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"Oh what a pity.. And I was so looking forward to this."

0 · 792 views · located in Xanthe-The Dark Continent

a character in “End Saga”, as played by Valkyrieknight



NICKNAMES/TITLES: Knight of Extravagance


TYPE: Tank

-Strength: F
-Agility: D {III}
-Intellect: F
-Endurance: D+ {IIII}


NB: Her swords holding her up off the ground and her over the knee boots make her appear taller than she is.



The knight of extravagance is a rather playful combatant. She likes to taunt her foes and appears mean when she does so but actually that is just one of her methods of drawing their attention away from her fellow allies as her role of a tank. Her title is a general assessment of her character at face value, most summing her up to be ‘All looks and no bite’ in combat and a load of folly. Despite the judgement and bias passed on her by others as a character at first glance, overall she is quite decent and a quick learner but only a battle could really prove that. Her allies though few are those who earn her trust and loyalty because as a tank, she doesn’t want to take hits and help protect someone who in return, would not do the same for her if they were able. She expects to receive the effort she gives for any on her team and if that does not happen, she will leave without hesitation. Her forte is being a team tank. Solo she will wear her enemies down until she has the right moment to strike with a final blow.



Dual wielded Swords (shown in pic above)


The Fal’ciere Pair


1. Dance of Demise: Area of effect (aoe) attack that draws both player and monster aggro. With the use of the Fal'ciere pair, the character twirls on the spot with both long blades out to meet and potentially slash enemies in close promixity. Those who are not close but in the general same area will still be aggro drawn. The closer you are to the character when this attack is done, the more damage is completed. It is a particularly strong attack that requires said character to give up her endurance to be replaced with further agility in the duration to maximise the speed of the twirl in turn maximising damage dealt. However agility also assists with dodge making her not completely vulnerable to other attacks.

2. Fal'ciere Smite: Both swords combine into one that can deal heavy blows with the right timing. This is her only attack that can be directed to a single target rather than a mob and often used as a way to finish a fight after wearing enemies down. Activating this skill, allows her to hold her newly formed sword by one hand rather than two as she usally does being dual wielded. With no stats on strength, she relies on building up momentum in her character by a run up with the help of her agility speed. It is a swift attack in which Stellar does a run up, leaps and comes down with her sword at ready in the air to smite the targetted enemy. Although simple at face value, it is an ability that has the potential to deal heavy damage or at the very least, disarm the opponent temporarily of their own weapon from the impact. The cost of this skill, is that when she has her eyes set on a specific target she is vulnerable to be attacked by others.

3. Poison Blades: The golden markings on her swords spreads/ stretches to the tip glistening for a moment before settling. After the glisten, the swords are enchanted with poison for a limited amount of time. Upon making contact with any of the Fal'ciere Pair during battle her foes health points decrease in small numbers at the start then lead to bigger numbers. It is in a sense like a ticking time bomb in which the opponent or monster has to defeat the Poison Blade skillcaster character before their time is up/ the poison has done its bidding. Being a very useful ability, Stellar has to sacrifice half her own health points before the skill can be activated or the unknown alternative as she has never done it before- have an ally sacrifice half their health points on her behalf.

4. (Demoted Angel) Zephyr's Prayer: a spell to boost character's speed/dodge.




Troublesome Troublemaker.




A Black Phoenix. It comes in the form of engulfing flames with its wings outstretched behind the character then diffuses into black smoke of which creates the unique black phoenix.

MOUNT NAME: Cigarette (her real life humour coming into play)



Her reality is quite dull to say the least and that is why she turned to gaming, for a sense of excitement that doesn’t strike her in her daily life. Although in all honesty End Saga is the first multiplayer game she’s ever tried and so far, the only game she’s playing.
She is an average 19 year old named Devone Michaels in a family of 2 consisting of herself and her mother after her father married another woman. She hasn’t seen or heard from him since and sometimes to release that frustration, she pretends her character’s foe is him and she is making him pay for forsaking her mother in such a harsh manner. At her studies, her fellow peers appreciate her more than the other people in-game. Devone is easy to get along with and has a great sense of humour that can draw a crowd. Relating herself to her character, Devone is like a tank in a sense that when she’s hurt emotionally, she takes the hit and she takes it hard but won’t back down from the fight.


Stellar is not famous or well known in the game just yet. Those who have come across her have mostly underestimated what her character is capable of and not taken her skills seriously or as a least bit of a threat. However those who she has fought against in pvp will never make that error of judgement again as her tank build allows her to be fast, dodge and endure attacks that manage to make contact. Others who she may have taunted, are holding a grudge against her. So overall with just a few friends here and there, her in game treatment is quite poor sadly but her love and dedication towards the game itself keeps her playing.


So begins...

Stellar's Story