Rachel Mae Clark

If only the moon were closer, I could touch it.

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a character in “EmerGEN. C.”, as played by pooka_x


Name: Rachel Mae Clark


Appearance: She is an average build girl, with brown hair and brown eyes. She is known for wearing high tops, tank top and a skirt when just hanging around. She usually wears light makeup and has her hair down. Her hair goes down to her mid back and is very curly.
Age: 16
Personality: Mae is a strong female who tends to think she is right no matter what. She won't mind fighting with you even if she knows she is wrong. Sometimes she comes off as too strong but that is because she has been hurt before. She can be a giggly girl but if you get off on the wrong foot with her she can be mean.
Sex: Female
Race: White Wolf, Fisher Cat, Rabbit
Role: Normal
Tattoo: She has a small cursive M on her left wrist

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