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"Be ready for anything from these folks, they've got a couple of tricks up their sleeve..."

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a character in “Empirica”, as played by The Soul one


Race description
Look at a mirror
Feudal. A hierarchy with a king/queen or emperor/empress on top (depending on preference of current leader) with lords paying tribute to him/her using the land they've been assigned. Peasants on the bottom are uneducated and not very bright, although smart ones do pop up on occasion. Those are picked out by knights, and are trained by said knights to become knights themselves. The best knights are eventually given lordship of land, possibly land that the nation does not own yet.
Homeland Geography
Plains and forests.
Approximate Population
7 million
Regal (Red). Has a population of 2,000 peasants, 200 merchants, a council of 20 aged and well respected senators with a few servants and guards each, and the empress herself, Yolonda. The city itself has wide streets, with many buildings. The peasantry in the city are the best found, with little starvation during winter with none during the summer. The city guard has a total of 1,000 full time soldiers and 100 knights both the walls and the palace. The palace holds the empress's and the senator's chambers, along with their meeting hall and feasting hall. All decorated lavishly. the palace also holds a church to their gods, Iro (god of the sun and crops), Isa (sister to Iro and god of the moon and weather), and Othelo (god of death and devastation).
Notable Cities
Polentius (Black). The tower of magi (another plural for mage). Stands at an astounding 1,200 feet tall. Has 300 magi inside at all times, although most are only there temporarily, as they are often leaving for other parts of the country. The magic used here is all immediate, with little room for rituals or sacrifices, although that and other magic isn't frowned upon. They have a council of 12 elders that decide on decisions from the empress, deciding whether or not to back them. A decision of backing usually sends several hundred mages to the location of which the event is taking place for support, while an opposite decision ends with no help being sent.
Noblis (Pink). A major mining city, the city itself is actually under a mountain rich in iron. Designed by a genius architect from long ago, the structures still stand strong today with little to no sign of wear. Magic runes are in place to prevent age, so that the city may last many more lifetimes into the future. The city has a population of 500 workers, 200 mercenaries, 20 knights, and a noble who rules the city and surrounding farmland.
Seran (Yellow). A city that takes up the whole island that it rests on, the port city that has everything to do with trading and seafaring. Constantly producing more ships to quench it's endless thirst for trade, the captains who are trained here are often the best, trained to travel using the stars and how to predict weather predictions. The city has a population of 300 dock workers, 100 mercenaries, 10 knights, and a greedy noble.
Parathor (Green). A major farming city with a massive amount of land. The streets are much much wider than most cities to make room for the wagons of wheat and barley that makes up most of its produce, although there are fields dedicated to nothing but carrots, cabbage, and potatoes. It has a population of 800 farmers, 250 horsemen, 200 men-at-arms, 40 knights, and a noble.
Average City/Town/Settlement
Thin streets with little room for anything bigger than a cart. Has around 100-300 peasants with 50-150 men-at-arms and 10-25 knights to protect the city. Always has a noble.
Small, with a population of 50-100 peasants with 25-50 men-at-arms and 5-10 knights. Governed by one of the knights when a noble either isn't available or doesn't want the town.
Tiny, with nothing more than a population of 20-50 peasants, 5-25 men-at-arms, and 1-5 knights. Governed by one of the knights.
National history
Starting several hundred years ago with Nev, the first king, who forged the kingdom it is today. Fighting was rampant, as those that opposed a kingship was squashed, leaving behind no opposition. By the end of the first rule, no one was there to oppose the weak kingdom. It has had a peaceful existence since then, going through six other rulers without wars. The current ruler, however, has plans she intends to set in motion, plans to expand the empire across the world.
Major Exports
Metal, Timber, Wheat, Barley, Weapons, Ships, Craftsmen.
Major Imports
Exotic foods and spices, Furs, Coal, Gold, Turquoise, Hurbs.
Consists of 34% of the population.
Men-at-arms (Wields either a spear or sword) Consists of 50% of the army.
Archers (Armed with either a crossbow or a longbow) Consists of 40% of the army.
Knights (Wields a claymore from the back of a horse) Consists of 10% of the army.
Sailing Galleys (Archers shoot arrows from the decks before boarding with a lightly-armored force.) has 400.
Transport ships (Archers and men-at-arms can fight, but are considerably fragile.) has 200.
Used for direct combat, using fireballs to kill several enemies at once while lightning bolts to kill far away enemies. Augments the main force.
Also can use runes to make fortifications and ships stronger and fire-resistant.

So begins...

Purrel's Story


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The nation of Purrel starts making aggressive moves south, outing the local tribesmen. Skirmishes end with minimal loses sustained against the Purrel.

Trade is normal, although rumors of invasion against Bene Elohim begin floating around.

Politics are normal.

Religion is normal.

Public: Caught unawares of the sudden expansion, but happy to be getting more land.


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#, as written by Kronos
Adon Baalit al-Ibir sat on his golden peacock throne in the great palace of Gath. He looked out across the colonnade. Giant priests and scribes scurried through the myriad rooms of the palace, assisted by retinues of human helpers. Indentured as they were, these humans were not mere slaves. It was an honor to serve the Adon and Nephilim priests.

"Sayyid al-Ibir, your Aluf Yassib requests an audience," barked an enormous guardsmen clad in iron plate and red robes.

"Let him enter." replied Baalit, his deep voice booming through the massive room. Light streamed through the massive room as the guardsmen opened the heavy bronze doors.

The Adon's Aluf entered. The many braziers in the great hall cast a long shadow across the wall as he walked. Yassib kneeled on one knee before Baalit when he approached the throne. He rose to his feet. "Sayyid, reports have came of the northern nation of Purrel moving south, displacing the far cousins of the Benjaminite humans. I fear they not stop."

The Nephilim giant conversed with his Aluf, Yassib al-Ibir, discussing the nervous situation. Finally they agreed upon what should be done. "And let it be!" Commanded Baalit as Yassib left.


The tribe of Benjaminites in the north of Levant labored feverishly in newly constructed shipyards. One of the most influential tribes, they accepted gold and turquoise in exchange for their open water sailing expertise and sturdy ships. Cohorts of hundreds of Moabite warriors made camp outside their shipyards.


Bene Elohim was quiet for now.


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Jhun Ceryhal strode through the spacious stone corridors of the palace, a deep green ceremonial robe flowing behind him. Bone shoulder pads affixed it to an elaborate suit of leather and armor of the same hue. Other four armed Drana shifted away as he passed, affording the Torra of Ceryhal the respect he deserved. The palace had been active recently, with the upcoming council every Torra and their entourage from across the Wythradale had gathered. There had been a number of clashes, although none of them had been more extreme then a simple duel. Of course that was all the small details, Jhun's attention was on a higher level. A pair of mighty Syathe Drana guards bowed before him and moved to open the ornate door they stood vigil over. With a polite bow back the Torra entered the council chambers.

The chamber was already largely occupied. A heavy circular stone table dominated the center of the room. Arranged around the outside was a remarkable menagerie of color and uniforms. Each Torra's ceremonial armor was different in style and colored according to the tribes they represented. The center of the table was cut away, with a gap from one side for Syathe Drana to enter and have the eyes of the greatest of their species focused upon them. Opposite to the entrance stood the throne, a obelisk of magnificently shaped metal in the form of a great Artatos that towered over twice the height of the Syathe Drana in the room. The leaders of Wythradale were not unimpressive in comparison though. Each one an example of prime physical condition, larger and more intelligent than the others of their families. The beast among them sat where he belong, under the sculpted reptilian gaze of the Artatos. Cyzr Garru was larger even than the Torra of Ulthur, his fur and scale faded to pure black with age. He had lost none of his commanding presence nor sacrificed strength for wisdom. Slightly humbled in the presence of such greatness Jhun Ceryhal silently strode to his own meager throne and sat, completing the assembly. The doors closed with a solid thud, signaling the start of the council.

"Concerning news from our scouts in the independent lands south of Purrel."

A silver armored Syathe Drana rose, unlike the others his uniform was far more practical. The silver glint of metal marked him as Tirran, the Torra equivalent of the armed forces.

"We received several reports of a united excursion of Purrel forces. It was successful to say the least. The tribes have neither the numbers or the skill to repel such an attack. As such Purrel has claimed much of the land remaining on the peninsula. Our scouts themselves have also retreated, staying outside of the presumed boarder line. By now, if this expansion has continued, Purrel will effectively control the entirety of the landmass beyond our eastern boarder."

Silence responded to his announcement. Not one Torra would interrupt another before they were finished. A matter of etiquette, even if the leaders had questions.

"We have had very little sign of aggression against our own lands. Forts Hylcro, Jylith, Ruth and Gerya have been fully constructed leaving little doubt of our territory. Upon receiving these reports it was ensured that all four garrisons were at full strength with reserves until we learn more of our neighbors intentions. As Tirran and responsible for protection of the Syathe Drana and Wythradale I request that communications are allowed with the Humans. To ascertain their intentions as well as give us insights into their culture."

With the final request the Tirran, a Syathe Drana of Curyla family line, watched the others assembled around the table carefully. Their expressions showed mixed reactions, with disapproval being common. Since their first contact around 200 years earlier the neighboring nations have kept communications and interactions nonexistent. The Drana shutting down any ties to the alien nation. Cementing their boarders and essentially ignoring Purrel as a entity. To break this silence put in place by their forefathers would be to break a tradition, even one as short lived as that. Breaking tradition was not something the Syathe Drana took lightly.

The first to respond was the Torra of Ulthar. A heavy, brutish and silver furred Syathe Drana. He was the ideal image of the residents of the cold, rugged tribe. On issues of war and violence he was one of the forefronts of discussion, yet another heritage of the warlike Ulthar. As was expected he was one to advocate a more aggressive approach and reject the consideration of diplomacy. Of course his opposite, the Torra of Zera, gave the alternate response. The two tribes never saw eye to eye, conflict always arose if the two families met on each others grounds. The topic was discussed. Opinions and options were offered, rejected and altered. Nothing was decided on, although a general consensus could be gathered. The majority were against the proposition to open talks with the Humans but supportive of ensuring the security of the boarders.

The scouts would be drawn back from boarders of Purrel, the Kingdom of Wyrthadale did not wish on invoke conflict over trespassing and so carefully kept their information gatherers outside the official control of their neighbor. On larger details the final decision could not be defined by mere discussion and disagreement. Respectful silence fell around the stone table as Czyr Garru took his turn to speak.

"It is not wise to ignore the strength and scale of the Human nation, nor their capabilities. Should their intentions turn towards our territory then war shall be inevitable. Ensure that the three tiers of garrisons are fully armed, equipped and adequately supplied. Caution should be taken in the case of contact with humans within our boarders. Since the rising of the first Cyzr there has only been peace for our kind. We have flourished in this peace and the so shall we aspire to continue to do so for the good of our kind.

As such I command that a party of delegates be dispatched to initiate contact with Perrul, to make them aware of our claims and our will. Too long have we ignored these creatures. They may have much to offer us, as alien as they are. As of this day I end the solitude of the Kingdom of Wyrthadale. Let us grow and become strong. That is a worth goal is it not?"

The question was rhetorical. The rule had been given and must be obey, as a matter of honor and right. Not one Torra rose to dispute the action.

In the two months that followed no contact was actually made with Perrul, the delegates prepared themselves before heading to the eastern garrisons. The garrisons themselves were incredibly active once the order was given. Increasing their numbers by half again and reinforced with resources to spare. Alongside this shift was the claiming of the southern lands, south of Yullan Lake. The grasslands here were not part of the forested, craggy Gutvey. Even the tier forts were constructed within the forested area that spread from the mouth of the great valley. It was a strange experience for the Syathe Drana that were dispatched on this expedition. Avoiding the townships and tribes of other races their camp was set at the edge of Perrus's border and construction of Fort Gurran began. Effectively claiming the land between for Wythradale even if the residents did not comprehend yet. It was also a sign that the Syathe Drana were well aware of their neighbors expansion and responding in kind.