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Fiammetta Thorne

Major WiP!!

0 · 287 views · located in Flos Luna

a character in “Ennui and the Eventualizing Caprice”, as played by Jakuri Serpentia-β


Fiammetta Roselle Thorne

Theme: EXEC_CHRONICLE=KEY/. On Piano – Ar tonelico
Image Song: Storm the Sorrow – Epica


Role: The Rumored Mercenary

Gender: Female
Love Interest: N/A

Height: 5 ft 6 ins
Weight: 113 lbs
Build: Nearly Flat-Chested/Slender/Pear-shaped Figure
Measurements: 32-23-36
Hair Color: Ash Blonde
Eye Color: Sage Green
Tattoos – Despite what some people would think, Fia actually does have upon her one single tattoo.
Piercings – Again, she has none of these.


Preferred Clothing:





Sexuality: Heterosexual
Personality: (One paragraph at least please.)

Weapon Discipline:
Abilities: (This would be the things your character can do as individual, separate attacks in battle.)

Relationship Status: Single.

Personal History:

• Fiammetta Thorne is born the second child to a knight of Aegis, Leon, and to a simple housemother by the name of Thalia, before her is the couple’s first child, their five year old son, Phoenix. Fia is delivered into the world on a clear, cool night in the winter months with relative ease—she is born a healthy baby, no complications occur with her birth. She is warmly welcomed into her family, beloved by her parents and her brother who is fascinated with his new little sister. . . . However, the time Leon gets to spend with his newborn daughter is cut short when he is called upon to return to his occupation as a knight—his services are needed back at the capital city, Minerva. Thalia and Phoenix are left to care for themselves and the infant Fia.

• Life continues on as normal for the Thorne family—Leon comes and goes within his household, tending and visiting his family when his job allows as much. The times he is allowed away from the capital and from the castle are far and few, with the time in-between consumed by him performing his duties as a knight, some of which would earn him a name as a near-legendary figure.

• As Fia grows, she proves to be an unusually perceptive child, noting from early on the fact that her father is often absent from her and her family’s life. By the time she begins talking, she is asking for her father, and where he is, crying because she’s getting to a point where she understands the concept of ‘missing’ someone. To sate her daughter’s sadness, Thalia begins to tell Fia what would become her regular bedtime stories . . . tales of her father and his heroics. Telling her young child that the events unfolding within the stories were why Leon couldn’t be with them all the time. Fia grows somewhat addicted to these romantic tales of her father’s antics and accomplishments, and Thalia has to regale her child with a story every night so that she will sleep in peace.

• Eventually, Thalia runs out of stories to tell her daughter about her own father, so she in turn winds up coaxing her child into listening to stories about knights other than her father, and their feats. Interested and intrigued that there was more than one man out there like her father, Fia listened to these tales as well—whether they be true or mere fairytales.

• The notion of brave, handsome and gentlemanly knights becomes more than just an influence in Fia’s life from this point on. It becomes a very powerful shaping force in young Fia’s development as a person. And these tales only cause Fia to love and idolize her father more and more with each tale told, as she comes to see Leon as a magnificent person if he is capable of things so great as told to her by her mother. For the few times she gets to see her father, Fia never leaves his side until he has no choice but to return to his duties. . . . Thalia thinks little of her child’s near-obsession with knights at this point.

• By the time Fia is turning three, Thalia finds herself beginning to grow concerned with her daughter’s development—still she desires tales of knighthood and heroic antics of rescuing princesses. Though this might seem normal enough, Fia was not herself acting the part of the princess from these stories, instead she would pretend to be the knight . . . insisting and begging her then eight-year-old brother to be the princess in these games so that she could rescue him. Always Phoenix would oblige his sister’s asking, unable to refuse her despite the ridiculousness of him pretending to be a ‘princess.’ Fia and Phoenix spent days together, playing Knight and Princess together. . . .

• During the times Leon returns home during this point in time, he cannot help but sort of find the whole game between his son and daughter charming and amusing, perhaps a bit strange, but he assures his wife that it’s just a phase, and that eventually Fia will realize that the truly enjoyable role in these stories is that of the princess. Thalia is convinced by her husband that this is the truth, and so, life continues on as before.

• By the time Fia is going to turn five, things have not changed—she still is emulating the tales of valor and knighthood told to her by her mother from years before, pretending to be the hero and knight of the stories instead of wanting to be the princess. The notions of bravery, honor, and all that a knight encompassed and represented in the stories has completely captivated Fia’s heart, and the young girl herself wants to become such a person . . . it is around this point that she begins to say that she wants to become a knight, like her father. Thalia grows very worried about her child, but her focus becomes directed elsewhere as she receives the news that she is again pregnant. Fia is able to continue on with her captivation and obsession with knighthood and all it represents due to this.

• The news of Thalia’s third pregnancy excites Fia and her brother, as well as their father. . . . The four eagerly await the arrival of the fifth member of their family, meanwhile life continues on as normal, Fia still dreams of knighthood.

• The day comes, and Fia and her family are blessed with the healthy birth of their newest child, a vigorous little baby girl who is promptly named Rosalie by her mother . . . Leon is unfortunately absent from the birthing due to being away once again on duty.

• Fia very quickly grows attached to her new little sister, as Phoenix does the same, though not quite on the same level as his sister. The five-year-old begins to call Rosalie ‘Little Princess.’ And promptly comes to deem herself the baby’s knight, and protector. Phoenix finds his sister’s outlook and attachment to Rosalie sort of cute and amusing while Thalia’s concern for her eldest daughter returns when not completely occupied with her new baby.

• Fia spends much time with her mother and Rosalie as the baby grows, she helps to look after her and aids her mother constantly. There are points where Thalia begins to think that Fia is coming out of her strange obsession and fascination with knighthood as she helps to look after Rosalie, thinking that maybe her daughter is becoming more feminized. However, any such notion of this is shattered whenever Fia calls Rosalie ‘Little Princess’ and refers to herself again as the baby’s knight and protector.

• Life continues onward, with Thalia having given up much of her hopes of Fia being anything like a normal girl while it is said girl stays by her sister’s side almost always, leaving it only when their father comes home as his job allows. Phoenix hovers around his siblings, watching over the two girls to make sure that Fia isn’t getting into any trouble or anything of the sort, as she’s growing up energetic and somewhat rambunctious. . . . Her aspirations of knightliness and coming to embody all that it is have completely consumed Fia and now she acts as anyone can expect such a child too. Wherever Fia goes, Rosalie follows in tow, totally attached to her older sister, never once minding her antics and such, as the girl knows little better.

• As Rosalie grows up, she remains ever-attached to her older sister’s side, not venturing out into the world without her, and never does she make friends of her own age as she begins to act the part of a Little Princess as deemed onto her by her sister at her birth. She turns out to be a wickedly sweet and innocent young girl, kind and loving as can be—she’s a little doll, and she is adored by her family completely and wholly.

• Fia becomes somewhat known around her town now that she is old enough to wander about it on her own for carrying around sticks and pretending they are sword, and for shooing away pesky animals and whatnot with ease. . . . She is regarded as a very strange girl.

• By the time Fia is turning seven, she’s come into her own rather well, though still very much a child in many regards, she remains entranced by the tales of knighthood told to her by her mother years before, set on becoming a knight herself, a figure of honor and such. However, by this point, she has begun to form a sense of self and an identity all her own . . . and she’s beginning to form an ego. Bit by bit, Fia has become more daring. Going from simply carrying around sticks like swords and shooing off pesky animals, she’s moved onto larger and more dangerous targets to try to intimidate . . . small monsters and things of the like. On more than one occasion however, Fia is injured in these little adventures of hers, but often her endeavors prove successful.

• By the point that Rosalie is coming into her own, she begins to display all the stereotypical telltale traits of what is expected of a princess. She is sweet, patient, naïve, and all that . . . Fia becomes more dedicated to her sister than anything else, and with her growing ego and desire to become a knight, she continues to act the part to her Little Princess. And in turn, this reflects upon Rosalie rather much as the little girl comes to dream of becoming a princess now herself, a true one. She wishes to marry a prince someday soon . . . but desires to keep her sister by her side. “I’ll be the princess, and Fia—you’ll be my knight! My protector and brave savior if I’m ever in danger!” Fia is completely charmed and motivated by her sister’s words, and more than ever she wants to fulfill her dream and to her sister she vows to always protect her, through anything, Rosalie will be safe. As she is, Fia becomes completely sure that she will be able to uphold this vow.

• At this point in her life too, Fia remains close to her father whenever it is that he comes home. She still simply adores him and all she believes he stands for as a knight of Aegis. Thalia at this point has almost entirely given up on the prospect of Fia being of what is considered normal for a girl her age, but remains concerned for her potential future . . . beginning to almost comically fearing that Fia may wind up alone for the whole of her life, remaining unmarried. Phoenix shows little to no concern for his sisters about this point.

• Fia remains completely dedicated to Rosalie, and her vow to always protect her. Almost literally, Fia is with Rosalie always. There are few moments in time where the sisters are apart.

• With her growing daring, and her steadily rising successes in combating small monsters, Fia’s certainty in becoming a knight also grows as she always works to keep her sister safe, while too getting into some unintentional mischief. This does nothing to make her resolve waver however, as she believes herself to always be acting the part of what she’s pieced together in her head as the persona and air a true knight carries, attempting to emulate her idolize father Leon.
• Two more years would pass by in Fia’s life with little changing for her and her father, her father was still coming and going as his work allowed, Fia remained bound to her personal vow to keep Rosalie safe while being overlooked by her older brother and slightly concerned mother. However, it was at this point in time that history began to take a turn, not just for Fia and her family, but for the whole of Flos Luna. The advent of a new religion began to stir within several countries, overtaking completely the belief in a Moon Goddess to the point that almost all signs of her were wiped away. . . . Among the advocates for this new religion and spreading its influence and the belief in it was the powerful and somewhat feared Largitio Empire.

• It wasn’t too long before the Empire was upon the doorstep of Aegis, demanding that the country shed its beliefs in Alya, and adopt the new religion of the God, Orpheus. Being the stubborn and unyielding people that they were, the King of Aegis refused to do so. Until this point, whenever it was that the Largitio Empire had made itself known to any country and demanded them to adopt belief in Orpheus, many countries bended to their will, resulting in a slow spreading rule. Not a drop of blood had yet been spilt in this somewhat passive struggle. . . .

• With Aegis’ refusal to give into the Largiti people and their new beliefs, this all changed. The Largitio Empire declared war on Aegis, declaring them to be heathens and savages for still praying to the Moon. Given the size difference between Aegis and the Largitio Empire, the way the battle would go was obvious from the beginning. Nonetheless, Aegis refused to give in.

• The capital city of Minerva was one of the first places laid siege to—Thalia and her children feared greatly for Leon’s wellbeing in these times, but also had to watch their own selves. The Empire very steadily made their way through Aegis, razing each and every town in their wake.

• It’s at this point that Fia’s ideals and all that her young self was, was put to the test. Her views and beliefs . . . everything, as she watched with her own young eyes the horrors of war, the evils of man and what it was the mind and body was capable of doing to others. At the age of nine, Fia tried and failed in her endeavors to protect people from the onslaught of the Largiti soldiers invading her hometown. Very quickly she was thrown aside by the war-hardened soldiers, her pride and ego found themselves shattered, her young mind spun into a state of panic and uncertainty as all she could think of was her family, her mother, brother and her Little Princess, Rosalie. Rosalie was only five by this point, whereas Phoenix was older and more capable of defending himself, and Thalia was a smart enough woman to protect herself. During the invasion and razing of her village, Fia was separated from her family in trying to help stop the Largiti army.

o In failing, her mind turns from her whole family to Rosalie, who has also been separated from both Thalia and Phoenix in the panic that is ensuing within
Olivia. Driven with only the resolve to find her sister, Fia with her ego shattered very quickly abandons the place where she was tossed aside too by a soldier to find Rosalie. With nothing akin to a weapon even with her, Fia dashes through her village, which is very quickly being consumed by the fires set by the Largiti. During this, she bears witness to carnage, more violence than anyone should see, child or adult, and other sorts of terrors that would remain with her. However, she presses onward through the waking nightmare to her already burning home. None of her family in sight, Fia assumes the worst, and does the most dangerous thing she could do. The nine-year-old can only think of the fact that her family might still be in there, and that she has to protect Rosalie . . . so, with little hesitation or though, she busts into the blazing building through a yet untouched window. And in this, Fia hears screaming and crying.

 Following her ears through the heat and smoke, nearly losing herself to unconsciousness, Fia comes across Rosalie, who had been separated from Thalia and Phoenix. She’d gotten scared and retreated to the only safe place she knew, her room in her home, only to wind up trapped when the Largiti had the Magus sect of their unit begin to set fire to Olivia. Crying from fear, she’d been too terrified to move once the house had begun to burn. . . . Fia called out to her sister, and made it to her side, and attempted to console the girl through her terror to move. “I’m you knight, remember?! You’re my Little Princess, and I’m the Knight that will always be by your side and protect you! Always Rosalie!”

• Those words were the last Fia managed to speak to her sister, however. They were enough to comfort Rosalie to her senses, before it was that Fia quickly found herself clutching onto her younger sister desperately as a searing pain shot through her. Her heart felt like it stopped in her chest, her breath entirely left her as all she could coherently make out was the terrified, and pained screams of Rosalie while the sense of another body clinging onto her side bled through. Pain, a sense of melting, intense heat and confusion. Those are the last things Fia can remember before everything around her faded into black.

• What had happened is terrible. Just after Fia managed to get Rosalie back to some sense of coherence from her fit of fear, the section of roofing above both girls gave way to the fire, and collapsed on both of them. Rosalie wound up clinging onto her sister for dear life, huddled against the girl’s side, screaming and crying while it was Fia suffered a blow to the head as her body succumbed to the flames. Fia fell unconscious while it was young Rosalie burned alive. In the aftermath of Olivia’s destruction, the survivors of the Largiti onslaught gathered together and began to search out the ruined buildings for survivors, and it was during this that Fia and the remains of Rosalie were discovered in Thalia and Leon’s home. One daughter dead, the other suffering severe burns in the areas the flames had touched.

• Rosalie had a mournful burial along with all the other dead of the village while Fia remained in a state of seemingly endless unconsciousness. Phoenix and Thalia grieved over the loss of Rosalie while fearing the worse for Fia . . . meanwhile, through what one might consider a miracle; Leon had come through the battle in Minerva alive. Seeking out his family, he was utterly grief-stricken by the state his family had been left in. During the time Fia remained unconscious . . . the strain of it all, Rosalie’s death, the fact that Leon was gone when he was most needed, Fia’s state, it led to Thalia and Leon constantly fighting. The grief became too much, and Leon began to seek out comfort in the arms of another woman.

• It would take a couple of weeks for Fia to rouse from her unconsciousness. And when she did, she was anything but the same girl from before. She was dazed, and unable to understand what had happened in full until at last she came back to her full senses. Her situation, the fact that her body had been burned . . . and Rosalie. Upon coming around, the first thing from her mouth was “Where is Rosalie?”
• The question remained unanswered for a short time following, as Fia was left to recover. The strain between Thalia and Leon reach its pinnacle. Fia though, was happy to again see her father however the news of everything broke all at once. Both mother and father fell into a petty fight before Fia, and all that had been transpiring spilled forth. Rosalie’s death to Leon admitting that he had been seeking solace in the arms of another woman. That was the moment everything shattered for poor Fia. The shock of her Little Princess’ death, to her father betraying everything she’d thought he stood for. Betraying her mother’s heart, the heart of the maiden he’d married, loved. Knights . . . knights didn’t do that. Knights also didn’t fail their princesses. And that was what she’d done. She’d failed. She’d promised to be Rosalie’s protector, she would always protect her.

• One might say that Fia’s mind fell into the pits of insanity at that moment. . . . While it was her parents continued to fight nearby, Fia herself just entirely stopped her movement as her young mind attempted to absorb everything. Her sister’s death, her failure as a knight, her father’s betrayal to all she thought he stood for. All of it broke before her. And it was at that moment that Fia uttered the words which she would come to truly define herself by in the coming years. “Out. I want you out of here . . . you have betrayed everything. . . . Never, I never want to see you again. . . ! All that you are is everything a knight isn’t. And . . . I will show you, and I will show this world what it should mean to be one. . . .”

• With this words uttered, Fia could only stare her father down, her face pale and desperate as tears filled her green eyes with the notion of her own failure, and of Rosalie’s death. Leon grew silent before his daughter and said no words before glancing back at the tear-stained face of Thalia, and to his own son who drew his eyes away from his old man. Saying no more, Leon promptly walked out of the room, and out of Fia’s life. Not once again has he been seen by her since this moment. Following his departure, Fia entered into a full on episode of tears and crying. Crying over everything that had been lost and broken in her life, mourning herself, and Rosalie while it was her broken life and aspirations began to piece themselves together again in the back of her mind.

• In the following months, Fia continued on the long road to recovery from her sustained injuries in the wake of the attack on her village—Aegis had lost the battle to Largitio, but they ultimately remained their own country under the rule of the Empire. . . . One step out of line and Aegis would be destroyed. This was the new world to which Fia awoke. Aegis made its way on the long road of recovery, as did many of its surviving citizens.



So begins...

Fiammetta Thorne's Story