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Video game glitches are rather annoying. Virtual-reality video game glitches, as you are about to find out, can be life-threatening. Watch your step.

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>Loading login screen...
...Ding! Sign in to eVWOLa:
Username: MrSleepless
Password: *********
>Signing in...
>Welcome to the world of eVWOLa, MrSleepless!
>The password we have given you will probably be hard to remember.
>You can change it in User Settings later on.
>Syncing senses...
>All right, here goes! You're going to like this game~
>Loading the wide world of eVWOLa...

>Oh, no.
>I am sorry.
>I am soooooo--=*92:3~`ERROR


Is it an error? Is it an accident that while you were uploading yourself into the wildly popular virtual reality game of eVWOLa, you were stopped in the middle - a flaw in the system, perhaps? Or was this done purposefully, perhaps by a malicious hacker or *gasp* the game developers themselves? (Wait, isn’t that already the plot of an anime?)

Whatever the reason, you are trapped in a limbo of sorts, in between this fantasy-themed game and the empty space that connects the virtual reality devices to eVWOLa. Structures that were once recognizable to the players now appear to be half-built, broken-down, or covered in tentacles. Parts of the game flicker in and out, making time unsteady and space deceptive. (Lag has never been so problematic!) One wrong step can send you hurtling into an abyss. NPCs have either been distorted into ravenous abyss-creatures, spirited away into nonexistence, or put in a state of catatonia. Then, there’s the issue of survival. Water is easy enough to find - you can probably get it from a fountain if one exists, and there’s lots of those - but food will be hard to find. And, of course, you’ll have to fend off both the game’s monsters and any distorted NPCs. What happens when you die because of any of these things? Sometimes you respawn. Other times, you become stranded in the abyss or are painfully killed off. No, you may not log out. Glitches aren't exactly merciful.


eVWOLa is a virtual reality game that was created on June 28th, 2029 (somewhere near a year before the time of the RP) by a team of five people called Rai. The members of Rai were mostly from Japan and America, and their goal was to create a fully immersive world that didn't revolve around paying for things. Rai's dream succeeded: eVWOLa was the first virtual reality game ever to be sold to the general public, and the only financial catch was a lofty initial purchase, so it soon became a hit in Japan, South Korea, America, the U.K., and Canada, in that order. The premise that eVWOLa was built on was entirely different from most games at the time. It was a mix of a fantasy RPG and a modern FPS, and involved a continuous fight between magic users and technology users, yet allowing for relaxation and socialization at the same time. The mix of faction wars and peaceful role-playing was what set eVWOLa apart from the competition.

Then, about eleven months later, one of the members of Rai disappeared. Masaru Mori, who was responsible for the multiplayer connections of the game, had stated in a previous interview, "I find it hard to believe that Rai's fortune will last forever. eVWOLa is just a game, and like all things, it must fade," about a month before he vanished. Soon after, eVWOLa's networks were shut down by a mysterious virus. The remaining members of Rai began reworking the game, with one of them taking on Mr. Mori's duties, and eventually released a second, more secure version on April 14, 2030. This is the version you are playing.

This second version, which is otherwise more stable than the original, has one fatal flaw: a glitch in the system that causes some players to be jarred in the middle of their projection into the virtual world, shoving you into a situation I described above. About 25% of eVWOLa players experience it, with new players somewhat more susceptible than seasoned veterans. Rai is working like mad to prevent this from happening to future players, and they are beginning to succeed. What the team cannot do is save the people already trapped. That would be you, unfortunately. Sorry, but you're going to have to find a way out yourself.

As previously stated, you can choose between being a magic user or a tech user on eVWOLa’s registration website, before you attempt to enter the game itself. These two groups have three subcategories each - classes, if you will.

Sorcerer/ess - Specializes in speed and offensive firepower. Notoriously squishy.
Sage - A more tanky magic user that excels in setting traps, boosting self and others, and doing damage over time.
Medic - The only class that can heal. Pretty fast, but the other stats are just "okay". Most medics carry small weapons, such as daggers or short bludgeoning sticks.
Magical Girl/Boy - Pretty good attack, with well-rounded other stats. This class is rather unpopular due to its outlandishly frilly outfits and abundance of rainbows.

Cannoneer - Often found wielding a BFG or other heavy weapon. Reeeeally slow, but most cannoneers don’t care - they get EXPLOSIONS!!
Sniper - Attacks at the longest range of all the classes, and great at landing crits. Unfortunately, the sniper is even more squishy than the sorcerer, not to mention less fast.
Gambler - These guys leave things to chance. Their attacks can range from “ooh, that tickled” to “OH GOD THE PAIN AND THE AGONY”, and often come loaded with completely random added effects. (Be careful; you might get a negative one.) As for the rest of their stats, those are pretty avera-- Where did that boost come from?!
Mechanic - Annoyingly fast and responsible for boosting teammates. Capable of building machines that attack (think TF2 Engineer). When it comes to attacking personally, though, they’re not that great.


Include the following in your CS. Add at least one image. You are free to add whatever else you wish.

Nickname(s), if any:
Real World Appearance (Pic or description, preferably both. Anime pics only, please.):
In-game Appearance (see above):
In-game Special Skills (Max 3. In-game skills are basically video game attacks that are unique to your character. They don't always have to be attacks, either; they can boost stats, or maybe make you immune to a certain kind of attack. Only one immunity per character, so things don't get OP'd.):
Background (Make sure to mention what drew them to eVWOLa, and how long they’ve been playing.):

Toggle Rules

Bunnying is not okay. Neither is metagaming or powerplaying.

If you engage in combat with another player, react to their action first before writing your own action.

RPG rules apply.

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Character Portrait: Matthias "Matty" Veldt
Character Portrait: Yvie Snow


Character Portrait: Yvie Snow
Yvie Snow

"Well, what do we have here?"

Character Portrait: Matthias "Matty" Veldt
Matthias "Matty" Veldt

"Nonononono. Crap. Craaaap! What am I saying?!"


Character Portrait: Matthias "Matty" Veldt
Matthias "Matty" Veldt

"Nonononono. Crap. Craaaap! What am I saying?!"

Character Portrait: Yvie Snow
Yvie Snow

"Well, what do we have here?"

Most Followed

Character Portrait: Matthias "Matty" Veldt
Matthias "Matty" Veldt

"Nonononono. Crap. Craaaap! What am I saying?!"

Character Portrait: Yvie Snow
Yvie Snow

"Well, what do we have here?"

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YOOOO this looks so cool I'm gonna roll up a couple characters!


Looks interesting :o *sees TF2 reference* OH MAH GOD.... *puts on hat* Buildin a sentry!!


Oh cool, thanks. I'll be making a gambler.


I'll make a sniper.


In-game skills are basically video game attacks that are unique to your character. They don't always have to be attacks, either; they can boost stats, or maybe make you immune to a certain kind of attack. Only one immunity per character, so things don't get OP'd.

I will probably add this to the RP info, so if you need to check again, you can look there. c:


Hey! I'm making a character. Just a few questions, bae:
Can you give an example of in-game skills?


Expect a character from me soon!

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