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This northern empire is known for it's superior ruling, along with the verbal commandeer of the Undoe Empire.

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Nation: Xetelta Image
Race: The Undoe


Race description: The Undoe were long forgotten over the time of previous history, before re-creating their appearance in these northern lands long after their near extinction with the degrading population from foreign countries attacking them with mass groups of men. The Undoe have lengthy ears, their lobes regular like any homosapien, but the helix mimicked an elves formatting of an ear. Their skin was pale, ghostly from the lack of sunlight, but also stagnantly sensitive to the rays of the sun. Their skin rarely showed signs of age, except for the elders wrinkled with a detailed beauty one of the Undoe could significantly call as nearing death. Their eyes were either a light, cornflower blue, or a soft brown, depending if the eye color was hereditary or not. Their clothing style usually was fulfilled by wearing long, black or white robes, suspended down to their ankles with their feet bare. Their hair was generally long, pooling at the collar bone and stopping furthermore growth for no explained reason. The hair is plain white, shimmering in a tentative amount of light, along with being smooth. The Undoe were rarely born with birth deficiencies, except for cancerous diseases and the lack of white skin, making them look more human than ever.
Culture: Catholic. They have a very religious faith in God, and always find the time to pray at rituals and statues in the midst of spare time.
Location: To the north, northwest.

Homeland Geography: Mainly redwoods, the atmosphere having a tendency to always be clogged with a sweating humidity. It was blatantly green with browns and reds, intermingled to create a forest full of preaching men and women, their white and black robes standing out amongst the forested scene. Amongst the center of the land is where most of the population bustles, where it lacks redwood trees and deserted, moist areas, and withholds a grassy scene with a small village amongst it's fields.

Approximate Population: Approximately 1.2 million, currently having a 50 percentile of having more women than men occupy the lands.
Capital: Yunix. A capital that is located on an island branched off of the mainland. It withholds famous landmarks, multiple government buildings, along with a stone building, large in perimeter and size, classified with the title of The Court. The population of Yunix is 39,000. It lacks many people due to it's small mass, along with being foreign to most of the large lands. Yunix is similar to all of it's other land-neighbors, except that it happens to experience heavy rains and snows in the middle of long summers. Yunix is common for tourists, having them exhibit their love towards the multiple statues in the center of the capital, marble and having five gods lined up one amongst the other.
Notable Cities: Ive. Located to the east of Yunix, it is a larger source of land, with a population at approximately 68,000. Ive has multiple harbors and is known for it's fishing commons, differentiating from it's neighbor, Yunix, where it focuses on politics and the Gods. Ive is the main city for exporting and importing, as it's harbors allow for ships to be transported easily. Gule. It is the city known for it's national landmarks, such as the Plains of Wheat. The plains had been recognized as an important stature in history after the settlers had been traveling long distances but the men and women had come across an endless plain growing wheat, where it'd always grow and flourish, never lacking in wheat. They classified it as being a gift from the gods, allowing them to live amongst the wheat and to never upset them. Gule also is known for it's exporting of wood, where it gives substantial amounts to create many wooden houses. Gule has an approximate population of 20,000. It is located to the north of Ive, a curved piece of land.
Average Town: Folenjeir. It is a town known for it's trademark of mining. The caverns of copper and coal add additional, spiritual atmosphere to it. This was because caverns are where their god had fallen to, where he'd brought chaos to the disrespectful miners. The approximate population is 40,000. It is located to the south, southwest.
National history: The Undoe have claimed with holding particular powers since the beginning of their reign, along with when they had lacked any goods to support their living styles. These powers were challenged to others, ranging from wielding electricity at the fingertips or spheres of light to emit powerful blasts of heat when impacted with the opponents. These claimed lies only caused disruption between the southern areas, resulting in a timid war, lasting for two years before ending with the lost of 700,000 men. This resulted in a long mourning loss, and they regretted having ever to boast of powers they never claimed.

After they had regained their population which had lacked for over twenty years, they became religious, creating a religion one would classify as being stupid or horrendous. Gods? How could one ever treat them with such respect, when they had killed ancestors or even elders? The Undoe never had questioned their gods, but simply continued to pray and continued to live on life, expectant of more wars and more prosperity.

Major Exports: | Timber | Coal | Copper | Wheat |
Major Imports: | Cotton | Dyes | Spices |
Army: The Undoe are a completely persistent race, always intending to win battles until the blood stains their field and the men lay a top each other. Their army consisted of priests and warriors, using the hillside as their advantage. When coming down from the hill, it'd give them more speed than the approaching enemy which would usually attempt to be formal and convert peace, while marching upon their lands. This usually resulted in a timid rage from the men of the army, resulting in the priests to chant spells combined with spells and curses.
Their ships are practically normal. Wooden, with two cannons on opposite sides and a deck with two-hundred men to occupy every space of the sweating, fish-smelling, wooden house. The ships were usually occupied with twenty quarters, two kitchens, and then an archives to read, just for the purpose of passing time.
Magic: Their magic is earth manipulation, as priests can only have access to the incantations to the magic, however. This earth manipulation ranges from picking up pieces of earth to creating miniscule spheres of rock and dirt to be speared towards the enemy. The priests were not capable of taking huge parts of earth, as they were only able to take it a 10 footed length and a 10 footed width. The earth manipulation also ranges towards small pools of water, where the water is sent into thin, harsh jets that spiral through the air towards the enemy.

So begins...

Xetelta's Story


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The nation of Purrel starts making aggressive moves south, outing the local tribesmen. Skirmishes end with minimal loses sustained against the Purrel.

Trade is normal, although rumors of invasion against Bene Elohim begin floating around.

Politics are normal.

Religion is normal.

Public: Caught unawares of the sudden expansion, but happy to be getting more land.