Jade Rose

A short, quiet girl with purple hair and slim features.

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a character in “Empty Graves”, as played by TheRose202


Name: Jade Rose
Age: 17
Nationality: Croatian/Italian, born in the United States
Why you were on the plane: Moving to live with her Grandmother
What you have on you: Several bottles of bleach and purple hair dye, a black leather satchel, a fairly large first aid kit, and south Asian machete given to her by her martial arts school.
Job before crash: No career/Student
Strengths: She's a fairly proficient medic and has had extensive training in martial arts, as well as training herself in parkour when she was a kid.
Weaknesses: She's fairly squeamish and doesn't much like violence. She isn't much of a talker, which makes it hard for her to make friends.
Personality: She's very kind, but also keeps to herself most of the time. She doesn't speak much, but when she does, it's with Eastern European undertones. She enjoys free running and parkour, and her passion is martial arts, even if she's a bit scared to use it in a real-life situation.
Clothing: She usually wears a heavy cloth bomber jacket over a black tank top accompanied by a knee-length black skater skirt. She usually also wears soft, warm purple-black striped thigh socks (they appear to have been stitched up in numerous places) and a pair of knee-high strapped leather boots. The ensemble is completed by a pair of fight goggles that she usually wears upon her head, though they're quite useful on especially sunny days or when she needs to keep stray particles or liquids out of her eyes.
Bar-code: 89324-64821

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Jade Rose's Story

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A short teenager with dark purple shoulder-length hair sits against one of the windows, looking down at the farmland below. Everything was so different here. It might even be exciting under different circumstances, but right now she was just scared. Very, very scared. It was only a few days ago that her parents were declared "infected" and she was sent away to live with her grandmother in Ireland. She didn't get along with her parents very well -- she was 17, after all -- but it still sent a pang of guilt through her when she thought of how easily she left.

She was so lost in her thoughts and the book on tape she was listening to that she didn't even notice the commotion happening in the aisle next to her row of seats. It was only when the man next to her started screaming and blood spattered across her face that she woke from her waking dream and looked over, eyes wide and startled. The tall, successful-looking businessman who had been shooting her unusual hair strange looks the whole hour of the flight was being mauled by another, more heavy-set businessman with crazed, rabid eyes and loud growls. Jade frantically unbuckled herself and climbed over the seat behind her -- empty, now that everyone seemed to have noticed the zombies -- and dashed into the aisle, bolting back toward the rear of the plane and sliding underneath one of the serving tables. She hoped to whatever god might be up there that they wouldn't notice her. And that was her last thought, before she was thrown against the back wall and knocked unconscious.

She awoke to the sounds of terrified screams and loudly whirring exposed jet engines. Her vision was a bit fuzzy, as she had taken a fairly hard hit to the head. She also seemed to have a pounding, excruciatingly painful headache, which she hoped was temporary. She shakes her head to clear her vision and looks about. There are people gathered all around her, trying to push back the horde of rabid people with pocket knives, fire extinguishers, and multiple other assorted items that aren't meant to be weaponry. She stands up and staggers about for a moment, until the yell of another awoke her fully. "Come on!" it said. When she finally regains her composure, she dashes between two of the survivors and narrowly dodges a zombie's shambling dash to try and grab her. She scoops her satchel up from her seat and vaults over a piece of steel blocking her path, dashing out into the blinding sunlight, where there are even more of the things. She takes a survey of her surroundings and dashes toward the possible safe haven of the farm like a frightened squirrel, hopping over a few dead bodies as she goes.

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Ryan was taking the situation better then he thought he would have. He had although resorted to his normal panic mode, finding a warm corner, sitting down and chain smoking. He sat in the golden brown straw that rustled underneath every time he fidgeted "I fucking hate farms" He said under his breath rolling his 7th cigarette. He spat what was left of the 6th onto the floor, crushing it with the heel of his boot lighting up his freshly rolled one and exhaling.

He was on his own in the barn, Graham had wondered of a few minutes before leaving Ryan to look back at the last 20 or so minutes of chaos. The moans of the infected could be heard just over the sound of the planes still spluttering engines, "if the plane catches fire whatever's left of the fuel is gotta turn it into a bomb" Ryan said out loud with a small snort of laughter at his own bad luck not caring who heard him as he rested his head against the cold wooden paneling that made up the barn.

He took a long drag of the cigarette before throwing it against the wall on the other side of the barn in a sudden burst of anger causing a small shower of sparks to rain into a trough of dirty water. He quickly stood up roughly running his hands through his hair before cupping his face in his palms considering his options. After a few seconds of thinking he decided the best plan was to stick with Graham. The farm was probably well stocked, must have had a few things they could use as weapons and anyone who survived the plane crash would probably come here first "Strength in numbers's" He said thinking outloud as he swung open the heavy barn doors.

The morning sun hit him hard forcing him to squint and cover his eye's, walking around the side of the barn to see how to situation was going he spotted a medium sized axe. He picked it up weighing it in his hands before taking a trial swing at a fence post "better then nothing I guess" He said to himself with a grin pulling the axe out of the wood and walking over to the stone fence. Looking over he was still awestruck by the sight of the plane, the shear amount of damage it had caused was impressive considering it had only actually nicked the silo, still seemed to be enough to rip it out of it's foundations and put a gash the size of a man in it. Closer to him he spotted a small group of people walking towards the farm occasionally looking back at the infected who stumbled out of the planes wreckage.

Ryan waved his arm's in the air for them to see, not wanting to yell incase it attracted the infected even though they would probably follow the group, even if they didn't they would smell them or wonder over in there search for food. Ryan sprinted to the large steel gate that was the only easy way to access the farm and pulled it open for the survivors.

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Jade continues to run, having to shove a zombie out of the way more than once. She's over the fence before Ryan can even get to the gate, bolting into the open barn and leaping up the ladder to the upper level. She sits as far in the corner as she can, looking down at her bloodstained hands and wondering if it's hers. She's quite traumatised and her head is still pounding like a bass drum, so she curls up into a ball upon a stack of hay, her breathing heavy and irregular. This was not her day, not at all.

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