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Antony Vane


0 · 282 views · located in Enchanted Forest

a character in “Enchantedly ll Charmed”, as played by TheBallonGirl


"We choose who we want to be in life."

A Lesson In Me

Full Name: Antony Jay Vane




Ethnicity/Race: Caucasian

Occupation: Currently Unemployed

A Lesson In Anatomy

Hair Color: Dark Brown

Eye Color: Bright Blue

Height: 5'8"

Weight: 135lbs

Tattoos: A Trident on his Forearm.


A few on his legs, mostly from

Character Color: #78afb4 -- light blue


A Lesson In Psychology


{Protective, Meaningful, Sarcastic, Blunt, Arrogant}
Since the age of ten Tony has been known as that one kid who left a trail of broken hearts behind him. A young and arrogant man, without a care in the world for who he hurts. Sure, for those few weeks of still being in a lovey-dovey mushy relationship with him he is the most chivalrous, kind hearted boy. But the moment he gets bored your out the door and he's on to the next one. He doesn't exactly mean to be like this. He just wants something that he believes he will never find; love. A love he has never witnessed, and doesn't think he deserves. He isn't all that bad though, he is a good friend in the least. And when he wants to be his words can be deep and insightful, and a big help if you are looking for that kind of thing. If your not then its free advice of course.

Tony can also be rather protective, of his friends and of anyone he cares for. To a point that could be mistaken for jealousy in the wrong situation, and of course he often doesn't realize how he is acting. He picks up on things quickly, like the emotions of others, but he never seems to know when someone is lying to him. Gullible and naive are a few more traits that can describe him, he will do anything for a friend, and unfortunately for him not everyone has very good intentions - not to mention he lets just about anyone become his friend if they talk to him. [WIP]
Hobbies: Playing Guitar, Listening to Music, Photography, Swimming.

Addicted to Caffeine
Allergic to Cats
Allergic to Perfume (Some perfumes, mostly the really strong ones.)
Afraid of Large Dogs

  • Music
  • Water/Rain/Swimming
  • Being with Friends
  • Poetry - he's a real sucker for a good emotional poem.
  • Running
  • Pretty girls
  • Work/ being kept busy
  • His pack
  • Birds
  • Dogs (Strangely enough)
  • Cigarettes
  • Large animals (Dogs, Cats, Horses)
  • Most fish (Again surprisingly)
  • Snow
  • Sitting Still
  • Being confined
  • When people are Angry for no reason.


Strengths and Weaknesses

Character Skills/Talents:
  • Playing Guitar
  • Running/Quick on his feet
  • Writing
  • Singing

Character Flaws/Weaknesses:
  • He isn't very smart.
  • Can't sit still
  • Gets very attached too people and falls into short periods depression when they reject him (very sensitive)
  • Is not intimidating at all.

Secrets: Spent the majority of his young life in an emotionally abuse home. He won't talk about it, mostly because he doesn't want people to know and doesn't want anyone to get bummed out.

He one time staged a fight with a kid at school to get more popular (That is when he went to school)

Went to a party once where he got smashed and ended up almost changing into his wolf form, since then he has vowed to never drink again.


Afraid of Dogs - because he got attacked by one when he was young and it almost killed him. He knows the fear is irrational and realizes that he himself is kind of similar to a dog, but can't help the fear he feels when he see's these beloved house-pets.

Afraid of Clowns - Seriously though, clowns are creepy as all get out, and he believes all of them are pedophiles under that creepy layer of makeup.

Afraid of Most Spiders - Just the big ones really, like Huntsman spiders. But if they are small then its all good.

Afraid of Drowning - Because he swims so much he knows its unlikely, but also knows that anything can happen.

Afraid of Changing by Accident - Like his party incident.

A Lesson In History



Place Of Origin: Covington, Kentucky. He moved to be closer to his pack, after realizing he needed help controlling himself.

Birth Date: December 15th.

Born in Covington, Kentucky and adopted by loving but eccentric parents who didn't quite know what to do with him. His biological family didn't want anything to do with him, and his mother would often say that they just didn't want to know their son enough to miss him. If that was true or not Antony never thought of his adoptive parents as anything less than his mom and dad. Until his little sisters Kate and Haley were born. That's when he began getting pushed aside. Of course he knew that they needed to be taken care of too, and he loved them as best a big brother can. But it became painfully obvious that his adoptive parents favored the two little girls over him. He was after all a troubled child, who was always bullied at school and had a few too many quirks for them to handle, and to top it all of his nature made them somewhat afraid of him.

They tried to keep him sheltered when they first found out what he was, but they knew that it would only lead to him having more problems. So they stuck with him, and helped him out as best they could. Eventually it just got to be too much, and soon they were distancing themselves from him. His younger sisters, who had clung to him and loved him greatly began to drift away when their parents started showing him their colder side. Antony, being young did not understand why his family was out-casting him, after they had showed him they could deal with what he was.

Eventually the emotional detachment from his parents paired with school bullies and a weight problem had Antony at the very end of his rope. He fell into a depression that he only came out of when he managed to contact his birth mother. She told him what he was - though he already knew by then, and told him where he could find a home. Not with her of course, she still didn't want anything to do with him and probably never would. She never wanted kids, couldn't handle them at all in fact. Nothing personal against him, but she knew she would be unable to take care of him. She did agree to help him get to a place where he would be accepted, if anything just to get him out of her hair.

Antony decided that he had enough. He worked for the next few weeks, planning, gathering money by doing odd jobs around his home. Getting his crap together to enter the next phase of his plan. He gave no warning. Just packed his bags one night and disappeared. He was going to start a new life, no matter what the cost. [editing still]


So begins...

Antony Vane's Story