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Autumn 'Bom' Park-Kwon

"Leave me alone and everything will be fine

0 · 429 views · located in Raynedale Insane Asylum

a character in “Enter Raynedale Asylum”, as played by Neon.lynxie



Name: Autumn ‘bom’ Park-Kwon
Age:Just Turned 17



General Personality Description: Bom mind is very artistic and she is able to come up with things people never think of. She can be very shy When around people she isn’t use to, but when she is around friends or family she is one confident crazy girl. Most people mistake her as being weak, but she is very strong and cunning.
Demeanor:Usually she lashes out angrily and gets very physical then she turns into a huge baby who is sobbing and wants attention. Since her mood is unpredictable it makes everything around her more complicated.
Disorders or Abnormalities: schizophrenia, Suicidal, Bi-polar, depression, Drug and Alcohol abuse *All connected*
Likes: tea, Writing, Reading, Snow, Rain, Dancing, Music, Family, watching people, & her brother,
Dislikes: Coffee, people hurting her or her family, fire, being teased, needles and older people
Fears: Needles, losing loved ones, spiders and Fire


Personal Items:
  • Item 1: IPOD
  • Item 2: A photo of her family
  • Item 3: coloring pages
  • Item 4: a camera
  • Item 5: music sheets


Backstory: Autumn was born in to the all to Famous Park-Kwon Family in South Korea- the were one of the richest families in Seoul because their family had members in their government and famous singers models ect. October was one of 4 kids to YongBae Park-Kwon and ChaeRin Park-Kwon she had two older siblings Sang Hyun and Sandra and an older twin Named October .Her whole family were very close knitted and no matter what her family would always be there for you.
When the twins were only 6 their whole family was involved in an assassination of the family while they were at a family reunion while the four kids survived because they were outside playing. The people who were trying to kill their family found them and kidnapped the kids because they couldn’t bring themselves to kill the innocent children. Not knowing what to do with them, They all spent two years in a warehouse before they were shipped to America. The twins were split form their older siblings and forced into an abusive household. This is where October’s split personality really developed to protect himself and his sister and where Autumn/ Bom got her disorders
While they were in their first home in America at age 8 the twins had killed their abusive family of 5 and ran away they lived on the streets and killed people for money and food. Before being put another foster care at age 10 they had killed hundreds of people and they had managed to never get caught and accused of the crime. The continued killing people until their older siblings had found them at age 13. They lived together for a few years before they were forced by the police to be sent into Raynedale for their murders that they finally caught for.

So begins...

Autumn 'Bom' Park-Kwon's Story

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Autumn 'bom' Park-Kwon and her brother October 'Mir' Park-Kwon had taken their sweet time as announcements were made. Bom had been cleaning her little room and making sure everything was in place. She had always hated when things were moved around and not in a special place. As the rest of the people in the asylum walked to the nurse and headed their way to the cafeteria for break fast , Bom sat in her cell lingering on a family photo. She hated being here more than anything and wanted to be back with her other siblings. The brown haired girl ran a fragile hand throughout her hair as she sighed. She was glad she and her brother were put in here together--SHe would have gone crazy if she was in here alone.

October, on the other hand, was singing to himself as he read through a few letters that he held possessively. He refused to let anyone see them. Well, beside his sister whom he shared everything with, the two were inseparable. He smiled tracing some of the letters on the paper before pouting. He glanced as some of the other males had left to go eat the morning meal. He chomped down on his lip, he should go find Bommie and then they could go together. Folding the letters nicely he put them back in the folder and put it on his bed before skipping out into the hall looking for his sister. As he turned to the girls rooms his sister came out with a soft smile.

The two seem perfectly normal and no one would have expected them to be crazy. But both had their limits, and had killed many because their limits were pushed. Every night the two had nightmares about their first massacre they held. The tow sat soaked in a dozen of peoples blood. the reason they killed? their reply was only a laugh and shaking of the head. The two together and upset were like a bomb, the had very precise limits and when things don't go their way they immediately turn evil.

The twins made their way to the cafeteria with smirks, both eyed the black haired boy who walked passed them. The two innocent looking twins glanced at each other- Alvah was his name. He was creepy, say the least--but hell, everyone in this room was off their rocker. October sat down next to the closest person with his food, whom happened to be Reyna. While Bom sat down on the other side of him, the two shared a few shushed words before October looked at the rest of the people before turning to Reyna with a strange look. Bom leaned against the table resting her head on her elbow watching her brother and Reyna.
"Your Reyna.." he asked randomly with a smile. He was totally in a fine mood and decided to randomly start blabbing to the nearest person.

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Kira gazes around, finally complete with her breakfast, besides the few sips of orange juice which remained in the bottle. Wiping some crumbs from her pink lips, she notices Reyna sit beside her. She looked interesting; her hair quite pretty. With a quizzical stare, as the girl began to tap out a rhythm on the table, Kira finally parted her lips to try and speak with the girl. But, once again, as seemed to be happening so much that morning, she was disrupted by two Asian twins who came in to sit at their same table, and who then struck up their own conversation with the girl. And, again, as before, Kira snapped her mouth shut. It wasn't as if she wanted all for the attention for herself, or anything. It was for the simple fact that she felt she had been too slow to start, and interrupting someone else's conversation could be considered rude...

The two twins were interesting, and her ice blue eyes stare at them. They were both beautiful, their hair a nice blonde color, and their facial structure delicate; their skin smooth. Even the male looked beautiful. Was that strange?...She did catch one of their names...October...and interesting name. It was at that time that a loud smash of seemingly someone's food sprawled across the floor. Kira quickly turned in her chair to see what had occurred, in curiosity, only to be met with Jasmine who stood behind her with a wide grin; a hand on the back of her chair. Her heart leaps within her throat, unknowing of what was about to occur. Kira didn't know this girl, but had noticed the small little cruel glares and actions in which she took towards the other females in this asylum. Was she next?

Having looked like a deer in headlights, she takes the time to compose herself before finally speaking. "H-hello..." Her voice sounded strange even to herself. Picking through her mind, Kira tried to think through all the names that cluttered her brain. Which one fit this girl? She knew she had heard it before at some point. "Uh...Jasmine?.." She says, almost as if asking if this was, indeed, her name.

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Nurse Jackie stood in the middle of the hallway awaiting the rest of the patients to file into the Cafeteria. She didn't notice that Greyson had already entered the Cafeteria and so she was unaware that he had left his scrubs in his room. As the twins passed her, late as always, they didn't have their night clothes either. A tiny flare of anger welled up inside her. She dropped the bag of laundry at her feet and with a heavy sigh, undid her ponytail, letting her long chesnutt tresses fall to her shoulders. She threaded her fingers through her hair and collected it back up into a ponytail before wrapping the scrunchie back around it and pulling it tight. She often messed with her hair when she was feeling antsy or angry and this time was no different. Picking the laundry bag back up, she followed the twins to the Cafeteria and stopped in the doorway, counting the patients to see if they were all there. They were. Walking to an empty space of countertop, she placed the laundry bag ontop of it and began to count the scrubs one-by-one. "Damnit, I should have used gloves. I forgot about 'freak-boy's' nasty pants." She held her breath as she sorted through the bag and counted a total of 9 sets of clothes. She tried to remember who all gave her their clothes and came to the relization that Greyson was the only one she didn't see walk passed her. "He must have left them...Well I'm not going to get them, he is..." She straightened back up and took a rather large breath of fresh air, trying to calm her anger, before approaching Greyson at his table.

"Ahem..." she coughed, waiting for him to look up at her. "I see you forgot your laundry. I'm not your maid. I'm not going to pick it up for you. You know you're supposed to bring it out with you in the morning. This isn't a new rule. After you're done eating, go and get your scrubs and bring them to the Nurses Station, please. I expect you'll remember that next time, hmm?" She placed her hand on his shoulder and gave it a not-so-pleasant squeeze. "Enjoy your breakfast."

By the time she had finished sorting through the laundry and talking to Greyson, Alvah, Minsu, Gabe, and Aaron had slipped out of the Cafeteria unnoticed. What she did notice, however, was the splatter of a tray of food being pushed off of the table by Jasmine, followed by Freya shoving her from behind. With a twinkle in her eye, Nurse Jackie headed toward the girls, her bright blue eyes darkening with each second. She reached Freya first before Jasmine had a chance to respond and grabbed Freya by the arm, just above her elbow. Her grip was firm and unyielding and she used this grip to force Freya into the nearest chair.

"Sit down, NOW!" She stood over her and inbetween her and Jasmine, with her back to Jasmine as she spoke.

"I don't tolerate little girls who can't control themselves. Now take a breather and calm down."

She turned to face the food counter and yelled over to Sam. "Hey Sam. Can you clean this up for me? Seems someone has decided to make a mess out of your food." Sam responded with a nod and went to retrieve a small hand brush and a dust pan along with a damp rag to wipe up the drink.

Turning back to Freya, she placed her palm on the table in front of her and leaned down until she was eye level with her. "We're not going to have any more problems now, are we?" Her angled eyebrows gave away her emotion. Her voice was laced with disdain, as if she were talking to a three year old child. Not waiting for an answer, she moved aside to let Sam clean up the food on the floor and what remained of the food on the chair Freya was sitting in. Jackie turned to Jasmine and placed her hand on her shoulder from behind, whispering in her ear, "Don't even think about retaliating. I may not be physically in the room with you all the time, but there are cameras everywhere and I've got Staff available to take care of you if need be." All the while she whispered, a thin-lipped grin was plastered to her face. Deciding she was done here, she stepped back to the doorway of the Cafeteria and turned aroud to face everyone still present.

"Ok everyone. I think breakfast was eventfull enough for today. If you're not finished eating by now, please finish quickly and head to the Day Room. I'll be there shortly to hand out cigarettes to those that have asked me. You can take a drink with you if you'd like."

As she headed to the Nurses Station, Kyle approached her:

"Excuse me, Nurse Jackie? As you probably remember, I did a number on my face earlier. well, now the pain is really starting to kick in. is there any way I could get aspirin, or something to that effect?"

The anger in her subsided enough that she could reply to him in a cool and collected manor. "Let me talk with Dr. Raven about what I can give you. It looks like you pissed off a bouncer at a club, if you ask me." She smiled a genuine smile at him and almost felt a bit of sympathy for the poor guy. "Maybe I can get ya something a little stronger than an asprin," she said with a wink. "I'll see what I can do. Go ahead and head to the Day Room and I'll be there in a little bit. I've got some stuff I have to take care of first but I won't forget about ya."

After she finished speaking with Kyle, she entered the Nurses Station and picked up a phone to call the Security Room, which was held in another part of the hospital. She talked a little bit with James, in a hushed voice, before hanging up the receiver and then picking it back up to call Dr. Raven about Kyle's nose. She talked with him at length and then hung up the phone before collecting a pack of cigarettes from the dispenser and heading to meet the patients in the Day Room.

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"O-October... Right?" Reyna avoided eye contact and felt her knee bouncing nervously under her arms. She placed her hand on her knee and cursed herself mentally. Sometimes her emotions were so obvious and it was hard to control her reactions to people. It's okay Reyna... you didn't insult anyone... you're just being spineless. He's not going to hurt you. Sometimes Reyna had arguments with herself. She worried sometimes that people would hurt her... and sometimes she worried a flashback was going to take over and she'd end up hurting someone else.

October shot a smile to his sister as he nodded. "Neh, *Yes* This is my sister Autumn."he smiled before Autumn added in a "You can call me Bom if you want." The twins were all around nice and loving people--Unless angered. To most their looks is what throws them off on first glance. It was fun to toy with people using their looks- Some have thought the twins were like gods set from heaven and that they were perfect. the twins knew very well they were good looking and used it to get what they wanted. They used it in alot of their killings and it made things seem like a game. Autumn could lure rich business men in and take their money, heat and life. October could do the same to older women who wanted a cute young boy to cling to....To them it was like a game.

"Why are you in here,if you dont mind me asking." Both twins didn't even flinch when Freya McAllister and Jasmine got in to a small brawl. they just con tinued to talk
"Want my eggs?" Bom asked pushing her eggs over to her brother, or "Bommie want to trade juice?" The wins were in a calm state of mind and hoped no one would bug them.

When breakfast was called over the twins stood dumping their trays of food and walked to the Day room speaking in Korean. They knew no one could speak it-and if someone did they would switch to speaking Japanese or Mandarin. The twins were very smart and close. They did the best they could to keep their personal lives away from all the other paitents. But eveyone could see the close bond the twins had since family was all they had left. Yawning bom looked at Freya and Kira with a soft smile. TO her it was good to see others try bonding with another, in a place like this it is good to be friends- if not acquaintances- with some people. Both the twins eyes darted to Minsu Kim...They twins liked watching her from afar, she was like them in some way and they wanted to befriend her. Thought they felt like she didnt want any communication with them...So, they just stuck with watching her.

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Reyna sat quietly for a moment after October asked "Why are you in here, if you don't mind me asking." Her leg had stopped bouncing and she looked at the twins suspiciously for a moment before her lips parted and then shut again. Thank goodness breakfast was called to a close and everyone was moving to the day room. She didn't feel like trying to explain herself. In fact, Reyna didn't think she should be in here. Though, she would often argue with herself that she may hurt people, but it was just that people didn't understand. Or perhaps it only happened because she was often forced to relive the flashbacks in this place. She wasn't even sure anymore.

Reyna returned her half-eaten tray of food and began walking to the day room behind the twins who had moved shortly before her. She ran her hands through her long, red hair and admired it as she walked. Reyna always thought she had been lucky to be born with such red hair, and without those annoying freckles too. Red was Reyna's favorite. She hummed on her short walk to the day room as her fingers slid through her hair over and over again.

She took a seat far away from the others and still fiddled with her hair in front of her chest. Reyna found this a good way to avoid eye contact and kept her busy when she had nothing else to do with people around. Her eyes stayed down on her hands. Suddenly a shadow passed over her and she looked up to see a silhouette. Her heart fluttered, as it was most definitely the shape of her murdered ex-fiance. The silhouette's hand lift in the air to strike and she tensed up. As soon as the hand had gotten inches from her face, the shadow dissipated and Reyna jumped back out of her daydream, chest heaving as she cautiously looked around to see if anyone had noticed. She breathed a sigh of relief when she saw everyone was still doing their own little things. Her hands fumbled with her hair, shaking slightly now. These little episodes were common, but a little embarrassing. She knew they weren't real. These weren't as believable as the bigger, less common ones that she had from time to time. Sometimes Reyna would be stuck in-between reality and her nightmares, not knowing what is real and what is not anymore. These were confusing states and would often cause her to harm the wrong people, or say weird things that had nothing to do with what's going on around her.

Suddenly, she saw that her hands were covered in blood and she had gotten it on her hair. Reyna had the urge to lick her hands as she lifted them, blood covered, in front of her face. She decided against it and wiped it on her skirt. As soon as the blood was there, it was gone and her hair was clean to be fumbled with again. Reyna sighed with her head down once more.