Nym Valentine

A girl who needs to grow out of her shy habits.

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a character in “Epic Quest”, as played by Valor


Name: Nym Valentine
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Grade: Freshman
Appearance: Nym stands at around 5ft3, with a build that can only be described as stick thin; with barely any muscle on her bones. She has big sapphire blue eyes, which stand out greatly against her pale skin. Her hair is a pixie cut of soft blonde locks, feathered a little around her face and always left down – sometimes with a cute little bow in there. Her dress sense is mainly jeans and t-shirts, what she feels most comfortable in, though she can occasionally be found in a skirt or dress. Her ears are pierced with small little stars, her helix pierced with a spiral wrapping round the cartilage of her right ear.
Ability: When Nym's ability first wakes, it is as simple as being able to communicate with all types of animals – not very handy. As she grows though, her powers develop from just talking, to being; shape shifting. The progress will be slow though, taking on attributes first, then acquiring any skill that the certain animal has e.g. a Cheetah's speed. Then she will be able to take on full forms. Further progress will allow her to take the form of creatures from mythology.
Equipment: Usually, Nym has a messenger bag across her shoulder that holds the everday necessities: purse, phone, keys, tissues, mirror, little hair brush, pen and paper, bottle of water and a jumper incase it gets cold.
When she has to fight, her weapon of choice is a long ranged bow and arrow. She keeps her distance from the battle to fire as many arrows as possible to the enemy from the quiver of unlimited arrows she holds. Once her powers develop, then she can get in closer range to fight more tooth and claw.
Personality: Nym is ultimately a nice girl, without a bad bone in her body, although she's often too shy to allow people to know how kind she is. She gets nervous easily, especially when under pressure, and definitely does not enjoy being in charge. If you are persistent enough to break through Nym's shy barrier, you will find her a loving girl with infinite loyalty to her friends. She can be brave when she really needs to be, though it takes a lot of encouragement to convince her that she can do something; as she often gets scared that she will mess things up.
General Theme: Don't Cry Out – Shiny Toy Guns
Battle Theme: Move - Thousand Foot Krutch
History: Nym hasn't really been in 8-bit for a long time, only a few months. She became part of Atari High as soon as possible, her parents wanting her to be social with new people straight away. Unfortunately, taking her away from her home where she was comfortable and happy seemed to have knocked her confidence enough to cause her difficulty in making friends. It wasn't that there weren't nice people in the school, she just couldn't find her voice when they tried to have a conversation with her. Because of this, she doesn't have many friends in 8-bit still. Instead she spends most of her time in the art rooms, her personality showing through her drawings and paintings instead of through conversation with others – finding this much easier. She says that she is always drawing so that she can draw anything from her imagination when she becomes a graphics designer in the best video games known to the world.
Other: She probably gets along better with animals than she does humans.

"CHEATZ! Up, Down, Up, Down, Left, Right, Left Right"

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