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Bene Elohim

An ancient southern empire of men ruled by bloodthirsty Nephilim.

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a character in “Empirica”, as played by Kronos


Nation: Bene Elohim

Race: Nephilim, Man

Race description: The Nephilim and Grigori are races of giants claiming to be the sons of god. They are the descendants of the Elim, giants of even greater mystical power who died out long ago. The empire of the Nephilim rules over numerous human tribes. Most are simply enslaved to the Bene Elohim but a select few prosperous tribes have more independence.

Culture: Tribal Empire; the giants of Bene Elohim rule over their human slaves in great cities build on the plains of Enoch. There are numerous human tribes, but the tribes of the Gaddites and Zebullites are most powerful. The tribe of Juddites faithfully serve their Elohim masters as priests and personal servants of the Nephilim.

Location: ---


Homeland Geography: Muddy plains.

Approximate Population: 2 million giants, 5 million humans

Capital: Gath; the enormous temple city of the Nephilim. Enormous walls surround the sprawling gardens of the city. Strange beings are said to walk the hallways of sacred temples.

Notable Cities: Gilead; the northernmost city of the Bene Elohim. Ekron; home of the Gaddite tribe of humans. Uratu; ancestral home of the Grigori giants.

Average City/Town/Settlement: Nineveh, Ascalon, Sidon

National History: The Nephilim claim to be descendants of the Elim. The empire of giants has always existed in the muddy southern plains of Ashdod. The giants have been content to live in their temple cities isolated from the world until recently.

Major Imports: Iron, Wood

Major Export: Gold, Turqoise, Spices, Wheat

Army: The Nephilim are an immensely lazy race. The lesser Grigori, especially the massive tribe of Moabites, lead massive human armies into battle. Most human slaves wearing nothing more than leather armor and weild spears or slings and kopeshes. The Grigori wear heavier chain armor into the battle. Horsemen are a rare sight in the southern plains.

Navy: Without a ready source of timber the Bene Elohim find their navy lacking. They are not a seafaring people and only have use for river boats. Certain coastal tribes of humans enslaved by the Bene Elohim now build their ocean going dromon and the giants are slowly expanding their navy.

Magic: The Bene Elohim are masters of ritual blood magic.

So begins...

Bene Elohim's Story


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The nation of Purrel starts making aggressive moves south, outing the local tribesmen. Skirmishes end with minimal loses sustained against the Purrel.

Trade is normal, although rumors of invasion against Bene Elohim begin floating around.

Politics are normal.

Religion is normal.

Public: Caught unawares of the sudden expansion, but happy to be getting more land.


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#, as written by Kronos
Adon Baalit al-Ibir sat on his golden peacock throne in the great palace of Gath. He looked out across the colonnade. Giant priests and scribes scurried through the myriad rooms of the palace, assisted by retinues of human helpers. Indentured as they were, these humans were not mere slaves. It was an honor to serve the Adon and Nephilim priests.

"Sayyid al-Ibir, your Aluf Yassib requests an audience," barked an enormous guardsmen clad in iron plate and red robes.

"Let him enter." replied Baalit, his deep voice booming through the massive room. Light streamed through the massive room as the guardsmen opened the heavy bronze doors.

The Adon's Aluf entered. The many braziers in the great hall cast a long shadow across the wall as he walked. Yassib kneeled on one knee before Baalit when he approached the throne. He rose to his feet. "Sayyid, reports have came of the northern nation of Purrel moving south, displacing the far cousins of the Benjaminite humans. I fear they not stop."

The Nephilim giant conversed with his Aluf, Yassib al-Ibir, discussing the nervous situation. Finally they agreed upon what should be done. "And let it be!" Commanded Baalit as Yassib left.


The tribe of Benjaminites in the north of Levant labored feverishly in newly constructed shipyards. One of the most influential tribes, they accepted gold and turquoise in exchange for their open water sailing expertise and sturdy ships. Cohorts of hundreds of Moabite warriors made camp outside their shipyards.


Bene Elohim was quiet for now.