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Ennui and the Eventualizing Caprice

Ennui and the Eventualizing Caprice


Whenever history is looked upon, it is something which is seen at as a whole, rarely, if ever, are the fragmented bits and pieces of it realized individually. With each and every significant event in our past there lies inside of it a story all its own.

928 readers have visited Ennui and the Eventualizing Caprice since Jakuri Serpentia-β created it.



“Once upon a time...a time so long ago, that it has been forgotten of by Mortalkind, there existed not a single thing. There was no air, no water; warmth...not even light itself could permeate the perpetual dark that was everything. There was simply nothing. Within this terrible, black void, there came to be something unforeseen. Born within the shadowy abyss, there came to be a single solitary being—a lonesome woman. Alone she lived, with the darkness as her only companion. So long did she spend alone, that there came a time where she wished for there to be more than the gloom. And, it was from this single, passing whim that there came to form a single, solitary small spark of light which would grow to become the light of life itself....

A tiny, fragile speck of light was given form within the dark, and it was the first thing to exist besides the woman. It was by her nurturing hands that the light did not burn away or die out in the consuming black that encompassed all. Eventually, from the light and from this woman did everything come to form that we know today. Thankful to the woman for wishing it into being, and for tending to it, the small spark of light became one with her and to her was granted the ability to give order to the black void that she had been born into. And using the newfound power granted to her, the woman began the task of setting all into motion, giving to existence itself the pulse of time, the brightness of light, the breath of life.... By her did the seas come to be, did the skies become so blue, did the earth become so giving and plentiful, and did the body become warm with the rhythm of life.

By her did anything and everything come to be, through her and her loving light. And in her ever present kindness, the woman did not forget the void which had been her single companion for so very long...the darkness which was her mother and her father. Though she had become one with the light that drove the void away, she did not forget its kindness in giving her life. Within this new world she’d given form to, she too gave it a place as well. Herself beginning to grow weary from all she had done, the woman began to feel the need for rest. From herself she separated again the light, and gave to it, its own place in the world as our bright sun...and for herself the woman kept but a bit of the light, seeking out again the comfort and peace of the void. Within its blackness did she continue to shine, slipping into an everlasting sleep, the woman came to be our glorious, beautiful moon.

Within our world did the void from which she came find its place as a time for life to seek rest. To seek the realm of sleep.... And with us does our Mother Moon also rest. By the hand of her and her light were we given life, were we given all we have. And with the sleeping of our Mother, so did begin the age of us, of Mortalkind.”

Millennia have passed by since it was that the Moon Goddess Ayla receded back into the comfort of the void, to sleep away the fatigue she’d gained in her time of creating all known to humanity. Since that time, humanity has grown and changed much, they have developed cities, culture and religion. Wars have been waged, counties have fallen and ways of life have become extinct. Since Alya shut her sleepy eyes, the world given birth by her has very much changed under her ever constant luminescent glow. And with the physical changes have come changes of the intangible sort—those in beliefs. Many in the current age have forgone the belief in Ayla in favor of belief in a new, fast-spreading religion. Quickly wiping away the notion of a Moon Goddess, this new system of philosophies is taking hold of the world and is making a drastic change...much is shifting, and far faster than some find themselves feeling contented with.

It would seem the matter of religion is swiftly becoming the most prominent issue within a number of countries. Tensions rise so quickly between those who uphold the belief of Alya and those who embrace this new religion that it has caused civil wars within countries within the world. Countless lives have been lost in these skirmishes....

And, it is within the country of Auallonia that has such an event like this unfolded. A small, tradition-held country; Auallonia is inhabited by a people who hold onto their belief of Alya, the Moon Goddess. They are a stern, almost stubborn people who refuse to relent their beliefs to conform to what seems to becoming the new norm in religion. This trait of theirs caught the attention of another country, a leader in spreading the word and belief in this new relgion...a large and seemingly ever-growing nation, Largitio, turned its eyes upon Auallonia, and came to demand their conformation to their ways. Of course, being how they were, the King and Queen of Auallonia came to swiftly refuse the demands of Largitio’s Emperor.

It did not take long for Largitio to take up arms against the small country...a fierce and bloody battle unfolded between the counties, and despite the disadvantage held by Auallonia, somehow these traditional and stubborn folk managed to defend their home from the Largiti Army.

The win earned by the Auallonian though was not one without its consequences. Much damage was done to their small military...enough so that the King and Queen were well aware of the fact that they would not be able to undertake and handle another battle with Largitio’s armies. Not alone anyways.... It was under the veil of secrecy that the rulers of Auallonia met with the King of another nation under threat by Largitio. And it was in meetings known to only a few that an arrangement of sorts was developed between the royal families of Auallonia and Ulixes.... For the sake of both their nations, their peoples and their ways of life, the Prince of Auallonia would come to be married to the Princess of Ulixes in a show of good faith to bond together the two counties against the Legitio Empire.

Whether it was something wanted by either the Prince or the was something that came to be expected of them by the wills of their parents. And, for the sake of their homes, it is something that is believed to be necessary.

The Princess of Ulixes was a girl born of frail health, and as stated by her father, she would be unable to make a journey to Auallonia in order to wed the Prince...and in order for their marriage to take place, the Prince himself would have to make the journey to Ulixes himself. So it was that his parents agreed to these terms. However...with the Auallonian military in near-shambles, there was not much that could be given to the Prince in the way of protection in his travels. There remained few knights who could provide adequate support to their Prince.

And so the decision came to be made that aid from the outside would be brought in....

So it was that by the will of King and Queen of Auallonia that a mercenary whose name was draped with rumor after rumor came to be hired to both protect, and escort the prince from his homeland to Ulixes in order for the marriage arranged between him and the Princess to be carried. Lying in wait on this journey are people, adventures and hazards the likes of which few could conceive or comprehend...and it is the job of this mercenary to ensure that the Prince does not find himself endangered by any of these things.

Of course, what things lay in waiting for her and he are things known only to the Moon Goddess herself....

The Characters

The Rumored Mercenary
TAKEN by Jakuri Serpentia-β

The Prince of Auallonia
Theodoros Auallonious
As played by ConundrumKnight

TAKEN by BumbleDrop

The Guy Who is Honestly Not Evil
Umbrean Sing
As played by Porecomesis

TAKEN by Jakuri Serpentia-β

The Rogue Prince
Xavier Cassiel
As played by H3R0

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Character Portrait: Umbrean Sing
Character Portrait: Theodoros Auallonious
Character Portrait: Xavier Cassiel
Character Portrait: Athanasius Wade Varley/Breella Em Armorsmith


Character Portrait: Xavier Cassiel
Xavier Cassiel

"Who's Xavier? Vav. The name's Vav."

Character Portrait: Theodoros Auallonious
Theodoros Auallonious

"Some days, I get into trouble for just saying that the Lord from Aurodale is a hobo. Now that just isn't fair."

Character Portrait: Umbrean Sing
Umbrean Sing

"There is one question I want to ask before it all ends... what the hell does 'Ennui' mean?"


Character Portrait: Umbrean Sing
Umbrean Sing

"There is one question I want to ask before it all ends... what the hell does 'Ennui' mean?"

Character Portrait: Theodoros Auallonious
Theodoros Auallonious

"Some days, I get into trouble for just saying that the Lord from Aurodale is a hobo. Now that just isn't fair."

Character Portrait: Xavier Cassiel
Xavier Cassiel

"Who's Xavier? Vav. The name's Vav."

Most Followed

Character Portrait: Xavier Cassiel
Xavier Cassiel

"Who's Xavier? Vav. The name's Vav."

Character Portrait: Theodoros Auallonious
Theodoros Auallonious

"Some days, I get into trouble for just saying that the Lord from Aurodale is a hobo. Now that just isn't fair."

Character Portrait: Umbrean Sing
Umbrean Sing

"There is one question I want to ask before it all ends... what the hell does 'Ennui' mean?"

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Re: Ennui and the Eventualizing Caprice

Hmm...I'll take that into consideration, but, I'm not sure about that for here. XD I think I want to keep it with swords and magic, no robots or guns. Jakuri's always been my favorite, Since Ar tonelico I.

Re: Ennui and the Eventualizing Caprice

Well it could be like Metafalss. They have guns and robots, yet they still managed to make it feel like a medieval setting. It's just a suggestion, oh, and Jacqli was always my favorite as well.

Re: Ennui and the Eventualizing Caprice

Yes, you may have the last slot cha-kun, as far as your questions go, the world of Flos Luna is caught within an era of magic and swords, so similar in respects to medieval times, but magic and stuff is very real here. There are witches, wizards, mythic creatures and such...I'll eventually be putting in more detail about the world in time though. This roleplay isn't really meant to be confining, and it's meant to be more open and a collaborative effort between all the roleplayers.

And no worries on your last post, you had questions....and yes, it's Jacqli in my signature, but I call her Jakuri due to knowing too much about about the Japanese version of Ar tonelico II.... XD

Re: Ennui and the Eventualizing Caprice

You know what? I apologize for my poor typing in my last post. I'm not usually that terribly... well terrible! Eheh... But yeah, my last post was terrible...

Re: Ennui and the Eventualizing Caprice

Could I reserve the last spot. Oh and a couple of questions, are we still in a medieval era, or are there guns and stuff or is it even futuristic cause that'd be awesome. and is that Jacqli in your signature area?

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