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Emerwood Tales

Emerwood Tales


A roleplay about the adventures and trouble of a nomadic clan of elves travelling through a world where war between good and evil looms ever closer.

769 readers have visited Emerwood Tales since Loxley created it.


It is a dark time for us elves...

Most of the civilized world is occupied by the great Empire of Vala. Its armies crush anything beneath their boots, its emperor names himself God, and its people submit or die. We elves are treated as non-citizens - slaves and outcasts to be persecuted. Some of us choose to, or are born in elfhem's in the cities. Others choose to live in the protective shadows of the Emerwood, travelling in nomadic clans that stay together, as close as family. Even we are persecuted should we ever dare to tread on human land - our kind hunted down and killed by soldiers as spies and anarchists.

Our clan is old. It is small, but strong, hardened by the harsh weather in the northern regions of Vala from where we stem. We are nomadic as most clans, and we have traveled south under guidance of our elder, Alhanor the Wise. We seek not safety, nor a home. What we seek is the journey itself. It is a dangerous, but so wonderful life. Living close to Gaea herself. Living in harmony with the land, sleeping under open skies - and an endless river of wonderous places to see.

We have heard grim news from another clan. One of our brethren clans was trapped by Imperial soldiers in Volhas two moons ago. None were spared. Women, children, the elderly...none. Our warriors and hunters killed, and the rest of them enslaved for the rest of their lives. A decree has been issued by the Emperor. Any and all elven clans found on Imperial land are to be rounded up and arrested to be sold as slaves...or worse. It is indeed dangerous times to be an elf...

Yet we keep travelling. Because that is our way of life.

We travel west. All elven clans are. Towards the dark Emerwood. It is said to be cursed, and no human has ever dared to tread in this endless world of forests. There we will seek our refuge. There we will continue to travel. All empires fall when their time has come. Vala is no exception. Until then, the Emerwood will be our home, our safe haven from the persecution of the Valesian emperor, soldiers, and citizens. But our journey continues.

You and me, together, my brothers, and sisters.



* * * * * THE EMERWOOD * * * * *

The Emerwood is a fantastical place where fantastic creatures such as unicorns and dragons live and thrive. It is however also haunted by orcs, trolls, goblins, and other, considerably darker creatures. It is not for nothing that the Emerwood is said to be haunted, and no humans ever dare to tread there. Some even say that the forest itself is alive and preys on weak-minded humans who get lost in the forests. Because of this, few humans dare to tread there, though some courageous borderlanders like to hunt there. The forest is enormous in size, and covers one forth of the entire continent of Agrea.

* * * * * THE EMPIRE OF VALA * * * * *

The Empire is a militaristic nation of great power. It is a hostile nation whose armies have conquered roughly two thirds of Agrea, and are constantly at war with the remaining free nations. It is a dictatorship ruled by the imperial family, led by Emperor Vala himself. The citizens of Vala are neither good nor bad off in this era of imperialism. The quality of life depends rather on stature and economic power, which is unfortunately in the hands of a very select few in Vala, where nobility means everything, and wealth even more. Insurrection and disrespect towards the Throne is punished severely. Elves are persecuted vehemetly, and usually treated as slaves by Valesians, and the Valesian Army has recently declared war against all nomadic elven clans in Vala.

* * * * * ELFHALLA * * * * *

A mythical elven kingdom said to exist in the far west, beyond the endless Emerwood. Few people really believe in its existance, though it is known that a great elven empire once existed in Emerwood - the ruins after all still stand as evidence to this day. Little is known about it, and what is known is widely considered myth, and as such, unreliable. After all, everybody knows the Emerwood forest is endless, so how could there possibly be a kindom at the other end...? Those who believe in it call it the Old Lands, as they believe the elves once originated there.

* * * * * CREOS * * * * *

Creos is a desert kingdom to the south, across the Hekatian Sea. It is a city state of humans and trolls, ruled by a Hero King, and known as the City of Heroes for its worshipping culture of the same. Creos itself is a great port that does trade with many countries in the world, including Vala. The city is xenophobic, but not outright racist in its treatment of non-Creotians. The Creotian deserts are vast and seemingly endless, and are said to be home to many strange and evil creatures and nomadic human bedouines. A few years back, Creos was involved in a war with the Sultan of Jaramine, who sought to invade the city, but ultimately failed. Elven mercenaries from the Emerwoods participated in the conflict, earning them respect as great warriors.

* * * * * THE CLAN * * * * *

The Clan is like an extended family, where all elves are brothers and sisters, or parents and grandparents. The loss of even one elf is mourned throughout the clan as the loss of a beloved family member. They are like all elves great artesans, poets and musicians, who love to dance, sing, drink and eat well, and be one with the forests. The Clan's warriors are known as terrifying archers and swordsmen, well trained in the elven martial arts. Some of them have previously, as is common among some elves, traveled south and served as mercenaries in the lands known as Creos, where they have marked themselves as great warriors, and had songs written about them. However, in the end, the greatest pleasure for the elves of the clan is not to seek glory in battle, but to travel, to see the world, and to be one with the forest.

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Character Portrait: Arden and Crow de Rook
Character Portrait: Fera Arabitylar


Character Portrait: Fera Arabitylar
Fera Arabitylar

A young mischievous, fun loving healer

Character Portrait: Arden and Crow de Rook
Arden and Crow de Rook

An elven mercenary and his obnoxious little brother


Character Portrait: Fera Arabitylar
Fera Arabitylar

A young mischievous, fun loving healer

Character Portrait: Arden and Crow de Rook
Arden and Crow de Rook

An elven mercenary and his obnoxious little brother

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Character Portrait: Fera Arabitylar
Fera Arabitylar

A young mischievous, fun loving healer

Character Portrait: Arden and Crow de Rook
Arden and Crow de Rook

An elven mercenary and his obnoxious little brother

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Re: The Clan

I hope not. I desperetly want to rp, and I cant find any good ones.

Re: The Clan

I've been checking back, but I think this may have died on us =/

Re: The Clan

Hello there, is anyone going to post?

Re: The Clan

Cool I'm looking forward to it!

Re: The Clan

Nope, it looks good. :D I'll start the roleplay this evening if all goes as planned. Possibly tomorrow morning.

Re: The Clan

Okay! It should be good to go, let me know if I need to change anything!

Re: The Clan

Hey, I'm going to wait with approving it until you're finished, because I think it gets more difficult to edit it after it's been approved. Let me know if that doesn't work out for you. :/

Re: The Clan

Okay almost finished with mine @.@

Re: The Clan

Great. Thanks. :-)

Re: The Clan

Sure, go ahead! I'll accept it as a WIP. Just give me a nudge when it's finished.

Re: The Clan

Awesome. One last question... is it okay if I submit my character as a WIP? It helps me work on it better that way.

Re: The Clan

Realistic are quite alright, but so are anime style! Go with whatever you prefer. :D

Re: The Clan

Do you want anime photos or are realistic ones okay as well?

Re: The Clan

Alright awesome thanks :). Well I just submitted my character :).

Re: The Clan

Hey there! Sure, magic is allowed. Mainly in healing form, but also in "nature" form.

Some swordsmen can also use magic as part of the elven martial arts - in these cases mainly in the form of combat magic, but also magic that hinders the enemy - such as tying them down with vines growing from the ground and stuff like that.

As long as it's nothing over-powered, it's all good. ;)

Re: The Clan

Hey so I'm working on a character, but I wanted to ask you if it was okay if my character had a little bit of magic? Nothing real major, but like healing magic? Just thought I should ask before I did anything :)

Re: The Clan

Updated the link in the first post to lead to the roleplay again - and also uploaded my two characters if anyone is interested. :D

Looking forward to seeing your characters as well!

Re: The Clan

Hey, guys. No specific rules regarding the characters except that they have to be elves, relatively young (exceptions are possible if they are a clan elder or somesuch) and not evil.

The average age, I'd say, would be around 120 years old, which would be considered young but adult. :D

Re: The Clan

Do you have any rules for the characters aside from them being elves? Any type of character sheet or anything specific?

Re: The Clan

Hello. I'm really thinking about joining this role play. Are there specific things I need to put in my character skelly? Also what is the average age?