Narwhal, Beluga whale, Orca

Special M.U.T.A.N.T.


A rather disfiguring, but thankfully not too thick, barcode directly beneath her right eye. The bars in it are, if you look closely, made of strands of kelp. Dimitri loathes it. It's horribly incongruous with her unattached and unobtrusive nature.

Dimitri gets up early specifically to brush her hair, because it takes so long and even then is always a bit tangled and wavy, and doesn't have the greatest attention span. She also doesn't like to eat first thing in the morning or last thing at night.

So begins...

Dimitri Mika Helikos's Story