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Jasmine Viteri

There's going to be a time where you are heartless. Only to protect yourself. { Wippy }

0 · 981 views · located in Kairos, Greece

a character in “Empire High”, as played by Naught




⌈We don't belong here and that's nothing to be ashamed ofβŒ‹


Doja Cat || Trauma
6.AM || This Is It

kiiara || Feels
Raye || Flowers


⌈It's not easy being me. It's not easy being someone else eitherβŒ‹

Jaz { Anyone } | Jazzy { Family } | Princess { Father } | Kiki { Close Friends }

{ Birthdate ~ November 16th }


Omnisexual | Biromantic
{ It's fun but don't think the fun will last forever. }

⌈Relationship StatusβŒ‹
{ Is currently not looking. Unless someone piques her interest. }


Charity Case
{ Believes her family makes enough. I don't need nobody handing me things on a silver spoon. But I'll bite my tongue for Ma and Pops. }

⌈Face ClaimβŒ‹
Zoe Kravitz



⌈Running out of time I really thought you were on my side but now there's nobody by my sideβŒ‹

Bajan { Father } | Puerto Rican { Mother }

⌈Hair ColorβŒ‹
Dark Brown

⌈Eye ColorβŒ‹

⌈Skin ToneβŒ‹
Between Tan and Bamboo skinned

5' 10"
{ Got Pops height. Hope I don't get any taller. }


From a cute crop top and high waisted denim shorts to sweatpants and a tank top, this girl can choose to 'dress to impress' or to 'dress to be comfortable'. She can make anything look good if she really was attempting to go all out with the style. Her style really depends on her mood. If she not feeling it? She not wearing it. Simple as that. She has a few tattoos and yeah they hurt but in the end it was all worth it because they turned out the way she thought they would. Her parents made sure that she understood that this was a permanent decision and if she really wanted to get tattoos they wouldn't stop her. So she did. Moon Tattoo On Both Wrists, and a Dreamcatcher Tattoo On Left Foot. Now to her piercings. She has a septum piercing but she doesn't wear it all the time, has four piercings going down to her lobe, and lastly she has her rook and tragus pierced.
{ My style is 'I don't give a fuck'. }


⌈I might get ugly, If nobody loves me anymoreο»ΏβŒ‹


    ❖ Swearing { She has the occasional slip every once in a while. }
    ❖ Interrupting Someone { If the conversation is getting good? She just can't help herself. }
    ❖ Forgetting Names { She'll end up calling you a name that's not even close. }
    ❖ Being Unfriendly { She has a shell to keep up with and she doesn't one anyone getting through it. }
    ❖ Licking Lips { It's an unconscious habit, she doesn't even know she does it. }

    β™₯ Traveling { My family always used to travel when I was younger. Don't do it often anymore because my Pops works most of the time. }
    β™₯ Beaches { The best part of traveling is the beaches. }
    β™₯ Simple People { Simple - not stupid. }
    β™₯ Dr. Pepper { I might have an addiction to it. }
    β™₯ Hot Pockets { Best thing ever invented. }
    β™₯ Parties { I'm always invited to them and I used to hate them to be honest. }
    β™₯ Dancing { Been dancing for as long as I can remember. }
    β™₯ Fashion { There's nothing wrong with wanting to look good. }
    β™₯ Fancy Drinks { It's good to treat yourself to something every once in awhile. You know? }
    β™₯ Hanging Out With The Fam { Most of my good memories is when I'm with my family. }

    ✘ Being Used { Whether it's done to me or someone else. Fucked up. }
    ✘ Being Stood Up { Are you that afraid to tell me you don't want to go anymore instead of having me wait for your ass? I could be doing some other shit. }
    ✘ Being Lied To { I will catch you on your bs. }
    ✘ People Who Stare { You must have a problem. }
    ✘ Fake People { Don't smile and act nice to me when you are going to turn around and stab me in the back. }
    ✘ Obnoxious People { I need you to bring it down 100 notches. }
    ✘ Boring People { Everyone has there own definition of a boring person. I have mine. }
    ✘ Hospitals { You can count me out. }
    ✘ Creeps { They just 'creep' me out. }

    βœͺ Dancing
    βœͺ Singing
    βœͺ Traveling

    ⌘ Failure
    ⌘ Losing Something/Someone So Dear To Her
    ⌘ Getting Bad News


⌈Seriously, do you want me to hate you?βŒ‹


2+ paragraphs explaining the traits.


⌈Life is too short to waste your time hating anyoneβŒ‹

|| Family ||

|| Kai Mattias Viteri || Age || Father || Alive || "Pops" || ”WIP”

|| Alondra Camila Viteri || Age || Mother || Alive || "Ma" || ”WIP”

|| Collin Armando Viteri || Age || Younger Brother || Alive || "Lil Man" || ”WIP”

So begins...

Jasmine Viteri's Story