Chace Chandak Archibald

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a character in “Enchantedly Charmed”, as played by Kenzi



⌈NameβŒ‹ Chace Chandak Archibald

⌈AgeβŒ‹ Twenty

⌈HeightβŒ‹ 6,0”

⌈AppearanceβŒ‹ Chace is quite tall and the most muscular member of the group. He has strong broad shoulders, muscular arms, ripped abs, and athletic legs. His skin sports a warm golden tan year round and he has a light dusting of dark golden brown freckles on the tops of his shoulders from constantly being shirtless in the sun working as a mechanic in town. He has large hands that are usually covered in car oil and have multiple blisters or minor cuts from his work.

He has dark sandy blond hair that is streaked with natural highlights, falling to just past his chin in a thick golden mess. Chace has a strong and masculine jaw line with a square chin, high cheek bones, strong nose, and surprisingly full and soft kissable lips. He has an easy smile that is almost infectious, with straight white teeth. His eyes are a surprising steel blue with dark blond lashes and dark brows.

Image ⌈Wolf AppearanceβŒ‹
He is the most muscular looking wolf out of the pack with icy blue eyes and a golden and white coat. The majority of his body if golden with his stomach and paws fading from gold to pure white.

⌈PersonalityβŒ‹ Chace is an extremely laid back and friendly guy. He enjoys the small things in life and would do anything for a friend. It takes a lot to work him up and he rarely ever gets angry or competitive. Despite the fact that he sometimes comes off as quiet, he is quite outgoing and isn’t afraid to speak up. Chace doesn’t take pleasure in being the center of attention and tends to let others have the spot light, preferring to observe the world rather than having the world observe him. Unfortunately, with looks like his, that rarely ever happens.

He isn’t the most book smart individual in the group, but he is very good at fixing things. He works as a mechanic in town and enjoys working with his hands and spending time outside. Chace is very kind, always willing to help out, and doesn’t think twice before helping someone.

Chace has a great fondness for motorcycles and cars and can often be found riding his motorcycle around town. While he does enjoy hanging out with his friends, he often needs time to unwind by himself.

He would never admit it, but he is quite the romantic. He is never overly flirtatious, but does have a way with certain looks and his deep voice that make women swoon. Chace has never had a steady girlfriend, mostly because the women he likes tend to be too intimidated by his looks, but has had a few short term girlfriends that only used him as eye candy and didn’t respect him as a person. He treats women with absolute respect and would treat his woman like an absolute goddess, given the chance.

⌈HistoryβŒ‹ Chace was born to a loving mother and father with no siblings. When Chace was 2, his mother passed away from cancer leaving him alone with his father. He doesn't remember much about his mother, other than that she smelt like fresh cut flowers, and respects his father's decision to not date or marry again. Like his father, he believes in soul mates.

Chace has worked with his father at the mechanic shop in town for a number of years now and has decided not to go to university. School was never really his thing and he always preferred to be fixing something or taking something apart rather than just reading about it. He and his father have a very close relationship and his father knows about his... 'situation'. Chace's grandfather was also a werewolf, so his father is familiar with what it entails.

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