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Lily Dawn Evans

It is always darkest before the dawn~

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a character in “Epoximise: The Next Generation of Hogwarts”, as played by Lily Evans




Basic Information:
First Name:

Middle Name:

Last Name:

Place of Birth:
London, England


Five Feet Even



Zodiac Year and Month:
Monkey, Scorpio


Blood Type:
Type 0 & Half-Blood

Almond shaped emerald green with flecks of gold
Fiery Red (Sometimes pink in pictures) with natural highlights

General Apperance:
Lily is rather small for a third year at five feet tall, and weighs around one hundred and ten pounds. She has a slender frame with an ivory white skin tone and pretty, plump sakura colored pink lips.

She has startling almond shaped emerald colored eyes that looks as though they were carved from living emeralds. To enhance their uniqueness even more, gold flecks decorate the green irises.

Lily has a gentle heart shaped face, with just a touch of an aristocratic look about her, as her father was a pure blood and a cute button shaped nose, in which has an adorable patch of freckles that form in the shape of a little fish. Her fiery red hair falls straight down to her waist, ending in the slightest curl.

Dressing Style:
She normally wears her school uniform, even when she doesn't have to, but on the weekends, she likes to dress in cute, solid color sundresses, with a touch of lace on them, or in an old pair of faded jeans that's comfortable and a neat tee. Sometimes she wears earrings, but not often.

As soon as you meet Lily, you either love her or hate her. She has an alarming amount of vitality, almost like a bottled miniature sun burning inside of her. Lily Evans has a happy-go-lucky type of attitude, and is seen in the hallways twirling around like a little ballerina if no one's around. Lily is sociable, just not into a lot of attention - it embarrasses her to be center stage unless she's doing a recital.

She almost always has a smile on her strawberry pink lips, and is always the optimist among her friends, rarely seeing the glass half empty. She's also a bit of a scatterbrain, and her brother Loki often jokes that if she didn't have her head on her shoulders, she'd probably forget where she had left it.

She has a deep love for dancing, in particular ballet and ballroom, and gymnastics, the lot of it taken since she was only six years old. Born as the middle child of four children, Lily has always been little miss independant, not wanting to be a bother to her parents, both of whom are half-bloods.

She adores to read as well, and has quite a collection, making any librarian go green with envy. She is very organized, but also a little clumbsy, despite her training in ballet and gymnastics, which her siblings don't understand, but they do get a big laugh out of it.

She loves to be active and has a deep love of horses, having one at home as her main riding compainion. Hers is a fully trained Lipizzan named Starlight, of which she is very proud of. She also adores strategic games, especially chess and go, which she beats Loki, her older brother at, all the time. She currently resides in Evans' Manor, known best over London as Rose Manor, known for its vast variety of different sorts of roses. Her favorites are the blue roses that are the rarest on the manor.

RP Sample:
Determination burned in the set of green eyes reflecting back in the mirror - they looked as though they had been carved from chips of emerald by a sharp knife with tiny flecks of gold in them as she pulled her fiery red hair through the ponytail she had made. A loop, a sharp tug and insert the silver butterfly clip. . . and there! She turned and looked at herself in the mirror.

Lily was a petite girl of thirteen with wide almond shaped emerald green eyes and long straight red hair that lay on her back, ending at the bottom of her waist. Today, she put it up in a topsy tail, or known to older people as a loveknot. She gazed at it and her pretty pale pink lips went into a frown, making a few minor adjustments with her pale ivory hands that was covered with emerald green fingerless gloves.

On her ring finger was a small silver ring - it looked very old. Crowning it was a deep green emerald with an ivy leaf inside it. It had been made for her mother who had studied the branch of herbology, or the study of the magical or mundane study of plants. Her light ivory skin made the ring stand out. If one would take the ring and flip it, they would see a picture of her family in it - similar to a locket.

Her clothing consisted of her Hogwarts uniform - flowing black robes, which she left open in order to see the rest of her uniform. She wore black flats, light gray stockings, a dark gray skirt and a sweater with red and gold embroidery along the neckline, and underneath was a plain white button up tux like shirt. A gold and red tie completed the look.

Sometimes, she also wore an emerald green cloak, which just so happened she wasn't wearing today. Because today was her first day back to school, back to Hogwarts, School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. And, when she saw the castle from her ride in the carraige, pulled by something similar to invisible horses, she smiled. Lily Dawn Evans was home at last.

So begins...

Lily Dawn Evans's Story