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Damien Kyles

A carefree musician who likes to pretend that his life isnt't missing anything.....or anyone....

0 · 656 views · located in Manhattan, New York

a character in “Enchanted”, as played by ~Lonesome Butterfly~



Full name: Damien Kyles

Nicknames: N/A (Outside of his stage name; Hyde)

Age: 24

Birthdate: June 29th, 1988

What do you do for a living?: Damien is the singer and guitarist in his own band. They call themselves "L'arc~En~Ciel" and since the two founding members are Japanese, and Damien himself is half Japanese, they tend to sing a lot of songs in either Japanese or a mixture of English and Japanese. (Yes, i'm hijacking L'arc~En~Ciel for this RP! xD)


Do you believe in love at frist sight?: Damien would be quick to say he doesn't, but in reality how would he know if he's never been in true-love?

Do you believe in love at all?: He believes love exist, but is beginning to wonder if it was ever meant for him.

How did you react about the candle you found? When did they find it, Why did you pick it up, and did you really believe it would work when you blew the flame out?: Damien found the candle when him and his roomies(also bandmates) came home late one night after a gig. He thought it was a joke and played it off as such to his roomies. However when he got into his room, he followed through with blowing it out anyways, and made the comment; "I wouldn't mind if this actually came true", before passing out for the night.


- Music
- The Ocean
- Art
- Photography
- Electronics
- Women
- Laughing/Joking-around.
- Alcohol

- Snobs
- Judgmental People
- Partisan Politics
- Bad Drunks
- Cigs
- People who talk more than they ever listen

Personality: Damien is an eccentric laid back kind of guy with a somewhat blunt, and crude, sense of of humor. He's the furthest thing from judgmental so he easily makes friends with all kinds of people. He also happens to be quite the flirt.......but much to the disbelief of most who know him, he's not a womanizer who sleeps around, he simply enjoys making women smile. Hell, he'd even play-hit on a gay/straight male friend just to make the friend, and other friends around, laugh.

Underneath the personable persona though, is a kid who craves the one thing he acts as if he doesn't need - love, and is terrified of opening himself up to the possibility of being hurt by another woman.



Height: 6'1
Weight: 180lbs
Eyes: Sky-Blue
Hair: Long brown dreads that reach to the end of his back.
Body-Art: 5 lobe piercings and 2 cartilage piercings in both ears, tongue piercing, nose piercing, and a large black dragon-tattoo in the middle of his back.

History: Damien is the product of a drunk mother and an absentee father. He pretty much raised and took care of himself growing up and by age 15 was rarely ever at home, an instead spent the night at his friends houses. By age 17 he moved in with his best friends/bandmates and hasn't looked back towards home since.

Over the years he has had many failed relationships that almost all ended in the woman he was with cheating on him, so he has a rather pessimistic outlook on love

So begins...

Damien Kyles's Story

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"Fuck!" Damien grunted as he pushed himself up and his bare foot landed on a crushed beer can beside the couch - which is where he had fallen asleep the night before.
It had been another wild evening inside their loft and not only where his three fellow band/roommates strewn about on the living room floor & furniture, but so where a handful of random strangers, mostly young women, who Damien couldn't put a name to if his life depended on it.

The place was trashed - mildly by their standards - and the smell of stale beer reined supreme, so after stretching his arms above his head a few times the slightly hung over Damien made his way unsteadily from the living room to his bedroom, where he'd spend nearly thirty minutes taking a shower.
To his dismay the hot water only helped with the headache, and did little to nothing for his fatigue and light-headiness, so as he slipped into a white t-shirt, pair of fitted blue jeans, and black combat boots it took many one-legged hops and shakes of the head to maintain his balance.

As he grabbed his house keys and shoved them in his back pants pocket the only real love of his life came bursting out from underneath the bed - a six month old German Sheppard/Rottweiler mix named Tequila.

"Hey girl, gonna go pick me up some coffee so i can laze around here and wake the hell up?"
Tequila of course answered by licking his hand furiously, causing him to actually crack a smile before he began to tie his long dreads into a low-hanging ponytail.
"Didn't think so." he'd whisper just under his breath, before walking out his room - pup in tow.
By this time he was no longer the only one awake, and walked into the living room to find all his roommates groggily pushing the strangers out the front door.

"Yo, where you going?" his bands drummer and best friend of over a decade -Thomas, asked as he rubbed the back of his head and yawned.
"The usual coffee & JD mix at the bar....yous guys want any?" Everyone but Thomas would shake their head and suggest; "Maybe Later"
"Yeah man, just give me a few seconds to find my shoes."
"You smell like shit dude."
"I know. And i'm not taking a shower after you, bet all the hot waters gone. So you're gonna have to deal with my natural body odor - lovely isn't it?" Thomas would ask as he fanned himself in Damiens direction - earning him quite the laugh in return.
"Yeah okay sure, hurry up or i'm leaving your ass."

He'd pet Tequila on the nose once before walking past his friend, out the door, and towards the hall staircase.

Seconds before hitting the front door Thomas came running up behind him, and the two would walk out their building and then up to the Starbucks window across the street, where they'd wave at a few of the Baristas they often flirt with before making their way inside the bar a few doors down - which is a place they normally perform at.

That atmosphere around noon was a lot different than it was in the evening. The bar was brightly lit, more people sat at the tables than stood on the dance floor or hung around the bar, and finally the stage sat bare minus a partial drum set and a stool.

"Never thought about it before but gees, this place kinda blows at this hour."
"Yeah well their stuff's bigger and cheaper than the shit at Starbucks, plus it comes with JD."
"Good point. Besides, the hot chicks apparently still work at this hour, so lets sit at the bar man!"

Damien smirked as his friend rushed over to one of the many bar stools and instantly began to flirt. Unlike him, Thomas' intention where to get laid and hopefully find the love of his life all in one fell swoop - something Damien had given up on ages ago.

"You're hopeless dude." he'd say as he took a seat beside his friend.
"Yeah you say that now, but when i'm nailing one of these chicks tomorrow and she starts blowin up my phone, you'll be jealous!"
"Whatever man, you're still stoned."
"Fuck, i wish."

The two would laugh a bit at themselves before calling out to the nearest bartender and ordering their Coffee laced with Jack Daniels(JD).

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Arya woke up to the sound of her alarm going off. Still half asleep she reached and felt for the snooze button with her eyes still closed. "5 more minutes is all I need..." She rolled back over and dozed back off to sleep until the alarm woke her once again. "I'm up, I'm up!" As she sat up in bed she hit the alarm clock to turn it off. The shift she had worked at the bar last night had ran late and they wanted her back in again this morning, for another 12 hour shift. The days were getting crazy there, but she couldn't complain because the money was pretty good. Of course, she didn't want to be there forever. Recently she had got enough money to start classes online through a local college until she had enough saved to go full time. That would probably be awhile but she didn't mind. It had taken her a few years to get to where she was now and she didn't mind waiting a few more.

Once she had fully woken up she hopped out of bed and went into the shower. She was too tired to do anything with her hair today so she just let it dry into its naturally curly state. Her clothes were a wreck inside her closet and she grabbed the easiest thing and threw it on. A tank top would be fine once she got to work because it tended to get hot in there, so she just threw a cardigan on over that to complete her outfit. The bar she worked at was only a few blocks from her apartment so she usually just walked there. As she started to head out the door she spotted the blue candle still sitting on the counter where she left it after she blew it out that night a few weeks ago. "You can start working any time now..." She laughed and walked out the door, not thinking twice about the candle again.

Before she went into work she made a quick stop at the Starbucks near the bar and got a large vanilla cappuccino to go. "Gotta have this if I plan on functioning at all today", she said and laughed with the girl behind the counter. They had a minute of small talk before she realized the time and made her way to the bar. Once she got there she noticed that as usual there was hardly anyone there. "I don't know why you even stay open during the day", she told her manager when she got into the back to put her purse away. There were a few people sitting at the bar and she made her way out to see if they needed anything. Two guys came in soon after she did. She noticed them from a band who played there sometimes, but had never really spoken to them. The one with longer dreads barely spoke at all and seemed to be off in his own little world while the other was busy trying hopelessly to flirt with anything with boobs. She just shook her head and laughed, the things she had to put up with at this job. But hey, who knows, maybe her knight in shining armor would show up on his white horse and take her away since she blew that candle out. And she laughed at herself again. That knight in shining armor would end up being a mailman wrapped in paper riding in on a segway. The two guys in front of her asked for coffee with Jack Daniels and she made it up for them. Although she thought that was an odd request she gave them a smile and handed it to them before making her way back through the few people she had to serve.

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It wasn’t the ringing of her alarm clock that woke Madelene up, but rather the loud buzzing of her cell phone on the night stand – thirty minutes early at that. Madelene groaned and flipped over on her back, reaching blindly for the phone.

“Hello?” she answered groggily.

“Madelene? Yes, hello. Sorry to have awoken you so early. It’s Charlie Denson,” replied the caller.

“Oh, yes. Good morning Mr. Denson. What can I do for you?” Madelene asked, propping herself up on her elbows as she raked a hand through her webbed hair in an attempt to brush it out of her eyes.

“You know that new director that just came in to town to do the newest show? Oh, what’s his name? Lionel? Leroy?”

“Lucas,” Madelene interjected.

“Yes! Lucas. Well, anyway, he has, unfortunately, decided to go with, with, a uh… Well you see he’s one of those new visionary types who likes to take his own direction and-“

“Mr. Denson, you know I hate it when you don’t get straight to the point.”

“Quite right, quite right. Then I’m just going to say, but you’re not going to like this news Madelene.”

“Please just tell me Mr. Denson. It’s too early for your word games.”

“Lucas has decided to pick a whole new technical crew for his production.”

WHAT?!” Madelene hollered, sitting straight up.

“I told you you would not like the news. Due to Mister Lucas’s decision, this means that neither you nor your friend, uh, Sean, I believe it is, will be hired for this upcoming production.”

“I cannot believe this!”

“Nobody can Miss Balderman. And as you know there are several individuals who count on this job as a source of income. I only hope that you are not one of them.”

A low beep sounded on the opposite line.

“Pardon me Madelene, but I must take this call. One of the board members most likely calling to complain about Lucas. Take care and on behalf of the theatre, I am very sorry about this turn out. If anything changes, you’ll be the first to know.”

“Thank you Mr. Denson. Have a good day.” Madelene tapped the screen of the phone and ended the call.

Madelene plopped back down into her pillows and grabbed the one on the bed next to her. She used it to cover her face, crossed her arms over it, and then screamed. This was a sign of a very bad a day ahead. Sitting back up, Madelene quickly shot off a text to Sean, briefly telling him of Lucas’s decision.

Madelene glanced at the clock and contemplated going back to sleep, but thought against it and instead turned off the alarm, going ahead and getting up early. She strode across the neatly kept bedroom to her closet and quickly picked an outfit to wear after her shift at Starbucks, assuming she could pick up one (or even a double) last minute. While she stripped out of her night clothes, Madelene called her manager at the coffee shop. Maybe if she was lucky someone, or a couple of someones, might have decided to take the day off.

"Hello?... Yes, hi Michelle. It's Madelene Balderman. I know this is very last minute but would it be at all possibly for me to come in to work today?... Any time would be fine. I could even take multiple shifts... Really?... Really?... Okay! That'd be awesome! I'll be there in fifteen then! Thank you. Thank you very much!" Madelene hung up the phone and quickly dressed in her uniform, shoving her scarf and hat into her purse. She ran a brush through her still damp hair from her shower the night before then put in a loose, low ponytail.

Grabbing her boots, Madelene glanced at the candle sitting on her desk. It had been a while since she had blown out the candle but nothing had happened yet - not that Madelene actually believed the candle would really bring her her true love one day. She sighed. There had been several, okay maybe not severa but definitely at least two guys since she had blown out the candle and Madelene had really liked them both. Yet both turned out to be real jerks. The first cheated on her with the lead actress in the show they were doing together. The second had cheated on her with two chorus girls and a member of the sound tech crew, all at the same time. The third person turned out to be a guy.

Madelene shook her head of her thoughts and picked up her keys and phone, shoving both in her pockets. She slid on her coat and draped her changed of clothes over her arm, hooking her purse in the crook of her elbow. As she left the apartment, Madelene gave a final look to the candle.

'Maybe today will be the day,' she thought ruefully as she locked the door behind her.

Having never worked the morning shift before, Madelene was not expecting the coffee shop to be as busy as it was when she arrived. The other barista that was working when she got there was obviously glad to see her walk in and immediately put Madelene to work on orders. The first hour or so was hectic for the few baristas actually working - several had called in sick with colds - but they finally got a lag in customers and were able to actually breathe.

Madelene bounced from wiping tables to working the window during the lag period. It was then that a couple of guys from across the street came over and waved through the window. A couple of the girls giggled and waved enthusiastically back; the one boy on duty at the time just rolled his eyes and continued wiping down the machines and counters. Madelene recognized the guys from their occasional late night drop-ins, but it was obvious by the other girls' reactions they were much more morning frequenters.

Just after they left, a young woman stopped in and ordered a large vanilla cappucino.

"Gotta have this if I plan on functioning at all today," she said with a laugh as Madelene handed her the drink. The two had a minute or two of small talk before the other young woman had to leave and the next couple of customers entered. Too soon after the lunch rush began and Madelene was busy again, filling multiple orders at a time.

Apparently one of the newcomers was feeling the pressure, too. She dropped the iced machiatto in her hand, spilling the ice all over the floor behind Madelene who was finishing up a couple of frapps. Distracted by the excited twittering of the teenage blondes waiting for their drinks, Madelene missed the other girl's warning.

"Maddie wait! Don't-!"

Too late! Madelene turned, cups in hand piled high with whipped topping, and stepped on a clump of ice just next to her. Her coworkers cringed as Madelene's foot slipped out from under her and she fell backwards. The frapps spilled on Madelene, the whipped cream nearly covering her face.

Madelene ground her teeth together as raucous laughter emitted from the customers around the counter.

"Did you get that?" one blonde asked the other.

"I did! I did! That was hilarious! Oh man I'd hate to be her right now!" replied the other through fits of laughter.

"This is totally going on YouTube!"

"And Facebook of course!"

"Of course!" The two blondes began texting away on their phones, most likely telling their friends all about what they had just witnessed and sending the video as proof.

Madelene sat up and wiped the frapp remains off her face. The girl who had spilled the first drink bashfully handed her a couple of napkins.

"I am so sorry Madelene. I tried to warn-"

"I know, I know. It's okay. I think I'm going to just go take my break now. You might want to clean this up quickly though," Madelene said flatly, standing and taking the napkins. The other girl just nodded.

Madelene kept her head up as she walked past the still giggling customers at the cash registers and in to the back. She knew that call earlier had been a sign of a bad day.