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Sesaro Hitsuya

"There's never going to be compromise between the two worlds. The only way they'll ever be united is by the sword."

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a character in “Ephron : Torn World”, as played by :Nagato:



Name: Sesaro Hitsuya

Age: Sixteen, much to his chagrin. Sesaro is of the firm opinion that intellectually he is far more mature than sixteen years old, and the surest way to piss him off (well, one of many, many ways to accomplish that) is to call him a kid or belittle him. It'll send him into a rage.

Personality: Sesaro is...well, no two ways about it. An utter asshole. He is cold and aloof, and quite clearly of the opinion he stands head and shoulders (not just physically, where it is the literal truth, but in all ways) over everyone else; to say he's full of himself would be like saying the lighting is a bit dim in the Underworld. Sesaro, in direct contrast to his drastically more carefree, fun-loving brother, comes off at times as a bitter, hot-headed, violent punk, a young man who strives constantly to force himself to be rational and clear-headed--but flies into a violent rage when he becomes irritated. He is a proponent of continuing Baphomet's totalitarian, iron-fisted rule of Underworld, and believes that if Jeremy were to take power, he would...try to fill the world with rainbows and ponies and sunshine and...and whatever the hell else has got him so obsessed with that accursed Upperworld. The irony is, however, that Sesaro himself is a rebel who cannot stand to let anyone think he's under their control--had he lived in the kind of leadership he claims to advocate, Sesaro himself would probably have long since been executed for 'improper conduct' or 'inappropriate dress' get the point, I assume. Only his father Baphomet can make him do anything; orders from anyone else will be met with contempt, or outright hostility at times.

He is of the staunch opinion that he should be the next in line to take over the Underworld--not his Upperworld-loving, treacherous fool of a brother Jeremy, who would probably just end up ruining the Underworld and everything Baphomet has striven to accomplish. The disdain and outright contempt that Sesaro holds his own brother in is infamous, and it takes nothing short of his sister Kurenai's intervention to stop Sesaro from becoming truly infuriated with what he perceives to be his brother's complete lack of comprehension and inability to grasp the situation that exists between the Upperworld and Underworld--they can never get along, and they can never co-exist--eventually, one is going to have to subjugate the other, and in Sesaro's eyes, it's better for it to be the Underworld dominating the Upperworld, not vice versa. By his reckoning, to seek reconciliation between the two worlds is sheer wishful thinking--nothing but the idle dreaming of a fool who fails to see reality. In other words, his brother. In truth, Sesaro really doesn't understand the fascination Jeremy has with the Upperworld--he doesn't comprehend what it is Jeremy loves so much about it. In fact, Sesaro sees beauty in the darkness and quiet landscape of the Underworld, and honestly does think the Upperworld is just too damn bright and colourful. His belief that the Upperworld must be crushed stems not so much from actual hatred of the land or its people so much as from the fact he believes someday, if the Underworld doesn't act first, the Upperworld will make an attempt to invade instead.

Besides his rift with his brother, however, Sesaro gets along...relatively well with the rest of his family. Obviously, being cut out of the exact same mould as his father, Baphomet is quite fond of his youngest son and in turn Sesaro is less of a...well, Sesaro, to his father. He admires Kurenai for her cleverness, creativity, and determination, having no idea that she in actuality shares the very viewpoints Sesaro considers idiotic; in many ways Sesaro is actually even more furiously overprotective of his sister than Jeremy (even though she's older than he is), and should he think you have insulted his sister it'll piss him off like nothing else. And as far as his mother Helena...their relationship is cordial. Sometimes, of course, Sesaro can't help but run his mouth when he's angry and annoyed (read: ninety per cent of the time), and his brusqueness can at times inadvertently offend his family. Similarly, his tendency towards heavy sarcasm and a highly sardonic sense of humour can be taken badly by others. His apparent stubbornness and pride refuses to allow him to apologise when this happens--the truth, however, is that Sesaro is afraid of apologising to anyone for fear of being taken for a coward or a doormat. This fear of being seen in this way causes most of the problems he faces--he reacts to minor problems with overkill and the vaguest insult, the slightest offence to himself, his family, or his Underworld, is responded to with violence.

This leads into another point made previously. Sesaro has...slight issues with anger control. As in, reacting to stubbing his toe by promptly cursing out loud and punching the wall, those types of issues. For this reason, when arguments with his brother become particularly heated, Sesaro is not unknown to actually turn the conflict physical; but Jeremy never seems to fight back, when actually greatly annoys Sesaro, and usually he ends up being restrained before he can ever really hurt Jeremy, much to his infuriation. He is an unabashed pessimist, possessed of a jaded negativity; he always expects the worst to come about. In fact, in his mind, the worst probably already has come about, and he's about to get news of it. If Sesaro fails at something when he first attempts it, he immediately assumes that he'll never be any good at it and therefore there's no point in continuing to try.

Contrary to how all this may have made him seen, Sesaro is, in fact, a living, feeling person, who does feel more than anger and irritation--he just is terrible at outwardly displaying anything else, including the more subtle emotions. Sesaro tries to keep those kinds of emotions in check--by not expressing them at all. It is his opinion that shows of emotions like joy, sadness, and love are expressions of weakness, and he fears that if he were to outwardly show any of them it could be taken in turn as a sign of weakness in Sesaro himself. As such, even with his own family he tends to be distant and a bit standoffish, though it is true he is far more open with Kurenai or Helena than he is with anyone else; when he is in the company of his father Baphomet Sesaro is far too pre-occupied with discussing their mutual hatred of Upperworld, and as far as Jeremy goes if Sesaro isn't openly angry in Jeremy's presence then something is wrong somewhere. Ultimately Sesaro is not the hollow, angry man he can seem to be, evidenced by his fierce protection of his sister and his few but precious joys in life...but he is dangerously close to allowing his fear of expressing 'weak' emotions to consume those emotions that give him life altogether.

Description: Sesaro Hitsuya is a physically imposing man, especially for his young age, having taken a rapt interest and later utter dedication to physical activity and strength from a young age. He stands at about six feet four inches, with a build that clearly displays lean, strong muscles across his arms and abdomen, indicative of considerable physical strength. Sesaro's faded black hair is cut relatively short, and his eyes, set in a well-sculpted face with strongly built features, are like stones of smooth, shining obsidian staring out from the canvas of his countenance; he has been told that they seem to glint sometimes when he actually smiles (a rare enough occurrence). He has high, prominent cheekbones, and a nose that is very slightly crooked because it was broken when he was about twelve years old while he was playing a sport (he proceeded, in typical Sesaro fashion, to angrily attempt to attack the person he perceived to have intentionally done it, but that is a story for another time). He has thin, dark lips, often pulled back in a scowl or snarl; when he does smile, it appears to be more of a cunning, mischievous smirk than a typical 'happy' smile, and it shows off his fangs quite nicely.

In terms of his typical attire, Sesaro loathes formal clothing, and in many ways rarely varies from a particular outfit that he favours--consisting of a sleeveless black shirt with white lining, pants of a similar colour, and knee-length leather boots similar to those worn by officers in the Underworld's military (he has taken quite a fancy to them, for some reason). As a man of more than sixteen years, Sesaro has had his own personal set of armour; it consists of separate plates of a dark, sturdy metal, strapped in segments over his forearms, upper arms, shins, upper legs, and shoulder pauldrons. Finally, there is one whole torso plate armour, of the same blackened metal; it is topped off by a helmet, a pair of iron-enforced gloves, and steel boots. He has worn the armour into battle a couple of times, but unlike his brother is never given a position of power, much to his irritation; he is usually left to survey the battle and the generals as they give their commands.

Skills and/or Talents: Sesaro is first and foremost a physically powerful man, given his nigh-obsession with physical strength throughout his life; he is capable of easily overpowering most others in a hand to hand fight, and is also known to use his physical bulk and height to intimidate when he wants to get his way. Considering he maintains a stringent, punishing physical exercise routine daily, his growth does not seem likely to cease within the next couple of years. Sesaro also possesses skill with a sword, having trained from youth in sword-fighting; however, he by most definitions didn't entirely adapt well to using actual techniques, as he more often than not ended up using his own brute force and physical advantage to overpower his opponents. He isn't altogether unskilled as such, but he thinks he can overpower any opponent by using his strength and durability rather than the subtleties of technique.

Sesaro's power, granted by the ruby he wears, is the creation and manipulation of flames. He has grown rather skilled with this ability, capable of generating a flame and then directing the stream of it towards something, or causing flames to spurt up from the ground up to several metres away from him.

In terms of military strategy and tactics, Sesaro studied those subjects himself (the Crown Prince, being the next in line for succession, took lessons in strategy and various other political teachings...when he turned up for them, anyway), and though he believes he has a firm grasp of tactics, he's never had a chance to prove it in actual battle. On the other hand, his knowledge of political and economic workings is less solidified; Sesaro has never learnt much about the subtleties of politics and economics, or how they work, and though he feels he should be the next in line for succession, Sesaro with all his quick temper and whims would probably not last long as a ruler, and would most likely perform better as a military officer if anything.

Sesaro himself never proved altogether skilled in terms of the arts, and actually envies the fact that his sister Kurenai can create such beauty seemingly from nothing at all; sometimes he can be seen to be staring at her paintings, wondering just how in the world she could possibly have done it. He's tried before, but his first attempts were disastrous, and being the way he is, Sesaro grew frustrated and ultimately decided he just couldn't do what Kurenai could do. He doesn't seem to understand that it took her much practice to achieve the level of skill she now possesses.

As far as hobbies, besides his rigorous exercise routines, sports, and practice with his sword, Sesaro enjoys reading, and his room is brimming with bookcases stuffed with texts. Some of them he obtains ahead of time before he's even read them, just to make his collection look even larger (he does actually read them...eventually. But he tells everybody he's read every book he owns). Aside from this, he has almost no actual friends, and as such when he isn't doing any of the aforementioned he's typically sulking around his room bored and alone.

Location of Power Gem: Sesaro wears a necklace with an ankh symbol linked to it; in the centre is a single ruby. Which he hates. If Sesaro had his way his power gem would be an obsidian, not some girly piece of jewellery.

So begins...

Sesaro Hitsuya's Story