Charlotte Thorne


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"I want to taste dark water and see crackling trees and wild winds." - EGON SCHIELE


Full Name:
Charlotte Thorne





Student ll Works at the bookstore in town part time with Jane

Her coven history is sort of hectic. Her coven is a long line of ambitious power hungry people who can be considered 'evil' by many in the magical community. The crows were feared, and have enough skeletons in the closet to fill a cemetery. More specifically they tended to assassinate whomever got in their way. They even used to participate in culling out their own coven, murdering whomever wasn't powerful enough to bring the coven name honor and power. They were later taken down sometime in the early 19th century by a few covens that banded together against them, including the fox coven. Merla Thorne, the leader of the crow coven at the time, was burned at the stake along with a few other crows for their crimes. This was considered a mercy, as the whole coven could have very well been wiped out under the law. The crows were forever banned from rising in political power like that again. Now and days the crows are smiley and law abiding people, reduced to a much lower class in income and status.


Hair Color:

Eye Color:
Bright Blue

5' 6"

120 lbs

A white ink tattoo of a feather on her hand, on the outer lining of her palm near her thumb

ears pierced


Character Color: #0B6138

Charlotte has the characteristic dark hair and crystalline blue eyes the crow coven is known for. Her hair in particular is a few shades lighter than is traditional for crows, it falls in waves past her shoulders and down to her mid back. She has a finely crafted oval face, her pale skin speckled with freckles across her cheeks and nose. A sharp nose and chin are also crow characteristics, things she has thankfully, though all in all her features are not nearly as deadly looking as the rest of her coven's. Still, there is something very pretty about Charlotte, the way her eyebrow cocks mischievously or the way she grins, as if knowing all your secrets. It's all very charming, the way she uses the features she has to her advantage. Charlotte's always been very comfortable with her body, which isn't a difficult thing admittedly,considering what it looks like. She carries herself in a dignified way, yet somehow still nonchalant and lazy. She dresses however she wishes to dress, it's a simple and elegant style, with uses of deeper and darker colours. Charlotte has this red velvet dress that she loves to wear in particular. She isn't too big on makeup but occasionally she'll wear eyeliner and dark lipstick.



{Enigmatic, Charming, Tactical, Intuitive, Vengeful}
When speaking with Charlotte one can easily tell that she is a startlingly intelligent young woman, the way she leads you in a waltz of conversation. Speaking to her is never boring. She can make you feel as though you are the most interesting thing in the entire room to her and be done with you in the next minute, ending the waltz and moving on, apparently bored, having figured you out in her own way and perhaps not interested in what she found. It can leave one feeling jaded, and wanting more from her. But she is not always the generous sort, prone to moodiness and outright cold cruelty sometimes. She can be oh so charming when she wants to be, wrapping you around her pretty little finger. Only when she wants to be.

Charlotte lives on a chessboard and her goal instead of winning is to have fun and be content, and to stay out of public eye in the magical world while doing so. She treats life like a game, not taking it seriously for one moment, yet in full realization that it's the only thing that matters. She knows she is not permitted to be successful or achieve great things, but that does not mean she does not have a form of dignity. Charlotte is actually a rather proud person, and if you cross her she'll get her due. And lord help you if you harm someone she holds dear, you'll get what's coming to you and more.
reading // napping // pickpocket-ting and then giving stolen item back just to see if she can do it without being noticed // eating // dragging her friends into shenanigans when she's bored

seems rather obsessive when it comes to junk food and will take it personally if you waste it // pretty sure people stop taking regular naps when they get out of kindergarten, but Charlotte never did // has a certain smile when she's up to something or has a colourful idea // tends to pick your pockets when she first meets you, finds wallets informative about a person // smiles even when she's angry // She speaks to her familiar even in front of non magical peoples (his name is Solomon)

  • Junk food
  • books
  • comic books
  • anime
  • movies
  • Plays
  • nighttime
  • fashion
  • boredom
  • getting up early
  • bright sunlight
  • working too hard
  • her friends being upset


Strengths and Weaknesses

Character Skills/Talents:
  • pickpocketting
  • is creative with incantations
  • charisma
  • endless patience

Character Flaws/Weaknesses:
  • lazy
  • not physically fit
  • holds a grudge
  • terrible with potions

She is related to the headmaster, she's his niece. He's on her father's side and they don't have the same last name.





Place Of Origin:

Birth Date:

It was an unspoken truth in the air, one Charlotte became aware of more as she grew older. The family was forbidden to speak of it, acknowledge it in any way. Sometimes one of Charlotte's brothers or sisters would try but they were met with denial and kept in check by the rest of those who had learned this harsh lesson. The crow coven was kept poor and unsuccessful in the magical world on purpose. And it was so unfair to the ambitious lot who had such potential for magic, it broke the crow mother's hearts and made them bitter. But they still had lives to live, so they did. And Charlotte decided early on that she wouldn't let it bother her one bit, she would devote her life to enjoying the small things she could and damn the rest. She didn't have to interact with the magical world, not really, once she was done with school she could travel, be the wind and forget all about politics and ambition. That would be her success, to be happy.

So begins...

Charlotte Thorne's Story