Vince Sloane DiMocelli

"She's here and she will follow me till these damned things eat me alive... or I eat them first."

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a character in “End of Days”, as played by vondoom2099


NAME - Vince Sloane DiMocelli

AGE - 32

APPEARANCE - Pale skin, auburn hair with a scruffy beard. Has a thin nose and purple bags under his eyes from lack of sleep. He wears an orange jumpsuit with a white, long-sleeved shirt underneath. He usually has the arms of the jumpsuit tied around his waist. He has a pair of combat boots stolen from a dead prison guard.

ABOUT - Vince is a very quiet man. He does not enjoy drawing attention to himself or causing a scene. He likes to keep everyone happy and calm, which keeps him calm in times of great anxiety (which is nearly every moment he's awake). Behind the gentle man is a monster he simply refers to as 'Her' or 'She' or sometimes 'That Bitch with the Tentacles'. Suffering from delusions, Vince believes he was framed for murder by this monster woman, who he will swear up and down ate a cop's corpse in front of him. He had spent six years in jail when the outbreak occurred, causing a riot and allowing Vince to escape. How he'll survive as zombies and now mutations attack him is all depended on the story.

SKILLS - Despite his fragile state of mind, Vince is incredibly strong. He's able to lift most women and children with ease, having no problem carrying them off to wherever they were headed. When carrying men heavier than him, he is slowed but still capable of carrying them a long distance. Another attribute to his strength is his ability to effectively crack skulls. His running pace and endurance are average, but fear often drives him to very quick sprints that wear him out quickly. Vince, while in prison, gained a talent for creating impromptu weapons and items from useless junk and a skill in bartering.

WEAKNESSES - Vince is a killer and does not realize it. In states of lunacy, he is willing to kill and eat anything. During this state, reason goes out the window and his focus is to feed his bloodlust. While he does not trigger often, he will trigger when seeing anyone in a cop uniform being killed or eaten. Vince also has a fear of young girls (13-16) with blonde hair, which is what his monster choses as her form. He will always be suspicious and sometimes tries to leave them to die in fear they are his monster.

EQUIPMENT - A small, handmade shank crafted from a piece of metal with a wrap of cloth for the handle. Kept in his boot. Also carries a tire iron he found, and a small backpack with half a bottle of water.

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