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"Why not have a little fun?"

0 · 678 views · located in Xanthe-The Dark Continent

a character in “End Saga”, as played by The Illusionist



The Serpent Prince

Anarchy Mage


-Strength: F {} 0
-Agility: F {} 0
-Intellect: C {IIII} 4+2
-Endurance: F+ {I} 1



Zero is very confident to a fault, care free, and sometimes just plain ridiculous when he takes everything as a joke. And whether it be mumbled to himself or said out loud intended to be heard, sarcasm is usually just around the corner with him, especially outside of combat. He isn't always that way though, there are certain people he just has an affinity with, whether they feel the same way or not, and he usually becomes a bit more kind around them. When it comes down to battling though he is about as aggressive as they come, loving to move in and get the drop on someone or something that underestimates the potential of a AnarchyMage at short distances. Despite his rash nature in combat though he is a highly intelligent individual, capable of remembering anything he sees without problem, making him a very fluid and flexible fighter which is how he has gotten as far as he had. He isn't a leader though, not because he couldn't but because he doesn't want to be. When it comes to the game he prefers to let someone else lead and just go out there and do his thing when the time comes so when the battle is over his job is done. Beyond in game combat he really likes loot and is a collector or rare items, mostly because he likes to be prepared for whatever lies around the corner. He values those who have still, anyone who doesn't isn't trying hard enough.


Magically Imbued Gauntlets

Gloves of the Reaper

-Lightning Rod: A lightning blast that is fast and has pinpoint accuracy. Zero shoots a quick straight bolt of lightning, channeling it through his fingers, and fires it directly at his target. Can use it as close range by gathering the lightning for the shot but not channeling out his fingers but instead just touching the target to send a jolt of lightning through them.

-Wind Blast: At long range he shoots a strong line of wind hitting the first enemy in his line of site with tremendous blunt force. At closer range he doesn't need it to go as far so he can use as an AoE, hitting any enemies in front of him in a wide area.

-Switch Fireball: Zero charges a fireball with one hand, he can use both to speed up the process but can't move if he does. He can charge it in one of two ways, one is to make it larger and use as an AoE attack, the second it to make the flame more intense, causing the temperature to drastically increase for more damage, the color changing to show its heat. He can combine the effects by both heating and enlarging his fireball but it takes much longer than doing either one of the other options.

-Sphere of Poseidon: (Demoted Angel's Spell) A spell that encircles your character in a large bubble which absorbs an attack.

Name: Ceri
Personality: Cutesy
Attribute: Water

Name: Sora (A young Dragon)
Type: Aerial


While he is handsome, decent with the ladies, and a successful college student his true self comes out only when he is playing games. He comes from a rich family, old money and it shows. Everyday is stressful and he has to strive to live up to the expectations of his family while staying sane. In fact the expectations for his future are insane, his father wants him to become a business man and take over their families company, which hasn't been out of family hands since it was founded, and his younger brother would love for him to fail and fall out of favor, a real drama of sorts. So on the outside he puts on a facade, tricking everyone around him into thinking he is an easy going rich kid who has everything he could ever want and has no problem accomplishing the high demands placed upon him, and he is that person for the most part, that just isn't all of it. What he doesn't have, or show, on the outside is freedom and some key personality points, that is why he plays games, to release himself. Sometimes he just wants to be himself, a bit of a sarcastic bastard who always has fun no matter the situation, as opposed to the real life him who stresses over every little thing and lives off appearances. For that he turns to games, particularly this one.

He is famous in a sense. It is more like people know him because of his attitude and because of his style of combat. While most mages prefer to stay out of close quarters no matter the situation he often rushes to the front, that granted him the titles of both troublesome and rash, many tanks hating his style and many others thinking it endangered the entire group. Nobody could argue with his success though thus granting him his fame. Also known as a bit of a flirt and a sadist, likes to have fun at others expense and whether or not he is a good or a bad guy is a question few agree on. One thing that all people can agree on though is that he is one hell of a mage and if you want something done just give him the job, he doesn't like to fail.


So begins...

Zero's Story