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The global Police's most wanted for 1274 counts of sedition towards various countries

0 · 418 views · located in Modern Dystopia

a character in “Enemies of the State”, as played by HorrorPunkOtaku


Name: N/A
Alias: 2
Age: N/A
Gender: N/A
Orientation: N/A
Skills: Speech
Affinities: The people
Repulsions: The ruling class
Height: N/A
Weight: N/A
Physical state/health: N/A
Mental state/health: N/A
Political Stance: Anarchist
Belief system/Idealism: There is no authority but yourself
Attitude: Charismatic and Passionate
Motivation: To instigate revolution
History: Over the past decade secret broadcasts have randomly overtaken all major government owned media outlets of a masked man preaching seditious doctrines and making eerily accurate predictions of government atrocities to come. This man with little more than words has had his mask and Alias "2" put at the top of every most wanted list in the country. His broadcasts have no pattern or trace but have started to become more frequent.

So begins...

2's Story


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Character Portrait: 2
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A busy street in the business sector of a very large city was bustling as people went about their day unaware and almost accustomed to all of the screens and cameras of the main street constantly bombarding them with adds and recording their every move. Everyone scuttled along willfully oblivious to this as the feed on the screens wavered and broke into static. The speekers in the square chimed like funeral bells as an ominous but familiar face appeared on the screen.


The masses looked up as some turned away in disgust at the site and sound of this entity. A voice came out from behind the mask distorted by some kind of audio filter "Good afternoon compliant citizens of the false state. I am here to remind you that last week's prediction of the Anti-Vagrancy Act being passed was accurate and met with little to no opposition from the people. I'd like you to consider the amount of pain and suffering that will be encouraged against an already oppressed group of people. As I can see many of you share the same disgust I share for you apathetic masses. Yes I see the distaste and offense in your eyes as you gaze back at these screens. Know that behind this mask there is an equivalent level of disgust for you who would so willingly step on the downtrodden but unlike me your retribution will come swiftly!". As this rant ended a bright green cloud of heavy green gas began to seep out of the nearby towers flooding the streets. The crowds screamed in panic as they ran and the broadcast cut out leaving only a simple ominous "2" on the screen.