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Evalina Valens

"A Princess and A Warrior are one in the same. You fight for the good of your country till the very end. If you give up or lose hope you have failed as both, that is why I will never do either."

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a character in “Enri's Fall: The Moors Retribution”, as played by Lostsoulsbleed


Full Name: Evalina Silvestra Valens
Nicknames: Eva, Lina, Silver, Sila

Race: Human/Fae
Gender: Female
Date of Birth: 836th Year of the Rift
Age: 16

Place of Residence: Castle Valens
Place of Birth: Acatic

Relatives: King Aldric Valens(Father), Queen Sashi Valens (Mother)
Enemies: The Demon Lord and his army
Allies: Her family and the King's army

Occupation: Crown Princess of Enri
Crafting: ???????

Hair: In stark contrast to her fair (albeit slightly tanned) skin, Evalina has long, dark brown tresses that almost reach her waist.
Skin: Evalina has a lightly tanned skin tone with a constantly fair and smooth complexion due to her Fae blood.
Eyes: Evalina has bright, Silvery Green eyes which can appear more silver or green in different light.
Height: 5'6
Weight: 97 lbs

Appearance: Evalina has willowy figure with long limbs and the natural grace of a dancer. With her lightly tanned skin and long dark hair she resembles her mother. Since she is still quite young Evalina is quite oblivious of her womanly beauty.
Fashion of Choice: Evalina is often either found wearing finely tailored dresses and gowns in Blues, Purples, and Greens or in clothes suitable for hunting or archery and combat practice. Examples:Because boredom Clothes1, Clothes2, Clothes3, Clothes4, Clothes5, Clothes6, Clothes7, Clothes8, Clothes9
Armor of Choice: She prefers light, leather armor which gives her full use of her flexibility and quickness. Current Armor, Other Armor
Weapons of Choice:TBA

Special Abilities: Being a 1/4 Fae, Evalina can understand and communicate with animals but has no control over them as her mother and full Fae do. She also has an uncanny ability to sense when something bad will happen though she doesn't know whether this is from her Fae blood or just a gift of her own. Other than this she is a master archer and a skilled swordswoman. She also has some survival skills due to her sense of connection to nature

Personality: Evalina is kind and caring. She is known for her love of helping others and her tendancy of putting other's needs and wishes before her own. She is very brave and has great physical and mental strength but often undermines this with impulsiveness. Her tendency to be without fear is often mistaken for over-confidence which she uses to her advantage. She also tends to be quite cool-headed and calm in demeanor wether or not this is how she feels since she grew up in court.

Alignment: Neutral Good
Motivations: Her love of her family and her kingdom.
Disposition: Calm, Kind, Helpful
Outlook: Optimistic
Religion/Philosophy: Believes in the Mother Goddess as well as some other gods and goddesses.
Sexuality: Heterosexual

Positive Personality Traits: Caring, Kind, Courageous, Light-hearted, Quick-witted, Cool-headed
Negative Personality Traits: Stubborn, Impulsive, Fearless
Misc. Quirks:TBA
Guild: N/A

Interests: General Combat skills(Archery, Swordfighting, ect), Animals, Fighting, Making her Parents Proud
Likes: Helping others, Horses, Combat Practice
Dislikes: Snakes, Being told what to do, Fire
Favorite Foods: Grapes, Apples, Candy
Favorite Drinks: Sweet wine, Milk
Favorite Colors: Blue, Green, Purple

Hobbies: Dancing, Singing(though she’s not as good as her mother), Archery, and Combat

History: Growing up in the castle Evalina was loved by all and cared for by not only her parents but also her older brother. She never wished for anything and she was always happy. When she was still quite young Evalina's older brother died in battle and shortly after that she started to learn archery and basic combat skills, wanting to fight for the same thing her brother and country fought for. Through the years Evalina's biggest conflict has been the split between her life as a princess and her life as a warrior. Believing her parents would disapprove she has done the best she could to make her parents proud in other fields so they would over-look what had been called an unseemly set of habits.

So begins...

Evalina Valens's Story


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(Apologies for disappearing)

Planning took the rest of the day, plans formulated and discarded as all options were considered. Without any accurate information about the Demonic forces or the status of the Acer regiment in Inae much of it was guess work. They were outnumbered, surrounded, and supplies were beginning to dwindle. Holing up was not an option as eventually food would run out. Stone walls could not keep out famine. Not that it mattered. As he had said this morning their time had come.

Darkness descended over that area of the world and still Aldric worked diligently, organizing supplies, soldiers, information, all in a last bid for the survival of Enri. A rumbling sounded from outside. It must have been loud for him to have heard it in here. Puzzled, Aldric waited until a soldier came running in, panic visible in his eyes. Something was not right.

[b]"My king, my king, they're attacking the castle! There's thousands of them. Thousands! Damn it, there's millions! What are we going to do, my liege?! They're going to break in! Oh by the Divine-" The soldier's voice cut out as Aldric punched him heavily in the face, knocking the man unconscious in a single blow.

Looking at one of the Royal Guards, he commanded, "Get this man awake. We need every sword arm we can get for this battle." Turning to Sashi, he took her by the shoulders. "Sashi, go find Evalina. Take her and fifteen Royal Guards, go deep into the castle. If they break through, make your way out as quickly as possible. The kingdom must be preserved. No arguing." Kissing her quickly on the forehead, he told Vyri, "I won't hide while my men die for me. Get me my armor."

Rushing through the castle they arrived at the armor. On a stand was his own personal suit of armor, a simple breast and back-plate burnished to a bronze color. Crafted by master smiths and enchanted by Fae, it was light, durable, and beautiful in its simplicity. Donning the suit of plate, he grabbed the enchanted warhammer which had been a gift to him for helping the Fae in some distant time before the war. Leaving his crown onto his head, he strode out onto the walks behind the forward defensive line, searching for Xavier. Spying a beam of white light spring out of the darkness, Aldric immmediately rushed down to that position, finding the Garrison Commander standing tall. Walking up beside him, he asked, "Can the walls hold?"


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Sashi was shocked speechless as the manic solider, came in ,so frantic that her husband had to strike him unconscious in order to keep him from his head.
An attack on the castle? How? Who was leading this army? Why did they decide to attack now?

Aldric's hands came around her shoulders. His eyes narrowed and determined.
"Sashi, go find Evalina. Take her and fifteen Royal Guards, go deep into the castle. If they break through, make your way out as quickly as possible. The kingdom must be preserved. No arguing." He said and before she had time to argue, he kissed her quickly atop her forehead and was off.

"Mother Gaia, Please protect my husband and the men that ride with him." She preyed as she ran to her daughter's room.
Her daughter was a strong one, much like their late son. She was so proud of her, as she was of him, she couldn't bare the thought of losing another child. Her heart still ached every time her thoughts fell on her son.

She entered the room without warning. "Evalina! Evalina, my child, the Keep is under attack we have to leave." She called out gathering her things and finding Evalina's favorite riding satchel and shoving the items of important inside. Sashi wasn't much for material things, all she needed she was born with, she needed no instrument for her voice was flute, she hardly needed clothes as her body was built for the elements. She needed no steel for nature was her weapon However, her daughter, only part Fae relied more on materials and that was fine with Sashi.

"Come quickly my child, your father and his men are fighting now but he wants us to leave just in case the walls are breached." She told her as she grabbed the girls bow and arrow. She didn't touch the sword, being terribly allergic due to her Fae heritage, luckily Evalina didn't acquire that allergy. 'We have to find guards as well."

The setting changes from Castle Valens to Enri


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Evalina Valens


Having woken early to hear her father's speech Evalina had been in the courtyard, conversing with various others, far before her father even came out to speak. When the King finally made an appearance, standing above the crowd on a balcony, Evalina cut off her conversation with the soldier she had been speaking to and focused her attention on her father. About ten minutes into the speak she got a strange feeling in her gut and tensed. Looking around, she saw no one watching her and was glad she had chosen to stand on the edge of the crowd as she slipped from the courtyard unnoticed.

After that she headed to the stables, speaking quickly with her horse before saddling both her and her mothers horse. Multiple times she had a stable hand come over and try to help her but she quickly waved them away each time, knowing she’d only be satisfied if she did it herself. After each horse was saddled Evalina went to the kitchens with a saddle bag and had them fill it with dried meat, bread, and some other food. After she had put the saddlebag back in the stables, hidden in her mother’s horses stall along with four full water skins, she went to the blacksmith.

By the time she left the smith’s with the new weapons and armor she had commissioned the sun was starting to set. Heading back to her room she thought about what she would need to pack in her saddle bag. As the rumbling of the attack reached her she had just reached her room. Throwing the door open she spoke orders to her two ladies-in-waiting and their looks of worry and panic turned to their normal smiles, reassured by their ladies unchanged calm demeanor. “Freya, gather my training clothes and a few plain dresses from my chests. Make sure there are some things that would fit my mother and put this with it.” She handed her new armor to the woman before she turned to the other. “Peony, come help me get changed into my usual armor.”


As her mother burst into Evalina's room two ladies-in-waiting looked up startled from their tasks but then quickly went back to work seeing the queen. "Evalina! Evalina, my child, the Keep is under attack we have to leave." As her mother rushed in and grabbed Evalina’s favorite saddle bag Freya handed her the clothes she had gathered from Evalina's chests. As Peony finished helping her into her armor Evalina smiled at her mother's calmed panic and shook her head. Her mother was full of such contradictions and it never ceased to amuse her. "Come quickly my child, your father and his men are fighting now but he wants us to leave just in case the walls are breached." "Mother please calm down. I already made preparations earlier. Both our horses are saddled and I'm just here to change and pack... though you seem to have already packed for me..." She says with a chuckle. Walking over she took the bow from her mother and strapped it to her back with a quiver filled with arrows. She then grabbed a small leather bag she had also had the smith make her and placed her sword, extra arrows, and a few dozen daggers into it before turning to her mother. Out of the corner of her eye she saw Freya place the rest of the things she had gathered into the saddle bag in the queens hands and nodded."Good, I want both of you to use the servants passages to leave the castle. Take the gold coins I set aside in my jewelry box." She spoke quickly, to her two ladies-in-waiting, knowing they wouldn't argue, before turning to her mother with a smile.Come, let's go."