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Ulrika Adalheid

"Let me help you, dear."

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a character in “Enchantedly ll Charmed”, as played by aarondalea


"I can see everywhere, from the skies to any small crock and cranny."

A Lesson In Me

Full Name:
Ulrika Celementine Adalheid

“I have many names. Choose based on your own preferences, not mine, for I have none.”




Student// “I have yet to perfect the ways of being a witch.”

Spider// “I don’t get the fright with spiders, really. They are rather kind and are one of the smartest animal species on Earth. What is there to fear?”

A Lesson In Anatomy


Hair Color:

Eye Color:





Scars/Birth Marks:
Al has a birthmark that runs up the right side of her stomach and a bit onto her chest. The birthmark looks like nothing except for a large, purple bruise.

Character Color:

“I would say fair and light, almost like a faerie in both poise and behavior.”
Al has constantly been underweight, fueled by her bad eating cycles and lack of care for her own wellbeing. Her bones are enforced over her pale body due to her lack of body fat, and the tired look on the girl’s face almost constantly gives her this impoverished, sickened look. Her skinniness does not translate into a gangly look, however, and there is no awkward air in the way she moves. Rather, it is obvious that the girl had grown into her body and had long since ditched the shy, hunchbacked looks most girls like Al had growing up into adulthood. Her hair is brown, which, under light, shines a light blonde. Al’s hair is not as short as it looks, as she always pulls it into a tight bun behind her head, but rather falls almost all the way down to her waist. With her hair down, the girl’s innocence and naivety shine through the layer of professionalism she tries to pain on for herself.

With blue yes and slightly wavy brown hair, along with long limbs and a certain grace, many claim that Al has received the better portion of her parents’ genes. However, Al constantly has bags under her eyes, and rarely does anyone ever see her smile. Though she has a baby face, it rarely ever shows the emotions of neither a child nor a baby.

A Lesson In Psychology


{Kindhearted, Curious, Courteous, Intelligent, Observant}
Ulrika was brought up as a lady. Her parents wanted to make sure that she would have an easy life, and that she would lead a happy life, and so tried their best to model her in a way in which they thought could lead her on a better life path. Now, of course, Al was pretty much what they had in mind. Kind, quiet and optimistic, many say that Al is a perfect lady. Al herself loves to observe others, but this doesn’t stop herself from interacting with others. Whenever needed, with or without beckoning, Ulrika would pretty much always be there to help whomever it is with a small smile on her face. In front of others, Ulrika makes sure that there is constantly a small smile on her face- without others, the girl is almost constantly frowning, or just extremely emotionless. She herself knows how to please others and act in ways that others want to see.

This wasn’t what Ulrika had always been like. In the contrary, when Ulrika was younger the girl was considered extremely evil and prone to anger. She would unleash curses (or what she knew) on others, pulling their hair and calling them names, while unleashing her spiders on them. For her cousin, Levina, the younger Ulrika was a pure nightmare. The worst thing Ulrika remembers doing to Levina was forcing a spider to slowly walk all over the girl’s face before forcing itself down into Levina’s mouth.

Ulrika never apologized.

• Playing with her spiders// Unlike most of the other witch families, for Ulrika’s family, the Adalheids are able to control more than one spider. Ulrika herself, as a rather strong witch within the bloodline, can control around 15 spiders, with only Edna her permanent partner. She tends to fool around with them, asking them to spy on others or asking them to help her sew dresses.
• Reading// Ulrika’s main favorite place within the school is the large library that stands in the center of the schoolyard. If she isn’t in her room, nor in class, then Al would be in the library with Edna perched on her shoulder, the two of them reading whatever book they feel interested in.
• Sewing// Al loves sewing, and tends to sew large dresses for herself to wear. Edna also helps out, pulling on the thread and making sure it doesn’t get tangled, or choosing lace and cloth for Al to use while pondering on what sort of dress she should make. Extremely nimble with her two hands, Edna loves to sew and make clothes. This is the main thing she does while in her room, other than sleeping, eating, and reading.
• Practicing incantations// Not just out of pure fun, but with the need to succeed, Al loves to practice incantations she has never learned in class. Though this sometimes may go extremely bad, nothing of large scale has ever happened before. She loves the feeling of being one-step ahead of class, or just being able to shock others with the new abilities she has down, similar to those of the higher levels or professional witches.

• Drug addict// Shockingly enough, Al is addicted to marijuana. She sometimes dabbles with shrooms, but not too much, as she is scared of the aftereffects that shrooms might leave her with. However, once a week, Al would always do drugs, but makes sure that no sign of it can be seen. This is exactly why every Sunday Al locks herself up in her room for the whole morning. This period of time, Al tends to be high as hell. When Al is high, she tends to ask Edna to make sure she doesn’t cast some sort of weird incantation.
• Fear of the dark// Al is utterly scared of the dark. She remembers how she was once accidentally locked into the basement, as Al had gone in while she was younger for an ‘adventure’ but had accidentally been locked in. That basement held the experiments that her mother conducted behind her daughter’s back. This meant that there were many mutated animals and plants in the basement, waiting for their ultimate demise under the hands of Ulrika’s mother’s hands. The howls and screeches that filled the pitch black air have constantly followed Ulrika through the dark, her futile pounding on the door not drawing anyone until she finally fainted on the stairs leading back to her house. This has led Ulrika to fear the dark, and she hasn’t been able to shake off this phobia ever since. If her spiders surround her, Ulrika may be able to cope with the dark, but there must be a sliver of light. If there is a bit of light, Ulrika is not afraid.

  • Spiders
  • Cobwebs
  • Potions
  • Long Victorian dresses
  • Storms
  • Thunder and lightning
  • Forests
  • Climbing trees
  • Casting spells
  • Reading
  • The Ocean

  • Bug killing sprays
  • Enclosed spaces
  • Mirrors
  • Computers and the internet
  • Drinking and drugs
  • Pollen
  • Flowers
  • Bright colored dresses
  • Anything bright colored
  • Loud, rock/metal music
  • The sound of snoring
  • Baking and cooking
  • Fires


Strengths and Weaknesses

Character Skills/Talents:
  • Climbing walls// Probably something she gained from her spider familiars, Al is rather adept at climbing walls. She has tried mountain climbing and, well, she thought it was a piece of cake. With a bit of magic, and a spell or two for safety precautions, Al can vault pretty much any wall people challenge her to climb. She herself finds much joy in climbing and vaulting walls, and tends to stand at the top for a while before going into safety, basking in her glory and sweat.
  • Casting spells// Many of the teachers at the school have stated that Al was one of the best students that they have taught. Great at casting spells (but rather bad at coming up with incantations), Al can create and do almost anything she wants. It isn’t hard for Al at all, and she rather likes the fact that most of the lessons taught at school come to her extremely easily.
  • Embroidery, sewing, knitting// If Al has nothing to do, she’d just whip out her needles, threads and clothes to embroider or sew, whatever she wants. Commonly, Al sells what she makes, as they do make a bit of money for her, as everything she makes tends to be extremely pretty. This hobby and talent has been with Al almost ever since she was young, especially as she had received the tutelage of her mother, one of the best embroiders of her time and age within the witchcraft group. Give her any picture, or ask her to make any piece of clothing, and Al would make it for anyone and everyone for a rather small price. All of the dresses she wears were made by Al herself- the thread chosen by the trusty eyes of Edna, her trusty spider.
  • Singing// Al has a wonderful singing voice, and she knows it though she never says so. Throughout the halls of the school at times one or the other, Al’s voice can be heard throughout the halls, singing whatever is on her mind. This goes from opera, to contemporary music, including pop, alternative rock, or indie songs. However, Al tends to just hum random tunes that comes into her mind, with her spiders crouched on her shoulders, swaying to the music.
  • Potions// Funnily enough, Al is exceptional at making potions- especially poisons, at that. Odorless, tasteless, and colorless are the trademarks of Al's poisons. She could poison anyone she wanted if she really tried, but she doesn't. If she has the right ingredients, Al would be unstoppable.
  • Manipulating her spiders// They listen to her every command. Every. Single. Command. Out of fear, rather than loyalty. Fear holds them to Al- though within recent years this has changed a bit- but not a fear of the girl herself, but rather something that still resides within her till this day. The spiders are the ones that constantly make sure that nothing is wrong with their girl...but even if Al went back to her old ways, they would never go against her. She has made sure of that.

Character Flaws/Weaknesses:
  • Cooking// Al’s food cannot be eaten. Everything that she makes either comes out poisonous or burnt like charcoal. She herself has been practicing for many years but her food just cannot come out properly as she wishes. Everyone in the school already knows to avoid Al if she tries to hand them food, and only Al herself can stomach what she eats, though the taste never suits her stomach (and she tends to get massive diarrhea afterwards). On the bright side, this has trained Al for poison, so that now only the strongest of poisons may affect her. On the downside, this is a rather interesting tarnish to her name as an extremely lady-like witch. Her mother laughs at her for her bad cooking skills, and her father also thinks it’s mildly amusing.
    “It’s probably the young Ulrika trying to rebel against the current Ulrika.”
  • Cannot stand up for herself// Ulrika tends to just take whatever anyone throws at her face. Of course, she grumbles about it and feels unhappy in her head, but she never really does anything against the other person. Sometimes, especially when it has been a bad day for Al, she might just cast an extremely light curse on the other individual, but it’s rarely ever gone to that stage. Al tends to just smile sadly and walk away to do whatever she had originally planned to do, or finish whatever task has been put in her face. This has gained her the reputation of being a slight pushover, though no one really dares to exercise their power over Ulrika, as there is a weird aura that they all can sense behind the dainty, smiling lady they see everyday.
  • Sensitivity// Ulrika is extremely sensitive to what other people say about her and the comments that she receives. One negative comment can lead Ulrika to mope in her room for a full hour, or even a day. She tends to take what other people say to an extreme, and commonly comes to her own conclusions and reacts to them without other people telling her what they actually think. This tends to occur when she interacts with others, and when others are critiquing her work or just plain talking to her. This has led many people to keep a certain distance away from Al, and she herself sort of enforces this distance by secluding herself from others as well. But, however, she still holds much influence within the school and makes sure that she doesn’t fully exclude herself, but rather has a mysterious aura about herself.
  • Pitch black places// Ulrika needs light. Without light, she cannot function.

• The other Al// Al has two main sides to her personality, one that she constantly shows, and one that she has managed to hide. The other Al, the one that was out mostly when she was younger, loved to bully people, torture them, and watch them cry. When seeing wounds or inflicting damage on others, Al still feels a sort of sensual tingle that runs up her spine. She tries to hide this side of herself by acting extremely proper, talking and acting in the most matronly way as possible to not show this more carnal side of herself to others.

• Cleithrophobia// Whenever Al enters a room no one can stand at the doorway. She fears that the person would suddenly slam the door on her face and never let her out, looking her in until her death. Though she knows that this is highly improbable, it doesn’t stop the girl from imagining the possibilities and the outcomes.
• Somniphobia// At night, Al cannot sleep unless someone is with her. She doesn’t know why but she has a slight fear towards the prospects of sleeping. Whenever she starts to think about what might happen to her- someone could kill her, she could wake up to have sleep paralysis- Al just can’t sleep anymore. Unless one of her friends is there, of it her familiar is beside her, Al would not be able to sleep and this could go on for many days on end without her showing any signs of falling asleep.[/center]

A Lesson In History



Place Of Origin:
Herefordshire, United Kingdom

Birth Date:
February 13th

Ulrika was born out of wedlock, between her 25-year-old mother- with witch backgrounds- and her then 47-year-old, married father. Her father, Edward Smithson, attempted to get a divorce from his legal wife, but the woman never signed the papers. He himself faced resistance also from his parents, his parents-in-law, and his already grown up children. Thus, while Ulrika was still young, she only remembered seeing her father weekly, as he came to visit from time to time, with toys and gifts in his hands. She loved her father, though he rarely appeared, and cherished his visits with all her heart. Her mother also took this hardship lightly, cleaning and preparing the house just for that one visit every week. Ulrika would watch her mother perform her mother around the house, muttering incantations while cleaning up the house or while doing her work selling incantations to people whom somehow knew her mother and their background.

When Ulrika was 5, her witch abilities started to show, budding slowly as she grew older. Her mother, aware of her daughter’s growth, kept Al with herself for a while until she felt as if the young girl wasn’t safe living around normal humans anymore. This happened especially during that one day Al took a trip to their houses basement. Though Al herself didn’t know, she had caused a large storm to ravage through the whole city that only stopped the moment she had fainted. Her mother had been at the supermarket, and had known that the storm wasn’t of natural occurrence, as a faint wail could be heard through the winds, and because the storm started and stopped as abruptly as possible. Edna- whom had chosen Ulrika when the young girl was 2-years-old- had been slumbering in their room, and woke up only to the sound of the front door slamming open and Ulrika’s mother running through the hall yelling for the girl.

This forced Ulrika’s mother to decide that it was about time Ulrika was sent to the witch academy all witches within the region had to be sent to. There, Ulrika spent much of her childhood, though she commonly came back during holidays to stay with her mother and occasionally meet with her father. It was during these days that Ulrika suddenly grew extremely weird, torturing others and casting curses everywhere. Only later did she herself realize that it was because a curse had been placed on her, as she had touched an ancient artifact her mother had long since forgotten that had been lying in a cardboard box Ulrika had accidentally fell on. This curse manifested into a second personality within Ulrika, bending Al’s morality and kindness to the back of her head. This period of time still leaves Al with nightmares. The one she remembers the clearest was when she was 10, when the curse was at it’s worst. Her mother had dragged Al off to visit their relatives, in particular the Whitmore’s. While around her mother, Al’s curse would subside, leaving the girl to act as how she really was- kind and lady-like. This would last until her mother left.

That foolish woman is finally gone.

One day, her mother and Mrs. Whitmore- Al’s mother’s sister-in-law- had gone off to buy food supplies. The curse manifested into it’s full power once more as Al had screamed mercy while in her room, dropping the embroidery she had been focusing on. Nothing could stop the curse- and it had chosen it’s next victim. Al found the rabbit in Levina’s room, her cousin out of sight and not around. Grinning, she had leaned down and whispered into the large bunny ears, her hand choking the rabbit, “Call your master; this will be fun.” With a spell she had learned at the witch academy, Al had the rabbit floating behind her as she walked to the shed she had been preparing for the whole week, and forced the rabbit against the wall with more spells.

“Hey Levina,” Al had said, knowing that the girl could watch and hear what was happening to her familiar at that very moment. “Let’s have some fun.”

Levina’s rabbit familiar was later found on a street, blasted to pieces. It was as if a car had ran over it while it crossed the street, but Levina and Al knew better than that. Spiders. Choking. Spiders biting their way through my skin. Their parents had dismissed what Levina had said, saying that it was definitely a bad nightmare the girl had had, as witches were never the same after losing their familiars. No one ever questioned Ulrika, and Edna, her familiar, kept silent out of fear as well. This persisted for so long that at times Ulrika could not split herself from the curse, and their thoughts tended to mix with one another. They were no longer split, but almost like one entity. However, Al would still fight, running out in the woods while fighting for supremacy over the curse, screaming in agony as it tried to once again fill her every pore. Until she met her- an old witch. It had been late at night, long past curfew, and Al had once again stumbled out of the school grounds and into the forest, black waves of energy emitting off from her frail body as the curse tried to take over her mind once more. The old woman had walked upon this sight, as Al let out silent screams, her hands over her head, pulses of black energy filling the air. She had placed a hand on Al’s shoulders and had muttered an incantation, and the curse suddenly recoiled back into the back of Al’s head. Handing Ulrika a pendant, the old lady had told her to wear the pendant constantly, and with a small smile had left the girl in the middle of the woods, alone once more.

But once the damage is done, the wounds rarely heal perfectly. Ulrika cannot forgive herself for many actions she did while under the influence of the curse. However, she doesn't dare to apologize or talk to her victims about the incidents, and tends to avoid talking about them whenever possible. Even with her familiar, Edna, Ulrika has put up a barrier, in fear that her familiar might start to dislike and distrust Ulrika again. Nightmares now follow her everywhere, including the sight of spiders and a rabbit. She cries herself to sleep on a weekly basis.

"All I have in my heart is remorse and fear."

Through later research and discipline, Al was able to seal the negativity almost permanently inside her head, and returned to her normal ways and state of life. Ulrika has been at the school for around 13 years, and is almost about to leave as her skills have come to perfection. However, the killings have drawn Al’s attention, and she doesn’t wish to leave her underclasswomen alone to the jaws and claws of whatever roams the woods.


So begins...

Ulrika Adalheid's Story