Evelynne Faye Endora

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a character in “Enchantedly Charmed”, as played by Kenzi



Name⌋ Evelynne Faye Endora

Age⌋ Nineteen

Height⌋ 5’11”

Familiar⌋ Newt

Appearance⌋ Evelynne stands at 5'11" with long slim limbs and ivory white skin. Her thin frame is not frail, though it may appear that way. She is surprisingly strong and flexible from her many years of being a runner. Much to her dislike, however, she has very little curves. Her hips are only slightly defined, the same goes for a back side, and her breasts are a modest fitting B cup.

Evelynne has shockingly red hair. It is bright crimson with rich golden undertones that make her hair seem almost unnatural (though it isn't). It's very thick and falls in long loose curls and waves to her mid back. It’s full of layers and is most often down, in loose waves, but sometimes she straightens it or puts it up for special occasions.

Her eyes are very unique and sometimes cause people to stare. They are almond shaped and mossy green in color with radiant flecks of gold around the dark iris, framed by long naturally curled lashes that fan outwards in a dramatic and almost feline way. Her brows are a fair red in color and have a dramatic arch, highlighting her eyes even more.

She has a brilliant smile with straight white teeth and full pink lips. Evelynne has high cheek bones which are accented by a strong angled jaw line. Her nose is average in size and dusted with light freckles, as are her shoulders, and her ears are average as well.

Behind her right ear she has a small tattoo of three black stars in a little cluster, representing her mother, father, and sister. The bottom of her left foot sports a black salamander tattoo with vibrant red spots on its body. She has always liked the way newts can grow back limbs, eyes, and even their own hearts after something has happened. She feels a deep connection to this and likens it to how she handles her own life. Grow, move on, live.

She has a number of scars on her body (faint cigarette burns on the inside of her forearms, a three inch scar on her left shin, and a few others).

Evelynne has no specific desire to wear only one type of clothing. She’ll wear anything from a sun dress to leather pants to a leopard print bathing suit. However, she never dresses overly provocatively.

Personality⌋ Evelynne is, above all things, a passionate person. She is very protective of those who are close to her and would do absolutely anything for a friend. She is intelligent, quick witted, sarcastic, outgoing, and tends to think outside of the box. Eve is competitive and doesn’t give up very easily, making her stubborn and sometimes exhausting to be around. She is very opposed to violence and has no problem making her opinions heard. She has a kind heart and is a fantastic friend, but if you loose her trust and respect… then it’s gone forever. She favours things from the past, like Shakespeare and Frank Sinatra, rather than the things of today. Because of this, she used to be a romantic (day dreaming about her wedding day and her perfect boyfriend) but all that changed a few years ago. Now she avoids boys and focuses her energy on enjoying her life, friendships, and magic training. Evelynne is brave, daring, and willing to take risks. She wants to live her life to the fullest, and is often the first one to step up to plate when something adventurous is proposed.

She is claustrophobic, so you can often find her sitting outside enjoying the vast sky and cool breeze. Eve loves thunderstorms and the night sky, so it isn’t uncommon to find her staring out the window at the stars, or sitting in a downpour. She finds the raging storms therapeutic.

She has never told anyone about her past and doesn't intend to. Evelynne doesn't want to re-live the memories, so she keeps them locked away. She also never cries around others and is often found smiling, helping others feel better, but by doing this she often avoids dealing with her own problems and emotional issues.

Evelynne grew up in a stable household with two loving parents (her father was an archaeologist and her mother a writer and English teacher) and a sister (Jocelynne) who was one year younger than her. Her family was very close and they spent a lot of time together vacationing, boating, going to museums, and seeing old classic movies at the theatre in their town.

When she was eleven, her family was on vacation in Egypt. They were on a tour of one of the pyramids, going deep under the earth into one of the tombs. Evelynne thought it was amazing, not scared of the fact that she was deep beneath the earth with thousands of pounds of ancient rock above her, but the amazement she felt was quickly ripped away when the earth above them gave way and caved in. It was nothing but bad luck and terrible timing. After thousands of years of eroding, a large area of the pyramid had collapsed and crushed down upon Evelynne, her family, and dozens of other tourists. Evelynne was trapped in a small pocket created by large boulders of earth and rock, unable to move for what felt like an eternity in pitch black, but managed to survive… she was the only one. She walked away from the terrible accident with only a 3 inch gash on her left shin… and a gaping hole in her heart; She was alone in the world.

Eve was taken to an orphanage, where she spent the next few years of her life. During the school year she would be at the school for witches but during the summer she would stay in the orphanage. The year she turned sixteen she met a boy named James, who was two years older. She fell madly in love with his bad boy attitude and drop dead gorgeous looks, and ran away from the orphanage to live with him. He was extremely abusive to her, both verbally and physically, but she stayed with him because she felt that deep down he really loved her and no one had loved her since her family had been killed. He beat her, burnt her, yelled at her, and forced her to do things she would have never done… but he always apologized and said he loved her and never wanted to be without her. They were together for the whole summer, but when it was time to go back to school she decided she couldn’t take his abuse anymore. The day before she left, she broke things off with James. It was the second worst day of her life, next only to the deaths of her family, but it was worth the pain and blood to get away from him. James was her only relationship and she has no desire to be in another one any time soon.

Evelynne met Zennie in her first year at the witch school and the pair became fast friends. She felt like herself around the girl and really let her guard down, becoming the girl she used to be before all the pain. Two years ago, when Eve was 17, she moved in with Zennie during the summer and they have been spending the summers together ever since.

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