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"I am born unto The Great Butterfly, am nothing, for which I seek to the glistening stars."

0 · 177 views · located in Xanthe-The Dark Continent

a character in “End Saga”, as played by Tigeress


(All this information has been mostly pre-approved by the GM. It is all subject to change from this)


NICKNAMES/TITLES: "Daughter of the Great Butterfly": Fluttering on the wings of a gigantic butterfly, many players know of her merely for the unique summon she rides upon. From what little lore that was put on forums by the developers, the maiden often seen with this enormous beauty is bound forever to her summon, literally reborn from this bond into a scarred tattered form.

"The Bonfire Ghost": Many tales were told next to fires, and Sauvra knows each and every one, or so many players believe. She is a constant wanderer who gazes into the flames with her illuminous, broken figure, her voice emotionally recalling bits of lore in the game as if she had seen every tale with her scarf covered eyes. The fact that she never seems to break character inside the game is considered pleasant to most players, many whom consider her part of the "Main" lore of the game, ableit only a small part of its tale.


TYPE: Support

-Strength(Physical attk power): F
-Agility(Dodge,Speed): F
-Intellect(Magical power): D- (3, one from Angel, one from type)
-Endurance(Resistance, health): D (4)

CHARACTER PHYSICAL APPEARANCE: A desolate ruined creature, Sauvra's character is a mess of ritual scars running all over her pale features, forming dozens of odd patterns upon her weathered looking flesh, and each small movement causes these to stretch and twist slightly, forming a almost pitiful looking existence, as if both greatly aged and pained by the struggles of her role.

Her face is weather beaten, as if she pushed through every storm looking into it, forcing her way through with profound determination, though she has perhaps not seen a single one, for her eyes are covered by a long flowing scarf of glowing sunset/orange silk, which ties down her frazzled, greying hair of blond, like a proud token of a lovers affection. It trails behind her several feet fluttering as if seemingly empowered by its own longing for a new adventure.

Her tall, tired looking body is clad in heavily weather damaged robes of rose color, tied down with many leather belts that form a barrier against the outside world. The area near the lower theighs have red on them, splatters of intense hues that further highlight her, though they too are faded beyond easy recongnition...

Personality: In real life, the woman is merely a lonely divorced wife who enjoys the MMO universe as a way to look out into the world from her current somewhat depressed state. Her nature is motherly and meek, but fiercly imaginative, which carries over towards her role in game.

CHARACTER PERSONALITY: As a character, Sauvra is a silent creature of strength, choosing to rely on actions rather than what mere words can do. Refusing to give up her role, she plays a character who is born to wander, who is in love with the sights and sounds of the world she is in, who tells tales to inspire and comfort the weary travelers fighting a battle against the vicious world they live in.

She is not, however, unsocialable, and will comment often in her simplistic manner or lend a ear when it is needed. She often longs for conversation, but refuses to break character, and as such many conversations to things not directly related to the game can be difficult to put before her, as she will throw you very well written states of confusion.

Her character is very ravaged by the state the game is in after the horrible events, and thus she will often comment on the events almost as if they were real. She plays herself as a injured tired soul, world weary by the games lore. However, she mentions a personal goal occassionally about seeking a star...

Most often, she enjoys helping other players achieve their goals, and enjoying their company within the confines of the game. With her as a guide, many new players have been touched by this lonely character.

WEAPON: Voice/ritual knife

WEAPON NAME: "Nameless"

She was once asked if her weapon, the same voice she used to deliver speech as magic, and she told them, "The something that touches soul is a gift that needs no name." Henceforth, her voice and knife has occasionally been called "Nameless", as if a set.

(List three appropriate with your class. Be creative.)
-Bound in Blood: A interesting healing effect in which hp is sacrificed to cure "The Great Butterfly", the animation is known for its dramatics with Sauvra cutting herself upon and spreading the dripping life blood upon the creature, singing its fears away. Cures hp and status effects, as well as grants a temporary protection to damage for a short period.

- Cry of the Goddess: A thunderous scream which heavily increases "The Great Butterfly"'s Intelluct stat, and as well as providing its magic with a knock back effect, making it a great heavy damage and crowd control ability, and its increase to magic can make it great for hitting tough enemies.

- Storms Favor: A whisper that blesses "The Great Butterfly", giving it heavily heightened endurance, and giving it a unique ability to cause damage to reflect back upon targets. In one event, a high level player attacked the creature, greatly injuring it in a single blow, but the reflective damage was enough to kill him. This works very well against high attack, low hp/def types.

Name: Banner (Often titled "Petal of Red" for her appearance)

Personality: Wildly protective of her mistress, and perhaps in love with her, Banner is a symbolic zealot of sorts, considering the will of Sauvra to be absoulute. Thus she is intermixed with a berserker and a religious fanatic, believing herself to be completely expendable for the glory of her mistress. All purpose is dedicated to her, though with the advent of the investigation that has become a priority, she often feels conflicted between a programed role, and a desired one.

This is not to say she lacks dicipline, for unlike others of her kind she has revoked magic completely choosing to rely only on her skill at arms, wielding a heavy battle axe and armor, maintaining a kind of martial dicipline that makes her very lordly despite her childish attitude at times. She is trying very heavy to learn from her beloved mistress's personality and is often seen "Copy Catting" her.

She enjoys matieral things, making her somewhat greedy, (if only wishing to find the perfect present for her mistress), and she enjoys virtual candy, cats, outfits, ect. She seems to enjoy people who like her mistress, for obvious reasons, but when they get too close she feels threatened and will lash out, not always at creatures who deserve it. This violent temper is also her strength.

Banner hates some things with a passion, such as cowards (though she is trying to learn compassion), liars (whom she deems those who lack the courage to live up to their very own words) and particularly hates her "sister" angels.. and thus far not many of them like her either, which could explain her obession with her mistress.

Appearance: Looking exactly as any "water" angel does, she rejects the outfit in favor of heavy red armor, attempting to mke herself stand out from the "pawns" who all look alike to eachother. Her face is hidden behind a helmet depicting a snarling angry feline ready for conflict, and upon her back is a elaborate cape made from "The Great Butterfly"'s silk, which glows slightly red.

Attribute: Water, which is ironic as her personality is more like fire.

Summon: -"The Great Butterfly": A glistening beautiful butterfly that glows as if it is a fading sunset as it flutters against the sky, its collosal body shadowing many of the grand creatures of the world. In the lore, it is said to have been born with a young child grasped in its tiny wings, curled around the babes body, but little else is known about the immaculate insect that is admired by most players in the game.

Combat Abilties: As it is a unique creature born from a event, it has several different functions than what other summons do, namelyt hat it is all three types of clases mixed in a hybrid, forming a tank, dps, and healer in a sense, all rolled into one. However, only two of these types can be used at a single time, and to do so the creature goes into "Modes" changing its combat style to reflect it. It is also the only mount thus far that attacks.

DPS/Tank: Fluttering around the field of battle and casting spells, the gorgeous illuminated mass can be hard to target for melee types, and its stats are designed to boost a huge amount of hp with powerful rain of attacks, however, it is slow moving and easy to hit target, instead taking damage instead of "dodging" it. It also cannot peform its "healer" role from this postion"

Healing/Tank: When needing to sustain Sauvar's life, it'll change its mode to become a full on tank and healer, gathering her in its wings and curling them gently around her on its body, protecting her from whatever is trying to harm its beloved "daughter". From this postion it can perform its own healing ability towards the owner, sacrificing its own life blood to cure the tattered human's wounds. However in this postion, while defense is greately increased, it is also vulnerable to melee if they can reach it, for it must land to take this protective stance.

Abilities:-Bound in Blood: A interesting healing effect in which hp is sacrificed to cure Sauvra, the animation is known for its dramatics with Sauvra cutting the creature open slightly, whispering her thanks while the droplets fall upon her, seemingly absorbed by the scars. Cures hp and status effects, as well as grants a temporary protection to damage for a short period.

-Hateful Flutter: The brilliantly colored wings pick up speed for a moment, and lightning dances upon the targeted area in wild strokes. Particularly strong against single targets as the effect adds up according to how many strikes a target. It also makes visibility difficult as the weather in the area changes to stormy, making seeing the creature difficult.

- Quivering Earth: The land below a player spikes out in one large sickening spear that can cause great damage and is hard to predict, but also manipulates the battlefield forming large towers the creature could rest from. When combined with Hateful flutter, it can make finding the great beast a game a hide and seek.

MOUNT: "The Great Butterfly"

Type: Aerial, but the slowest of all mounts, though faster than foot and able to fly over terrain.

REAL LIFE: Unknown, though it is for certain that she won the character contest that produced "The Great Butterfly" and Sauvra

IN GAME LIFE/REPUTATION: Sauvra joined the game early on, and her level is not the product of laziness but rather her interest in the storyline and the worlds characters, whom she is considered a part of now. Most players know her as a figure to be rspected and admired, and some GM's even go out of their way to punish individuals who go out of their way to bug the incharacter nature of this player, due to the popularity of her appearance and the delight many players have with reading her lore columns on forums.

Throughout her playthrough, she has been mostly a random occurence that, appearing in isolated spots in the game to take in some new view or to read some tiny bit of text from a character that seemed intereresting to her, and some players dedicate themselves to finding this "PC-NPC" (Player Computer/Non Player computer) to enjoy a indepth look at her.

She seems to enjoy making camp sites on the way to difficult areas in the game, resting pionts where mobs are very scarce and leaving random, often very good, items for other players to use and these "Cache" sites are often taken on a "Trust" system, which usually doesn't work sadly. Still, she continues to go about these odd practices, and is enjoyed for her role.

So begins...

Sauvra's Story