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Zyriah Albion

This is My character Rovien.

0 · 205 views · located in Xanthe-The Dark Continent

a character in “End Saga”, as played by AxelZero93


Username:Zyriah Albion


  • The Scarlet Knight
  • The Wandering Alchemist

Character Class:Bloodpriest

Type:DPS + 1 Intellect [spellcaster]

Character Stats

-Strength(Physical attk power):D


-Intellect(Magical power):F+

-Endurance(Resistance, health):D-

Character Physical Appearance

Zyriah stands at about 5'11" Which is tall by normal human standards, but often he has been dwarfed by his opponents. His eyes are unsettling. often causing discomfort on those which manage to make eye contact with him. He is lean and muscular. Any fatty tissue has been worked off, replaced by muscle and scar tissue. His Gauntlet attracts the attention of thieves Who, for those with the brass to try and steal the gauntlet, seem to die soon afterwards. Curious isn't it? His messy Maroon hair falls over his eyes, casting a shadow over his upper face. He avoids attention, yet exudes power and experience beyond his level. When in crowds or traveling. His cowl is pulled over his head, Casting an impenetrable shadow. His sword always remains sheathed and at his side, And if you do see the blade, chances are that is the last thing you will see.
not in the picture is a metal chest plate and a chain mail armor that hides under the black shirt, along with knee high armored boots.

Character Personality

Despite his dark and foreboding appearance. Zyriah is quite approachable. He avoids attention, but does not shy away from those who wish to talk, unless he deems you unfit for intelligent conversation. He will laugh and joke, and make friends. He is quite serious when he is not under a light atmosphere, and he will not approach other people with no reason. He tries to avoid PVP violence, And does not stand for the hazing of new players.


-WEAPON: Sword


-WEAPON: Guantlet

WEAPON NAME: Armature Chromiata Vivatica Rosette

Character Skills


[X]=Has yet to learn

  • Flare Blade [Active/Melee/Offensive/Magic][O]: Passes his left hand over the blade, Transmuting the atomic make up, giving it a flame attribute
  • Flare Wall [Active/Melee/Defensive/magic][O]: Slides Flare Blade Across the ground, causing a Wall of intense flames to sprout Up about 10 feet. While it offers no solid protection, It can obstruct views and deter most enemies. Only those with a strong fire affinity can pass through unscathed.
  • Rose thorn [Active/Ranged/Offensive/Physical]p[O]: Buries the Armature Underground. Then an array of Large spikes, made of the same material as the Armature Sprout from the ground beneath the enemy. While doing this however, Zyriah cannot move, and must wait until he has retracted the spikes.

  • Rose Shield [Active/Melee/Defensive/Physical][X]: Out of the Armature Comes a tough shield, Separate from the Armature, and he has no feeling in the sheild. It is slightly weaker than the main body as well. any piece shattered or chipped of disappears in a cloud of red smoke
  • Remote Flare [Active/Ranged/Offensive/Magic][X]: Very innaccurate long range attack, and not very strong unless he manages a point blank hit. It is basically a fiery blast that happens at a distance. However, it is incredibly easy to over/undershoot the flare, and more often than not, if anything hits, it is the shock wave, which at it's max may leave very light bruising and knock the opponent over.
  • Land mine [Active/Special/Offensive/Magic][X]: Only used when playing against NPC enemies, Seeing as how you cant really see where the enemy stepped. The land mine, is just that. A piece of land that has been set by alchemy to trigger an explosion under pressure.
  • Flame tunnel [Active/Area/Field Effect/Magic][X]: Zyriah creates a long tunnel of flames, of which only he and others with a fire affinity can enter/exit unscathed. Used to keep an enemy in place. No one can see in the tunnel or out of it.
  • Subterric transport [Active/Special/Movement/Magic][X]: Last ditch move. If he needs to escape, The gound under him will open up, only to spit him out elsewhere. Where it leaves him, not even he knows, Which can place him in a disadvantage as well as an advantage.
  • Thunder [Active/Ranged/Status/Magic][X]: Superheats the air at such a rapid rate that the air literally explodes, creating thunder. The jarring impact of the sound stuns enemies for a few seconds, How ever it can also stun allies if they are not prepared.
  • Hail storm [Active/Area/Offensive/Magic][X]: Due to him being a fire magic user, the strength of this is quite mediocre, yet for those with a weakness to cold, it will do plenty of damage. Chills the air to freezing temperatures, and condenses the moisture in the air into small shard of ice, which rain down, cutting and bruising everything. Ally and enemy alike
  • Fulgur tag[Active/Special/Offensive/Magic][X]: An excellent lightning attack. Tags a lightning rune onto an enemy, all that is needed is a touch. Then Zyriah can summon a bolt of lightning to strike the rune. Each rune is good for one strike, Hit or Miss.
  • Thrust[Active/Special/Movement/Magic][X]: Pressures the air into launching him into the air, Max about 10 meters (roughly 30 feet)
  • Pheonix Blade[Active/Melee/Offensive/Magic][X]: One of, If not the strongest attack in Zyriahs arsenal. Summons a blade of White hot flames into his left hand, Which can cut through steel like a hot butter knife cuts butter, and can cut through butter like.... you get the point. The move however is taxing, and Zyriah will need to rest for a duration of time equal to that that he has used the blade. The blade can easily wither and char plant life nearby, and cause burns on those not acclamated to extreme temperatures.

*Will learn moves as he levels up

Demoted Angel

Name: Rina
Personality: Rina is a bit flirtacious, though subtely so, she will never openly let you know what she is trying to say, and is crafty with her words, which can often leave people confused as to how to respond, seeing as how they don't wan't to seem perverted if she was not really saying anything with a double meaning, but neither do they want to sound oblivious or dense if she was.
Attribute: Fire[Attacker] +1 strength

Mount: Blaze Lion

Name: Nuriel
Type: Ground
Description: Nuriel is a beast from the legendary trio of flame, and the last uncorrupted beasts of the trio. The dragon being the first to go, and the phoenix being the next. It approached Zyriah in a cub form. When Zyriah refused to kill it, It revealed it's true form, an honor only given to the purest of heart. Nuriel's flames get hotter with the intensity of it's passion. It is incredibly fast and determined. It can "turn off" the flames when it is in a flammable area [e.g. a forest] It can breath fire, and is strong enough to move heavy objects. Often, when running at full speed, Bystanders will only see what appears to be a ball of fire. It can swim, However it prefers not to, and is quite slow when doing so.



Zyriah is played by Axel Roeleb. A rich son of a business man, He is most known for his incessant gaming. He has a state of the art system, Which allows him to immerse himself into the world, which gives him an advantage over the usual mouse and keyboard/Joypad.

IN GAME LIFE/REPUTATION:Axel Projects his innermost desires into his character. Zyriah has absolute freedom, and has no affiliations or ties in game. He can go where he wants, when he wants, and can make his own choices. In game Zyriah is known as the mostly as the Scarlet knight, but also as the wandering alchemist. He has no affiliations, and is usually found wandering around the immense in game world, not always doing quest, sometimes just walking around, exploring, and enjoying the game in a way his position in life does not allow him to in reality. Zyriah is known for coming to the rescue of new players who often get hazed by bullys to join there guilds or get pushed into a false trade, getting their valuable beginner boosters traded out for basic armor or petty coins.


So begins...

Zyriah Albion's Story