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Arden and Crow de Rook

An elven mercenary and his obnoxious little brother

0 · 224 views · located in Dahléa

a character in “Emerwood Tales”, as played by Loxley




Arden, the older of the two brothers, is a wiry built elf of approximately 150 years of age (which appears as around 25-30 to humans). He has green tattoos in his face, white hair, and, his most prominent feature, only one, green eye. His other eye is covered by a black eye patch. Arden also has long, snow-white hair, which apparently, as his brother also has it, runs in the family. He is a serious elf who rarely seems to smile to the younger elves. In fact, he appears quite stern to most of them. He always wears green woodsman's garbs, tight-fitted to allow him to fight as a warrior. He carries with him at all times two short elven swords, one of which hangs on his left hip, and the other on his back, by the right shoulder. He often also carries a bow and quiver full with arrows wherever he travels. In his right ear hangs a golden, enchanted ear ring which pulsates coldly when orcs are near.


Crow is Arden's younger brother of 120 years. He is somewhat shorter than the average elf his age, as well as somewhat lither, which almost makes him appear somewhat childlike. Like his brother, he has snow-white hair, green eyes, and green tattoos in his face, though different from his older brother's. He wears white and green clothes, and never goes anywhere without his trusted bow and quiver. However, unlike his brother he does not carry swords, only a curved hunting knife that his brother gave to him the day he became a hunter. Crow seems to always wear a cocky grin on his lips.



Arden is a quiet elf, captain of the clan's guardsmen and hunters, who is overprotective of the younger elves in the clan, including his adventurous little brother. He is serious, some would even say grim, and stern. Because of his past experience, and because he's seen the dangers of the world, he is always cautious, and is greatly annoyed by his younger brother's cavalier attitude towards danger and his thirst for adventure. Arden is, however, a caring older brother, and a caring elf who seeks to protect his clan from danger. Anyone who threatens it, he will ruthlessly destroy in battle if he is forced to. He secretly is also a poet, who enjoys writing tales of heroism and courage in battle, indicating that he might not be so different after all from his little brother. Arden can be extremely cold-headed, calculating, and composed, when thrown into battle, almost as if he becomes a different person, which scares many who see him as such. He does, however, have the full trust of the clan elder, and has been appointed leader of the clan's guards and hunters.

Crow is seemingly the complete opposite of his brother. He is loud, some would even say obnoxious, and adventurous. He constantly seeks adventure, and when common sense would dictate one to back down, Crow usually step up instead. He is impulsive, hotheaded, passionate and idealistic, and he dreams of becoming a great warrior like his brother. He is sensitive about his short stature, and when somebody makes fun of him for it things usually escalate to a fight. He is very caring of his friends, however. He is also always eager to hear of news from distant lands, as well as tales of heroism and great warriors, tales the like of which he grew up with. He dreams of one day finding Elfhalla, the great elven kingdom that is said to lie on the other side of the Emerwood. While Arden usually likes to stay alone, Crow on the other hand loves to make new friends. He also loves, incidentally, to try to drive his brother nuts with his jokes, to the great annoy of Arden.


Two slender elfblades named Ember and Howl, as well as a strong longbow that never leaves his side.

Crow carries with him a short bow (as a longbow would be longer than him) and a quiver full of arrows wherever he goes. He also always carries with him a solid quarterstaff that he has learnt to fight exceptionally well with, and a curved hunting dagger that his brother gave to him when Crow became a hunter.


Arden and Crow were both born into the clan. Their mother passed away a few years after she gave birth to Crow, and their father is said to have been sold into slavery in Vala when captured by Valesian soldiers, though nobody knows for sure. Arden raised his brother as best he could. The two were both rebellious in their youth, running away for days at a time to travel the Emerwood, before returning home to receive a spanking by the clan elder. When Arden grew older and more versed in elven martial arts, word came to the clan of war in the south. Many of the elves left to serve as mercenaries, bound by ancient treaties between the elven people and the Hero King of Creos. Arden was one of those who left to go to war in the south. There, he became known as a great warrior, of whom songs were sung, and poetry written.

When he returned home, however, he was a changed man, physically as well as mentally. His brother, however, had become even more of a wild child with his brother gone. Whereas Arden grew up to be a responsible but quiet loner of an elf, responsible for the safety of the entire clan, his brother is still a rebel who likes to disappear for a fortnight at a time, sleeping away from the clan's camp, exploring dark caves and ruins, and whatever other adventures he can find on his treks into the dangerous Emerwoods.

So begins...

Arden and Crow de Rook's Story