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Xavier Cassiel

"Who's Xavier? Vav. The name's Vav."

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a character in “Ennui and the Eventualizing Caprice”, as played by H3R0



It's Time
Image Song:
Seven Devils


The Rogue Prince

He goes by Vav for now
Love Interest:
None at the moment

Slim with slight muscle tone, mostly athletic
Hair Color:

Eye Color:
He has heterochromia, with one eye azure and the other eye sable
He doesn't have any tattoos, but he does happen to have one of his ears littered with multiple piercings. None of which are very notable and are mostly dull in color and design. As for scars, he has many on his hands, but none that are too obvious. The biggest one would be a short, almost jagged gash on his side from a training accident. It happened a while back, though, so it's only a scar now.
From the stark blond hair, down his lean, skinny body, all the way to his feet, and back up, Xavier exerts a shady sort of aura. It's not quite something that can be pinpointed right away. Maybe it's the hair? Or the pale moonlit shade of his skin? Maybe it's the fangs, or the claws, the wings, or even the look in his sparkling blue eyes. Nobody can say for sure. It's just a silent sort of understanding. It's powerful, but at the same time subtle, and not quite knowing the word to describe it makes him come off as both unnerving and curious at the same time, all in just the appearance.

Referring to the basics, Xavier's wingspan is nothing too large, and they're nothing too great or flashy. Draco's generally don't have those sparkly things like fairy people or whatever else, and they're more similar to a bat's, dark and void of feathers. His teeth, while nice, neat, and pearly white, are also sharpened to a point and his hands, neat and careful, end in sharp-tipped claws. His skin is pale as though he doesn't go out often, but it's quite the contrary. He gets out plenty enough, but it's usually at night since that's the only time he can ever manage to get enough peace and solitary to get away. His complexion is clean and clear and his hair is soft to the touch. And although he may sound like a type to be described as a prince, he can just as easily be described as a little devil.

Preferred Clothing:
Well, there's quite a difference between the clothing he prefers and the clothing he wears because he feels he has to. He enjoys darker colors--not necessarily restricted to black--colors that accentuate his brighter features like his eyes and his hair, and things that are dark and outlined with bright neon. He likes simplicity is his clothes, but he'd rather have style over comfort. Unfortunately, as a prince, these things are just not proper. What he's used to wearing are tight, stuffy things with frills in all the wrong places and not a stray string to be found. He's become so used to the uniformity that, even when he got the chance to get away and wear what he pleased, he ended up choosing things that suited just that nature. Now, as a wanderer trying to remain inconspicuous, he wears his favored dark colors, but they're neat and nice and wrinkle-free as his outfits have ever been. Button downs are common, but he keeps a hooded article of clothing to use when he's wary of being discovered. The pants are usually personally ripped up in an attempt to make him seem more inconspicuous or poor, but even the tears are neat and formal and look more as if they were done in a fashionable sense rather than an old and worn one. He tries to pass himself off as a human rather than the Draco or Salamander that he really is and keeps his wings to his back in an uncomfortable manner by tying them with a scarf (it's soft so it doesn't get irritating) that he's wrapped around his middle and hid under his clothing. Despite trying to remain undercover as a sort of low-class peasant, Xavier still tends to stick out like a sore thumb whether he knows it or not.

Talking/Mumbling to himself. He does this usually without realization. If he does something he thinks was stupid, he'll degrade himself for it out loud, usually under his breath, or if he thinks he did something good, he'll praise himself for it. It's not totally out of the ordinary and it's not something he does constantly, but it's an often occurrence.

Racism. Being raised as he was, with the influences he was opened up to, Xavier has been taught that Salamanders are higher beings than all the other creatures in the world, even if they're royalty themselves. He can't help but look down on others instantly and expect them to do what he asks, and expects instant respect without having to earn it just for the sake of his race. He usually isn't too openly bad, although he can be highly judgmental and may let his "superior" feelings slip out sometimes, but there is one race in particular that gets no mercy from him whatsoever. Angels are the lowest of low in his mind. There was a time where he once thought that his father and grandfather were wrong about them, but one Angel in particular changed that for him and now he can't stand them. He wants nothing to do with them and if anyone were to ask, he would not hesitate to be openly against them.

Uniformity. As much as he absolutely hated it when he lived in the castle, Xavier has discovered he's become so accustomed to the nice, neat, wrinkle-free, string-free uniforms he was forced to wear that he's developed a habit of doing it himself now. He can't stand when his outfits are wrinkled, even if they're simple, casual things, and he finds himself constantly pulling strings from them. He even gets annoyed when he sees them on other people. He'll tolerate it for a while, but eventually, it'll get to him bad enough that he'll be tackling them to the ground just to annihilate all strings from the material premises. Strings are uninvited visitors and they need to leave. However, this sort of thing only occurs with his outfits. It doesn't extend to other things, so he doesn't have OCD.

Weatherman. Being a creature that enjoys the sky as much as he does, it seems as though Xavier has developed an almost innate ability to read the weather long before anyone else can. Sometimes it's through the clouds or through the temperature, or even just through a deep down gut feeling, but he's almost always right when he calls it.

Reading/Writing. Since he was raised in a Royal family, he learned things that many others have not been given the opportunity to do, especially in his land where many are too poor to even afford books or writing materials. In Ithace, being able to read and write is considered an awe-inspiring skill that not enough people seem to have, and it's almost strictly for the royal family, although not quite.

History. It may not sound like much of a skill, but Xavier has an extensive knowledge of history. He knows the history of not only his land, but the lands around the world, as many as he could memorize in his short life-time, and as far back as he could read to. He has a distinct interest in history and therefore spent more time on it than on any other subjects. However, despite what he's read, he still doesn't believe the credibility of the goddess creating world thing. He just thinks that's religious nonsense mucking up the history books.

Crafting. Although it might seem a little ridiculous that a Prince would know how to craft objects well enough to be used when things should normally be made for him, or simply bought for him, this was a hobby his mother taught him when he was younger to keep him busy while she tended to his brother and father. He knows how to make various things, from baskets to pots, and the greatness of each object just depends on what it is. It varies from thing to thing, some things he's better at making than others.

Fighting. Of course, being a member of the royal family, especially one with a bad history of Kings in power, Xavier was taught how to defend himself from a very young age. He does best with weapons, especially things such as swords, daggers, and even a bit from bows, but if need be, he knows how to use his fists. He may not look like much, but that's okay with him if you don't take him seriously. It just makes everything easier. However, he knows when to fight and when to run away. He's not ashamed of running and hiding.

✓Dark colors
✓Flashy/shiny items
✓Precious gems/gold
✓Spicy foods
✓Bad jokes/puns
✗Small/crowded places
Crafting. As stated earlier in the skills section, Xavier has the ability to make various things with varying skill. He can weave baskets tight enough to hold water or make a hammock out of whatever's laying around. It's just something his mother taught him to do to keep him preoccupied and now it's simply a hobby that he enjoys when he has too much time on his hands, since it's never really been a necessity before now.

Reading. Although most wouldn't realize it for a while, Xavier is actually a pretty smart cookie. Being raised in royalty, he had his own private tutors that set aside specific times to teach him how to read and how to write, among other educational things. While reading isn't his favorite hobby, he does enjoy doing it around night time when he can't seem to get to sleep, which happens to be most nights anyway. He prefers historical stories, fictional, and childish things.

Doodling. While he's not exactly the greatest artist in the universe, and should definitely stick to reading or writing, Xavier has discovered that when he doesn't have the time to craft and doesn't have the books to read, he'll doodle on anything he can get his hands on. It's the best and most effective thing to help him when he's panicking about something. He'll doodle anything from trees to creatures. They mostly look like childish scribbles, but he doesn't really care about being good at it or not. It's just relaxing and easy and sometimes when he's panicking, he'll simply walk off to be by himself and doodle on trees with a marker or something.

Hypegiaphobia. Fear of responsibility. There's so much pressure, so much to worry about, so much going on all at once that it just has to be impossible to handle as one person alone. There's too many possibilities, too many options, too many openings for things to go terribly, terribly wrong, and it would all be his fault. All his fault. If one tiny thing went wrong, it would be his fault, and he'd carry that with him forever, and everyone would know about it, and nobody would ever let him live it down, never ever, and he'd never be able to make up for it, even if it was just one teeny, tiny little thing, and--...

Fear of rejection in general/being or falling in love. They don't like him, they never liked him, not really, not even if they seemed like they did, like they really, truly, honestly did. There's not an honest soul in existence, not here, not in reality. They only said they liked him to get closer to him. They want something from him, but they're wrong, they're stupid. They'll never get what they want from him, he won't let them. He won't even give them the chance. It's always something with them anyway, even if he liked them, even if he really, truly, honestly did. But in the end, it's only ever what's wrong with him. What's wrong with him? It's his hair, and his teeth, and those wings on his back, and his eyes, and the way he talks, and the way he walks, and his--...

Fear of power. With great power comes great responsibility, and with great responsibility comes great corruption, and with corruption comes madness, followed by an unworthy, awful, forgettable death. He isn't strong enough, not mentally, not physically, not socially. Everyone else can do it, even that little girl he bets, some day, could do it, and anyone could do it better than he ever could, so why not just let them do it in his place? If he did it, if he got any sort of power, it would all go wrong, it would all go terribly wrong, it would all go terribly, horribly, horrendously, god-awfully--...

Pteronophobia. Fear of feathers. They're not natural. They're mutants. They're strange and weird and not anything near the norm that they should be, whatever that norm even is really--he'd never really thought too much into it before--but feathers are sticky and soft and gross (and kind of a little pleasant, too--no). They're full of what shouldn't be in the world, they're what makes those in power corrupt (although that's not completely true, there's other factors, aren't there?) and what makes those corrupt fall to madness and those in madness trickle away to their horrible deaths. Feathers are terrible things. They're awful, they're disgusting, they're wrong, they're evil, they're, they're--...

Claustrophobia. Fear of confined places. It's small and suffocating. If it's too quiet, he can hear himself breathing, he can hear his heart racing, he can hear his own thoughts screaming in his head to get out, get out, get out, but he can't because it's small and suffocating and he's stuck. And in a crowd, it's just the same, only louder and more cramped and there's so many more opportunities for things to go wrong anywhere at any time from any angle, and there's so many things going on, there's too many to keep track of, and it's too much and he feels trapped and useless and he's panicking and--...


Xavier has never been the princely type, not in his mind anyway. He loves the cushy life of comfort as a royal, but he doesn't like the other hand of the deal, where responsibilities pile up and people look to you for directions and guidance. Being a Prince, or especially a King, means being a leader, being able to know what to do in the right situations and being able to keep a calm head in times of chaos and pressure, but he just doesn't think he's right for that. He's an independent. He can't lead and he refuses to follow. He's too weak-willed to deal with that sort of life-style, and he's too easily swayed in the direction of others who seem to have it all together. He just knows that if he was put into some sort of position of power, any random girl or guy out there could come up to him and probably easier convince him to do whatever they wanted. And he just doesn't want to deal with that. He's very aware of his weaknesses as a person, maybe even to the point of lowering himself below others and thinking badly of himself in general, and he's not very willing to change any of it. He believes that he is how he is and that he's simply stuck this way and there's nothing he or anyone else can possibly do to change any of it.

First of all, he's not at all good with dealing with people or understanding them or their needs. Being crowded around makes him highly uncomfortable and being needed makes him hesitant and slow to react. He panics at the very idea of responsibility and would much rather bury himself a grave than deal with leading around a group of people or bossing an entire land of them. He's completely tactless when it comes to conversing with others to the point that he's either in the way, butting in, or just flat out obnoxious, whether he means to be or not. It's just his way of dealing with people. It's not like he grew up around a group of friends or anything. He has a tendency to be quite lewd in speech and impish in nature, bugging people when he needs something from them. Although people with confidence intimidate him, and groups of them make him not even want to bother, he isn't shy in any sense and has no problem going up to someone and demanding they do something for him out of the blue, whether it be convenient or not. It's just how he was raised, anyway. He can be a total pretentious brat and although the Prince role may not seem to be for him, the lifestyle sure does.

While he seems to have so many bad traits as it is, those are hardly even the half of it. More noticeably, Xavier seems to be a restless type, always needing to be up and doing something to distract himself from the worrisome thoughts that plague his mind on a constant basis. He's always worrying about something, about himself, about someone else, about things in general. He's paranoid about everything and has developed major trust issues over the years. While he's inclined to use people for help, because even he realizes he can't do everything on his own, he wouldn't trust even the most innocent with his own belongings. He's honestly convinced that there's bad in everybody and that they're just waiting for the right chance to show it. He's precarious, dependent, peevish, and absolutely dubious. Another thing that seems to show off his anxious nature is just how fickle he can be. One moment, he'll say he wants something this way and only a second later, he'll say he wants it another way. He can never seem to completely make up his mind and in the end, when he ends up getting what he finally decided on, he tends to get disappointed and gets stuck wondering what it would've been like if he chose the other thing. His worrier, paranoid nature is enough to keep him up at night and has even gone as far to give him insomnia. He can hardly sleep, instead staying up for hours on end thinking of things that might be or could've been. The paranoia has gotten so much control over his life that it's even got ahold of his imagination. He can be very creative when he's panicking over this thing and that. The best thing to do would just be to not set him off. He may be annoying in general, but he's outright obnoxious when he's freaking out over every little thing.

Weapon Discipline:
While Xavier was taught mostly in the ways of fencing and avoidance techniques with lightweight swords such as rapiers or sabers, he prefers using a simple side sword. He prefers swords over any other weapon, although he's moderately good at various bows. He's worst when it comes to close-range weapons like daggers.
Fire. Xavier can control and manipulate fire. It rarely gets out of hand, even when he becomes emotional. In fact, rather than losing control of the fire that rages within him whenever he becomes emotional in any negative way, it tends to die out to a much smaller, much less effective or intimidating flame. In some cases, it can even become as low as a simple spark. This can happen when he's angry, frustrated, sad, or any other negative emotion, despite how large the emotion may seem.

Flying. Being a Salamander, or Drako, whatever your kind may call it, Xavier was basically born to fly. While his wings may not be large, they're just big enough to carry his very own weight and he knows how to use them to fly just as easily as he knows how to use his hands and fingers to pick an object up. His wings are an attachment of his body, limbs that feel vital to him, and he can use them very well. Height isn't an issue to him, so he can fly as he wants and he's able to fly up to 80mph speeds, although he prefers going slow and easy so he doesn't get bugs in his mouth. Ew.

Relationship Status:
Grandfather - (ex) King Bahamut Cassiel
There is nothing great, grand, or noble about this man. He is not a King to be remembered for his righteous or his good-will for the people. He never served his country well and he was more of a plague than an honor to have sitting at the throne. Despite the way he served as King, however, he was a much different man towards his royal family members. He had four children, three daughters and one son, and treated them all well. He'd buy his daughters anything they wished and taught his son all he could about how to be a strict ruler of the land. The issue was teaching someone how to rule when he himself was not considered a good ruler at all. His reign was considered a dark time for those living in Ithace, but not as much for Xavier, not completely anyway. Xavier's relationship with his grandfather was a good one, as normal as any other grandfather and his grandson. Xavier would always listen to the things Bahamut had to say and, being young at the time and easily influenced, believed his words, especially when he realized his father seemed to agree with it all. However, King Bahamut was a very corrupt man that only lost his sanity the longer he was in power. He rose to the top, he got it all, but it was never enough for him and when he realized that, and when he realized that his people did not believe in him, he grew angry and started striking out at them. He would've brought the territory to shambles if he hadn't been executed. Xavier saw how the power manipulated his grandfather, his supposedly nice, sweet, and funny granddad, and it scared him. It scared him a lot.

Father - King Tannim Cassiel
Although King Tannim is a much better man than his father ever was, he still came from his influence and still isn't considered as great a ruler he could be. He rules with restriction and taxes without pity and, unlike King Bahamut, treats his family with the same iron fist that he treats his people. When he first came into power, he was a very smart man with a lot of pride. He was excited to be King and vowed to never end up spiraling into the chaos and corruption the previous King fell to, but just as the people of Ithace thought they could breath a sigh of relief, King Tannim started cracking down on them again. His reign has never been as bad as his father's, but it's definitely not anything good as it is. The influence of his father runs strong through him. He believes highly in his religion, but also leans towards the same racist ways that put his father to rest, and, it's seemed, the longer he's stayed in power, the more straining it is on his nerves. In his older age, he's been prone to bouts of anger and memory loss. He's started to believe that his people are plotting against him just as they did with the previous King and he's been considering retaliation, but he's resisted so far, if only by a thin thread of patience. He lashes out on his wife and his son and those working and living in his castle. He throws frightening tantrums that only lead to excessive amounts of time spent alone locked away in his room of study. He's started closing himself off and Xavier has overheard him wandering the halls at night by himself talking under his breath about ridiculous things, and things about needing more power, and not having enough, and... Xavier and his father do not get along well, not anymore, and while Xavier may be the next one in line to take the throne, because of what he's seen it done to his grandfather and father, he would much rather not have it.

Mother - Queen Esme Cassiel
While her husband does not have the greatest favor of the people in their land, Queen Esme is highly regarded as a proud, powerful woman with much kindness to give and to spare. She's known as the woman who cleans up after the mistakes and messes her husband makes and she's considered the most likely reason for the King to have kept his sanity for so long under the pressure of ruling the entire land, even though lately he's been pushing her away and ignoring her advice. She is able to keep a steady mind in times of high stress and many would rather have her in the place of power rather than the King himself. Unfortunately, the hierarchy doesn't work that way and she only does what she can working by his side as his wife. She never approved of the ways of King Bahamut or his influence towards King Tannim or her sons. She disapproves of their ideals and their ways of doing things, but she knows when to use her turn to speak and when to remain the quiet, lovely-looking wife of the King. Xavier, although conflicted between the morals of his mother and the ways of his father, has always enjoyed his mother's steadiness and her kindness towards others. She's the only figure in his life that hasn't fallen to corruption or been overcome with the pressure of power and leadership.

Brother - Prince Chevlier Cassiel
As the eldest son, Prince Chevlier was next in line to take the throne. The people of Ithace were all looking forward to the day that the crown would grace his blessed head. He truly did seem to be the perfect candidate; he was always much different than the Kings before him, acting independently from the both of them and acting only on pure thoughts. He didn't seem to be effected at all by their influence and acted much more like his mother than his father, which is what the people liked. Prince Chevlier was a man who had it all--the talent, the skill, the looks, the pride, the confidence, and even so much more than all of that. Xavier was jealous of his older brother and, admittedly, a little intimidated by his perfection, but he respected him from a distance, although he never truly thrived to be like him. He never considered it a possibility. Chevlier was born with his luck and personality traits, while Xavier was born the way he was. They were different. Chevlier tended more towards his mother while Xavier drifted unsuredly in-between both his parents and his grandfather, never completely sure what to believe or how to behave, and in the end considerably not right for the position of power. But that was always fine because Prince Chevlier was to be next in line--that is, until an accident he had one day while he was out of the castle. There weren't many people around to act as witnesses, but the rumors say he was protecting a young woman from a violent group of outsiders and they struck out and managed to get the upperhand on him. While the girl got away, Chevlier was left behind and found dead a short time later. His death is still considered a great loss and devastation to many of the people in Ithace.

Personal History:
A royal life is much different than that of a commoner's. Xavier wasn't simple born and raised mundanely. He didn't grow up around kids his age or with friends to play with. His parents didn't cook him dinner they made themselves, his father didn't tell him stories of when he was younger, his mother didn't tuck him into bed at night, and his older brother never took him on exciting adventures away from home. The closest his family ever got to each other was when they sat around the table for dinner and discussed various things about their days, but even then it was quiet most of the time, especially when his grandfather was King. King Bahamut liked the silence when he ate, although he had no issues talking with Xavier at other times or when he had a short bout of free time before bed. Grandpa Bahamut talked to Xavier and Chevlier just the same, but Chevlier always seemed distant and disinterested in the stories and the morals of his grandfather, so Xavier was always the one to stick around to hear them to the end. Being as young as he was at the time, he was easily influenced by his grandfather's corrupt ways.

Xavier was born in the latter parts of Bahamut's reign and only got to the see the wind-down of his power, mostly as it piqued and as it brought the people against him until it got to the point of killing him. He was mostly oblivious to what his grandfather had done as King, but as he got older, he started to understand the stories, especially when his father still continued a bit of it during the beginning of his reign as well. King Bahamut was a very...incorrect man. He considered Salamanders to be the most superior race and every other race to be equally below them. While he didn't necessarily treat the other races of his land much differently, there was a certain specific race he never liked at all. These were the Angels. King Bahamut thought the Angels were mutant Salamanders. He thought they were beings that shouldn't exist, abominations to the Salamander race, and called them disgraceful to even look at. And, eventually, against the peoples' wishes, he started rounding Angels up in the night and locking them away in cells. They weren't given trials and they were treated poorly until they were either executed or starved to death. In the towns, laws were passed that said Angels must be ignored and rationed off from the other. This treatment went on for years under his reign and his beliefs against them were passed on to his sons and daughters, and even to Xavier.

Eventually, the people decided they had enough. Xavier watched his grandfather fall out of power. As Bahamut grew older in age and dimmer in mind, the people revolted against him and threw him out of power. The only way to solve the wrongs he'd done without completely running the entire Cassiel family out of power for good was for the next in line King, Tannim, to sentence him to death for his crimes. Bahamut was dethroned and executed and Tannim took his rightful place as King. However, having been raised by Bahamut, his feelings towards Angels were similar, although not as extreme. He didn't want a repeat of the issues, so he kept his feelings to himself, but kept the laws in place. Even now, under his rule, the Angels have been mistreated and put into jail for various reasons.

When Xavier was about sixteen or seventeen, his father had him watch the cells of the prisoners for the sake of keeping him busy since Chevlier was always out making good relations with the people and Esme was too busy to care for him. Xavier would wander through the cells and study the prisoners, but none of them ever interested him as much as one specific person, Zaniel. Zaniel was an Angel, much like the other prisoners were, but he was just different somehow, at least to Xavier. Maybe it was because they were close in age, or it could've been his unsuspecting smile, or his kind eyes, or even the way he talked in a soft, even voice. Despite the situation he was in, Zaniel always acted casual as if he weren't starving and lonely, and Xavier took such an instant liking to him that he started sneaking him food and water and, when the guards weren't lurking around, he'd even sit in front of his cell and they would talk. After a few months of this, they became friends, and Xavier knew he couldn't let Zaniel remain in this state. Zaniel taught him that Angels weren't "mutant Salamanders," they were just Angels, a completely different race born of their own kind, absolutely separate from the race of Salamanders, and that King Bahamut had been an ignorant, twisted man. And, eventually, Xavier started to believe his words. Not only did he believe the things Zaniel told him despite the things his father told him otherwise, Xavier began to like this jailed Angel, he began to fall for him.

He and Zaniel began to plot a way of escape. It was against everything Xavier knew as a prince, but he was excited for it. He hoped that maybe, even after he helped Zaniel get free, they could be together, maybe they could run away or go somewhere safer or have a life together. He should've known these were just romance-clouded fantasies, but this was his first love, and he believed in it whole-heartedly. Zaniel seemed to agree with it all, too, just as much as him. They both seemed to be on the same page and Zaniel never led him to believe otherwise, always spouting those nice, sweet, honey-laced words, flirting, listening to his problems, telling him everything would be okay, even when Xavier told him about how his father seemed to be spiraling downwards out of power just like his grandfather had. Zaniel was his only friend and his first love and Xavier was overtaken by him. He would do whatever he asked. And, soon enough, just as they planned, Xavier got Zaniel free from prison and helped him escape from the castle. He'd been excited, love-stricken, ready to go anywhere and do anything just for him, but Zaniel turned on him the second they were far enough away and laughed. He laughed right in his face and mocked him for all those moments they'd spent together. As if they were ever going to go anywhere together! As if there was ever a chance they could be together! That's ridiculous. "You're annoying and pathetic and who would ever be attracted to you anyway?" Xavier was too crestfallen to do anything. He felt crushed as he returned quietly to the castle and, from then on, he started believing what his father said. Maybe Angels really were bad. Maybe they weren't mutant Salamanders, but they deserved to be jailed and they deserved any bad that happened to him and, and, maybe there was something wrong with him, maybe he didn't deserve someone to be with him, maybe all people were this bad, maybe everyone's a liar, maybe everything's fake.

Soon after this incident, Chevlier was found dead. His death not only devastated the royal family, but also the entirety of Ithace. Everyone was brought together in mourning, and King Tannim only grew worse after the death. He began making ridiculous laws and taxing the people more than necessary. It was as if he felt like the only thing he had left to himself was his power, so the power consumed him, corrupted him just as it did to his father before him, and Xavier and his mother watched it happen before their very eyes. With each passing day, Xavier began panicking more and more. He knew the inevitable was coming. He knew that now, with his brother's death, he was next in line to take the throne, and he knew it would come soon, but he didn't trust himself. The idea of having any power at all petrified him. He's scared he'll become as corrupted as the Kings before him and refuses to have any part of it, so, in the night, shortly after his eighteenth birthday, he ran away from his future responsibilities. He has no plans on returning.

Xavier is, in actuality, a rogue prince, one who ran away from his inevitable responsibilities. However, the King and Queen, his parents, have given it the benefit of the doubt and chalked it off to kidnapping. There will probably be "Wanted" posters with a bountiful reward with them around his land and the lands around Ithace. Since Xavier understands this dire situation, he is undercover as best as he can be.


So begins...

Xavier Cassiel's Story