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Indigo Selina Meath

"I Faked The Feeling To Get The Rush. It Didn't Work And So I Went Out For More."

0 · 138 views · located in Chicago, Illnois

a character in “Ephemeral Pleasures”, as played by LozerFanAnah


Full Name:
Indigo Selina Meath




Indigo stands at a height of around five foot six to five foot eight; she's only checked maybe once. She's thin with lean muscles to make her seem like she isn't anorexic because she isn't. (She swears.) Her body is well proportioned minus her legs that make up most of her height but they don't look so long that her torso looks like it was cut in half or something. Her hair is naturally jet black that contrasts with her slightly tanned skin from being in the sun all day. (Windows on cars.) She has bright indigo coloured eyes that inspired her mother's name for her.
As for piercings and tattoos.... In her left ear she has three lobe piercings and one cartilage and in the right she has the same three lobe but two cartilage piercings. (Cartilage to her is the outer-edge of her ear.) On her right wrist she has a bracelet that looks like thorns, vines, wire fencing and roses all jumbled up and on the back of her left shoulder she has a tattoo of her bass with MUDZ in a disguised design.

~Smoking Anywhere She Can At Any Time~
~Scratching The Left Side Of Her Neck When Stressed, Nervous, Excited... She Just Does It~
~If She Can She'll Drink Anything With Alcohol In It~
~She Taps Out Rhythms And Rifts On Her Thighs When Standing In One Spot~
~When Sitting She Will Hold Mudz And Either Play It Or Ghost Over Chords~
~She's An In House Nudist~

"Who I am is simple really. I'm me."
Indigo is a person who is easy to understand right off the bat but the longer one knows her the more confusing she seems to get. Like there are layers of twisted strings intertwined and tangled; sheet upon sheet. She's impossible to decode but so simple to get. Because she doesn't like to beat around the bush too often.
"Why waste the time yea? Jus get to tha bloddy point. Unless I wanna be tricky. Then wha'eva."
When she wants to be she can be the life of the party and the person who has the most fun; she'll drink and dance and have a great time with everyone who is there. Most of the time however she likes to just relax in her car with a smoke and her bass Mudz playing her favourite bass rifts of all times. The best ones. She doesn't listen to shitty music.
"Tha pop garbage melts tha brain. Gotta keep tha music different. Fook all tha shit America plays."
But while on the outside she may seem like a girl who has her act together when she's alone the truth spills through the cracks. She's a person who creates outer selves to suit the environment and the people so that the real her isn't found out. Indigo in all actuality is what is known as 'clinically depressed'; which basically means her therapist thinks she'll kill herself at anytime. The only thing that ever seems to help her is that bass held like a lover in her arms. Or someone actually calling her name because they want to be around her truthfully and not just for the fun she brings.
"Mudz ain't always enough. Sometimes I jus need someone ta care abou' me. Someone ta 'old my 'and and carry me somewhere I ain't neva been befoe."
Still, it isn't as if anyone will ever know that part of her. It's the center of that mas of knotting ropes and strings.
"People get cut apar' lookin' for a way in. Not good yea? Not good."
Also Indigo is a self-proclaimed in house nudist meaning; when she's alone in her loft she'll walk around in as little clothing as she can. Or nothing. She warns all of her friends to knock at least three times before bursting into her home.
"Yea, not a good idea buh it is me home an I can walk aroun' naked if I like."

Indigo Meath was born to upper-class citizens in the small town of Essex, England. Her mother however died three days after giving birth to Indigo and never got a chance to truly appreciate being a mother. It tore at her father who happened to be a very successful business man; she noticed this around two years old. Not once did Indigo ever ask about her mother however because she felt that if she did she would soon loose her father as well. They lived in semi-happiness until the day Indigo decided that she would show her father the lyrics to her song - she'd gotten the envelope around twelve - to share with him something about her.
She wasn't expecting him to suddenly become some over worried dad who checked up on her every hour. Indigo didn't know that her lyrics spelled out that she would become a girl dying inside and faking emotions. She loved how calming and peaceful her song was and if her father didn't - it confused her. It was when she was fifteen that she was diagnosed with her depression and was recommended pills to help it; her father noticed that they merely triggered migraines she got to happen more often. He replaced them with different pills and a Bass.
Now she instantly fell in love with the Bass she called Mudz and would play it until her fingers bled. It worried her father further and she finally got fed up with his mother hen act. At seventeen she left London. Her father was left with just a note and she left with just her Bass, her fags and access to her bank account.
Chicago, Illinois seemed like the most random place to settle.
"It seemed like the farthest place from me dad."

White, Three

Dissolved Girl by Massive Attack
Shame, such a shame
I think I kinda lost myself again
Day, yesterday
Really should be leaving, but I stay

Say, say my name
Need a little love to ease the pain
Need a little love to ease the pain
It's easy to remember when it came

'Cause it feels like I've been
I've been here before
You're not my saviour
But I still don't go

Feels like something
That I've done before
I could fake it
But I'd still want more

Fade, made to fade
Passion's overrated anyway
Say, say my name
Need a little love to ease the pain
Need a little love to ease the pain
It's easy to remember when it came

'Cause it feels like I've been
I've been here before
You're not my savior
But I still don't go, oh

Feel like something
That I've done before
I could fake it
But I'd still want more, oh

So begins...

Indigo Selina Meath's Story