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a character in “Enri's Fall: The Moors Retribution”, as played by dud911


Description tall kinda old looking big
Full Name: rike suliven
Nickname: na


Race: human
Gender: male
Date of Birth: n/a
Age: 38
Hair: going gray
Skin: white
Eyes: bule
Height: 6 ft 3

Place of Residence: inea
Place of Birth:

Relatives: all dead only him and his old mutt blaze live
Enemies: no one
Allies: . don’t know
Pets: an old dog that hangs with him at the store

Occupation: store owner

Appearance: and old looking man kind of rugged tall all ways warring an apron

Fashion of Choice: close and an apron drity looking skin with a big scurffy beard

Armor of Choice: none

Weapons of Choice the store is set up in inae

Special Abilities: really good at selling things and seeing how good weapons are
Personality: funny kinda an ass hole when he wants to be he is hold so he cant walk as fast
Alignment: neutral
Motivations: getting work and hopeing his famly is not dead and seeing customers come in

Religion/Philosophy: belive in no god

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Positive Personality Traits: friendly nice guy loves talking people
Negative Personality Traits: cant trust no one
Misc. Quirks: a little insane old grouchy and don’t like kids

Interests: getting nice thing for his shop and rare things and
Likes: a lot
Dislikes: bad costumers and kids
Favorite Foods: every kind of food
Favorite Drinks: ale
Favorite Colors: red black

Hobbies: sitting out side his shop and listing to all the stories and running his job
Details: kind of crazy because he lost his family
Theme Songs: has none

History: rike had to flee the encroaching darkness the darkness engulfed all of his family but his old mutt blaze and he gather all what he can from his old shop and he had to set up his shop in to inae he don’t like kids he because he all ways got robed by kids he all ways worked in the shop since he was a kid when his father passed away when he ways 15 he took the shop over and that’s where he meet his best fiend blaze is a old mutt that save rike from a fire one time that happen when rike was working in the store

So begins...

rike's Story