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WIP~ Succubus, Second in Command of the Demon Army.

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a character in “Enri's Fall: The Moors Retribution”, as played by Lostsoulsbleed


Full Name: Meredith Lillian Fraetragon
Nickname: Lilith

Date of Birth:
Age: 247

Place of Residence: No permanent residence but keeps relatively constant contact with the Demon King
Place of Birth: The Moors

Relatives: The Demon King
Enemies: The King's Men
Allies: Demons and Men
Pets: A snake demon named Orochi as well as two Inugami demons one White the other Black. All three are males.

Occupation: Second in Command of the Demon Army

Appearance/Fashion Choice: With Lilith's ability to change her appearance she very rarely keeps the same look for long, though she will use one she's used before if she liked it. Two ever constant factors in her appearance and clothing are the amount of skin she tend to show and the generous curves, something that she has even in her true form. HumanForm, HumanFormw/Horns, Example, Example, Example, Example, Example
Ever since she killed her sister Lilith has not worn her true form except for when she is in the presence of the Demon King and even then only when they are alone. It is the highest show of respect for her to show someone her true form and barely anyone remembers what she truly looks like.
True Form

Armor of Choice: None

Weapons of Choice: When in battle Lilith uses both her natural arsenal and abilities to fight, preferring to use blades only for fun.

Special Abilities:

Personality: Lilith has quite the charming personality. She is flirtatious and flamboyant and tends to enjoy others attention wether they like it or not. She can have a quite childish veiw on some matters, still being quite young for a demon, and has a tendancy of having fits when she doesn't get what she wants. Despite all of this she is quite loyal, except for when it comes to relationships, and trustworthy as well as a fearsom foe. Hidden behind her childish and alluring mask she is viscious, merciless, and has no consciense whatsoever.
Alignment: Evil
Disposition: Flirty, Coy, Playful
Outlook: Lives in the moment, doesn't think much of the future.

Religion/Philosophy: The Demon King

Sexuality: Bisexual, though she sways towards men.

Positive Personality Traits:
Negative Personality Traits:
Misc. Quirks:

Interests: Sex, Clothing, Beauty, Fire, Pain
Likes: Men, Clothing, Inflicting Pain, Attention
Dislikes: Women, Being underestimated, Being overlooked, Water
Favorite Foods: Human Souls, Sweets and Desserts
Favorite Drinks: Blood, Wine
Favorite Colors: Red, Black, Purple, Silver

Theme Songs:


So begins...

Lilith's Story


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Character Portrait: Lilith Character Portrait: Yrael Soun Character Portrait: Gorain, the Tyrrant of Antiquis Character Portrait: Orochi
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Walking into what was supposed to be Gorain's camp, Lilith looked around with her eyes narrowed in annoyance. Before she had time to mutter anything about the demon a man stepped out of the trees and up behind her silently. "What is it Orochi?" The man stepped up beside her and spoke quickly, a slight hiss in his voice as there always was. "There is a battle happening outside the castle at the hands of both Yrael and Gorain's men." Without a word Lilith turned and walked back into the trees, Orochi following after her.
Moments later Lilith walked through the battlefield, creating an illusion of blank space around herself and Orochi who was only a step behind her. Looking around it only took Lilith moments to spot Yrael and then Gorain as the mounted fire demon approached him. Narrowing her eyes Lilith smirk slightly and moved in their direction. As she walked she let tendrils of her consciousness brush against the people in her way, human and demon alike, and instilled a strong urge to move out of the way in their minds, clearing a path for Lilith to walk.
As she came up to Gorain and Yrael a sickly sweet smile crossed her face as she dropped her illusion and suddenly appeared before them. Addressing Gorain Lilith skipped forward a step as she spoke. "Hello brother, May I ask why you have deserted your post and disobeyed our Lord's command?" Pausing for a moment she turned her smile onto Yrael but said nothing, knowing for a fact he was not as hot-headed as to disobey the Demon King. Turning her gaze back to Gorain she let her eyes flame with the annoyance and rage she actually felt but kept up her smile, flicking a strand of long brown hair over her shoulder.

Current form