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Georgia "Georgie" Jones


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a character in “Enchantedly ll Charmed”, as played by cirrus_sd


"Shipping is my life."

A Lesson In Me

Full Name:
Georgia Mari Jones




Half-Korean, Half-Japanese

Part-time at a Coffee Shop

Cat Coven, specifically the Bakeneko of Japan. Half of Georgie is descendant from a long and ancient line of Japanese witches who would create bonds with cats, nurturing and raising them until they changed into a bakeneko, or demon cat, where they would then live their lives in mutual partnership. Becoming more well-known in the Edo period, when the bakeneko itself attracted the public eye, although not necessarily for good reasons. In fact, it was during the Edo period when the Bakeneko coven was most threatened, with many of their familiars put to death, or even they themselves. Many of the actual bakeneko assumed human form, and it was not unheard of at the time for the demon cats to wed and birth children with their witch or shaman. This actually strengthened the powers of the Coven, now with half-breed children, yet it also bred rivalries and discrimination towards the half-demons. Since the second world war, the Coven has been fairly quiet. With the Shinto religion seen by many as a mere fancy, a sort of fairytale superstition, they have been able to live in the modern world without many disturbances. With urbanization, however, the demons grow weaker and resentful, and as of late there have been troubling tales of demon cats killing their partners.

Historically, they have held a rival against the Nekomata coven, the cat with two tails, as the latter tends to be more aggressive and fierce against humans.

A Lesson In Anatomy

Hair Color:

Eye Color:



The word "SOUP" tattooed on her shoulder in very beautiful calligraphy

Two piercings per ear


Character Color:

Georgie is a small girl, barely measuring in at 5'2. She has a "typical" Asian build, with a longer torso and shorter legs, and looks taller when sitting than when standing. She isn't very curvy, with hardly any bust, hips, or ass, and her wrists and ankles are skinnier than anyone else she knows. She does have long fingers and strangely long toes, and often uses her feet to assist her throughout the day, whether it's picking things up from the floor, closing drawers, pulling socks on, drawing, etc. She keeps her hair cut short, and has been debating whether to cut it even shorter and dye it blue or pink. Maybe even platinum. She's not the biggest fan of her face, but she does pride herself in her near-flawless skin, an endeavor she keeps up every night and day. Another thing she loves about herself is the fact she does not have to deal with any body hair, as her legs, arms, and underarms are naturally hairless.

Because of her fairly straight body, she often dons men's clothing, finding the fit more flattering than women's clothing (the shirts at least). Her dressing style depends on her mood, but she does spend a considerable amount of time picking out her clothes, even if she is dressing to slack off.

A Lesson In Psychology


{Opinionated, Introvert, Internet-Addicted, Judgmental, Blunt}
Georgie talks big despite her size. She has a loud mouth and will go off on someone over anything, big or small. She likes to think she is honest and blunt, which she is, but often she comes off as more bitchy than she might intend, lacking a filter and tact. However, do not be fooled by her loud demeanor...although she will not hesitate to tell someone off, even if it's someone she doesn't know, she is more introverted than you may think, preferring to stay home on Tumblr than go to a party, ramen over a restaurant, and she needs her alone time. She is also more insecure than she may come off, overthinking everything except what she says (unless it's to a cute boy or girl). She is an enormous procrastinator, is lazy, and doesn't know what she wants to do with her life. She changes her mind about what she wants almost every day. If only there was a way for her to make money off of fan fiction and roleplaying. There are spouts where she makes a million plans and feels determined, but tomorrow is always less exciting than today and she never gets anything done.

The only thing she is diligent about, besides Tumblr, her skin, her ships, and her cat, is money. Although she doesn't know what her future will be, she does know that she will need money, and works two jobs. She is also very tight with money, and will sometimes spend hours in dilemma over whether to buy something or not.

Georgie can be very selfish and self-centered, often using the fact she is a woman and Asian to make her a victim of the system. However, she does stay true to her friends (or who she thinks is her friend). Whether she'd throw her life away for a friend, or lend money, is a different matter altogether, but she will be there to offer a shoulder to cry on and an ear to listen, even if she herself thinks her friend is being overly emotional and/or dramatic. Of course, her own problems are very, very important, more so than anyone else's.
Drawing, Tumblr, Anime, Asian Dramas, Various American TV shows, Sleeping


-Absolutely addicted to Tumblr. She has a very successful blog and she has a million ships, all of which are her OTPs. She will make references to Tumblr, put art on Tumblr, act the SJW on Tumblr (and in real life)...basically Tumblr. She hits her daily limit every day and will go into spasms should it ever mysteriously crash. It is unhealthy how much she goes on Tumblr.

-Suffers from severe asthma, which only gives her more of an excuse not to go out and exercise. Although she is relatively healthy, she is at a high risk for heart problems from her biological family, which she does not know about.

Likes/Loves:(At least 5)(repeat format if more)
  • Um...Tumblr.
  • The Internet
  • Cats
  • Chocolate
  • Anything to do with shipping, from the original source material to the basest fan fiction
  • Drawing and Art (especially fanart)
  • Basic Bitches
  • People who assume things about her because she looks Asian
  • Dogs
  • DC
  • Dr. Who
  • Playing the piano or violin or any musical instrument
  • Large crowds
  • Exercise

Strengths and Weaknesses

Character Skills/Talents:
  • Art, primarily 2D. Both traditional and digital
  • Poker
  • Following YouTube tutorials successfully
  • Sleeping. For serious, she is a heavy sleeper and it takes a militia to wake her up.

Character Flaws/Weaknesses:
  • Physical Exercise
  • Music. She's terrible at it. She's tried piano, violin, and flute and failed miserably at all of them. She also can't sing worth a dime, and is probably tone-deaf
  • Has problems admitting she's wrong. Doesn't like apologizing and often makes herself the victim.
  • Not very smart. At least in a school sense. Add laziness to the mix and we have a winning concoction of terrible school grades.


Although Georgie appears to be a relatively happy, lively girl, as of late she has been prone to very low, down moods. Thinking of her biological parents, why they abandoned her, whether they're still alive or not, wondering if she'll ever truly belong somewhere, has been bogging down on her. She's beginning to think her parents are dead, and when she is at her worst she contemplates suicide. The closest she has ever come was staring down a box cutter for five minutes, but the thoughts still plague her. She hasn't told anyone of this, not even her closest Tumblr confidantes.


Georgie cannot swim, and is afraid of being stranded in deep water. She rarely goes to pools or beaches for this reason.

Georgie is also very afraid of dogs. She hides this with an intense hate.



A Lesson In History



Place Of Origin:
South Korea (Father) and Japan (Mother)

Birth Date:
January 9, 1997

Georgie was the illegitimate daughter of a South Korean soldier and a Japanese witch of the Bakeneko coven. Of course, her father didn't know of his lover's true identity. In fact, for him, she was only a fling. He left her without realizing she was pregnant. Several months later, he found a box outside his apartment door, surrounded by cats. Inside the box was an infant Georgie and a note revealing the woman's true nature and the danger her coven was in, hence why she had spirited her child to him. Not believing a word of the note, the man dropped Georgie off at an orphanage and continued living his life. The status of both of her parents are unknown, although it is believed by many that her father was killed on a tour in Afghanistan.

Georgie was later adopted by a very wealthy American couple. Both were born and raised in the south, but with the lady barren, they had decided to focus on their careers before children. Now very established, rather than tangle with God's work, they decided to adopt. They named the baby Georgia, after their home, and to this day continue to call her "Peach" affectionately.

Georgie herself had a very privileged childhood, and grew up rather spoiled. While her parents loved her, they did have certain morals, and it became clear to her as she grew older that, with as much money and love that they had, there were certain things that they wouldn't support monetarily. Hence started her crusade for her own money and independence.


So begins...

Georgia "Georgie" Jones's Story