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Kingdom of Wythradale

A massive unattractive expanse of land crushed between two mountain ranges is the home of the honorable Syathe Drana.

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Kingdom of Wythradale


Syathe Drana


Average Adult Height: 1.78 - 2.44 m
Average Adult Weight: 97.4 - 184.3 kg
Average Life Expectancy: 104 years
Average Birth Rate: 11.8 yearly births per 1000
Population: ~9,500,000
Diet: Omnivorous, yet largely carnivorous
Maturity: 21 years
Languages: Common. Traythan. Altraythan.

Large four armed bipeds. The Syathe Drana are physically impressive and strong creatures that are not easily classified. Warm blooded, short furred and giving birth to live young as mammals. Yet they have a number of reptilian traits. Patches of scales over the arms, legs, back, neck and chests as well as large claws more raptor or reptilian and mammalian. Their heads a serpentine head featuring quite impressive fangs, a set of four highly acute diurnal eyes and sedate manes. Although their sense of sight, hearing and balance are well developed they lack delicacy in their other senses.

Common Eye Colours: Yellow, Red, Orange, Violet, Lilac
Common Fur Colours: Grey, Brown, Black, White
Common Scale Colours: Black, Golden, Brown, Orange ,Dark Red



The Syathe Drana capital, Ceryhal, was not historically the most important settlement in Wythradale. Nor was it the largest until it became the capital. However ever since it became a permanent settlement it has been known as the most beautiful. Coming from a race where beauty is secondary to purpose that is praise indeed. It is located to the south of the kingdom, nestled in a valley of the Wrayth mountain range surrounded by thick vegetation and rocky outcrops. The valley quite broad with its own assembly of smaller mountains, hills, cliffs and even farmland. Despite this it is enclosed by much more impressive peaks. Access is next to impossible from any route other then the the valley entrance itself and the mining tunnels that drill into the mountains. A small river known as the Adrynai funnels fresh rain and melt water, dividing the city.

Ceryhal is loosely based off a tribe structure. There is little in the terms of districts or tiers, instead the whole city revolves around a sense of community. Irregularly arranged in concentric circles around around a center area, or Syhaa. The whole disordered structural makes defensive fortifications such as walls difficult, even streets are only constructed in the major travel routes. Elsewhere the city blends with the forest in a way that is hardly attained in other settlements. In the rock around and beneath the city mining caverns and tunnels have also been converted to serve other purposes. The Syhaa is then traditionally connected to what would've been the chieftain's home. Now the Syhaa essentially acts as the entrance courtyard for the majestic seat of power, the Palace. The Palace is both a home for the ruling class, the seat of government and the venue for civil affairs.



Much of Wythradale is mountainous. The Wrayth range to the south and the Ilyta range to the north. The two join to form a larger range to the north-east of the the kingdom. The Gutyv, as the Syathe call it, is the huge valley that separates the Wrayth and Ilyta mountain ranges carved by a river of the same name. The Gutyv river is fed by hundreds of tributaries flowing down the surrounding mountains. For the most part the majority of peaks of both ranges are commonly snow capped. Although in the north the mountains are notably taller and covered the year round, also the low land around to slows and valleys is far less fertile. Resulting in a rather barren, cold and grey scenery. Further south the Gutyv river slows, deposits minerals and the the climate is far more suitable for plant life, leaving the basin covered in a thick green forest that stretches down into the Wrayth range. In summer the snows are rare and rainfall is low throughout the year other then the depths of winter, even higher up the range. Snow is far more prevalent and the melts are the main source of water feeding the Wythradale.

The wildlife of Wythradale is varied with the variable terrain from the snowy north to the rocky mountains and the deep forest of the Gutyv. However most of it is large and unpleasantness, with the exception with the lower southern sloops of the Wrayth where the fauna of the southern lands is predominant due to the wall of the mountain range. A few species roam the whole area. Of these the Dryn are numerous, a heavy quadruped with three fingered feet that allow to them to travel on any terrain. Heavily furred and armored, although the coats change with breed and region. To this day most are still wild creatures and the breeds that have been domesticated are hardly tame, although docile. The Dryn are the major source of meat and fur through the region. Until metal surpassed it their bone plates were also used as armoring. Now the plates are mainly used to historical decoration and ceremonial dressing. Fyl hawks also roam the area, using the higher peaks of the Ilyta as nesting grounds in the early spring and summer before returning to the warmer south. As opposed to the Dryn they are easily domesticated and the most common pets of the Syathe Drana, in fact breeds of Fyl hawks are family heritages.

The Ilyta and Wrayth ranges are where the wealth and strength of Wythradale is held. Massive mineral veins run through both ranges. Mined exclusively by the Syathe. Athough silver, gold and other precious metals are more rare most base minerals are in excess. Only a small portion of the Wrayth has been tapped and mining in the Ilyta has only begun with the most recent generations. Below and around the oldest settlements the stone has been next to mined out. Some of the older mines have even been extended to form a network underground between these settlements. Even the Gutyv is rich, the low land riddled with marvelous caves and formations as well as deposits of a strange compound of a clay like consistency. This is Ydrris, found only around certain ancient rivers flowing through a porous landscape. No other location has the same quantity of Ydrris been discovered, making it one of the Wrythradale's most unique commodities. Although it acts like clay it has next to no purpose as a crafting or construction material the real value of Ydrris is found after it has been processed. In its crude form Ydrris acts like a medicinal drug; absorbing poisons, soothing pain, stimulating blood production and flow. Once refined by drying and powering this effect is increased and even brings about heightened mental functions including magic aptitude. The spice itself is only moderately addictive by the slight power it brings is can be far worse mentally. Thus in the kingdom its use is highly moderated.

Since before memory or story there was always ten the ten tribes: Ceryhal, Heryal, Rythal, Orryi, Quyri, Jyr, Valhylta, Curyl, Zera and Ulthur. Each village spread themselves along the entirety of the Wyrthadale. The majority situated in the Wrayth range, away from the cold of the north and the dangers of the Gutyv. Orryi is the northernmost, slightly below the meeting of the Wrayth and Ilyta ranges. Curyl and Ulthur are the occupants of the Ilyta range and without a doubt the most sturdy and powerful tribes other then the Zera tribe from the Gutyv basin. Zera is know for its rather aggressive population and firm grasp on the Ydrris supply, they would have to be seeing as it is only tribe occupying the predator filled forest. To this day, despite the improvement in travel and numerous smaller settlements, the original tribes are the largest cities and center of life in the Kingdom of Wyrthadale.


The Syathe Drana are a territorial and tribal species that has always upheld honor as a virtue. They value tradition and heritage highly, as well as strength and combat skills. Each tribe has their own history and an area of expertise, although the smaller southern most tribes differed little. Although not inclined to warmongering they are still a warlike race. Many problems were solved by blade, and sometimes blood, between tribes. Although again this was in the name of honor and rarely did they succumb to war. Partly due to the deep racial connections between the tribes. Family and honor come first to the Syathe Drana, next on the list is the bond they share as a race.

Of course much has changed since they were a selection of independent tribes. Now they are a single nation although they still hold to their heritage and honor. Each of the ten major tribes is led by a Torra, essentially a chieftain who has claimed the position by strength of arm and sharpness of mind. The Torra have next to absolute authority over their tribe. That was the way it always had been, there was no requirement to claim the title of Torra except that their honor was intact. Any Torra may rise to claim yet another title, that of Czyr. The wisest and mightiest among them becomes the king and the seat of the king was in Ceryhal.


Major Exports: Raw and refined metals. Ydrris Spice. Weaponry. Magical Artifacts.
Major Imports: Foods. Fabrics. Leathers. Craftsmen. Gladiators.

Military: The military of the Syathe Drana is no small thing. To serve is a great honor and the massive rugged landscape makes a large standing military a requirement in order to police the boarders properly. Almost every adult Syathe Drana, male or female, has to serve a compulsory two years. They will mainly undergo training and only remain on active duty for less then six months. However every one that has served has the expectation be called into service again should the need arise. Of these conscripts many remain as soldiers past their term, bringing honor to their families. Roughly 14% of the population is in active service at any time, with 10% being full time soldiers.

Troops: The majority of troops are foot soldiers and the main armament of the army are swords, each soldier wielding up to four apiece although on average they wield a pair, leaving the other two arms free for other duties and to bare shields. Although shields are very rarely used, except by those at the very front of a formation.
Mounts are also rare, and only officers and the more honorable soldiers can ride them. They are trained Zyer beasts, vicious creatures are a still difficult to control while broken. They are as fierce a fighter as the rider most often.
Typical bows, while still used by the Syathe Drana are not the most prevalent range weapons. Instead they favor much more ridiculous scaled weaponry as befitting their size, they use their own scale versions of longbows that are suited for utilizing their anatomy and firing two arrows at once. Additionally they use crossbows, either a pair of smaller ones to each soldier or a larger version with superior power to smaller scale ones that can be reloaded much easier with the use of four hands.
The military has very little in the way of artillery or siege equipment. The major proportion of heavy weaponry are balliste, catapults and trebuchet. Although the most recent addition to this heavy weaponry is Ryth Fyrr. A tempered mixtures of volatile powders that react on exposure to air and flame to produce a thick sticky sludge that burns incredibly intense for a short period. Yet even after the initial ignition it will continue to burn for up to three hours and proves resistant to water.

Navy: Wythradale hardly has a navy to speak of, only a few younger settlements are on the shore of the ocean. Its a place where the Syathe Drana tend to avoid. Other than fishing vessels and a few transports their presence on the water is limited to a few warships. Although these ships are nothing to sniff at. The Syathe Drana are a race incredibly proud of their metal working abilities after all. Their score of warships are ironclads, roughly 63 meters long and magically enhanced armoring allowing them to stay afloat from more than just displacement. The majority of their weaponry is balliste, although some ships boast heavier catapults. Although they all have a stockpile of Ryth Fyrr.


So begins...

Kingdom of Wythradale's Story


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The nation of Purrel starts making aggressive moves south, outing the local tribesmen. Skirmishes end with minimal loses sustained against the Purrel.

Trade is normal, although rumors of invasion against Bene Elohim begin floating around.

Politics are normal.

Religion is normal.

Public: Caught unawares of the sudden expansion, but happy to be getting more land.


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Jhun Ceryhal strode through the spacious stone corridors of the palace, a deep green ceremonial robe flowing behind him. Bone shoulder pads affixed it to an elaborate suit of leather and armor of the same hue. Other four armed Drana shifted away as he passed, affording the Torra of Ceryhal the respect he deserved. The palace had been active recently, with the upcoming council every Torra and their entourage from across the Wythradale had gathered. There had been a number of clashes, although none of them had been more extreme then a simple duel. Of course that was all the small details, Jhun's attention was on a higher level. A pair of mighty Syathe Drana guards bowed before him and moved to open the ornate door they stood vigil over. With a polite bow back the Torra entered the council chambers.

The chamber was already largely occupied. A heavy circular stone table dominated the center of the room. Arranged around the outside was a remarkable menagerie of color and uniforms. Each Torra's ceremonial armor was different in style and colored according to the tribes they represented. The center of the table was cut away, with a gap from one side for Syathe Drana to enter and have the eyes of the greatest of their species focused upon them. Opposite to the entrance stood the throne, a obelisk of magnificently shaped metal in the form of a great Artatos that towered over twice the height of the Syathe Drana in the room. The leaders of Wythradale were not unimpressive in comparison though. Each one an example of prime physical condition, larger and more intelligent than the others of their families. The beast among them sat where he belong, under the sculpted reptilian gaze of the Artatos. Cyzr Garru was larger even than the Torra of Ulthur, his fur and scale faded to pure black with age. He had lost none of his commanding presence nor sacrificed strength for wisdom. Slightly humbled in the presence of such greatness Jhun Ceryhal silently strode to his own meager throne and sat, completing the assembly. The doors closed with a solid thud, signaling the start of the council.

"Concerning news from our scouts in the independent lands south of Purrel."

A silver armored Syathe Drana rose, unlike the others his uniform was far more practical. The silver glint of metal marked him as Tirran, the Torra equivalent of the armed forces.

"We received several reports of a united excursion of Purrel forces. It was successful to say the least. The tribes have neither the numbers or the skill to repel such an attack. As such Purrel has claimed much of the land remaining on the peninsula. Our scouts themselves have also retreated, staying outside of the presumed boarder line. By now, if this expansion has continued, Purrel will effectively control the entirety of the landmass beyond our eastern boarder."

Silence responded to his announcement. Not one Torra would interrupt another before they were finished. A matter of etiquette, even if the leaders had questions.

"We have had very little sign of aggression against our own lands. Forts Hylcro, Jylith, Ruth and Gerya have been fully constructed leaving little doubt of our territory. Upon receiving these reports it was ensured that all four garrisons were at full strength with reserves until we learn more of our neighbors intentions. As Tirran and responsible for protection of the Syathe Drana and Wythradale I request that communications are allowed with the Humans. To ascertain their intentions as well as give us insights into their culture."

With the final request the Tirran, a Syathe Drana of Curyla family line, watched the others assembled around the table carefully. Their expressions showed mixed reactions, with disapproval being common. Since their first contact around 200 years earlier the neighboring nations have kept communications and interactions nonexistent. The Drana shutting down any ties to the alien nation. Cementing their boarders and essentially ignoring Purrel as a entity. To break this silence put in place by their forefathers would be to break a tradition, even one as short lived as that. Breaking tradition was not something the Syathe Drana took lightly.

The first to respond was the Torra of Ulthar. A heavy, brutish and silver furred Syathe Drana. He was the ideal image of the residents of the cold, rugged tribe. On issues of war and violence he was one of the forefronts of discussion, yet another heritage of the warlike Ulthar. As was expected he was one to advocate a more aggressive approach and reject the consideration of diplomacy. Of course his opposite, the Torra of Zera, gave the alternate response. The two tribes never saw eye to eye, conflict always arose if the two families met on each others grounds. The topic was discussed. Opinions and options were offered, rejected and altered. Nothing was decided on, although a general consensus could be gathered. The majority were against the proposition to open talks with the Humans but supportive of ensuring the security of the boarders.

The scouts would be drawn back from boarders of Purrel, the Kingdom of Wyrthadale did not wish on invoke conflict over trespassing and so carefully kept their information gatherers outside the official control of their neighbor. On larger details the final decision could not be defined by mere discussion and disagreement. Respectful silence fell around the stone table as Czyr Garru took his turn to speak.

"It is not wise to ignore the strength and scale of the Human nation, nor their capabilities. Should their intentions turn towards our territory then war shall be inevitable. Ensure that the three tiers of garrisons are fully armed, equipped and adequately supplied. Caution should be taken in the case of contact with humans within our boarders. Since the rising of the first Cyzr there has only been peace for our kind. We have flourished in this peace and the so shall we aspire to continue to do so for the good of our kind.

As such I command that a party of delegates be dispatched to initiate contact with Perrul, to make them aware of our claims and our will. Too long have we ignored these creatures. They may have much to offer us, as alien as they are. As of this day I end the solitude of the Kingdom of Wyrthadale. Let us grow and become strong. That is a worth goal is it not?"

The question was rhetorical. The rule had been given and must be obey, as a matter of honor and right. Not one Torra rose to dispute the action.

In the two months that followed no contact was actually made with Perrul, the delegates prepared themselves before heading to the eastern garrisons. The garrisons themselves were incredibly active once the order was given. Increasing their numbers by half again and reinforced with resources to spare. Alongside this shift was the claiming of the southern lands, south of Yullan Lake. The grasslands here were not part of the forested, craggy Gutvey. Even the tier forts were constructed within the forested area that spread from the mouth of the great valley. It was a strange experience for the Syathe Drana that were dispatched on this expedition. Avoiding the townships and tribes of other races their camp was set at the edge of Perrus's border and construction of Fort Gurran began. Effectively claiming the land between for Wythradale even if the residents did not comprehend yet. It was also a sign that the Syathe Drana were well aware of their neighbors expansion and responding in kind.