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November Mortlake

"I'm different, but that's me. That's what matters in the end."

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a character in “Enchantedly ll Charmed”, as played by Sanarith


"I'm different, but I'm me. That's what matters in the end."
Theme Song = Rae Morris - From Above

A Lesson In Me

Full Name: November Georgina Mortlake

Nova, but only by her best friend. Everybody else knows her as November.


November is 17, almost 18 years of age.

Ethnicity/Race:November is Caucasian.


November's Coven is that of the Mortlakes', who's trademark familiars are foxes. November's Coven was founded by her Great-Grandmother, Lillith, in 1797. She had broken away from her Mother's tyrannic Coven, who were also foxes, but more cunning and much more evil. Men married into the family, taking the Mortlakes' name instead of changing to the husband's as customary. Lillith's black hair and pale skin was passed from generation to generation, along with her personality of being loud and not afraid to give somebody a piece of her mind.

While Lillith was still alive, the Mortlakes' had a feud with another of the larger families, the Thornes', or the Crow Coven. Many arguments were fought, some lost, some won. Fights occured, and on one occasion Mortlake Manor was burnt to the ground. After several years, and one generation, it now stands again, bigger and better than before. After this event, investigations were made into the Thornes', and it was discovered by Lillith that Merla Thorne had been killing their own Coven members. She gathered the other Covens and hunted down Merla, eventually capturing her and exacting the Law. Mercy was given, and only Merla was burnt, along with the other Coven members that were seen as colluding in the events. Although they were removed from power, Lillith saw to it that the Mortlake family home was close to them at all times.
November is expected to get into misadventures too, like the rest of the Coven, but seeing as she's the odd one out it's likely that she won't try to.
The Fox Coven also has a natural affinity with casting fire. Although some members abstain from using it, it boils in their blood, and causes them to have a fiery nature.
Due to past events, the Fox Coven is highly respected, even if it is unwanted.

A Lesson In Anatomy

Hair Color: November's hair colour is a sun kissed blonde colour, with lighter blonde highlights and tones of a darker blonde in her hair. Her roots are getting darker at the top.

Eye Color:November's eyes are a deep, bright blue, like the ocean, or the sky. A mix of greens and blues come into the mix, leaving a strange colour that would remind somebody of tropical waters.

Height:November is 5 ft 9 inches tall.

Weight: She weighs 9 stone and 30lbs.

November has the Mortlake family tattoo on her upper right shoulder. The tattoo appears as a dagger piercing a lake and the letter 'M'. This is a symbol of the name meaning, as Mortlake is the latin name for 'Dead Lake'.

November has no piercings.

November has a scar that cuts through the tattoo on her upper arm. She also has a scar along her hairline on the left side, where a freak window breakage cut her deeply on the head.

Character Color: Dodger Blue, or #1589FF

Description: November is a tall, slim girl, with long limbs and good posture. Her skin is tanned, unlike the rest of her family. It has been getting paler in recent years, though. November also has next to no curves, but just enough to notice that they are there. November is mostly skin and bone. She hasn't got much in the way of muscle on her, which means she also isn't very strong. Her neck is long and elongated, and looks good with either a necklace or a scarf. Her torso is toned and held in the proper way, thanks to etiquette lessons. Her legs are long, as all of her limbs are, and her feet are small for her height. Her arms are also long, and the palms of her hands are small in size. Her fingers, too, are long, and are described as 'piano fingers'. Her knuckles are prominent, something November hates.

November has a heart shaped face, which is slightly rounded at the cheeks. Her eyes are almond shaped, and are set quite shallow in her face. Her eyebrows are straight, and curved slightly upwards at the inner corner. Her nose is small, but long, with a lack of definition in the bridge. The tip of her nose is angled slightly upwards, but not so much so that you cannot see up her nostrils if you look at her directly. Her lips are plump, and the top lips have slight definition, but not too much or too little.

November's hair is very long, reaching to just above her belly button. The ends of her hair are slightly split-ended, and need the occasional trim. She has a long side fringe, which sweeps across her forehead lightly and mixes in with her other hair, although it is obvious it is there as it is a lot shorter than the rest of her hair. It constantly blows in from of her eyes and she is constantly brushing it out of her face.

November's almost always wearing a bottle green, velvet cloak, unless she's inside. Her wardrobe is mostly full of floor length dresses her grandmother approves of, but hidden away are some normal clothes. If she's not wearing a knee length dress, then she wears elegant tops, which are normally white or light pastel colours. November normally pairs these with pretty leggings and boots or flats. November normally wears her hair down, but she enjoys accenting it with braids or twists. Everyday she seems to have something new for her hair. November never wears makeup.

A Lesson In Psychology


{Friendly, self-respecting, shy, protective, fiery, intelligent}
November is a really friendly person - if you can get her to speak to you. As she is a shy person by nature, it is often hard to get the words out of her mouth on most days, although if she has something to contribute to a conversation she's involved in she will speak, but quietly. She often finds her hands fiddling with things, a button on her top, the folds of her cloak, her hair, anything that can keep her hands busy if she feels awkward or frightened.

If you can get November to trust you and talk to you, she transforms from a shy girl into a friendly, chatty person. She is a brilliant friend who would do anything to protect them. However, she does not tolerate being used by her friends and will tell them no without a second thought if she does not think it's fair on her to be doing it. The same goes in relationships.

November's great-grandmother's traits are starting to show, too. November can get very fiery at times, and in combination with her protective nature over her friends and family, heated arguments can start and anger can sometimes get the better of her. She will not let a bully get to a friend or family member of hers if they are present at the time.

November is also quite a cunning little lady, as she takes on personality traits from her fox familiar, Kanrir. She enjoys a laugh sometimes, or a practical joke. She finds them hilarious. She often uses her intelligent nature to help out her friends, or to figure out problems. Although she loves a joke, she does not often make them herself.
November's hobbies include drawing, playing the piano and playing with her fox familiar, Kanrir. She enjoys these things immensely, and although she may not be good at some of these things, she keeps practicing them anyway.

-At least 2- (Allergies, Sickness, Addictions, Traumas, habbits etc)
November, unfortunately, has hayfever and an addiction to chocolate. She loves the stuff!

As a child, November was involved in an accident, which leaves her with nightmares occasionally. As she cannot remember what happened in detail, the nightmares help to put all of the pieces together.

November also suffers from severe headaches. This is mainly caused by spellcasting, but not all of the time. These headaches can range from a dull throbbing pain over her skull to blinding headaches to rendering her unconscious (although these are very rare for her). They can last for a couple of hours up to a maximum of three days.

  • Chocolate
  • Animals, but mostly her fox familiar Kanrir
  • Her friends
  • Pretty scenes, for example a glade in a forest, that perhaps could be drawn.
  • Exciting books, or movies. She loves the adrenaline rush!
  • Soppy romance stories. They're too slow and cliche!
  • Bullies, or anyone getting at her friends.
  • Heights, as she has Altophobia
  • Being dirty, although a little dirt is okay she hates the feeling of it!
  • Fire. She hates it so much she can't get too close to it, although she isn't afraid to cast it.
  • Disappointing her family.


Strengths and Weaknesses
November is a procrastinator, so she often leaves things until the last minute, so she can help her friends, or do something more fun. However, she does get things done. November is also a neat freak, and always has things organised. She knows where everything is, all the time, and can sometimes have time used up putting things away properly or folding things.
November is pretty bad at taking criticism. She keeps her anger bottled up and then goes and gets her anger out by drawing, or playing the piano, or yelling at a bully. She feels that she is failing when told some very bad criticism, and that her family will be disappointed in her, which she absolutely hates with a passion.
November also is very good at keeping secrets, and is very good at telling white lies to keep those secrets. This can be considered a weakness as white lies are bad, but it can also be a strength as it keeps her friends happy. This also makes November very trustworthy, as you can tell her secrets and she won't tell anybody. However, because of her social awkwardness, it is hard to get to that level.
Finally, November is unafraid to do dares. She likes the adrenaline rush and loves exciting things, unless she's in real danger. She's eager and enthusiastic to do anything, even if it may be dangerous. often, she doesn't consider how dangerous something is and therefore often gets herself into danger a lot.

Character Skills/Talents:
  • Playing the piano
  • Remembering things. Strange, but useful.
  • Climbing trees. Although she doesn't do it much as she hates heights.
  • Spellcasting. Although she is talented at this, November can't use her talent because of the headaches it causes.

Character Flaws/Weaknesses:
  • November sometimes cannot keep her anger under control
  • Nightmares mean that November often runs on no sleep or very little sleep.
  • November is absolutely terrible at cooking. Stay away from her cooking, as it's likely to taste of nothing or be burnt to a crisp.
  • November is awful at talking, although she is better at shouting when her friends and a bully is involved.
  • November suffers from terrible headaches when casting spells, although these can range from a dull throb to blinding to incapacitating.

November has one major secret, one that even she doesn't remember. This is what is causing the nightmares. When November was little, she caused a huge fire that involved her father. This killed her father.

November is totally afraid of heights. Perhaps this was caused by the window incident, but nobody can be too sure.

A Lesson In History




Place Of Origin: November was born in the Lake District in England. However, she tends to move about if the Crow coven move too.

Birth Date: November was born on the 16th November, hence why she was named after the month.

November was born in the family home on the 16th November. Hence why she was named November. She had an older sister, Frieda, who is married, an older brother, Frederick, (Pictured above with November) and a younger sister, named Hollie. November and Frederick were fraternal twins, and look exactly the same apart from the gender difference. They lived with their mother, Cassandra, and their father, Robert.
When November was 4, the feud with the other family was ended by the sudden marriage of Frieda and her husband. The families accepted their differences and get along well, with the occasional reminder. November finally got to meet her closest friend, Charlotte, who allowed November to build a strong relationship with her for the first time.
When she was very young, November's grandmother was not happy. She had not inherited Great-Grandmother Lillith's black locks, or pale skin. When November had the Mortlake Symbol tattooed on here arm, her grandmother cut a line down the middle of it, telling her she'd heal it once the traits started to show. November grew apart from her grandmother from this point, as her grandmother never treated her as fairly as the others, and she felt ridiculed by her constant reminder of not having Lillith's traits.
November has many wonderful memories in the time between 4 and six years of age, but her happiest memories are of playing in the snow with her brother. November remembers this fondly and has brought her closer to her twin. When she was five, November and Frederick stumbled on a clear pool in the middle of the forest where they lived, where they spent many a day frolicking in the pool there. It has since become a subject of a lot of her drawings.
When November was 6, she had a freak accident involving a window. She and her brother were playing, when Frederick suddenly got angry at her. A heated argument began between the two, and suddenly November was flying backwards out of the window. Frederick had accidentally come up with an incantation to blow her away from the toy he wanted, but it was too strong. November crashed through the window, causing a long gash along her hairline above her left eyebrow. The scar is still visible today. This caused November and Frederick to grow apart for a while, and to be constantly watched. They were not allowed together without adult supervision after that event.
In Mortlake Manor, there is one place that nobody is allowed to go until they are twenty. This room fascinated November, and she frequently went up to the door to try and decipher what it hid. When she was 12, November sneaked up to the room once again, to find the door ajar. Nobody knows why. November got in, and in the room was a strange book on a pedestal. November read the book, before accidentally reading an incantation out loud. The book began to burn in magical fire, and November collapsed to the floor, unconscious. This was the first headache she had obtained from spellcasting. She almost wasn't discovered, but when the whole room was alight, November's father finally found her. He used his own life force to protect November from harm as he got her out of the house. Once November was safe, Robert healed her wounds with the rest of his life force. November watched her father pass away. When the rest of the family found her, November was traumatised and her mind was in pieces. Her grandmother decided it was fair to modify her memories until a time when she could handle the fact that her father's death was her fault. Her nightmares began from that day forward.
November became shy and drawn back from society after that day. She could not remember why she felt guilty, and felt like a danger. She became quiet, shut up away from the rest of society. The only person she fully trusted was Frederick, and she was not allowed to see him. Her room became a prison for many years, until her mother decided that she needed to get out. She was enrolled for a different academy at fourteen years of age. There, she met her Charlotte again and many others. Gradually, November began to open up. The person that had been hidden for so long finally began to emerge, although slowly. She enjoyed the company of her friends, and began to contribute more and more to the conversation. Although she is still extremely shy, she is much better than she was. However, the company of her beloved brother Frederick was causing too much trouble. They were often caught after dark, or where they weren't supposed to be, or just generally in trouble a lot.
In the Summer, November's mother Cassandra received a letter from the new Witches' Academy. November was told to say goodbye to Frederick, who still attends the other school and to pack her bags. She was totally separated from Frederick for the rest of the holidays, much to November's disappointment. It contributed to her misery, and her growing realisation of the importance of the Fox Coven. November discovered that she didn't want to be well known, she wanted to be just a normal family member, without everyone fussing about her all the time.
November misses her family a lot, being apart from them a lot. She often doesn't speak to them for weeks at a time. She especially misses Frederick, as she was very close to him. November's little sister Hollie was born a few days after her father died, and she looks like her deceased father. November feels guilty whenever she sees Hollie, and so tends to stay away from her.
November's life has changed over the years, and there's still a lot to live. She can't wait for something new and exciting to happen.


So begins...

November Mortlake's Story