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Lilith's Most Faithful Servant

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a character in “Enri's Fall: The Moors Retribution”, as played by Lostsoulsbleed


Full Name: Orochi
Nickname: Oro

Race: Snake Demon
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: Unknown
Age: Unknown

Human Form-
Hair: White
Skin: Pale
Eyes: Red
Height: 5'11


Weapons of Choice: His three swords in his human form and his fangs in his natural form.
Special Abilities: Orochi can shape shift between him human form and his, true, snake form in which he can adjust his size at will. As well as this Orochi has the ability to coat his weapons in poison at will even in the middle of a battle.

Personality: Loyal and obedient Orochi's main motivation in life is to serve Lilith. He cares for Lilith greatly and would do anything for her. Since he doesn't remember anything from before being pulled from the void this had been his entire existence and he truly doesn't mind this fact.

History: Orochi was originally a demon that Lilith pulled from the void of darkness her Father and Master was made of. After she pulled the demon spirit through the void she melded it with a white snake and it's spirit and created Orochi, the first ever snake demon. Ever since Orochi has traveled and served Lilith to the best of his abilities.

So begins...

Orochi's Story


Characters Present

Character Portrait: Lilith Character Portrait: Yrael Soun Character Portrait: Gorain, the Tyrrant of Antiquis Character Portrait: Orochi
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Walking into what was supposed to be Gorain's camp, Lilith looked around with her eyes narrowed in annoyance. Before she had time to mutter anything about the demon a man stepped out of the trees and up behind her silently. "What is it Orochi?" The man stepped up beside her and spoke quickly, a slight hiss in his voice as there always was. "There is a battle happening outside the castle at the hands of both Yrael and Gorain's men." Without a word Lilith turned and walked back into the trees, Orochi following after her.
Moments later Lilith walked through the battlefield, creating an illusion of blank space around herself and Orochi who was only a step behind her. Looking around it only took Lilith moments to spot Yrael and then Gorain as the mounted fire demon approached him. Narrowing her eyes Lilith smirk slightly and moved in their direction. As she walked she let tendrils of her consciousness brush against the people in her way, human and demon alike, and instilled a strong urge to move out of the way in their minds, clearing a path for Lilith to walk.
As she came up to Gorain and Yrael a sickly sweet smile crossed her face as she dropped her illusion and suddenly appeared before them. Addressing Gorain Lilith skipped forward a step as she spoke. "Hello brother, May I ask why you have deserted your post and disobeyed our Lord's command?" Pausing for a moment she turned her smile onto Yrael but said nothing, knowing for a fact he was not as hot-headed as to disobey the Demon King. Turning her gaze back to Gorain she let her eyes flame with the annoyance and rage she actually felt but kept up her smile, flicking a strand of long brown hair over her shoulder.

Current form