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Chantae McMillion


0 · 386 views · located in Kairos, Greece

a character in “Empire High”, as played by Sunflower




⌈"The Mind is a flexible mirror, adjust it, to see a better world."βŒ‹


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Chantae likes to be called Shae or Tae but only by people that she knows really well.




⌈Relationship StatusβŒ‹



⌈Face ClaimβŒ‹
Aja Naomi King.

Dialogue - #AD8A6B | Thought - #C32C32


African American.

⌈Hair ColorβŒ‹

⌈Eye ColorβŒ‹
Chestnut Brown.

⌈Skin ToneβŒ‹
Milk Chocolate.


122 lbs.

⌈Physical DescriptionβŒ‹
Chantae is a very attractive female in her own right. She has milk chocolate, smooth skin. Her skin is blemish free and she doesn't have any zits or pimples neither - Never have, never will. Her long, raven colored locks of hair is hers and she will never put a strand of weave or extensions in her hair. Her hair cascades down to the middle of her back, sometimes resting just above her shoulders. She has chestnut brown colored eyes and a big smile that can kill. She stands about five foot seven and weighs approximately one-hundred and twenty-two pounds. She tends to wear anything of the latest fashion trend, everything being colored coordinated to her taste. She wears blouses, mostly and you'll never find her in nothing other than that. Along with her blouses she has an array of skirts and pants along with heels to match. She has a butterfly tattoo on her wrist and a heart with devil horns on her ankle. She has two piercings in her two lower earlobes and a belly button piercing, too. She has a one of a kind style and dares anyone to match her when it comes to fashion.


    ❖ Is a little superstitious
    ❖ Scrunches her face up when someone says something stupid
    ❖ Occasionally applies makeup at least two times a day
    ❖ Has a minor case of O.C.D
    ❖ Lick her lips constantly
    ❖ Quotes movie phrases sometimes

    β™₯ Disney, Romance movies
    β™₯ Cooking, Baking
    β™₯ Social Gatherings
    β™₯ Competition, Coming Out On Top
    β™₯ Chocolate
    β™₯ Television shows such as Teen Wolf, Pretty Little Liars, Game of Thrones, Ridiculousness, Real World and many others

    ✘ Being bored
    ✘ Pessimistic People
    ✘ Not getting enough sleep
    ✘ Being late
    ✘ Anything or anybody that smells bad

    βœͺ Writing in her journal
    βœͺ Learning new languages
    βœͺ Photography

    ⌘ Losing someone close to her
    ⌘ Failing
    ⌘ Betrayal


Motherly | Blunt | Witty | Cunning

The somewhat bringer of light to the campus of Empire High, Chantae has been around Empire High since her Freshmen year now and people have grown quite fond of her. Chantae has what most people would call a motherly nature vibrating off of her. She is always there when people need her, to confide in her or just need a place to hang out, or someone to hang out with. Even with this, she is often cooking or baking for others, too. She is a very clever female and nothing can get past her. She often observes a situation or even someone before interjecting herself into something. Chantae is willing to make friends with almost anyone.

She is a very cunning person but only towards a select few of people – People that aren’t in her little circle. She doesn’t con people into hurting others or into something that might cause themselves. Chantae is a blunt type of person, as well. She doesn’t hold her tongue for anyone that steps in her way. Chantae is kind of an emotional person but it never gets to the point as to where she is unstable. Overall, Chantae is someone that anyone can befriend whether you’re a wealthy or charity case student. She honestly doesn’t care. She just wants to get through her last year unscathed.


3+ paragraphs

So begins...

Chantae McMillion's Story