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Aem Taociesia doli notaq dule kavella esl howsla | Our land of Light will forever be in our hearts & souls

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a character in “Empirica”, originally authored by PatchworkHeart, as played by RolePlayGateway


Nation Location: (Also a picture of the National Flag)

Nations Name:
Taociesia ~ Meaning 'land of Light' in Taocien.

Race Name: Taocien

Race Description: The Taocien race is small but extremely unique, they are easily distinguished by their singular eye on the front of their face and another of the back of their neck (making the phrase 'eyes in the back of your head' literal).
Their skin is extremely pale, almost white in fact and looks fairly papery with a black scar-like marking coming down from their forehead to just above where their eyebrow would be (a little more to the right, though). Despite these odd looks, they in fact all hold a very strange kind of beauty.
An average Taocien’s life-span is around one hundred years for males, one hundred and ten for females.
It is also only possible for the woman to have the hair colours blonde, black, blue or green. While the men may have either blonde, brown, black, blue or (vibrant) red.
Also, pregnancy only lasts for five months for Taocien's.

They are a mild mannered race and usually get along with most other civilizations, but if they ever feel threatened, you'll see just how ugly they can get.
Above almost anything else, the Tacoien's value their children and all are put into an excellent education system, the Tacoien's wholeheartedly agree that their children are their future and therefore they should be looked after.

Nation Size: Small (around 83,562 km²)
Population Scale: 4,182,099

Capital: Calonria
When walking through the streets of Calonria, you'll most likely be struck by how many herbalist shops there are, they all rely upon herbs to make them feel better, this is why they are possibly the largest rare herb traders in the entire world.
Another famous asset of Calonria is it's widely popular market, best known for selling almost anything a being could ever want, it is so large that it stretches right the way from Calonria's quaint town square all the way to Noctora dil mado Lunian's gates - one of the largest schools in the country.

The buildings are usually painted a white/cream colour (like most things in Calonria) and have thatched roofs, although they aren't the usual thatched roofs (however much they look like it) they are in fact made out of a substance much like plastic in the way that it is very tough and waterproof but also fireproof.

Another popular place to go in Taociesia is Maoli, a tiny little village, granted, but well appreciated nevertheless for it's sweetest ale (or 'Lainao') that heals scars.
This little Village is also very close to the coastal areas of Taociesia so is fairly rich through the docks they placed there, for the business is plentiful.

National Geography: To most outsiders Taociesia is probably freezing, it is either always snowing or clear skies but still deathly cold - The Tacien's have adapted to their and while they may have thin, papery skin do not seem to feel the cold at all and are even able to walk around in sleeveless tops and shorts/skirts on the coldest of days, although, their woman are too respectable to do such things.
Of course, they do get sun and such but it's as though the sun hardly heats their homes and to be perfectly honest, they are quite content the way they are anyway.
Due to their cold weather, they cannot harvest usual fruits or vegetables (nor herbs, but their herbs are rare and special so they grow regardless) instead, they harvest a newly discovered fruit named 'Yaelu' which is a dark plum purple/red on the outside and shaped like a apple but has the consistency of a mango while the insides are a light green with small, edible yellow seeds (which they re-plant for more of them).
Also, they are fairly limited with a range of animal but have plenty bears and wolves which they eat, it just gets a little boring after a while, but it doesn't matter because Taecien's are mainly plant-eaters anyway (although, of course they do eat meat and they are not vegetarians.)

National History:
It's a mystery how the Taocien race was actually birthed but there are many theories that the great warlock 'Eaurtm' was lonely and so he decided to make a race to keep him occupied, although, this is just a conspiracy many do believe in him and even have a whole religion type-thing based upon him called 'Eaurtmislan'.
And that the first born Taocien was born through Eaurtm taking some of his own blood and wielding it into a living being, but also that the first born was in fact - Female, the most beautiful Taocien to have ever grace this world.
Eaurtm soon decided to create her another sister and one brother, so that she wouldn't be like him, alone.

Eaurtm would watch them interact in their own language, watching as Reciwa (the first woman) fell in love with her brother Mapvio and it all seemed perfect.
But that didn't last, because soon enough Hayra (her sister) fell inlove with their brother too, thus the war that would be forever remembered as 'fe dai o fe ul baros inili' or, the day of the first born's death.
After her death, Eaurtm killed both Hayra and Mapvio cruelly and decided to make a more accepting race, keeping their looks exactly the same, Taocien created Geoni and Lioj, now knowing that if he created any more, there would be many, many feuds.
Instead of just leaving them to do whatever they pleased, this time Eaurtm trained them to be selfless and mild-mannered, granting them the power of 'magic' so that they could eventually expand their race.

Together Geoni and Lioj birthed Harpinu (female), Solua (female) and marthine (male) made Bethiwna and Lyzana, another couple so that their children may marry their children, Tyll (male), Yula (female) and Wari (male).
Quickly they began to expand, spreading magic throughout the land and love into Eaurtm's heart.

Of course, not every Taocien believes in Eaurtmislan, but that is the story that is widely popular with the beings and so that's what is told the most, even if it is the least illogical.

Nation's Major Trade Exports: Rare herbs/herbal remedies | Lainao (sweet ale) | Potions | Furs (mainly bear and wolf skins)
Nation's Major Trade Imports: Milk | Vegetables | Wheat | Metal
Military: 12%
Army/Regular Troops: Many Taocien's are willing to fight for their country but to make sure that they always have plenty fighters on hand, they look over every male once they turn 18 and choose, only the best, young men to be trained (not necessarily fight, yet, but if they've had the training them they're able to protect others if war ever occurs).

Navy: Same as the Army.

So begins...

Taociesia's Story


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The nation of Purrel starts making aggressive moves south, outing the local tribesmen. Skirmishes end with minimal loses sustained against the Purrel.

Trade is normal, although rumors of invasion against Bene Elohim begin floating around.

Politics are normal.

Religion is normal.

Public: Caught unawares of the sudden expansion, but happy to be getting more land.